Chapter 9,5
(gen. iv)  Robert Wesley James Hedley (1877-1977)
and Martha Gibson (1878-1955)

Robert Wesley Hedley was born July 15, 1877 in Kinloss Township (Concession 6) the fifth of the nine children of John Henry Hedley and Margaret Florence Johnston.  Wes was eight years old when his family moved from Kinloss Twp. to Concession 6, Lot 32 of Greenock Township, which would remain the home of his children and grandchildren. Wes attended the nearby log school, S.S. # 4 McDonald, along with fifty other children including his brothers and sisters. An 1888 photograph shows 44 pupils, along with several adults, one of whom is Wes’s father, John Henry Hedley.   (Greenock Township History, 1856-1981, editor Laura M. Gateman)

Wes married Martha Ellen Gibson on January 21, 1903 at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Kingarf. Witnesses were James Stringer and Jennie Hedley, both of Kincardine Township. Wes was 25 years old.  Martha, age 23, was born May 9, 1878, the daughter of George Gibson (1852-1925) and Mary Graham (1854-1886), residents of Kincardine Twp. (Con. 7). George and Mary (Graham) Gibson’s children were Martha b. 1878, Laura b.1881, George and a twin b. 1886.  Martha’s mother Mary, age 32,  died at the time of the birth as did the twin. The infant George, Laura, 3, and Martha, 8, at the time of their mother’s death were raised by their grandmother in Cannington, Ont. until they were teenagers, when they returned to Kincardine Twp.
George Gibson’s second  marriage, about 1899, was to Eliza Stanley (1859-1920).  At the time of their father’s second marriage, Martha would have been about 21, Laura 18 and George13.  Eliza (Stanley) and George Gibson added four more children to the family: Alice in 1890; Albert in 1893; Ethel Margaret b. in 1897 died of diphtheria at age 6; and Frederick b. 1899. (Toil, Tears & Triumph, A History of Kincardine Township, pub. 1990)

Wes’s father John Henry Hedley had purchased Lot 32 on Concession 6 Greenock Twp. in 1886 and by 1893 had provided a new house for his nine growing children and his second wife, Ann (Alexander) Hedley.  In 1908 John Henry and Anne retired to Kincardine and sold the farm to Wesley. Wes and Martha remained on the home farm, Wes working as a drover in addition to farming. Wes and Martha retired in 1943 and moved to Glammis, where Martha died 12 years later, on March 20, 1955 at age 76. According to her obituary Martha “had a bright and cheerful disposition, was a kind neighbour and friend, and was a highly esteemed resident of Glammis.”
Some time after Martha’s death, Wes went to live with their daughter Marietta and her husband James Husk in Kincardine Twp. Wes died Jan. 23, 1977 at Brucelea Haven, Walkerton after a short illness. He was 99 years old.  The graves of Wes and Martha Hedley are in South Kinloss Cemetery, Lucknow. Wes and Martha had five children (gen.5):

Note: In this chapter the children of Wes and Martha and their spouses are printed in red (1) (gen.v).  Their grandchildren and spouses are in green [1] (, and their great grandchildren and spouses are in bold black [1] (gen.vii). 
(1) George Henry Hedley
, b. May 24, 1904; d. July 31, 1904; buried in South Kinloss Cemetery, Lucknow.

(2) Mervyn Wesley Hedley (gen.5) b. Dec.17, 1905 attended S.S.# 4 Greenock Public School which was situated on a corner of his father’s farm. Mervyn was postmaster and owner of a general store in Glammis for 36 years (from 1934 until 1969).
m1 Annetta May Colwell  was born 1905; married in June 26, 1929 at Kinlough Anglican Church. Annetta, a teacher, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Colwell, Kinlough. Annetta taught at  S.S. # 4 Greenock Public School,  Lucknow High School, and Stratford Normal School. She died on April 21, 1943 in Walkerton General Hospital. She was 39 years old. Her obituary states that Annetta was a highly esteemed, genial and sociable young woman, a kind neighbour with a faculty for making warm friendships. Her grave is in Greenhill Cemetery, Lucknow.
Two children (gen.6):
m2  Margaret S. Gilchrist, a nurse, on October 7, 1944. Mervyn’s two children, Delbert and Betty, were ages 14 and 12 at the time of his marriage to Margaret. In 1969 Mervyn and Margaret sold their store in Glammis and moved to Walkerton, where Margaret still resides. Mervyn worked for an insurance company until he retired in1989 at age 84. He died of a heart attack at Walkerton General Hospital on March 16, 1994 at age 88.  His grave is in Greenhill Cemetery, Lucknow.
Margaret died at her home in Walkerton on Jan. 2, 2013 at age 87.
 [1] Delbert George Hedley  b. July 1,1930, married Joyce Marie Haldenby (1933-2004).
Joyce died of cancer in 2004 Delbert lives in Kinlough. Six children (generation 7): Family Photo

