William Weatherley and Frances (Atkinson) Family

NOTE: Colour coding is used in this chapter to help readers distinguish among generations:
       ~~~1 Black (born in late 1600s) –e.g. John Weatherley, father of William Weatherley
         ~~1 Brown (born in early 1700s) -- e.g. Thomas Hedley (on Birtley headstone)
           ~1 Blue (b. mid 1700s) – e.g. Thomas and Martha (Weatherley) Hedley (children of above)
             1~ Purple (b. later 1700s) – e.g. children of Thomas & Martha (John, who emigrated to Can.)

At St. Giles Church of England in the parish of Chollerton, Northumberland, on December 13, 1744, Frances Atkinson was married to William Weatherley (Chollerton Parish Register) son of  John Weatherley (researcher Joan Henderson, 2008).  William and Frances settled in the nearby village of Gunnerton (about 2 miles north west).
Frances (Atkinson) Weatherley, mother of six children, died in her early 30s on April 11, 1758 (burial date) at Kirkwhelpington (IGI) (about 12 miles north east).  Two years later William Weatherley was married a second time, to Ann Robson. William died June 15, 1786.
William and Frances (Atkinson) Weatherley  had a family of six children. A seventh child was born to William Weatherley and Ann Robson:

~1  Frances Weatherley, their first child, was baptized at St. Giles Church, Chollerton Parish on October 20, 1745  (Chollerton Parish Register).  Frances died at the age of two.  She was buried at St. Giles Chapelry Birtley on December 18, 1747.

~2  Mary Weatherley, their second child, was baptized November 8, 1747 at St. Giles Church, Chollerton Parish, less than a month before her older sister died. (Chollerton Parish Register)
Mary Weatherley died at age 77 on Jan. 26,1822 at Rouchester  (IGI)

~3  Martha Weatherley, the third child of William and Frances Weatherley, was baptized March 18, 1750 at St. Giles Church, Chollerton. (Chollerton Parish Register) Twenty-three years later, on August 29, 1773, she married Thomas Hedley of Birtley at St. Giles Church, Chollerton (Researcher A.S. Angus). Thomas was also about age 23 (born abt. 1750). Witnesses at the marriage were William Weatherley and Thomas Hedley (probably the fathers of the bride and groom).  Thomas and Martha Hedley were the parents of John Hedley, who emigrated to the Ottawa Valley in Canada in 1820, the grandparents of Nicholas, who moved from the Ottawa Valley to Huron County about 1861, and the great grandparents of John Henry Hedley, who moved from Huron County to Kinloss Township about 1865 and then to Greenock Township in Bruce County in 1886.
Martha (Weatherley) Hedley died at Dinley Hill and was buried in Birtley Parish on April 30, 1827, age 77 (or 79 in Northumberland Burial Index, Researcher L. Coulson, N.Z.)
“Thomas Hedley of Dinley Hill was buried 2 July 1838, aged 88 years.” (Birtley Parish Register, Researcher L. Coulson, N.Z.)

~4  John Weatherley, baptized May 17, 1752 at Chollerton, was the fourth child of William and Frances Weatherley.  John married Jane Rutherford on Dec. 26, 1776 at Chollerton (Chollerton Parish Register) John and Jane Weatherley had three daughters, all baptized at St. Giles Chapelry, Birtley: (Birtley Parish Register):
                    1~  Frances Weatherley, baptized Sept. 21, 1777
                    2~  Mary Weatherley, baptized July 21, 1782
                    3~  Martha Weatherley, baptized Sept. 5, 1784

~5  William Weatherley, the fifth child of William and Frances Weatherley,  was baptized June 5, 1755, the first of the Weatherley children to be baptized in St. Giles Chapelry, Birtley.
(The Birtley parochial chapelry was not officially separated from the parish of Chollerton until ten years later in 1765)
William Weatherley married Jane Hepple in Birtley Parish on June 8, 1783. (Birtley  Parish Register) William and Jane had a daughter, also baptized at St. Giles Chapelry, Birtley:
                   1~ Frances Weatherley, baptized July 23, 1786. (A.S. Angus) A burial noted in the
                        Birtley Parish Register may apply to Frances, although the stated age appears to
                        be four years out (not unusual in death dates): “Frances Weatherley, Birtley
                        Village, buried March 22, 1876, 89 years.” (Researcher L. Coulton, N.Z.)

~6 Ralph Weatherley, sixth child of William and Frances (Atkinson) Weatherley, was born (or baptized) April 30, 1758 (IGI) around the time of Frances’s death (1758). This information came to us via an email in Sept. 2007 from Joan Henderson of Northumberland, England, a descendant of Ralph Weatherley. Joan states that her information was obtained from the Newcastle upon Tyne Library and the Wear Archives during research about her ancestor.
Ralph Weatherley married Ann Charlton (a witness at the marriage was an Atkinson).
Ralph and Ann (Charlton) Weatherley had a large family:
                   1~ Dorothy Weatherley born April 1, 1785 at Lee St. John
                   2~ Frances  Weatherley born Jan. 28, 1787 at Lee St. John
                   3~ William  Weatherley born Sept. 26, 1787 at Lee St. John
                   4~ Ralph  Weatherley born Sept. 7, 1788 at Lee St. John
                   5~ Thomas  Weatherley born Feb. 7, 1790 at Lee St. John
                   6~ Mary  Weatherley born June 10, 1792 at Birtley
                   7~ John  Weatherley born Nov. 24, 1793
                   8~ Ann  Weatherley born Apr. 17, 1796
                   9~ Henry  Weatherley born Feb. 11, 1798
                 10~ James  Weatherley born Nov. 1, 1801
                 11~ Fanny  Weatherley born Oct. 13, 1804
                 12~ Margery  Weatherley born 1805

Second Marriage of William Weatherley
William Weatherley of Chollerton married Ann Robson in Kirkwhelpington on June 14, 1760 (IGI), two years after the burial of his first wife, Frances Atkinson in Kirkwhelpington on April 11, 1758 (IGI).  Ann (Robson) Weatherley died Nov. 8, 1784 at Threepwood Mill (researcher Joan Henderson).
William and Ann (Robson) Weatherly had one known son, James Weatherley, a half brother of the six children of William and Frances (Atkinson) Weatherley):
~7 James Weatherley
married Dorothy Hedley Oct. 23, 1781, both of Chollerton Parish. Witnesses were Anthony Hutchison and William Weatherley. John and Dorothy (Hedley) Weatherley had three children (IGI):
                           1~ Ann Weatherley born Jan. 9, 1785 at Chipchase Park House.
                           2~ Mary Weatherley born  Oct. 26, 1790 at Birtley
                           3~ James Weatherley born Nov. 26, 1793 at Birtley

Dorothy Hedley apparently had a child previous to the above marriage:
           “Baptized at Birtley April 11, 1779, John, son of Henry and Dorothy Hedley, Dinley Hill”
 (Church Records, Morpeth)
“John Hedley, son of Dorothy, born April 11, 1779"
(Birtley Parish Baptism and Burial Register 1769-1802).
“John son of Dorothy Daughter Who died Dec.17, 1799"
(Birtley headstone of Thomas Hedley and his wife Mary. Dorothy was their daughter, John
their grandson – John, who died Dec. 17, 1799, son of daughter Dorothy)                 

NOTE: Birtley parochial chapelry, about ten kilometres north of St. Giles, Chollerton, was separated from the parish of Chollerton in 1765, although a registry of baptisms, marriages and burials at Birtley had commenced in 1728. Before that date, baptisms, marriages and burials in the Birtley area were recorded in the Chollerton Parish Register, beginning in 1643.

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