Chapter 9,1
(generation iv)  William Samuel Hedley (1868-1931)
                 and Catherine McLean (1869-1949)

1 - William Samuel Hedley was born in the Grey Ox area of Kinloss Township on February 16, 1869, the eldest of the nine children of John Henry Hedley and Margaret Florence Johnston.  He was eighteen when the family moved to Greenock Township, nineteen when his mother Margaret died of a heart attack at age 39 and twenty when his father John Henry married Scottish-born Ann Alexander.

1901 Ontario Census for Greenock Township, Bruce County
Hedley  William        age 32,    born Feb. 16, 1869
              Catherine     age 31,    born Sept. 31, 1870
              Fredrick R.  age   7,    born Jan. 24, 1894
              Elizabeth E.  age  6,     born Feb. 10, 1895
              Mary J.        age 3,      born Nov. 3, 1897
              William J.     age 4/12  born Dec. 1, 1900

 Three years later, at age 23, William married 21-year-old Catherine McLean at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Kingarf on November 25, 1891.  Catherine was born in West Wawanosh on Sept. 23, 1869 (or Sept. 31, 1870 according to the 1901 census), the daughter of Elizabeth (McQuillan) and Irish-born John McLean who were married in 1861.

William and Catherine at first farmed in Greenock Township, but some time after 1910 (the birth year of their 5th son, Edwin) moved to Lot 3, Concession 5 of Kincardine Township.  William was roadmaster for the Lower Fifth Line, and one day, after putting the horses in the barn, William suffered a heart attack and died. It was March 31, 1931 and William was 63 years old. Catherine lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Lizzie and William Shewfelt, for 18 years until her death at age 79 on March 3, 1948.  The graves of Catherine (McLean) and William Hedley are in Kincardine Cemetery.  Five children (gen. iv):
Photo Page for Fred & Ida Hedley and Family
          (1) Frederick Secord Hedley was born in Kinloss Township on Wednesday, January 24, 1894, the same day that his great grandfather Nicholas Hedley died of a heart attack at age 80, at his home south of Lucknow. Frederick was the first child of William and Catherine Hedley, and also the first grandchild of John Henry Hedley.  Fred was 12 when his parents with their first four children moved to Kincardine Township.  At age 23 he married Ida Mae McIntosh on June 3, 1917.  Ida was twenty, born Oct. 17, 1897 in Bayfield, Ontario, the daughter of Margery (Abram), 1873-1961, and Peter McIntosh, 1863-1946, of Bluevale in Huron County. Peter and Margery McIntosh were married in 1895. They eventually moved to the North Line, Kincardine Township. Their graves are in Kincardine Cemetery.

Fred and Ida farmed on Concession 5 of Kincardine Township for four years, until 1921, when they moved to Kincardine, where Fred worked as a carpenter.  Fred served four years overseas in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. He died  at age 58 on Aug. 9, 1952 in Westminster Veterans Hospital, London, Ont..  Ida Mae died five years later, at age 60, on March 20, 1957. Fred and Ida were members of Knox Presbyterian Church, Kincardine. Their graves are in Kincardine Cemetery.  Fred and Ida Hedley had two children:

                    [1] Kenneth Herschel Hedley was born July 16, 1918.  After graduating from Kincardine High School in 1937 he went to Toronto to seek work. One of his first jobs was serving in a fast food restaurant on Queen Street, E.  In 1939 he joined the Royal Canadian Navy where he served for six years. Ken worked on Canadian Corvettes, small, speedy crafts designed for submarine patrol and general escort duties, with a crew of 50 to 60 officers and men. Canada built 80 of these Corvettes, 60 for the Canadian Government and 10 for the British Government at a total cost of $39 million.  Canadian Corvettes played an important role in the war at sea escorting convoys across the North Atlantic and patrolling for enemy submarines. Ken served on several of these ships--HMCS Gaspe,  Mayflower, Avalon, St. Hyacinth, Haida, Stadacona, Peregrine and York.
 After the war Ken attended the University of Western Ontario where he received a B.A. degree majoring in Business Administration in 1950.  After graduation Ken was employed by Imperial Tobacco while working on his degree in Mechanical Engineering.
On Feb. 7, 1953  Ken married Marcelle Marie Rose Gelinas (1917-1977).
Ken’s second marriage, in 1983, was to Geneva Marie (Genny) (Pratt) Rolston (1929-1999) of Durham in Grey County. Ken retired the same year and he and Genny made Guelph, Ont. their retirement location. Genny and Ken were faithful attendees at the annual Hedley Reunion, usually held in Kincardine. They frequently rented lakeside accommodation next to the picnic grounds and spent the week visiting their Kincardine area relatives. Ken died of cancer Aug. 20, 2002 at age 85 and was buried in Kincardine Cemetery.

                    [2] Dorothy Eileen Hedley was born six years after her brother, in 1924 in Kincardine, Ont. On October 3, 1946 she married Henry George (Harry) Howard at Knox Presbyterian Church in Kincardine. Harry was born May 5, 1924. Dorothy and Harry made their home in Georgetown where they raised two sons.  About 1990 they retired to Kincardine where they built a new house.  They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1996.  Harry died the following year, in May, 1997.  Two sons (gen. vii):

                              {1} David Paul Howard, born 1947, married Rebecca Lewis Conlee in
                                    1972. The family now  lives in New York. Two children (gen. viii):
                                               1- Tristan Stirling Howard, born 1980 in Australia
                                               2- Catherine Hedley Howard, born 1983 in Australia
                              {2} Robert ‘Stephen’ Howard was born in 1950
                                     m1 to Bonnie Lynn White in 1975.  One child:
                                               1- Jennifer Michelle Howard born 1980
                                     m2 to Carol Anne (Fraser) Watts (b. 1956) in 1991. One child:
                                               2- Danielle Eileen Howard born 1988
                                     Stephen Howard lives in Brampton.                                                           
    (2) -  Elizabeth Ethel Hedley (Lizzie) was born Feb. 10, 1895 in Kinloss Twp.,  the second child born
 to William Hedley and Catherine McLean and the
second grandchild of John Henry Hedley.  In 1916,
at age 21, Lizzie
married William Shewfelt (1891-1968). The wedding took place during a snowstorm, and
guests were unable to leave. They danced all night,
and in the morning Lizzie and William were taken to
the station to meet 
the train for Toronto ( from Toil, Tears and Triumph, A History of Kincardine
Township, 1990). In addition to farming in Kincardine Township, William became Warden of Bruce
County in 1944.
He owned a threshing machine and did custom threshing until 1962.  In her later years,
Lizzie lived with her sister Minnie in Kincardine.
Lizzie died on Jan.31, 1989. The graves of William and
Lizzie (Hedley) Shewfelt are in Kincardine Cemetery. Lizzie and William Shewfelt had three children (vi):
                     [1] - Velma Shewfelt (1920-1999) was married in 1950 to William Leslie
                             (1913-1976). They farmed in Huron Township,  Bruce County. No Children.
                      [2] - Burton Lenwood Shewfelt (b. 1923) was married in 1945 to Marjorie
                             (d. Aug. 2005). They farmed in Kincardine Township and had three sons (vii):

                               {1} Lynn John William Shewfelt (b. 1946) m. Lynda Cerson in 1967.