                    {1} Gary Dale Hedley b. 1954
                           m. Nancy Lillian Lorenz (b.1964) in 1987. They live in Teeswater.
                           Three children (gen.8)                        
                                1- Melanie Nancy Hedley (b. April 20, 1989)
                                2- Mark Gary Hedley (b. Sept. 7, 1991)
                                3- Gregory Robert Mervyn Hedley (b. Dec. 27, 1994)

                    {2} Catherine Louise ( Kate) Hedley (b. Aug. 5, 1955)
                           m. Kevin Lee Howey (b. June1, 1957)
                           Kate & Kevin reside in Kitchener and have two children (gen.8):
                               1- Kristin Leah Howey (b. July 26, 1985)
                               2- Kyla Rae Howey (b. July 28, 1987)

                    {3} Padrick Wesley (Paddy) Hedley (b. Aug. 16, 1956)
                          Paddy is not married and resides in Point Clark, Ont.

                    {4} Beverly Anne Hedley (b. Oct. 2, 1957)
                          m. John Jacoba Visser (b. Dec.25, 1955) in 1976,
                          Bev. & John reside in Belmore and have four children (gen. 8):
                               1- Tracey Anne Visser (b. Aug. 13, 1976)
                                   m. Keith Brimmer (b. Aug. 6, 1976) on Aug. 6, 1997
                                   (Keith's birthday). They reside in Tillsonburg.
                               2- Timothy John Visser (b. May 14, 1979)
                                   m. Michelle Kennedy (b. Nov.12, 1980).
                                   on July 28, 2001. They reside in Hamilton, Ont.; one son:
                                           (1) Blake Alexander Visser born Dec. 2005
                               3- Becky Erin Visser (b. Sept. 8, 1981)
                               4- Christopher Bradley Visser (b. Sept. 7, 1986)

                   {5} Debra Anne Hedley (b. Sept. 16, 1966)
                         m. Michael William Smolenaars (b. Mar. 3, 1964) in 1989.
                         Debra & Mike reside in Wroxeter, Ont. and have three children (gen.8):
                             1- Kelsey Shea Smolenaars (b. May 1, 1991)
                             2- Kloe Marie Smolenaars (b.April 19, 1993)
                             3- Kass Michael William Smolenaars (b.May 7, 1996)

                  {6} Karen Suzanne Hedley (b. Oct. 23, 1968)
                        m. Richard Bruce McMurray (b. Aug. 6, 1963).
                        They live in Lucknow. Four children (gen.8):
                            1- Nathan Robert McMurray (b. June 10, 1992)
                            2- Tyler James McMurray (b. Sept. 1, 1994)   
                            3- Keianna Grace McMurray born Sept. 2002
                            4- Mackenzie Dawn McMurray born Oct. 2003

            [2] Betty Dorinda Hedley was born July 15, 1932; married Jack Carrick of Owen Sound on
                  June 23, 1951
Three children (gen. 7) wedding picture 
                 {1} John Wesley Carrick (b. 1954)
                      m1 Karen Carrine Whinfield, married May 3, 1980 (separated in 1988).
                      Two children (gen.8):
                            1- Robyn Marie Carrick (b. 1983)
                            2- Allyson Elizabeth Nicole Carrick.
                      m2  Lenora Jean Mather in 1990

              {2} Annetta Jacqueline Carrick (b.1956) married Henry Resch on July 24, 1973 at Grand Bend.
  Annetta died in Calgary of cancer in Nov. 2002 at age 46. Two children (gen.8):
                         1- Jeremy Nathan Resch (1981) Calgary
                         2- Tanya Lynn Resch (b. 1984) Calgary

               {3} Monica Lynn Carrick (b. 1966)
                     m. Lance Christopher Clemmer in 1989. Three children (gen 8):
                         1- Carly Rebecca Clemmer (b. 1990)
                         2- Emily Christine Clemmer ( b. 1991)
                         3- Aren Clemmer

(3) Lora ‘Marrietta’ Hedley (gen.5) was b. Dec. 23, 1908, the third child and only daughter of Wes & Martha Hedley.
Marrietta married James (Jim)  Husk in St.Matthew's Anglican Church, Kingarf on Nov. 12, 1930. James was born May 19, 1899, the son of William Husk and Katherine Cole.  Marrietta and Jim farmed on Concession 7, Kincardine Twp. for 43 years. In 1973 they retired in Kincardine. Marrietta and Jim were faithful attendees and willing participants at the Hedley Reunion each year. James died Sept. 23, 1991 and  Marrietta died five years later in 1996.  One daughter (gen.6):

            [1] Lauraine Martha Ann Husk b. Dec. 25, 1937 in Kincardine Twp., the only
                 child of Marrietta and Jim Husk,  married  Douglas Franklin (Doug) Bock on July
                 21, 1962 in Kincardine. Lauraine and Douglas live in Brantford. Two sons (gen.vii):

                    {1} Steven Douglas Bock (b. 1964 ) married Nancy Yee in Aug.1992 in
                          Etobicoke. Nancy is the daughter of Ken and Ping Yee of Cobourg.

