Chapter 9,3

(gen. iv) John Henry ‘Harry’ Hedley (1872-1923)
          and Catherine Ann Campbell


John Henry (Harry) Hedley, the third child born to Margaret Florence (Johnston) and John Henry Hedley, was born Nov. 6, 1872 (according to notes from his sister Alice) in Kinloss Township, Bruce County, Ontario.. He was 13 years old when his family moved to Greenock Township, 14 when his mother Margaret Florence died and 15 when his father married his second wife, Ann Alexander. At age 22 Harry, a tinsmith, married Catherine Ann Campbell on Feb. 26, 1896 in Chesley, Bruce County, Ont. (Information from Marriage Record # 001770)

                                          Marriage - February 26, 1896 - Chesley, Ontario

                          John Henry Hedley                                                 Catherine Campbell
                          Age 22, bachelor                                                        Age 21, spinster
                          Res. Greenock Township, Bruce Co.                          Res. Elderslie Township,Bruce Co.
                          Born in Kinloss Township,Bruce Co.                         Born in Bentinck Township, Grey Co.
                          Rank or Profession: Tinsmith
                          Parents: John & Martha Hedley                                   John & Jennette Campbell
                          Witnesses: Ceolena Campbell, Elderslie Twp. & Melissa Davey, Chesley, Elderslie, Twp., Bruce co.
Catherine Ann Campbell was born September 1, 1875. Her birth was registered by her father John Campbell, farmer, Lot 1 Concession13 of Bentinck Township, Grey County on the 16th of September 1875. (Birth Registration 004691, No. 12)
Catherine Ann was one of five daughters of John and Jennette Campbell. Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley were living in Markdale, Artemesia Township, Grey County in 1900 when their third child, Ethel was born, and probably remained in Markdale at least until 1905, when their 5th child, Garfield, was born there.

1901 Census for Markdale Village, Dist. # 66 Grey South - Page 9 - April 19

Hedley, John H.; age last birthday 26; b. in Ont. Nov. 4, 1864; Racial Origin English; Nationality Canadian; Rel. Presbyterian; Occ. tinsmith (factory worker earning $470)
Hedley, Kate; age 26; b. in Ont. July 26 1875; Origin Scottish; Nat.Can.; Rel. Pres.
Hedley, Edwin J.; age 5; b. in Ont. Jan. 24, 1896; Origin English; Canadian; Presby.
Hedley, Margaret F.; age 3; b. in Ont. Nov.21, 1898; Origin Eng.
Hedley, Ethel; age 1; b. in Ont. Aug 20, 1900; Origin English
Ontario Birth Registrations to 1906
David Henry Hedley, born in Markdale, Jan. 7, 1902
Cyril Mervine Hedley born in Markdale Sept. 12, 1903
Wesley Garfield Hedley, born in Markdale, Nov. 24, 1905
The book Markdale, the Crossroads of Grey by Markdale Historical Society, Editor Mildred Young Herbert, 1988, page112, has a charming photograph of the young family, entitled The Family of J. H. Hedley,c. 1904 (Tinsmith)   The  photo, more probably taken in 1907, shows Harry and Catherine Ann with seven children and their dog. The tallest children are a boy (probably Edwin, the eldest child) and two girls, perhaps Margaret (Trefina), born in 1898 and Ethel, born in 1899. The three small boys are probably David, Cyril and Garfield. The baby is probably Orle, born in 1907.

It appears that Margaret F., born Nov.1, 1898 according to the 1901 Census for Markdale, Ont., changed her name to "Tryphena." There is no further mention of "Margaret F." as part of the family. In the photo The Hedley Family in 1918, the two eldest girls appear to be close to the same age, possibly Ethel and "Tryphena," who appear to be followed in age by five boys, David, Cyril, Garfield, Orle and Orville, then two little girls, Jenna and Helen and another two little boys, Carman and Meldrum (the youngest child).

At some point, Harry bought a hardware store in Clarksburg in Collingwood Township, Grey County, Ont. and may have lived in adjoining Thornbury. Orville, the eighth child of Harry and Catherine Ann, was born in Thornbury in July 1909, and Ethel was married in Thornbury in 1921. An Illustrated History of Collingwood Township published by Collingwood Township Council, Grey Co., 1979, p.120 makes the following statement about early Clarksburg businesses:
"On the east side of Marsh Street were Lougheed Brothers general store (until it burned), the community hall, a hardware store owned over the years by various individuals... a printing office later to become C.W. Jackman’s tinsmithing shop, Tom Brooks barber shop and Hedley’s Hardware."