                                     Four children (viii):

                                             1- Jay William Shewfelt (b. 1973)

                                             2- Janette Salene Shewfelt (b. 1975, twin)
                                             3- Jill Elizabeth Shewfelt (b. 1975, twin)
                                             4- Dustin Shewfelt (b. 1979)
m2 Lynn  married Caroln (_?_), Caroln died August 9, 2017 at age 72
                               {2}  Dr. Wayne Sherman George Shewfelt (b. 1952), veterinarian,
                                       Leamington, married Carol Scott in 1977. Dr Wayne Shewfelt lives in
                                       Tavistock (2005).
Wayne and Carol Shewfelt had three children.
                                             1- Scott Wayne Shewfelt (b. 1981)
2- Gregory Shewfelt
                                             3- Megan Shewfelt.
                               {3}  Blayne Lenwood Shewfelt (b. 1957) married Patsy McTavish. Blayne lives in
                                       Point Clark (2005).
Blayne and Patsy Shewfelt had two children (viii):.
       1- Keri Elizabeth Shewfelt (b. 1981)
                                              2- Sheane Allan Shewfelt (b. 1983)
                                        m2   Carol (_?_)                         

                       [3] - Orville Grant Shewfelt (b.1926) was married in 1948 to Janet Louise
                               Verheye (b. 1928).
                               They farmed in Kincardine Township and later
moved to Kincardine.
                               Orville died Oct.1, 2004 at age 78. Janet's second marriage in May 2008 was to
                               David Dickson;  David died in Kincardine in Oct. 2012 in his 100th year
                               Orville and Janet had six children (vii):

                              {1} - Dennis Graham Shewfelt (b.1950) worked as a Land Use

                                       Officer in Botswana, Africa, married Kathleen (Katie)

                                       McElvanna. Four children (viii):

                                               1- Kristen Elizabeth Shewfelt (b. 1977 in Guelph)
, m.Timothy
                                                    Hogan of Orillia.on April 23, 2003.
                                                    Both are Environmental Eng. and reside in
                                                    Calgary, Alberta                                           
                                               2- Keara Janet Shewfelt (b. 1981 in Toronto)

                                               3- Duane Orville Shewfelt (b.1984 in Edmonton)

                                               4- Dustin John Shewfelt (b. 1986 in Edmonton).

                               {2} - Dale William Shewfelt (b. 1954) first married Deborah Wilson

                                       in 1980 (divorced). Dale's second marriage, in 1992, was to

                                       Brenda Buckingham. Two sons (viii):

                                               1- Jamie William Shewfelt (b. 1994 in Kincardine)

                                               2- Logan Dale Shewfelt (b. 1996 in Kincardine),

                               {3} - Donald Raymond Shewfelt (b. 1957 in Kincardine) was married

                                         in 1983 to Bonnie McLean (b. 1959 in Hanover).
Two sons (viii):
                                                1- Cody Donald Ralph Shewfelt (b. 1985 in Hanover)

                                                2- Casey Orville McLean Shewfelt (b. 1988 in Hanover).

              {4} - Darlene Elizabeth Angela Shewfelt (b. 1961) was married in
                                      1985 to Wayne MacKinnon (b.1961 in Toronto.

                                       Three children (viii):

                                                1- Breton Hector MacKinnon (b. 1988 in Alliston)

                                                2- Keegan Donald  MacKinnon (b. 1990 in Alliston)

                                                3- Ainsley Rose MacKinnon (b. 1996 in Alliston).

                                {5} - Denise Margaret Shewfelt (b. 1963) married Alan Sears in

                                       1985 (divorced). Denise's second marriage, in 1993 in Los
                                       Vegas Nevada,  was to  Ashley Millette (b. 1957 in Trinidad.

                                        A daughter (viii):

                                                1- Latasha Janil Denise Millette (b. 1996 in Southampton).

                                 {6} - Dean Orville Shewfelt. (b. 1967) married Nancy Pilcher

                                          in 1987, Kincardine. Nancy was born in 1964 in Toronto.

