Chapter 8,6

Edward Hedley (1848 - )
& Minnie Terry (1859 - )
(Gen. 3)

Edward Hedley, born July 11, 1848 near Harwood Plains, March Twp., Carleton County, was the seventh child born into the family of fourteen children of Jane McBride and Nicholas Hedley. (Edward was born in July 1849 according to the 1900 Census for Saginaw) Five brothers and a sister had preceded him. The 1851 Ontario Census for March Township lists Edward’s parents, Nicholas, age 38 and Jane, age 33 and their eight children ranging in ages from one to fourteen years old:

Jan.12, 1851 Ont. Census for March Township, Carlton County (age next birthday)

Headley Nicholas, 38, farmer, b. in Eng., Church of Eng.
               Jane, 33, b. in Ireland, Church of Eng.
               William, 14, labourer, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               John, 13, labourer, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               Thomas, 11, labourer, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               Nicholas, 9, labourer, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               Robert, 8, labourer, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               Ann, 7, b. in March, Ch. of Eng., attending school
               Edward, 4, b. in March, Ch. of Eng.
               Mary J., 1, b. in March, Ch. of Eng.
Judy Grinnen, 19, b. in Ireland, R.C., was living with the family, but not a family member.
The family lived in a one-storey stone house and operated a sawmill powered by the water flow in Constance Creek, which ran through their property. It was the second sawmill, after Pinhey’s to operate in March Township. The sawmill, with one employee, produced 20,000 feet of lumber in 1850. The stone house in Harwood Plains, March Twp., Edward’s first home, was built by his family in 1839. (More about the stone house and relevant photos at the end of Chap. 2)

The family probably depended on their sawmill business as a major source of income, but with the invention of steam-power, the use of water-powered mills may have declined, or the creek on which they depended for power to run the mill may have lost volume as a result of the clearing of the surrounding forests. Perhaps, also, as his sons grew older Nicholas felt a need to find farms for them and saw fresh opportunities for land deals in the newly opened townships within Perth, Huron and Bruce Counties to the west. Whatever the reason, Edward’s family sold their stone house and property in March Township shortly after the death in 1855 of Edward’s grandfather, John Hedley, who had brought the family from Northumberland, England to the Ottawa valley in 1819, and with the help of Edward’s grandmother Frances (Lawes) Hedley, guided their progress from indentured servants to one of the more prosperous pioneer families in March Township.

The 1861 Ontario Census finds the Hedley family living in Logan Township, Perth County, Ont. Edward was 13, and four more children had been added to the family, Margaret, 8; Martha, 6; Adelaide, 4; and Susan, 1.
1861 Ontario Census for Logan Township, Perth County (section 5)
Concession 7, Lot 30 (NE Corner)
                                          Hedley  Nicholas, age 46, b. in Eng., Church of Eng., farmer
                                                        Jane, age 41, born in Ireland, Church of England
                                                        William, age 24, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                         John H., age 23, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Thomas, age 21, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Nicholas, age 19, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Robert, age 17, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Ann, age 15, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Edward, age 13, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Mary Ann, age 10, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Margaret, age 8, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Martha, age 6, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Adelaide, age 4, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
                                                        Susan, age 1, born in Ont., Church of Eng.
Within two years of the 1861 Perth Co.Census, the family is recorded as millers employed at Treleaven's mill in Wawanosh Township, Huron County.

Edward’s brother, Nicholas Hedley, five years older than Edward, did not remain with the family in Wawanosh Township. In 1863, when he would have been 20 years old, Nicholas went to Michigan, perhaps in search of work. By 1870 he was married, with two children:

1870 US Census for Michigan, Macomb Co., Armada Twp. (Page 27)
Dwelling 216, Fam. 218, Line 4 Hedley, Nicholas, 27, farmer, b. Canada
                                                 5 Mary J., 28, keeping house, b. in Mich.
                                                 6 Mary E., 4, b. in Michigan
                                                 7 Stella E., 4/12 (Jan), b. in Michigan
                                                 8 Walker, Caleb, 10, attending school, b. in Michigan

We do not know how long young Edward remained with his family in Wawanosh Twp. He would have been only 15 in 1863 when Nicholas went to Michigan. Within seven years, however, Edward was living close to his brother Nicholas in Michigan. Edward is listed in the 1870 US Census for Armada Twp., Macomb County, Michigan only two census pages beyond the listing of Nicholas Hedley and his wife and family, working on the farm of Lorenzo Woodbeck:

1870 U.S. Census for Michigan, Macomb Co. , Armada Township (June 1870)
Dwelling 232; family 235; p. 27; lines 18-24;
Lorenzo Woodbeck, age 34, farmer, born in Michigan
Adeline Woodbeck, 29, Keeping House, born in Michigan
Caroline Woodbeck, 9, attending school, born in Michigan
Powell Woodbeck, 7, attending school, born in Michigan
Adeline Woodbeck, 3, born in Michigan
Ellen Woodbeck, 2/12, born in Michigan
Edward Hedley, age 23, farm laborer, born in Canada; both parents foreign born

Edward Hedley’s permanent move to Michigan is confirmed on the 1900 Census for Saginaw, Michigan, where he was listed as immigrating in 1870 and having lived in Michigan for 30 years.

