Puffing Billy, Wylam

 by Jacquie (Hedley) Emerson


William Hedley's  WYLAM DILLY

William Hedley's PUFFING BILLY

William Hedley Sr was born prior to 1753. He married Jane Atkinson 10 April 1774 and one child, a son Joseph was born in 1773...christened September 1773 and he died in 1843. Jane was buried February 10 1778. William then took a mistress by the name of Ann Atkinson. I do not know if Ann was the sister or sister in law of jane. A son was born 13 July 1779 and he died January 9 1843. That is a different story, however, he would have been a self made man as his father was a grocer. William sr then married Elizabeth Fletcher the 13th September 1784. Their first son was George who was born 1785. The second child was Thomas born 1788. The third child was John born 1788. The fourth child was Richard who was born in 1790. He married Alice Hudson 05 August 1811 and they had 3 children....William born 1812, Elizabeth born 1814 and died in 1818 and George born 1818. Richard died September 1824. After Richard came Jeremiah born in 1789 and then  George who was born in 1792 and he died in 1819. Finally, there came 2 daughters,,,Mary born in 1794 and Elizabeth 1801. All of this information came from Newburn church and cemetery records.

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