As recalled by David Emmet Hedley of London (son of David and Lillian Hedley and grandson of Harry and Catherine Ann) the hardware store burned down and, without insurance, Harry lost everything. Another account, by Clarence Hedley, son of Wesley Hedley, Harry’s brother, does not include the loss of the store by fire, but states that when Harry decided to give up the store, he sent his remaining stock by freight train to Kincardine, where Harry’s brothers, Will and Wes, picked up the hardware items and, over time, sold them to farmers in their neighbourhoods.

Harry and Catherine Ann and their family moved to 102 Alice St., Oshawa, where Harry was a hardware merchant until his sudden death on March 20, 1923, at age 49, from "arterial sclerosis/cerebral hemorrhage." Harry’s funeral card states that the funeral service was from the family residence at 102 Alice St., Oshawa. His grave is in St. Johns Cemetery Norway on Kingston Road in Toronto. At the time of Harry’s death the family of twelve children ranged in ages from 7 to 26.

Catherine Ann lived 39 years beyond Harry’s death. At one point, her home was at 20 (now 16) Kalmar Avenue in the Birch Cliff area of Toronto. The 1920 Street Directory for Toronto, as reported by Marit (Kailo) Johnston, shows this residence registered in the name of Garfield Hedley. A grandson, Vernon Johnston (b.1923) recalls visiting his grandmother there as a youngster during summer holidays. Clarence Hedley (b.1916), also recalled visiting "Aunt Annie" in the Birch Cliff area of Toronto with his parents Wes and Martha Hedley. Catherine Ann’s grand nieces and nephews in Greenock, Kinloss and Kincardine Townships recall "Aunt Annie" coming to visit in the 1940's. At that time Catherine Ann’s sisters-in-law Harriet (Mrs Albert Hedley) in Greenock; Jen (Mrs. Wm. John McDonald) in Kincardine; and Alice (Mrs. Wm John McKenzie) in Lucknow; and her brother-in-law Wesley Hedley and his wife Martha in Glammis were living, as were most of Harry’s nephew and nieces.

During her later days Catherine Ann lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Helen and Bill Amos, in their large three storey home at 32 Bellefaire Ave. in "The Beach" area of Toronto. A grandson of Harry and Catherine, David Emmet Hedley (b.1927) recalls visiting his grandmother as a youngster in a "big three storey house in Toronto near Lake Ontario." Catherine Ann died at 89 years of age on July 6, 1962. Her grave is beside that of her husband Harry in nearby St Johns Cemetery Norway. Catherine Ann (Campbell) and Harry Hedley had 12 children.

Note: The names of the children of Harry and Annie (and their spouses) are in (red).
Their children (grandchildren of Harry and Annie) and spouses are in [green].
Great grandchildren of Harry and Annie (and spouses) are in {bold black}.

(1) John ‘Edwin’ Hedley, born Jan. 24, 1896 in Chesley, Ont., was the the eldest of the twelve children of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley. Edwin, age 25, married Ethel Shangraw, age 18, of Toronto. They were married April 28, 1921 in York County. Edwin died in 1955 at age 59. Edwin and Ethel did not have children.