  (3)  Mary Jane Hedley (Minnie) was born Nov. 3, 1897 in Kinloss Township,
        the third child of William Hedley and Catherine McLean. In 1920 Minnie
        was married to William Angus (Bill) McLeod (1890-1959), son of Alex McLeod and
        Christina Kerr of Con. 9, Kincardine Twp.  After their marriage, Bill and
        Minnie bought and farmed Bill's "home farm" until 1946 when their house
        burned and the family moved to a house on Con. 8 for a time. Later Bill
        and Minnie retired in Kincardine. Bill died in 1959  at age 69and Minnie died 31
        years later, in 1990 at age 93.
           [1] Murray Lawrence McLeod  (b. June 11, 1921, d. Nov. 13, 1992)
                married Helen Marion Wilson (b. 1927) the daughter of Charles
                Wilson, Kincardine. Three children (vii) all born in Kincardine:
                    {1} - Joanne Marie McLeod (b. 1950) married Roddy Fitzimmons
                            (divorced 1976). Two children (viii):
                               1- Shannon Dawn Fitzimmons (1970)
                               2- William (Bill) James Fitzimmons (1971).
                                    Joanne's second marriage was to _____ Gilles.
                    {2} - Ronald Wayne McLeod (b. 1952).
                    {3} - Karen Lee McLeod (b. 1954) married Steve Beatty. A son (viii):
                                {1} Morgan Beatty (1995).
           [2] - Doris Eiline McLeod (b. 1923, 9th Conc., Kincardine) married
                  Leonard McCarthy (1929-1991) in 1951. Len was a
                  painter / decorator in London. Two children (vii):
                    {1} - Kevin Leonard McCarthy (b. 1955), a teacher, married
                            Luanne Benjamin (b. 1956) in 1979. Luanne worked as
                            an employment counsellor
                    {2} - Katherine (Kathy) Lynn McCarthy (b. 1958 in London) married
                            Ken Emmerson Yeo (b. 1957) in 1976, decorator,  London.
                            Four children (viii):
                                1- Michael Emmerson Yeo (b. 1979 in Kincardine)
                                2- Kary Lynn Yeo (1981)
                                3- Christopher David Yeo (1983)
                                4- Jason Gregory Yeo (1984)
           [3] - Carman Leon McLeod (1925-1971) married Geraldine Courtney
                  (b. 1930 in Huron Twp.) in 1953.
                  All four children were born in Kincardine Twp. (vii):
                    {1} - Eric Alexander McLeod (b. 1954), Fieldman OMMB, married
                            Linda Greene in 1981. Two children (viii):
                                1- Carly Lynn McLeod (b. 1984)
                                2- Brett Alexander McLeod (b.1986), both born in Stratford.
                    {2} - Gary Robert McLeod (b. 1956), public school teacher,
                            married Ina Elizabeth Farrell in 1984. Two children (viii):
                                1- Kristen Elyse McLeod (b. 1987)
                                2- Jason Robert McLeod (b. 1990).
                    {3} - Jeanne Dianne McLeod  (1958-1958).
                    {4} - Randy Bruce McLeod (b. 1960) married Michele Annette
                            Dickson (b. 1964) in 1990 in Dungannon United Church. Michele is the
                            daughter of Tom and Dianne Dickson of Port Albert. Randy and Michele
                            had t
wo daughters (viii), both born in London:
                                1- Courtney Michelle McLeod (b. 1992)
                                2- Rebecca Dianne McLeod (b. 1995).
            [4] - Wilma Jean McLeod (b. 1927 - Kincardine Twp.) married Stuart Lorne
                   Andrew Robinson (b. 1924), farmer, Kincardine Twp. in 1944.
                   Two Children (vii):
                    {1} - Sharon Marlene Robinson (b. 1948), teacher in Owen Sound,
                            married Stuart Taylor in 1970. School Principal and elected
                            Mayor of Owen Sound in 1994. Two children, both born in
                            Owen Sound (viii):
                                1- Angela Jeanne Taylor (b. 1976) married Shane Bolton.
                                    Three children (gen. ix)

