John and Frances Hedley
Family in Ovingham and Canada

NOTE: Colour and number coding helps to distiguish between generations:
   ~~  1 Brown = born in early 1700s;   ~  1 Blue = born in mid-1700s; 
     1 ~ Purple = born in later 1700s;   1  Gray = born in early 1800s

John Hedley I, was born Nov. 28, 1773, eldest child of Thomas and Martha (Weatherley) Hedley of Birtley Parish, Northumberland. John married Frances Lawes of Ryton Parish, Durham in 1798. They settled in Ovingham, nine miles west of Ryton Parish, along the Tyne River. Their marriage and the births and baptisms of their first seven children, as well as the burial of their fifth child are recorded in the Ovingham Parish Register. In 1819 John and Frances, with their six surviving children, ranging from age 4 to age 21, emigrated to Canada, where they settled in the Ottawa Valley, Upper Canada.

1 Thomas Hedley was born June 16, 1799 and baptized August 4. He was 21 years old when the family emigrated to Canada. He is believed to have drowned shortly after the family's arrival in Upper Canada. (No burial or death record has been found.)

2 Frances Hedley was born Sept.16, 1801 and baptized October 25. Frances was 19 years old when the family left Ovingham. She worked as housekeeper for the family's sponsor James Dent Weatherley. Frances bore a child, Thomas Weatherley, fathered by him, but raised by the Hedley Family. Frances later married (Judge) Walker Dawson of Ottawa with whom she had six more children. (See Chap. 3)

3 John Hedley II was born August 29, 1804 (christened Nov.18 in Ovingham Parish ) John II was 15 when his family moved to Upper Canada. In 1825 John married Scottish-born Margaret Grierson who was born in 1807, the daughter of Lieut. John Grierson and Ann Grinton, who brought their family to Canada in 1822. John and Margaret had thirteen children. John died in 1866 at age 62. His grave is in St. John's Cemetery, South March, Carleton County, Canada.
(See Chap. 4 to 4,14)

4 Martha Hedley was born January 19, 1808 in Ovingham and baptized April 17. Martha was 12 when her family moved to Upper Canada. Martha married Thomas Morgan about 1824. Thomas, age 28, was born abt.1793 in Ireland, d. July 13, 1858 in March Twp. Martha died June 28, 1887 in March Twp. at age 79. Martha and Thomas Morgan had nine children.(See Chap. 5)

5 Hannah Hedley was born August 6, 1810 and baptized October 21. Hannah died at age 2 on September 21, 1812, about seven years before the family moved to Canada.

6 Nicholas Hedley was born Feb. 27, 1814, baptized November 6. He was six years old when his family left Ovingham and settled in March Township, Carleton County in the Ottawa valley, Upper Canada. On Oct. 12, 1835 Nicholas married 16-year-old Irish-born Jane McBride, in Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bathurst District, Carleton County. Jane was born May 3, 1819 in Tyrone Co., N. Ireland, daughter of Henry and Nancy (Little) McBride. Jane and her parents moved to Canada when Jane was an infant. Nicholas died Jan. 24, 1894 of a heart attack at his home south of Lucknow, Huron Co, Ont. at age 80. Jane (McBride) Hedley died July 4, 1903 in Kincardine Township, Bruce Co., Ont. at age 84. Nicholas and Jane had 15 surviving children, ten born in March Twp., Carleton Co., two born in Logan Twp., Perth Co. and two born in Huron Twp. John Henry Hedley was their second child. (See Chap. 8 to 8,14)

7 William Hedley was born June 17, 1815, the youngest of the children of John and Frances Hedley born in England. William was four when his family emigrated to Upper Canada in 1819. William's marriage to 14-year-old Bridget Younghusband was the first wedding in the newly constructed St. John's Church, March Twp. William and Bridget had seven children. Bridget died at age 31. John died in 1884 at age 84. (See Chap. 6)

8 Mary Ann Hedley, born in March Twp., Canada in 1823, is believed to have been the first child of European ancestry born in March Township, Carleton County. Mary Ann was married twice:
m1 to Thomas Naughty, one child
m2 to Irish-born Andrew Hopewell, eight children.
Mary Ann died in 1905 in Carp, Ont. at age 82. (See Chap. 7)

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