2) Tryphena Marjory Hedley was perhaps at first named "Margaret F." (Florence?) and later called Tryphena or "Enie." Tryphena was born Nov. 21, 1898 according to the 1901 Census for Markdale, Grey County, Ontario. She married Charles Smith, a banker in Weston, Toronto, in 1920 in Collingwood Twp., Grey County. 
(Clarence Hedley (b. 1916), youngest child of Wes Hedley (Harry’s brother) recalled his first cousin, Tryphena and her husband Charles Smith, along with Tryphena's sister Ethel and husband Sheldon Johnston, traveling by steam train from Toronto to Kincardine, where they would be met by their aunt and uncle, Lillian (Hedley) and Jack Gray, who would often also bring them to visit their other uncles, Albert and Wesley Hedley and their families in Greenock Township, Bruce County.)
Tryphena and Charles Smith had two children:
            [1] Doreen Smith b. 1928,  married Victor Grisold (d. 2008).
                  Doreen (presently living in Ottawa) and Victor Grisold had five children:
                           {1} Jeffery Charles Grisold  (one son):
                                             [1]Burk Grisold
                           {2} Judith Lynne Grisold (two sons):
                                              [1] Christian
                                              [2] Phillipe
                           {3} Vernon Victor Grisold (two children):
                                              [1] Coady Grisold
                                              [2] Lyndsey Grisold
                            {4} Suzanne Tryphena Grisold (three children):
                                              [1] Terri
                                              [2] Tracie
                                              [3] David
                            {5} Catherine Ann  Grisold (two children):
                                              [1] Stephanie
                                              [2] Michael
              [2] Helen Smith b. 1928 in Feversham (died Feb. 2005 in Barrie). Helen was named after her Aunt
                   Helen (Hedley) Amos (tenth child of Harry and
Catherine Anne Hedley). Helen married
                  James Amos
, son of Jack Amos and younger brother of Bill Amos,  who married Helen Hedley.
                  Helen (Smith) and James Amos had three children:  4 generation family photo
                            {1} Wendy Lynn Amos born 1949, married Graham Wayne Fudge.
                                  Wendy and Graham had three children:
                                              [1] Jason Todd Fudge b. 1973 married Carrie McLean; two children:
                                                              {1} Lauren Elizabeth Fudge b. 2003
                                                              {2} Katie Mackenzie Fudge b. 2005
                                              [2] Kevin Wayne Fudge b. 1975
                                              [3] Jamie-Lynn Rebecca Fudge b. 1982
                           {2} Patricia Louise Amos born 1950, married Ronald Fox; three sons:
                                              [1] Ryan William Fox b. 1979
                                              [2] Stephen Tyler Fox b. 1983
                                              [3] Daniel Patrick James Fox b. 1984
                           {3} Jacquelynne Ann Amos born 1953; one son:
                                              [1] Ross James Amos Harrington b. 1982

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(3) Ethel Leona Hedley, born August 20, 1900, was the third child born to Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley. She was one year old in the 1901 census for Markdale Village in Grey Co. Ethel worked in the Express Department of the Grand Trunk Railway in Toronto (taken over by the Canadian National Railway in 1923). In 1921 Ethel married John ‘Sheldon’ Johnston, a ticket agent who worked for the GTR (later CNR) in Toronto for fifty years. Sheldon was born April 20, 1902 in Toronto. He and Ethel were married in Thornbury, probably at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church (A.D. 1880):
Marriage April 4, 1921, Thornbury, Grey Co. (License # 107129)
John Sheldon Johnston to Leona Ethel Hedley; Clergyman A.A. Laiug, Presbyterian.

Sheldon built a house for Ethel and their family at 35th-38th St., Long Branch, Toronto. Their children, Betty, Vernon and Ted, all grew up in this house. Ethel died at age 72 on Dec. 29, 1972. Sheldon died twelve years later, at age 81, on Feb. 6, 1984 at the home of his son, Vernon, in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ethel (Hedley) and Sheldon Johnston are buried in Glendale Memorial Gardens, at Albion Rd. and Hwy. 27, Toronto. Sheldon and Ethel had three children:  Sheldon, Ethel and Family