Edward Hedley does not appear on the 1880 Census for Macomb County, Michigan; however, he is listed in the 1873-74 Saginaw Valley Directory (viewed at the Holt Public Library in Saginaw, Michigan, July 2007): 

Headley, Edward, Livery Stable, bds (boards) ss (south) Randolph, e (east) Washington, Valentine House.

Another entry relevant to Edward’s future was the following:
Terry, Arthur, Confectionary & Soda Water.

Marriage, July 1, 1874 in Bridgeport, Saginaw
Edward Hedley, age 23, of East Saginaw, occupation Livery Business, born in Canada
Minnie Terry, age 17, of East Saginaw, born in Chessaning (25 miles south of Saginaw)
Witnesses: Rosieta Sanderson and Mary Edington, both of Bridgeport
Official: A. Sanderson (Minister); Record: July 10, 1874
(From Marriages - Book A # 2, Pages 151-296, # 2697) (Viewed July 2007 at Saginaw County Clerk’s Office, County Government Centre, 111 S. Michigan Ave.) 
The 1880 Saginaw Census lists Edward and Minnie and their two children:
1880 U.S. Census for East Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
(page 12, Enumeration District 306, schedule 1, Ward 7)
Hedley, Edward, 29, street car operator, b. in Canada, both parents b. in Canada
Hedley, Minnie, wife, 21, b. in Mich., father b. in Mich., mother b. in Ohio
Hedley, Arthur, son, 5, b. in Mich., father b. in Can., mother b. in Michigan
Hedley, Nellie, dau, 4, b. in Mich., father b. in Can., mother b. in Michigan
Wines, Emma, servant, 22, b. in Michigan
The same year, the 1880 US Census shows that also living in Saginaw was the Terry family (probably Minnie’s parents and three siblings):
1880 U.S. Census, Michigan, E. Saginaw, 7th Ward, Dist. 306, Washington Ave., p. 16
Line137 Terry Arthur W., white, male, 45, head, brick mason, b. Mich; fa. b. NY; mo. NY
      138 Terry Ellen I., 44, wife, keeps house, b. Ohio; fa. b. Persia (?); mo. b. Persia (?)
      139 Terry Stella, w, female, 20, daughter, b. Mich., fa. b. Mich., mo. b. Ohio
      140 Terry Harry R., w, male, 11, son, at school, b. Mich., fa. b. Mich., mo. b. Ohio
      141 Terry Fred M.., w, male, 6, son, b. Mich., fa. b. Mich., mo. b. Ohio

Edward Hedley’s birth date, according to his sister Ann’s list, was July 11, 1848. Michigan records give a variety of birth dates, ranging from 1847 to 1851. (The 1900 Census for Saginaw gives July 1847 as Edward’s birth date) This close approximation of birth dates is probably sufficient to justify the assumption that the Edward Hedley of the Michigan records is the Edward Hedley who was born in Canada, son of Nicholas and Jane Hedley.

1881-82 E. Saginaw and Saginaw Directory (viewed at Hoyt Public Library, Saginaw):
Edward Hedley, car driver E. Saginaw (East Saginaw and Street Railway Company)
Arthur Terry, mason, residence e.s. Washington Ave. (between Webber and Saginaw)
1883 East Saginaw and Saginaw Directory:
Edward Hedley, teamster, C & E Ten Eyck, res. 309 Wadsworth
Arthur W. Terry, mason, res. 2220 S. Washington Ave.
1884-1886 Directory for Saginaw
Edward Hedley, Teamster, 1322 Carroll Street
1889 Directory for East Saginaw
Edward Hedley, teamster, residence 1322 Carroll
1890-1891 Directory for Saginaw City
Edward Hedley, teamster Briggs & Cooper, residence 213 Meredith
Arthur Hedley, teamster Briggs & Cooper, boards 213 Meredith
Harry K. Terry, inspector Linton Manufacturing Co., residence 408 Wisner
Frederick Terry, driver E.J. Fisk, boards 408 Wisner