                    {2} David Franklin Bock ( b. 1971)
                          m1 Lorri Lynn Campbell in 1991
                          m2 Kelly Peel, Nov. 2002, daughter of Dave and Ann Peel, Burlington

(4) Charles Nicholas Hedley (gen.5) b. Feb. 8, 1911 in Greenock Twp. was the third surviving child of Wes and Martha Hedley. Charlie married  Mary Edna Scott on June 12, 1935 at Chalmers United Church manse. Mary, born in 1913, was the youngest of the six children of Robert and May (Shewfelt) Scott of Kincardine Twp., where Robert Scott, Mary’s father, served as township councillor and reeve.
Charles and Mary farmed on Concession 6, Greenock for about ten years, living  in the large brick home later owned by John Hodgins. In the 1940's they moved to the South Line (Concession 3) of  Kincardine Twp. where they farmed for 20 years before moving to Concession 8, Elderslie Township, Bruce Co. (near Paisley) in 1966.  They moved to Teeswater in 1970, where Charles worked for the Village Works Department until his retirement in 1976. Charles died in 1987. After Charlie’s death Mary lived in Mount Forest with her daughter and son-in-law, Donna and Ralph Thacker.  Mary died March 28, 2005 at age 91 at the South Bruce Health Centre, Kincardine. Charles and Mary Hedley are buried at the Teeswater Culross Cemetery. They had one daughter (gen vi):

            [1] Donna Jean Hedley b.1941 in Greenock Twp., attended S.S.# 4 Greenock Public
                  School, which was across the road from her early childhood home. Donna married
                  Ralph Thacker of Kincardine Township in 1964. Ralph worked as a chartered
                  accountant in Mount Forest until his recent retirement. Donna and Ralph presently
                  live in Kincardine. Three daughters (gen 7):

                    {1} Helen Thacker (b. 1971- twin) married Allen Kuntze. They live in Stratford.
                    {2} Heather Thacker (b. 1971 - twin) lives in Kincardine.
                    {3} Jennifer Thacker (b. 1975) married Tim MacDonald of Ottawa.

1982 Photo of Charlie, Mary, Donna, Ralph and daughters, Helen, Jennifer, Heather

(5) Clarence Albert Samuel Hedley  (Gen.5) b. May 23, 1916 was the youngest child of Wes and Martha Hedley. He attended S.S # 4 Greenock Public School, which was located on a corner of his parents’ farm. He recalled that while attending Kincardine High School he lived in Kincardine during the week with his cousins, Fred and Ida Hedley, whose home was near the high school. Clarence married Zilla Madeline Osborne (b.1918) in Glammis in 1946. Clarence and Zilla remained on the homestead farm of his father, Wes, and grandfather, John Henry Hedley, Lot 32, Concession 6, Greenock Township. They retired in Ripley in 1977.  Clarence and Zilla could always be counted on to be enthusiastic participants  in the annual Hedley reunions. Zilla died in 1997 and Clarence on March 15, 2003. Clarence was the last of the generation (5)  Hedleys who were grandchildren of John Henry Hedley and Margaret Florence Johnston (gen.3). Two adopted sons (gen.6): Family photo at 1982 picnic/reunion

            [1] Brian Albert Hedley (b. 1951)
                  m1 Jean Marie Schmidt (b. 1956) No children.
                  m2 Deborah Ann Lightbown (b. 1957) in 1976.  Three sons (gen. 7):

                       {1} Wesley Hedley (b.Sept. 11, 1987)
                       {2} Zachary Hedley (b. March 30, 1991)
                       {3} Nathaniel Jaye Ives Hedley (b. sept. 29, 1993)

          [2]  Robert Benson Hedley  (Benny) b.Aug. 20, 1954, married
                Joanne Young
daughter of Bob and Marjorie (Maddocks) Young of Toronto
                Picture of Joanne's Family
                Benny was severely injured in a car accident in the 1990's. He died suddenly
                of a heart attack at age 47 on September 4, 2001 at the home of his father
                Clarence in Ripley.  Benny and Joanne had one son (gen.7):

                       {1} Robert Benson Hedley (b. March 20, 1985).
                             Ben Jr. with parents Joanne (Young) and Benny Hedley (abt. 1987)

 Photos and family information for this chapter were
provided by Clarence Hedley, Marjorie Young
            and Margaret (Mrs. Mervyn) Hedley

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