Chapter 9,4

(gen. iv)    Martha Jane (Jen) Hedley (1875-1953)
               and William John McDonald (1868-1942)


Martha Jane Hedley, born January 11, 1875 in Kinloss Township (6th Concession), Bruce County, Ontario, was the fourth child of John Henry Hedley and Margaret Johnston. Jen was five years old when her family moved from Kinloss Twp. to Greenock Twp., seven years old when her mother Margaret Florence died, and eight years old when her father was remarried to Ann Alexander. Jen was married April 5, 1903 at age 28 to 35-year-old William John McDonald:

Marriage - St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Kingarf, Greenock Twp.- April 15, 1903

Martha J. Hedley, age 28
Farmer’s daughter 
Residence: 6th of Greenock
Church of England
Parents: Jno. Hedley
and Ann (Young) Alexander     
William John McDonald, age 35
Residence: 7th of Greenock
Alex McDonald
and Mary McCrae     
Witnesses: Wesley R. and Martha J. Hedley of Greenock Township

Note: In this chapter Jen's children and their spouses are printed in red (gen.v). Jen's grandchildren and spouses are printed in green (, and Jen's great grandchildren (gen.vii) are printed in in bold black.

Jen and William John McDonald farmed in Greenock Township and retired in Kincardine. Jen died April 26, 1953, age 78. The graves of Jen and William John McDonald are in Kincardine Cemetery. They had four sons (gen.v):

(1) Allister McDonald
(1904-1976) the eldest of Jen and William John's four sons was born in Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. Allister, known as "Mac," slept in a tent in his back yard when T.B. was suspected.

m1 Jennie Loreen Baker, age 20, of Southampton, daughter of Edward Baker and Jennie Grenville. Allister was 21, working as a stock keeper in Kincardine and Southampton. Allister and Jennie were married in Port Elgin Sept. 27, 1924. Witnesses were Mr. R. Beach of Ferndale, Michigan and Mrs. D.H. Gallagher of Port Elgin.

m2 Lillian Siefker (1906-1996). Shortly after their marriage, while working in Detroit, Allister developed T.B. and the couple moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Allister's health. Lillian worked in the post office in a canyon in the Sandia Mountains. After Dorothea's birth in 1935 the family moved to El Paso, Texas, where Allister and Lillian are buried. Allister and Lillian McDonald had two daughters:

         [1] Dorothea Alice McDonald ( was born in 1935 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
               She earned a Elementary Education at North Texas University, Denton, Texas.
               m1 Norman Elmer Eiting in 1956 in El Paso, Texas. Norman, an electrical engineer, was
               born in 1932 in Douglas, Arizona. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at Texas
              Western University in El Paso, Texas.Dorothea and Norman were divorced in 1991 in
              Bountiful, Utah. Dorothea and Norman Eiting had six sons.
Charles Leonard Denton in 1997. Charles, a senior rocket scientist, was born in
               1935 in Saginaw, Michigan. He earned a BS in Geology at Mich. State University in East
               Lansing, MI and a BS in Chemical Engineering at Indiana Inst. of Technology in Fort Wayne,
               Indiana. Dorothea and Norman Denton live in Bountiful, Utah.

             The six sons of Dorothea (McDonald) and Norman Eiting (gen.vii):

                  {1} Stephen Norman Eiting b.1958 in El Paso, Texas, earned his BS MBA at the
                        University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Stephen married Ronda Opheikens in
                        1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ronda, born in 1964 in Ogden, Utah, has an Associate
                        Degree, Salt Lake City College, Salt Lake City, Utah. Stephen and Ronda had three
                        children (gen.viii):
                            1- Austin Stephen Eiting b. 1992, Salt Lake City, Utah
                            2- Mackenzie Jo Eiting b. 1995, Salt Lake City, Utah
                            3- Spencer Howard Eiting b. 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah

                 {2} Michael Norman Eiting (twin) was b.1961 in El Paso, Texas; BS from  Utah State
                       University in Logan, Utah; Welding Engineer; Michael married Diane Arbanas in 1984
                       in Bountiful, Utah. Diane was b. in 1962 in Bountiful, Utah; BS University of Utah;
                       Computer Software Engineer. Michael and Diane had three children (gen. viii):
                           1- Anthony Michael Eiting b. 1991 in Diamond Bar, CA
                           2- Alayna Diane Eiting b. 1992 in Diamond Bar, CA
                           3- Nicole Ann Eiting b. 1994 in Diamond Bar, CA

                 {3} Mitchell Norman Eiting (twin) b.1961 in El Paso, Texas; BS Westminster University,
                       Salt Lake City, Utah; MBA Weber University, Ogden, Utah. Mitchell m. Annett
in 1988 in Boutiful, Utah. Annett was b.1965 in Sacramento, MS from
                      Weber State University, Ogden, Utah. Mitchell and Annett had three children (gen. viii):
                            1- Alexander Mitchell Eiting b. 1993 in Bountiful, Utah.
                            2- Lucas James Eiting b.1996 in Bountiful, Utah.
                            3- Max William Eiting b. 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah.