            [1] Katherine Adelyn (Betty) Johnston was born Jan. 4, 1922 in Aurora, Ont.
                 She married Gordon Dee, a property appraiser, on Sept. 13, 1947. Darlene
                (or Doreen) Smith, daughter of Tryphena, was one of her bridesmaids. Betty died
                Jan. 6, 2004 at age 82. Gordon and Betty Dee had four children:
                        {1} Paul Dee
                        {2} Ken Dee married Carol (–?–)
                        {3}Peter Dee married Debbie (–?–)
                        {4}Sandra Dee married Fred Webb
            [2] Vernon Hedley Johnston, born in Toronto, married Dorothy Jean Eveleigh. Vern
                  worked for the bank of Nova Scotia before serving in the RCAF for four years during
                 World War II. He worked for IBM from 1946 until his retirement, when he moved to
                 Niagara-on-the-Lake and taught in the Business and Commerce Faculty at Brock
                 University in St Catherines. Vern is also an avid golfer. Vern and Dorothy Jean
                 Johnston had four children: Paul, Carla Jean, Dana Marie, and Joanne Lee Johnston.
                      {1} Paul Vernon (P.J.) Johnston married Marit Leena Sylvia Kailo on Aug. 10,
                            1974. Paul is an architect with his own business in Toronto.
                            Paul and Marit have two children:
                                   1- Ryan Eric Johnston
                                   2- Noel Evan Johnston.
            [3] Edwin Carlyle (Ted) Johnston was born Aug. 30, 1926 in Long Branch, Toronto.
                  Ted served in the Canadian Armed Forces and worked as a buyer for the Ford Motor
                  Company for thirty years, retiring in 1985. He died Feb. 6, 1987 at age 60. Ted
                  married Betty Maude Ireland, who now lives in Jacksonville, Florida.
                  Ted and Betty had three children:
                        {1} Lorne Carlyle Johnston married Ann (–?–). They now live in Plymouth,
                              Michigan. One son:
                                    1- Matthew Johnston                       
                        {2} Richard Bryan Johnston married Joann (–?–). Richard and Joann live in the
                              Detroit area. Three sons:
                                     1- Charlie Johnston
                                     2- Douglas Johnston
                                     3- Scott Johnston
                        {3} Catherine Gaye Johnston married Michael McClung. They live in Hamburg,
                              Michigan. Three children:
                                    1- Merissa McClung married Scott Navarre
                                    2- Ryan McClung
                                    3- Charlie McClung

(4) David Henry Hedley was born Jan. 7, 1902 in Markdale (Ont. Birth Registry). He married Lillian Beck of Toronto. They lived in Long Branch, Toronto, where David operated a hardware store. Vernon Johnston recalls buying his hardware from David Hedley’s hardware store when he was building his house in Long Branch. David and Lillian Hedley had two children:

            [1] David Emmet Hedley was born in 1927.
                  m1 in 1954, was to Violet Mildred Hannah (b. 1923). One son:
                       {1} Jeffery Paul Hedley married Nancy Huggins, who had a daughter,
                             Carolyn Huggins. Jeffery
and Nancy had three sons.
                  m2 of David Emmet Hedley was to Margit (Gal) Varaday, who was born
                        in Hungary in 1923. David
and Margit live in London, Ont.
            [2] Dorothy Lorraine Hedley, born in 1932, married "Bunt" Busby
                 of Brampton. Dorothy and Bunt
had three sons.

(5) Cyril Mervine Hedley was born in Markdale on Sept. 12, 1903 (Ontario Birth Registry). He was apparently the fifth of the twelve children of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley. Cyril married Vienna Mahoney of Toronto. Cyril died in November 1994. Cyril and Vienna had a son:

            [1] Carman (or Cyril) Hedley

NOTE: Merit (Kailo) Johnston, daughter-in-law of Vernon Johnston reports that Vernon does not recall that any of his uncles (that is, sons of Harry and Catherine Ann) were called "Cyril." He does, however, remember "Carlyle," whom he believed to be the eldest of the children. He recalls that Carlyle went to live in Detroit when he was around twenty and was married there. The family learned of his death in the 1950's or 60's. Carlyle was cremated in the United States, and Vernon recalls that his mother Ethel was upset because she believed there had not been a proper funeral. It is possible that Carlyle and Cyril are the same person. Another possibility is that Carlyle, a little older than the children of Harry and Catherine Ann, was a relative, perhaps a cousin, who lived with the family.

(6) Wesley ‘Garfield’ Hedley, born in Markdale Nov. 24, 1905 (Ont. Birth Registry) was the sixth child of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley. Garfield married Yvonne Blanche McCord of Toronto, died Oct. 17, 2005 in Lindsay, Ont. in her 95th year; burial Bobcaygen. Two children:

            [1] John Hedley of Whitby, Ont.   Three children:
                        {1} Chris Hedley
                        {2} Susie Hedley
                        {3} Joan (Hedley) m. Larry Wilson

            [2] Marie Hedley married Bill Graham, Bobcaygeon, Ont.
(from Toronto Star obituaries)

(7) Orlando (Orle) Hedley was born in 1907. He married Nancy Reive (b. 1912). Orle and Nancy and their family lived in Toronto, but used to visit their Kincardine, Kinloss and Greenock relatives when their family was young. They came to the annual Hedley picnics in Kincardine for several years. Orle died August 9, 1972 in Toronto at age 65. Four children:

