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John Henry ‘Harry’ Hedley (1873-1923)
and Catherine Ann Campbell
And Their 12 Children:

Marsh Street (east side), Clarksburg about 1910
General store(farthest), community hall, hardware store
printing office, barber shop, Hedley's hardware

Marsh Street, Clarksburg, 2003, viewed from opposite direction
(Hedley Hardware behind pole)



Tryphena (b. 1898) and father Harry Hedley (1872-1923)

http://www.hedley.ca/genealogy/text/campbell_sisters2.jpg                  http://www.hedley.ca/genealogy/text/annie_hedley.jpg

(1) John ‘Edwin’ Hedley,1896-1925, married Ethel Shangraw, no children

2) Tryphena Marjory Hedley 1898- married Charles Smith; two children

Four Generations of Family of Wendy Amos (b.1949):
Tryphena (Hedley) Smith (grandmother);  James Amos (father);
Great Grandmother Catherine Hedley (b.1875) with baby Wendy;
Grandfather Charles Smith (husband of Tryphena);
Helen Amos (Wendy's mother)
             [1] Doreen Smith married Victor Grisold
             [2] Helen Smith married James Amos

Helen Smith (age 9, daughter of Tryphena)
with favourite uncle Meldrum Hedley (1916-1991)

(3) Ethel Leona Hedley, 1900-1972, married John ‘Sheldon’ Johnston; three children:


[1] Betty Johnson
[2] Vernon Hedley Johnston [3] Edwin Carlyle (Ted) Johnston
http://www.hedley.ca/genealogy/text/betty_ted_johhnston_wedding3_1947.jpg VERNON 1970

(4) David Henry Hedley, 1902-in Markdale (Ont. Birth Registry). He married Lillian Beck. two children
[1] David Emmet Hedley, marriage I,Violet Mildred Hannah;
                   Marr.2 Margit (Gal) Varaday
             [2] Dorothy Lorraine Hedley, married "Bunt" Busby

(5) Cyril Mervine Hedley, 1903-1994 married Vienna Mahoney : one son:
            [1] Carman (or Cyril) Hedley

6) Wesley ‘Garfield’ Hedley,  1905-2005 married Yvonne Blanche McCord; two children:[
           [1] James Hedley
, b.1940 in Toronto, m. Sharlene Whitehouse

           [2] Marie Hedley married Bill Graham

(7) Orlando (Orle) Hedley, 1907-1972 married Nancy Reive; Four children:

            [1] James Hedley married Sharlene Whitehouse
[2] Sharon Hedley did not marry.
            [3] Cyril Hedley
            [4] Tracy Hedley Shawn (–?–)

(8) William ‘Orville’ Hedley, 1909-1978 married Mary Jeanne ‘Irene’ Allard, two children,
http://www.hedley.ca/genealogy/text/orville_irene3.jpg     http://www.hedley.ca/genealogy/text/jackie_carol_al_jack3.jpg
 Jack and Carol (and parents) visiting  Jackie & Al at their cousins farm - Eldon John (Jack) Hedley at Silver Lake (Kinloss)

          [1] Jack Hedley married Constance McKinnon.
[2] Carol Joyce Hedley married Dennis Boni

(9) Janet (Jenna) Hedley married Bob Campbell, Five children:
            [1] Richard Campbell
            [2] Anne Campbell

            [3] Trefina Campbell
            [4] Gaille Campbell
            [5] Terry Campbell

(10) Helen Elizabeth Hedley 1906 in Gravenhurst. married, One son:
            [1] Michael Amos

(11) Carman Hedley married Rita Pickering , two children:
            [1] Marilyn (or Marilou) Hedley
            [2] Carman Hedley

(12) Meldrum Hedley 1916- 1991, married m1 Susan Isabella Moore, five children
m2 Clair Cota. 


           [1] William Banting (Bill) Hedley married Carol Millie, two children

  Dan        Stephanie
           [2]  Leslie Ann Hedley  no children

           [3] Beverly Ann Hedley married Peter Britt Lemon, four children:
           [4] Robert Alexander (Bob) Hedley, married Friedgard Elisabeth Knoedler, four children
         [5] David Hedley
, married/divorced Robin Sabine,  two daughters, Ashley (Hedley) Clinton, Courtney
                                         partners with Michelle Caron, brings one daughter, Blair

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