                 {4} Matthew Norman Eiting b.1962 in El Paso, Texas; BS Electrical Engineer University
                       of Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah. Matthew married Shirle Terry, an attorney, in 1990 at
                       Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, CA. Shirl was born in 1963 in La Jolla, CA; BS, Law
                       Degree University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Matthew and Shirle had one child
                            1- Jessie Eileen Eiting b. 1992 in Reno, Nevada

                 {5} Joseph Norman Eiting b.1966 in Bountiful, Utah; BS Engineering Sciences, US
                       Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO (1989); Graduate of jet pilot training,
                       1990 (pilot F-16);  MBA Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2000
                       m1 Starlet Rae Mathews in 1991 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Starlet was born in
                       1963 in Artiesia, New Mexico; divorced 1998 in Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona.
                       Starlet kept her Eiting name.
                       m2 Sherri Burke in 2000 in Clay County, West Point, Mississippi. Sherri was born
                       in 1968 in Red Oak, Iowa; BSN (Nursing) Clarkson College, Omaha, Nebraska
                        1991); MBA Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2002. Joseph and Sherri had
                       two children (gen.viii):
                            1- Cassidy Ann Eiting b. 2000 in Columbus, Mississippi
                            2- Sadie Jo Eiting b. 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah

                {6} Eric Norman Eiting b.1968 in Bountiful, Utah; BS Weber University, Ogden, Utah;
                      PA (Masters) Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Eric married Debra
in 1989 in Elko, Nevada. Debra was born in 1968 in Panguitch, Utah; BS
                      (Nursing) Ogden, Utah. Eric and Debra had two children (gen.viii):
                            1- Jeffery Eric Eiting b. 1991 Salt Lake City, Utah
                            2- Jacob Eric Eiting b. 1995 Salt Lake City, Utah

          [2] JoAnn McDonald ( was born in 1937 in El Paso, Texas. Jo Ann married
               Dr. Robert LaCosta
(b.1934), a dentist from New Market, Ont. They were married in
               1961 in Plainfield, New Jersey and now reside in Homedale, New Jersey. Jo Anne and
               Robert LaCosta had four daughters (gen.vii):

                {1} Lauren Catherine LaCosta (b.1962) married Craig Phillip Riddle.
                      They reside in Shrewsbury, New Jersey with their three children (gen. viii):
                            1- Ryan Phillip Riddle b.1990
                            2- Colleen Catherine Riddle b.1992
                            3- Connor Allister Riddle b. 1995

                 {2} Tracy Dorothea LaCosta, b.1963, married David Bishop Back.
                        They reside in Falls Church, Virginia and have three children:
                            1- Casey Daniels Back b. 1991
                            2- Tyler Bishop Back b. 1993
                            3- Reid Allister Back b. 1994

                {3} Karen Helen LaCosta, b. 1965, a twin, married James Victor Mather who was
                      born in Coventry, England. They now live in the area of Boston, Mass. Three children:
                           1- Kendall Amy Mather
                           2- Margot JoAnn Mather
                           3- Lucy Maureen Mather

                {4} Kim Frances LaCosta, b. 1965, a twin, married Richard Mark Crosby.
                      The Crosby family resides in Manhattan, N.Y. Four children:
                          1- Calvin Edmond Crosby
                          2- Carolyn Rose Crosby
                          3- Catherine JoAnn Crosby
                          4- Nolan Robert Crosby               

(2) William Merrill (Bill) McDonald (gen.v) was born Dec. 16, 1907 in Granite Falls, Washington, USA., the second child of Jen and William John McDonald. Bill McDonald died March 30, 1969 in Detroit Michigan, where he resided for many years.
m1 Murdena Tuller (Deanie) McSween in February 1937.
      Murdena, born April15,1907 died August 14, 2000.
m2 Madeline Dunbar, who died in Detroit in 1968.