            [1] James Hedley, b.1940 in Toronto, m. Sharlene Whitehouse (d.1995).
                  One child:
                        {1} Janine Eve Hedley (b. 1969) married Paul (–?–). One son:
                                    1- Cody
            [2] Sharon Hedley, b. 1945, did not marry. Helen (Hedley) Furnivall reports
                 that she and Sharon worked together at data processing in Toronto)

            [3] Cyril Hedley b.1949; died Nov.11, 1994

            [4] Tracy Hedley (foster child) married Shawn (–?–)

(8) William ‘Orville’ Hedley was born July 26, 1909 in Thornbury, Ont. He married Mary Jeanne ‘Irene’ Allard, born April 1, 1912 in Bonfield, Ont. [Irene’s mother was born in France, and as a young child was brought to Boston to work as a maid servant for a wealthy family. Eventually an uncle brought her to Canada, where she met her future husband.]  Orville and Irene Hedley lived at 2187 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Irene worked as a beautician and Orville worked for a canning company and later for the LCBO. For several summers during the 1940's Orville and Irene and their two children, Jack and Carol, traveled by steam train to Lucknow, where they were met by Orville’s first cousin Jack (E.J.) Hedley, and taken to Jack’s farm on Silver Lake for a week’s farm vacation with Jack, Aileen and their children, Al, Jackie and David.
Orville died August 27, 1978 at age 69. Irene died ten years later, at age 76, on Nov.15, 1988. They were both buried from Turner & Porter-Roncevalles Funeral Home. Their graves are in St. John’s Cemetery Norway in Toronto. Two children:
            [1] Jack Hedley, born June 7, 1934, married Constance McKinnon. Jack, an
                   insurance agent, lived
in London, Ont. with his young family. Around 1965 he
                   was in a serious car accident that left him
disabled. A heavy smoker, Jack died
                   of lung cancer in 1985.
Jack and Constance  had three children:
                        {1} Bobby Hedley
                        {2} Cathy Hedley
                        {3} Jason Hedley
            [2] Carol Joyce Hedley, born Dec. 8, 1938, was baptized March 14, 1948 at
                  St. Nicholas Church of  England, Toronto. Sponsors were Meldrum and Susan
                  Hedley. Carol married Dennis Boni on
May10, 1958. Carol and Dennis live
                  in Barrie, Ont. Five children:  
Carol Hedley and daughter Denyse Boni
                        {1} Karl Boni works as a plumber in British Columbia
                        {2} Douglas William Boni lives in Missouri
                        {3} Denyse Boni married (–?--) St. Amand. Two children:
                                    1- Carla St. Amand born 1991
                                    2- Greg St. Amand born 1992
                        {4} Patricia Lou-Anne (Patti) Boni. lives in Windsor with husband
                              and children.
                        {5} Theresa Boni married Steven Campbell of St. Thomas, Ont. They now
                               live in Barrie, Ont., where Steve works for Honeywell. Three children:
                                    1- Dustin Campbell (twin) born 1997
                                    2- Devin Campbell (twin) born 1997
                                    3- Brooke Campbell, born 1999

(9) Janet (Jenna) Hedley , the ninth child of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley, married Bob Campbell, Toronto.
Five children:

            [1] Richard Campbell

            [2] Anne Campbell

            [3] Trefina Campbell

            [4] Gaille Campbell

            [5] Terry Campbell

(10) Helen Elizabeth Hedley, the tenth child of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley was born in 1906 in Gravenhurst. Helen
 married Bill Amos of Toronto. They lived on Bellefaire Avenue in "The Beach" area of Toronto. One son:

            [1] Michael Amos

(11) Carman Hedley was the eleventh child of Harry and Catherine Ann Hedley. Carman married Rita Pickering of Toronto. Two children:

