The Fish-Out Pond

starting our 35th year of continuous operation of serving Ontario's West Coast


The Pond:

Our deep overflowing pond is fed by clear cold spring water. Because the pond is spring fed and deep, the water remains cool all summer, allowing the trout to thrive. The pond is restocked many times each year with trout from our grow-out facility.
We do not consider the pond's primary function to be that of a recreational fishing facility - this is a farm where you and the family can enjoy the pleasure of catching your own quality trout - somewhat similar to other farms where you pick your own fruit or vegetables (food). Taxes, therefore, are not applicable
Some people prefer to select their fish (or supplement their catch) with trout from our grow-out tanks. On the average, these fish are sold at a lower price than those angled for in the pond. The
trout flavour is mild and guaranteed to be the very best quality.

Hours of Operation:      We are open [nearly every day] - but call first -519-357-2329       
 WE accept [only] 3 groups each day.
Summer is the hardest season to catch trout; however if you arrive at our start time and follow our suggestions; you will catch trout.  " By appointments only " 519-357-2329.  (name and telephone # required) No admission fee or taxes. No plastic

Spring and  Fall -   - call first -  Spring and fall fishing is excellent in the morning  - even the inexperienced can catch fish. (best time of year to bring children)  We stock with rainbow and brook trout (fall stocked). Average trout cost is in the $8-$9 range
*Summer (see note below) -
starts sharp at 8:00 - stops at 10;00 AM (should not have any trouble in catching what you want in those two hrs.)  
Winter - must call first and get a report on the conditions. Trout bite well this time of year and on the average trout weighs more. The pond has open water fishing (not ice fishing). Great time for brookies!  

NOTE *: In summer trout bite best shortly after daybreak (low UV) and slacken off as the sun starts shining directly into the water (before 10:00 AM). Because the water is clear and the sunlight is very bright, trout 'spook' more easily this time of year, so care should be taken to stay back from the waters edge and to cause as little commotion as possible (as you would for brook trout fishing in a stream). Read our tip sheet for pond fishing

*It is probably high ultra-violet levels (above the UV level of 5) and not bright sunshine (and to a lesser extent low air pressure) that adversely affect how trout bite. Read our acticle about high ultra-violet levels.

Children suffering from short attention spans (or parents for that matter) that expect instant gratification should 'take note'
A good beach day with a high UV rating probably makes for a poor trout fishing day. Conversely, take advantage of those cool overcast rainy mornings when the UV is low by partaking in some great trout fishing. Call 519-357-2329 for that morning appointment.


Most are rainbow trout 12" to 30" (1 to 10 lb.) stocked many times in the year. Brook Trout (12-14")  and Brown are also stocked when available. 


POND FISHING (fee fishing )  our prices are always 'up front'
- no entrance fee or tax, we get our income from fish sold. Everyone (so far this year) has caught all the fish they want by fishing in early morning.  We  really don't care to cater to those who just 'want something to do'. This is a farm - that raises and sells quality trout for food.
- $0.60 / inch (
keep all fish - trout are between 12" to 30" (1 -10 Lb.)
- budget about $9.50 for the average fish caught (mostly bows, some brookies and the occasional brown)
- minimum charge for pond fishing:  $40.00 (or 4 trout) per family.
- cleaning $1.50 or filleting $2.00 per fish inc. vac. pack - packed with free ice - worms, $2.50, half doz., pole rentals (if required) $5.00.
- cash only; no plastic. Checks allowed for regular customers that we know.

Patrons must be aware of the dangers of a deep pond and be responsible for their children. We insist that a harness or a flotation device be worn by any child not knowing how to swim well. Remember, the water is deep and the banks are steep.
*NOTE: If your child is deemed to be a liability by us, you and the child will be asked to leave the fishing area. 

CATCH and RELEASE (C&R) is not allowed under any circumstance - (Keep all fish)
'Accidental' releases or broken lines or leaders is not tolerated

Any person deemed to be releasing fish back into the pond will be ask to leave and are not welcome to return. Use the nets provided, carry fish away from pond (back to the pail that you placed near the picnic tables) where it is safe to unhook the trout. This also lessens the unneeded commotion at pond's edge

Rods & spinning reels with good working clutches and clear 6# to 8# lines work best. Four # lines are for experts only and lines of 10# or more produce very few results in this type of pond fishing . We use (and provide - free) medium size long shank hooks. Nothing more is needed nor used - NO swivels, NO leaders, NO sinkers, NO floats. These extras are not needed and are, in fact, a hindrance for the inexperienced person wishing to fish trout in the pond environment. Lures, weighted hooks and gang hooks are not allowed. Everything you need, beside your rod, reel and bait is provided free (hooks, landing nets, and pails). We ask that you do not take your tackle box to the pond nor use pliers to remove the hooks. We provide you with extra hooks for those fish that swallowed the bait.

Fly fishermen are welcome and an area is set aside for their fishing.

If you require a spinning rod and reel, a set can be rented for $5.00 per session .

Dew worms (available at $2.50/half doz.), and cooked corn are the preferred bait.  Fish don't see colours the way we do; so they mistake the corn kernel as their food pellet. Do not use corn to chum as vegetable (plant) protein is not digestible by trout. The use of other foods for bait such as cheese and marshmallows is not allowed.

Roe and live minnows are not allowed or to be [even] brought onto the premise (disease control measure).

A receipt is issued stating that the trout were purchased at our licenced facility, and as such, are exempt from all fishing licence requirements, closed season, and catch and possession limits.

Our customers enjoy one of the lowest fee-fishing rates in Ontario. These rates have been accomplished and maintained thanks to a clientle that understand that misusing the fish stock in the pond will lead to higher costs including an entrance fee. Since there is neither an entrance fee nor an entertainment fee or tax, the only money we receive is from fish safely caught. We sell trout - not entertainment!

The trout in the pond is our inventory. Like any business, we frown on the unnecessary abuse of inventory that the customer has not yet paid for; unlike store shelf inventories, the misused (trout) inventory either dies, becomes maimed, infected or (if it survives) becomes smarter then some fishermen.

Examples of misuse:
(1) The person who 'horses' the fish around because he or she has caught all the fish they want, never-the-less, continues to fish anyway, hoping that the hooked fish will 'accidentally' get off.

(2) The tightwad that releases fish so he doesn't have to pay.

(3) Poor fishing practices such as; jerking or yanking on the line, lifting the fish out of the water by the line (not using the landing net ), unhooking fish or placing the pail containing the fish too close to the waters edge. Unhooking should take place at least 20 ft, back from the pond edge.
As far as we know, our fish have never broke a line;
the damage always seems to occur  when there is a ' big jerk' at the end of the pole.

The above message is aimed at the 'smartass' - not the inexperienced or the novice; they mean no harm and will become our  valued customer.

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