1900 Michigan Census for Saginaw, Ward 10 - (family #149) June 8, 1900

Hedley, Edward, 50, b. July 1849, married 27 yr; born in Can., fa. b. Can; mo. b. Ire.;
                            immigrated 1870; living in U.S. 30 yrs; teamster
Hedley, Minnie (or Minnerva?) E., wife, 42, b. Nov. 1852, m. 27 yrs;
                            7 children (4 living); b. in Mich; fa. b. in NY; mo. b. in Ohio
Hedley, Arthur J. (son), 25, single, b. July 1874 in Mich; fa. b. Can; mo. b. in Mich
Hedley, Hellen J. (dau), 23, single, b. Sept.1876 in Mich; fa. b. Can; mo. b. in Mich.
Hedley, Harlan T. (son), 18, single, b. Nov. 1881 in Mich; fa. b. Can; mo. b. Mich.
Hedley, Harry L. (son), 15, single, b. Jan. 1885 in Mich; fa. b. Can; mo. b. in Mich.
Hedley, Ida (niece), 23, single, b. July 1877 in Canada; fa. b. Can; mo. b. in Can.
(Ida could have been the daughter of one of Edward’s seven brothers, or perhaps she was a
grand niece, but no one by the name Ida, born about 1877 has thus far been recorded.)
At this point it appears Edward Hedley died some time between 1900 and 1910.
An Index of Deaths 1868-1958 on micro film entitled Eddy Collection (viewed at the Hoyt Public Library in Saginaw in July 2007) shows the following entry for 1895-1910:
Hedley, Edward, Book 4, Page 262

The library staff was unable to relate this index item to anything in the library’s collection and suggested that the reference might be to records stored in the County Governmental Center at 111 S. Michigan, pointing out that the governmental books listing Births, Deaths and Marriages were categorized by alphabetical letter rather than by number. A subsequent search through all of the listed deaths between 1900 and July 7, 1910 did not find listed the death of Edward Hedley (although the 1910 Census for Saginaw lists his wife Minnie as a widow).

The search did reveal the deaths of three children of Edward and Minnie Hedley:
Emma Hedley, 11-month-old daughter of Edward and Minnie Hedley died on Aug. 15, 18 (?) of infant cholera.
George Hedley, 1 1/2-year-old son of Edward and Minnie Hedley died on Aug. 6, 1879 of infant cholera.
Egbert Headley, one-day-old son of Edward and Minnie Headley died on Sept. 6, 1882 of heart disease.
The deaths of two infant grandchildren of Edward and Minnie were also listed:
Hedly female stillborn April 18, 1904, Saginaw, parents Harlan Hedley & Emma Maller
Headley male d. April 14, 1905 in Saginaw, parents Harlan Headley & Emma Miller.
                        Cause of death Exomstion.
1910 US Census for Saginaw, Ward 3, Michigan
Minnie Hedley, widow, age 50, b. in Mich., Fa. b. NY, Mo. b. Ohio, employment chamber work (one of 15 servants in the Wright Hotel, South Washington, run by Abraham Wright and his mother Julia Wright). Residence: Ward 3, East Saginaw
1910 Saginaw Directory
Mrs. Mary E. Hedley, chambermaid, Everett House
The same year, Arthur, the eldest son of Edward and Minnie Hedley, by then married, apparently left Michigan and found employment at a coffee house in Chicago:
1910 Census for Chicago, Ward 20, Cook County, Illinois
A. J. Hedley, lodger, age 35, married, employment--coffee house; b. abt.1875 in Michigan, father b. in Canada; mother b. in Michigan.
 The1920 Census for San Bernardino Co., Patton Precinct, S. California State Hospital has the following entry:
Arthur J. Hedley, age 42, married, b. abt 1878 in NY.
The 1930 Census for St. Louis, Missouri shows the following entry:
Arthur Hedley born about 1875.

Social Security Death Index: Arthur Hedley born July 14, 1874; died Aug. 1969 (age 95); last residence Boulder, Colorado (Social Security issued in Illinois before 1951).

Harlan Hedley, a younger son of Edward and Minnie, also appears to have married and made his home in Illinois. Harlan is listed with his wife and daughter on the 1920 Census for Chicago, Illinois:

1920 US Census for Chicago, Ward 27, Cook Co., Illinois
Hedley, Harland, 39, composition floor layer (contractor), b. Mich., both parents b. USA
Hedley, Emma, wife, age 33, b. in Michigan, both parents b. in Germany
Hedley, Thyra, daughter, 8, born in Illinois, both parents b. in Michigan

Ten years later Harlan and his family again appear on the Illinois census:

1930 US Census for Park Ridge, Cook County, Illinois (Grove Ave.)
Hedley, Harlan, head, 49, cement finisher, b. in Mich., father b. Canada, mo. b. Mich.
Hedley, Emma, wife, 42, b. in Mich., both parents b. in Germany
Hedley, Thyra, daughter, 19, single, bookkeeper (Public Service) b. Ill., parents b. Mich.
Harlan Hedley died in 1965 at age 85: Social Security Death Index: b. June 14 (or 24), 1880; died Dec.1965; last residence Florida.

Still unknown is the date and place of the death of Edward Hedley, who was born in 1848 in Carleton Co., the son of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, and of his wife Minnie Terry, who was born in Saginaw County in 1859, the daughter of Arthur W. and Ellen I.Terry.

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