HEDLEY'S TROUT FARM - 2016  PRICE LIST ( sold as food - no taxes) 

We do not stock or freeze processed trout  Each order is  processed the day of order for pick-up or delivery; insuring the ultimate in a farm fresh healthy product. Most sales are for fillets.We can now enhance food safety by vacuum packaging. Fillets are $8.75 per pound Table trout in the round; uncleaned $5.50/lb., cleaned - heads on $7.00/lbBudget between $8 to $11 for each  trout cleaned or filleted. A serving is 7-8oz. fillet.
Trout usually fillet out about half their live weight. To ensure high quality and avoiding  those pesky pin bones our normal fish are 17", about one and half pounds

Our trout are raised with clear cool spring drinking water that flows through concrete tanks and are fed the best of commercial trout feed, formulated to enhance their natural flavour. We guarantee - no off flavour. Our trout are as pollution free as humanly possible.We do not medicate our feed or water.
Our aim                                         POND STOCKERS ( Spring 2016)

weight /_length_ratio_of_rainbow_trout

      RAINBOWS:10" to 12"
12" to 14"
14" to 15"
15" to 16"
ave. 11" = 8.5 oz
ave. 13" =14+0z 
ave. 14.5" =1.25lb
ave. 15.5" =1.5 lb
$400/ 100
$5.00 each
$6.50 each
$8.00 each
delivery chg. - $40 up to 50Km., $50 up to 100Km. min. orders of $300 +
 no charge for pick-ups for people bring own large containers

POND FISHING (fee fishing )
- no entrance fee, we get our income from fish sold. Everyone (so far this year) has caught all the fish they want by following our TIP SHEET.  We don't care to cater to those who just 'want something to do' . This is a farm - that raises and sells trout as food. No catch & release
- 60 / inch
- trout are between 12" to 24" (1 -7 Lb.)
- budget about $9.50 for the average fish caught (mostly bows & brookies, some brown)
- we expect a minimum 3 trout catch per family (or $30 whichever is most)
- cleaning, 1.50 or filleting, $2.00 per fish - packed with (free) ice,
- pole rentals (if required) $5.00.
- worms, $2/ half doz.
Group Rate or families requesting assistance usually is  $12.00 per fish (everybody gets a trout) everything included - bait & poles - fire pit usage 10.00 extra

We also sell Martins Trout Feed and charge less than their retail price. Feed can be delivered at time of stocking or picked up at our farm - floating , $45.00 (20Kg.); sinking , $55.00 (25 Kg.) (we recommend feeding a mixture of both these pigmented feeds (it tints trout flesh to a 'pink' salmon colour) Also ask for details on pond dye and aeration. We have close to 35 years of experience

Fishing Hours (calling first). Everybody catches fish !!   READ the TIP SHEET
Early Spring Fishing and
Fall & Winter fishing we try to be open most days from 9 am to 1:00 pm
Late Spring & Summer fishing (by appointment only); everybody starts at 8:00 AM ends 10:30 AM
- Trout bite best in early morning before the sun rays (uv) directly hits the pond. Summer is the hardest time of the year to catch trout. Parents with young children must take this into account when planning the days events. Sunny days are for the beech. Overcast and rainy days are the best for trout fishing!!! 

Where you can always catch or buy your trout
- no matter, the time of year or weather conditions
August 11, 2016