                                          <1> Emily Jeanne Bolton b. 1998

                                          <2> Richard Bolton b. 2004
                                          <3> Stuart Bolton b. 2005
                                2- Matthew Stuart Lorne Taylor (b. 1984)
                    {2} - Dennis Wayne Robinson (b. 1951), horse breeder and
                             employee of the BNPD married Susan Jolly (b. 1953 -
                             Brantford) 1972 in Ajax Ont. Identical twins (viii):
                                1- Holly Lynn Robinson (b. 1975) married Keith Colley,
                                    son of Keith and Jill Colley. Holly and her twin sister Carrie
                                    competed in the Kincardine Women's Triathalon in 2004.
                                    The race combines a 350-metre swim, a 10-kilometre bike ride
                                    and a 2.5-kilometre run. Holly came in 10th, with a time of 43
                                    minutes, 38 seconds
. In 2005 Holly finished 6th out of a total
                                    of about 200 women
. Holly and Keith Colley have two children:
                                          <1> Jake Robinson Colley b. 2000
                                          <2> McKenna Robin Colley b. 200_
                      2- Carrie Leigh Robinson (b. 1975) married  Art Houghton. Carrie was
                                   the winner of the 2004 Kincardine Women's Triathalon. She was unable
                                   to compete in the 2005 race because of the recent arrival of  baby
                                  Arthur Jared in June. Carrie and Art Houghton have one child (gen.ix):
<1> Arthur Jared Houghton b. 2005
            [5] - Mildred Adeline McLeod (1930-1967) married Jack Ferguson Small
                   (1929 -1985), 1953 in London, Ont. Three children (vii):
                    {1} - Richard John Small (1956-1974) car accident, age 17.
                    {2} - Diane Marie Small (b. 1959) married Michael Gordon
                             McDonald in 1978 (separated) Two children (viii):
                                1- Courtney Ann McDonald (b.1981 in Edmonton)
                                2- Matthew Brent McDonald (b. 1983 in Kincardine).
                    {3} - Dale Andrew Small (b. 1964 in Kincardine) married Annie
                             MacGregor (b. 1965) in 1985 . Annie is the daughter of Sam and Joan
                             MacGregor of Kincardine
. Three children (viii):
                                1- Olivia Rae Small (b. 1991, Clinton)
                                2- Grace JoEllen Small (b. 1994, Kincardine)
                                3-  Seamus  Small (b. 1996).
            [6] - Merton McLeod (twin) (1930-1931).
            [7] - Donald Ingram McLeod (b. 1939) married Valerie (Glass) Perry
                    in 1980 and later divorced. Three children (vii):
                   {1} - Joseph Keith (Joey) Perry (b. 1972)
                   {2} - Lorraine (Lori) Leigh Perry (b. 1976)
                   {3} - Ryan Donald McLeod. (b. 1982)
 (4)  John William (Jack) Hedley born Dec. 1, 1900 in Kinloss Township, was
        the fourth child of William Hedley and Catherine McLean.  In 1925 Jack
        married Irene Colwell (born Nov. 13, 1903), the daughter of George
        Colwell of Kincardine Twp. and Annie McArthur of Bruce Twp. Jack and
        Irene farmed on Concessions 5 and 4 of Kincardine Township. Irene died
        at age 62 in 1965. Jack continued to live on the farm until his death 27
        years later in 1992 at age 92.  The graves of Jack and Irene (Colwell) Hedley
        are in Kincardine Cemetery. Two children (vi):
            [1] - Alma Olive 'Joan' Hedley (born Dec. 5, 1926) was married on
                Jan. 9, 1950 to Wilfred  Homer Deeks of London, Ont.
                (born March 23, 1919). Wilfred had four children from a previous
                marriage.  Wilfred died Oct. 22, 1995 in London at age 76.
                Joan died nine years later, in 2004, in London, Ont.
                Two children (vii):

