Nice People from the Stratford Area  - March 5, 2010
(L to R)   Russ   Mike   Ashley   Chads   Derek   (37 Trout - biggest was a 2 lb brook and a 6 lb bow)

March 06, 2010
(L to R.)   Bruce, Exeter;  Paul, Chatham;  Josh, Embro;  Mark, Barrie; 

Katelyn Knights,  Clinton ON with 6.5 lb. bow and 2 lb. brookie       March 06, 2010

rainbow eggs  from above and another 6 lb. hen

The Brookies were biting unusually strong this A.M.  March 7, 2010
Jim Thompson and Grandchildren caught the 6 above (all between 13-14") plus 4 bows.

charlie_snell.jpg  charlie_snell2.jpg
Charlie Snell caught this beautiful Brown Trout along with some Bows in early May, 2010




Becky Schweitzer, Newton, Ontario
Saturday, June 19, 2010