Murdena and Bill McDonald had one child:
          [2] Anne Marie McDonald born May 18,1937 in Kincardine Ontario was married July 22, 1961 to
                Bryce Tanner, a Toronto school teacher (b. Feb, 3, 1935 in Toronto, Ont.)
                Two children (gen.vii):
                 {1} Kimberley Anne (Kim) Tanner (b.Oct. 12, 1963 in Toronto) was married July 13, 1991
                       to Peter Michael  Harding (b.Nov. 6, 1964 in St.Neots, England). One child (gen.viii):
                           1- Deanie Ivy Harding b. May 15, 2001 in Toronto.
                 {2} Gregory Bryce (Greg) Tanner  (b.Jan.19,1970 in Toronto) was married on May 29,1999
                       to Angela Dianne Hewitt (b.Aug.21,1970 in Stratford, Ont.)  
Two children (gen.viii):
1. Georgia Kate Tanner  b. Oct.17,2002 in Fergus, Ont.
                            2. Ryan Robert Bryce Tanner  b. April 20, 2004 in Owen Sound, Ont.

Madeline  and Bill McDonald had one child:

   [1] Courtland McDonald (by adoption)

(3) Grant Daniel McDonald was born December 22, 1909 in Kincardine, Ont., the third son of Jen Hedley and William John McDonald. Grant was married on Jan. 9, 1943 to Mary Elizabeth Woodyard, who was born in 1914 in Holstein, Ont. Grant worked in Kincardine as a self-employed painter/decorator. He died of a heart attack May 20, 1990. Mary died six years later in 1996. The graves of Mary and Grant McDonald are in Kincardine Cemetery. Four sons:

        [1] William Thomas (Bill) McDonald ( was b. in 1943 in Kincardine, the eldest of the
              four sons of Grant and Mary McDonald. He married Josephine (Josie) Ernawine in
             Chepstow, Greenock Twp. in 1967. Josie was born in 1947 in Walkerton. Bill works as a
             painter/decorator in Kincardine. Bill, also a hobby  gardener and landscape designer, has
             transformed the backyard of their home into a park-like setting of flowers, fountains and
             waterfalls. Bill and Josie had three children:

                 {1} Paula Marie McDonald (gen. vii) born 1968 in Kitchener, married Timothy
                       James Bross
in 1989. Tim, b.1989, is a plumber in Mildmay.
                       Paula Marie and Tim Bross have three children (gen.viii):
                           1- Scott Matthew Bross b.1989 in Kincardine
                           2- Gregory Bross b.1991 in Walkerton
                           3- Kayla Bross b.1992 in Walkerton

                 {2} Brian William McDonald b.1971 in Kincardine, was married in 1996 to Kim
(b.1969). Brian and Kim had one child:
                            1- Kara Brianne McDonald b.1998 in Walkerton

                 {3} David Joseph McDonald b.1979 in Kincardine. Three children:
                            1- Austin McDonald b. 1997 (stepson)
                            2- Rebecca Mae McDonald b. 2000
                            3- Andrew Joseph McDonald b. 2002

           [2] Douglas McDonald, b.1945 in Kincardine, lives in Vancouver, B.C.

           [3] Gordon McDonald was born in 1946 in Kincardine. Gordon was severely injured in his
                 youth by a kicking horse. He died at age 30 in Woodstock. Gordon's grave is in
                Kincardine Cemetery.

           [4] Jack David McDonald, youngest son of Bill and Josie McDonald, was born in
                 Kincardine in 1948. m1 Erma 'Lynn' Jaynes in 1970 Lynn was born in Windsor in 1952.
                 Divorced 2004. Lynn now lives in London, Ont.
                 Jack and Lynn McDonald had three children.
                m2 Theresa Niccolls of Rodney.
                Jack has changed his name to Jack David Niccolls-McDonald.  The three children of Lynn
               and Jack McDonald:

                 {1} Lucas Thad McDonald b.1972; married Laura Mary England (b. 1970) in 2002.
                       Lucas McDonald is a high school teacher in Oshawa.

                 {2} Jaclyn Elise Dawn McDonald b.1975 is a chef by trade and owns the catering
                       company, "The Sassy Lassie" in London, Ont. Jaclyn is also employed at an imaging
                       centre in downtown London.

                 {3} Eli Quinn McDonald b.1980, is married common law to Terra Gail Perry
                       (b. 1980) Eli owns and operates the Cedar Croft Landscaping Company in Shallow
                       Lake (near Owen Sound). Eli and Terra had three children:
                           1- Amy Dawn Perry McDonald b. 2000 (stillborn)
                           2- Kendra Cymbeline McDonald b. 2003
                           3- Logan Lucas McDonald b. 2005

(4) Jack McDonald, the youngest of the four sons of Jen Hedley and William John McDonald, was born in 1912. He was married in 1936 to Margaret"Catherine" "Kate" MacSween (b.1915). Jack and Catherine McDonald lived in Kincardine. Jack died in 1991 and Catherine in 1999. Jack and Catherine McDonald had three daughters:

      [1] Catherine 'Diane' McDonald  (b.Nov. 12, 1937) was married in 1956 in Kincardine to George
           Dorn McGaw
 (b.Nov. 9, 1937), son of  Dorn McGaw and Grace Johnson (Borland) of Kincardine.
           Diane and George McGaw and family lived in West Bloomfield, Michigan. George McGaw died
           Sept.18,1992 at age 54 of a heart attack. George was employed as general sales manager of Bendix
           Automotive Systems of Allied Signal. While growing up George was an exceptional athlete, and still
           holds a track and field record at Kincardine District Secondary School.
           Diane has moved from Mishawaka, Indiana nd now lives in South Bend Indiana.
           Diane and George McGaw had three children (gen.vii):

                 {1} Linda Marie McGaw, b.1956 was married in 1985 to James Sylvester
of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Two children (gen.viii):
                           1- Heather Margaret Middleton b.1988
                           2- Alec George McGaw Middleton b.1995

                {2} John 'Dorn' McGaw born in 1957, married Elizabeth Ann Stubbs in 1985.
                They live in Lansing, Michigan. Two daughters:
                           1- Kaylei Nicole McGaw b.1987
                           2- Darby Catherine McGaw b.1993

                {3} Catherine Grace McGaw born1964, married James Edward Smous in 1985.

                 They live in Southbend, Indiana. Five children:

                            1- Kaitlyn Elizabeth Smous b.1988

                            2- Laney Christine Smous b.1999
                            3- Madeline McGaw Smous b.1992
                            4- Samantha Ann Smous b.1995
                            5- Luke David Smous b. 2001

   [2] Elvira "Jeanette" MacDonald, b. July 7, 1940 Kincardine, Ont. Married on August 9, 1958 to
        David Alexander BellBurgess, b. Sept. 21, 1932, Leith. Edinburgh, Scotland. (Divorced in 1988). 
       Jeanette lives in North Vancouver, BC.since 1959
              Jeanette and David Burgess had three children (gen vii):
                 {1} David Alexander Burgess b.Sept.10, 1959 in Kincardine, Ont,
                       Married Michelle Louise McDonald b.July 17, 1959 on March 1, 1985,
                       in North Vancouver BC. David and Michelle have two children
                            1-Robyn Louise Burgess b.June 29,1987. Married Kevin Doyle on Feb.26, 2011
                            2-Bryan Alexander Burgess b.May 2, 1990
                 {2} Tami Jeanette Burgess b. Jan. 13,1962, married Peter Doroschuck b.Nov.18, 1961
                        on  Nov. 9, 1985 North Vancouver BC.  One Daughter
                            1- Katrina Michelle Doroschuck b. May 1, 1987
                            Family now live in Kelowna BC.

                 {3} Derek MacDonald Burgess b. Dec. 13, 1965. Married Sheila Ann Mont,
                       b.Sept. 24, 1970 on July 18, 1992, North Vancouver BC.  Two daughters
                       Sadie MacDonald Burgess b. May 6,1995
                       Madison Catherine Burgess b. Oct..28, 1997

      [3] Margaret 'Heather' MacDonald ( was b. in 1943 in Kincardine, Ont. Heather
           married Murray Chambers in Aug.1961 in Kincardine. Murray was born 1937 in Bothwell,
           Ont. Heather and Murray live in Blaxland, New South Wales, Australia.
           Heather and Murray Chambers had two sons (gen. vii):
                 {1} John 'Gavin' Chambers b.1962 in Kincardine works as a builder in Armidale,
                        N.S.W., Australia. One child (gen. viii):
                            1- Sion Kieren Chambers b.1989 in Armidale, N.S.W. Australia

                {2} 'Sean' William Chambers b.1964 in Kincardine married Jennifer Lee Webb on
                       Dec, 5, 1998 a metal fabricator in Leonay N.S.W. Australia:. Two sons
                             1-'Shae' Jackson Chambers b. May 6, 2001
                             2-'Tate' Preston Chambers b. Jan. 27, 2006

Note: The family of Jen Hedley and William John McDonald was well represented at the 2002 Hedley Reunion by ten descendants of three of Jen and William John's four sons: Dorothea McDonald and husband Charles Denton of Utah; Jo Anne McDonald and husband Dr. Robert LaCosta of New Jersey; Dianne (McDonald) McGaw of Indiana; Bill and Josie McDonald of Kincardine and their son Brian McDonald and his wife Kim and daughter Kara of Walkerton.   Picture

"Thank you" to Bill and Josie McDonald for the much treasured 1889 photograph of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, their son John Henry and grandson Albert, and for the photo of Jen and Alice Hedley (circa 1900).Thanks also to Dorothea (McDonald) Denton, Jeanette MacDonald, Kim (Tanner) Harding and Jaclyn McDonald for assistance with information for this chapter.

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