            [1] Marilyn (or Marilou) Hedley

            [2] Carman Hedley

(12) Meldrum Hedley, the youngest of the twelve children of Catherine Ann Campbell and Harry Hedley, was born June 18, 1916 in Clarksburg.
m1 Susan Isabella Moore, daughter of William Henry Moore and Isabella Wilson Stevenson (who was born in Kinross, Scotland on March 7, 1895). Isabella Stevenson died at age 101 on July 1, 1996 in Amherstburg, Ont. Her parents (Susan’s grandparents) were Alexander Stevenson and Isabella Nixon of Scotland. Susan, the wife of Meldrum Hedley, predeceased her mother by 26 years. Susan d. April 9, 1970. Her grave is in Rose Lawn Cemetery, Amherstburg.
m2 Clair Cota.  
Meldrum died on April 2, 1991. He is buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery, Amherstburg, Ont. Meldrum and Susan (Moore) Hedley had five children:  Photo: 4 of the 5 children of Meldrum and Susan        Dave, Beverly, Leslie, Bill - Christmas 2008
            [1] William Banting (Bill) Hedley born Nov. 9, 1947 in Toronto, married
                  Carol Millie
, born  Jan.1, 1957, daughter of Earl & Hilda Millie.
                  Bill & Carol had 2 children:
                       {1} Stephanie Anne Marie Hedley, born Oct. 13, 1988 in Chatham
                       {2} Daniel William Earl Hedley, born Nov. 20, 1991 in Chatham
            Note: Bill and Carol Hedley and their children, Stephanie,13, and Daniel,10,
                      of Chatham, and Bill’s sisters, Leslie Hedley and Beverly Lemon of Windsor
                      first attended the Hedley Reunion in 2001. Family members, including brother
                      David and daughters Ashley and Courtney of Windsor have
                      subsequent reunions.
Photo: Daniel and mother Carol (Millie) Hedley

            [2]  Leslie Ann Hedley was born Aug. 2, 1950 in Hamilton

            [3] Beverly Ann (Hedley) was also born Aug. 2, 1950 in Hamilton.
                  She married Peter Britt Lemon (b.1949 in Windsor). Four children:
                        {1} Jodie Lynn Lemon, b.1972 in Windsor,
                              married Wilfred Aussant (b.1968). Four children:
                                    1- Karna Celestiana Marina Aussant b. May, 1997 in Windsor
                                    2- Alec Aussant b. June 1999 in Windsor
                                    3- Randy Aussant b. August 2002 in Fox Creel, Alberta
                                    4- Wolfie Aussant b. Nov. 2003 in Fox Creel, Alberta
                       {2} Heather Ann Lemon, b. 1975 in Windsor, divorced from Marco Difazio
                                    1- Nevaeh Makenna Grace Lemon b. Jan. 25, 2008 in Windsor
                       {3} Christine Marie Lemon b. in 1979 in Windsor
                       {4} Kimberly Britt Lemon b.1984 in Windsor   
            [4] Robert Alexander (Bob) Hedley, born Sept. 28, 1952 in London, Ontario,
Friedgard Elisabeth Knoedler, born in 1954 in Lahr, Germany, the
                  daughter of Wilhelm and Emma (Keller) 
Knoedler. Four children:
Family photo:
                        {1} Benjamin David William Hedley, b.1982 in Lahr, Germany. One child:          
                                  1- Kyra Maya Elizabeth Hedley-Cain, b. 2001 in Victoria, B.C.
(mother: Myra Cain)
                        {2} Rebecca Rafaela Hedley b.1984 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
                        {3} Miriam Lea Hedley b.1986 in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan
                        {4} Sara Emma Susanna Hedley b.1988 in Moosejaw, Sask.
            [5] David Hedley, born Sept.16, 1958 in Windsor, Ont., married Robin Sabine
                  born Apr.18,1964 in Toronto, daughter of Robert Sabine of Windsor and
                 Gayle Duke of Port Hope, who were married in Oct. 1963. Robin is the second
                 of three children (between Derrick b.1965  in Toronto and Kimberley
                 b.1969 in Windsor). David and Robin (Sabine) Hedley had two daughters:
                        {1} Ashley Sierra Hedley b.Oct. 25,1986 in Windsor, married Richard 'Luke' Clinton on
                             July 11, 2009 at Wharncliffe.
                        {2} Courtney Hedley b.May 8,1992 in Windsor
               2003 photo of David Hedley of Windsor and daughters Ashley and Courtney

NOTE: Gratitude” to Vernon Johnston, Rich Johnson, Marit (Kailo) Johnston, Bill Hedley,  Carol (Hedley) Boni, Clarence Hedley, David Emmet Hedley,  Ken Hedley, Wendy Fudge and Helen (Hedley) Furnivall for their help with this chapter.

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