                    {1} - Darlene Deeks (b. 1952) married Robert Mizon in 1971.
                        Two children (viii):
                            1- Pamela Ann Mizon  (b. 1974) married Lawrence James
                                Bartlett on Nov.20, 1993. Two sons and a daughter (ix):
                                <1> Justin Robert James Bartlett, b. Feb. 25, 1994 in
                                        Vancouver Ont.
                                <2> Jordyn Mackenzie Bartlett (daughter) b.  Feb. 21,
                                        1997 North York Ont.
                                <3> Jakob Tyler James Bartlett b. Jan. 2,  2000 in Hamilton Ont.
                             2- Shawn Robert Mizon (b. 1975) m. Heather Harris,
                                  Sept. 2001
                     Darlene's Deeks' second marriage was to Bruce Ernst.
                    {2} - Kimberley Dianne Deeks (b. 1954) married Craig
                            Dawson in 1988. One adopted child (viii):
                            1- Dylan Dawson
              Wilfred Deeks' first marrage was to Lorainne Hutton. Four children:
                    {1} - Terrence Deeks
                    {2} - Ronald Deeks
                    {3} - Lauralee Deeks married  ______ Lazenby.
                    {4} - Susanne Deeks married   ______ Lawson.
           [2] Keith Hedley was born in 1933.
                 m1 Catherine Small
m2 Patricia Kerr. They reside in Kincardine Township. Keith has a
                        machine/welding business near Tiverton. Pat's recent project is
                        raising purebred sheep.

   (5)  Edwin Arthur Hedley born Jan. 11, 1910, was the fifth and youngest child
        of William Hedley and Catherine McLean.  On June 1, 1933 he married
        Margaret Edna Cuyler, born Aug. 16, 1914, the daughter of Clifton Cuyler
        and Melena Walker who had moved to Kincardine Township from Tiverton
        in 1908. Edwin continued on the farm after the death of his father, William,
        but after his marriage he sold the farm to his sister Lizzie Shewfelt and
        moved to Con. 8, Kincardine Twp., where he also worked as a carpenter.
        Edwin died April 5, 1968  at age 58.  Margaret died 24 years later, on Dec.
        30, 1992. Their graves are in Kincardine Cemetery. Four children (vi):
          [1] - Norma Jean Hedley (b. 1934) married Calvin Grant McConnell (b.1929)
                 in 1955. R.R. 5 Kincardine (Armow), Three children (vii):
                    {1} - Mark Calvin McConnell (b. 1960) married Roseanne
                            Calhoun in 1991. Rosanne is the daughter of Earl and Patricia
                            Calhoun of Hanover
Mark works on the farm with his father,
                            Calvin. Roseanne is an accountant. Two daughters (viii):
                                1- Bailey Janine McConnell (b. 1995) in Walkerton
                                2- Ashley Elizabeth McConnell (b. 1998)
                    {2} - Shannon Marie McConnell, born in 1962, was married
                            in 1986 to Dennis Shelden Kid (b. 1961).
                    {3} - Geoffrey Glenn McConnell (b. 1967) partners with Jeanette
                            Valckx near Strathmore Alberta. Both work on a cattle feed lot.
                            A son and a daughter (viii):
                                1- Geoffrey Cayse McConnell b. Aug. 9, 1998,
                                     Strathmore, AB.
                                2- Emily Lauren, b. Nov. 5, 2000.
          [2] - Glenn Edwin Hedley (b. 1938) married Gilberte Joly in 1980
                  (divorced). One daughter (vii).
                    {1} Laurelle Sarah Hedley, b. 1980.
                  Glenn's second marriage was to Ruth (Emmerton) Smart in 1989.
          [3] - Helen Ruth Hedley (b. 1945) married Donald Furnivall, Toronto.
                 No children.
          [4] - Kevin John Hedley (b. 1956) married JoAnne Kropf (b.1955) in Tiverton.
                  JoAnne, currently a resident of Quinte, Ont., has recently been involved in Emergency
                  Management in her city. Kevin and JoAnne had one daughter (gen. vii):                

                  {1} - Cuyler Dawn Hedley (b. 1980), a native of Quinte, Ont., attended  Murray State
                            University, Kentucky and receives frequent  recognition for her outstanding skills in golf.


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