Chapter  8,5
Ann Hedley (1846-1934)
(m1) Henry Phillips (1843-1877)

(m2) George B Scott (1837 - ?)
Ann Hedley was born Dec. 24, 1846, the first girl born in the stone house in March Township. Ann was the sixth child born to Nicholas Hedley and Jane McBride, having been preceded by brothers William, John Henry, Thomas, Nicholas and Robert.  When Nicholas and Jane and their family of 12 moved to West Wawanosh around 1860, Ann was about 14 years old and had, in addition to her five older brothers, one brother and six sisters younger than she. When her eldest brother, William, married Sarah Phillips in 1863, 17-year-old Ann and 24-year-old John Henry were witnesses at the marriage. Three years later, in 1866, Ann married Sarah's brother, Henry Phillips Jr.:
MARRIAGE - April 11, 1866
RES:           Ashfield Township RES:           Wawanosh Township
BIRTHPLACE:       Ottawa, Ontario BIRTHPLACE: Chinquacousy Twp.
                         York Co., Ontario
PARENTS:          Nicholas and Jane PARENTS:    Henry and Margaret
WITNESSES: John H. Hedley, Ashfield
           Elizabeth Rutherford, Wawanosh
CLERGY:    Wm. Daunt, Minister,
      Church of England, Huron County

WEDDING PHOTO (1866) OF ANN HEDLEY (1846-1934) & HENRY PHILLIPS (1843-1877)

Henry Phillips Jr., born in 1843, was the seventh of nine children of Henry Phillips Sr. (1801-1877) and Mary Kinnaird (1801-1868). Sarah Phillips, who had married William Hedley three years earlier, was the youngest of the nine Phillips children.

 The Phillips had built a nine-foot dam on their property on Lot 12, Concession 9 of Ashfield  and built a sawmill where many feet of hemlock and pine were sawed in the spring when the rivers were full. In July 1868 Henry
Phillips Jr. and Ann bought the neighbouring Lot 13, Concession 9, West Wawanosh (Information from Reflections of West Wawanosh, p. 297 )

In 1874 Ann and Henry Phillips Jr. sold their property in West Wawanosh and moved with their three daughters, then ages 1, 3 and 7 to Ashfield Township. Ann and Henry had six children before Henry was killed in 1877 at age 34: (iv)

The Six Children of Ann Hedley and Henry Phillips Jr.
Margaret Ann
b. Jan. 25, 1867, West Wawanosh Twp., Huron Co.; lived in Ashfield Twp. in 1874 (age 7), Wingham in 1881 (age 14), London, Ont. in 1890 (age23); m.‘Frank’ (Franklin) George Edgar Laur; d. 1928, place unknown
b.Nov.11,1869, W. Wawanosh; d. Nov.11,1872 in Wingham, Dungannon Cem.
Theresa Adeline 
b. June 1871, W. Wawanosh, lived in Ashfield Twp. in 1874 (age 3), Wingham 1881 (age 10),  London 1890 (age 19); unmarried; d. July 12,1893 (age 22), London, Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Sarah Jane
b. May 23,1873, W. Wawanosh, lived in Ashfield in 1874 (age1), Wingham 1881 (age 8), London 1890 (age 17); m. Rev. Leonard Bartlett; d. April 1, 1935, London
Henry W. 
b.1875 Ashfield Twp., lived in Wingham in 1881 (age 6); d. before age 16.
Eliza Etty Phillips b. March 6, 1877 in Ashfield; died in infancy
Eliza Etty 
b. March 6, 1877 in Ashfield; died in infancy

1 - Margaret Ann Phillips, b. Jan. 25, 1867, married Franklin George Edgar Laur, b. March 
    13, 1868, died Dec 6, 1946. Margaret Ann (Phillips) Laur died in     1928 at age 61.
        (1) John Franklin Laur, born October 23, 1907 (died June 20, 1987). He
            married Vera Ilene Martin. They lived in Aylmer and had two daughters: (vi)
                [1] Lauralee (Rays) born in 1941
                [2] Deanna Lee Laur,  born in 1943,
                     m1 Allmendinger,
                     m2 Fletcher
2 - Nicholas Phillips, born Nov. 11, 1869, died at age three on Nov. 11, 1872 in Wingham,
      buried in Dungannon Cemetery.
3 - Theresa Adeline Phillips, b.  either June 1 or July 12, 1871, died at age 22  on July 12, 1893
     and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, London.
4 - Sarah Jane Phillips, b. May 23, 1873, was married in 1898 to Rev. Leonard Bartlett of
     London who was born Feb. 21 1871 (or 1873). He was a Methodist minister in many
     communities in Ontario, including Dungannon from 1909 to 912 when the new United
     Church was built there. When Sarah Jane died on April 1, 1935 at age 62, her obituary
     in the London Free Press said of Sarah  Jane "She became widely known for her cheerful
     disposition and devotion to the service of the church."  It went on to state, "Through
     overwork in church activities her health failed and last June she came to London with her
     husband who retired from the Brownsville charge."  Sarah Jane and Leonard
     Bartlett had five children: (v) Grand Bend circa1904     Brownsville U.C. Parsonage, 1932
        (1) Dr. Leonard 'Sheldon' Bartlett was born Dec. 15, 1899 in Midland, Tiny  Twp.,
             Simcoe Co. He was ordained in 1926 and preached in rural Manitoba. In 1935 he
             resigned and trained as a medical doctor at McGill University in Montreal.
             On graduation he worked at Children's Hospital in Ottawa. He died on Aug. 11, 1957
             in St. Thomas and is buried in  Barton Stone Church Cemetery in Hamilton.
        (2) Russel Oliver Bartlett (1904-1993) worked as a bank accountant in Canada, then as
            an accountant for Chryslers in Detroit. In 1931 he returned to Canada and sold insurance
            until 1934, when he returned to the University of Western Ontario, where he received
            his medical degree in 1941.  He practiced medicine in Bothwell until 1944, when he left to
            specialize in anaesthesia, eventually practising in the three Windsor hospitals until declining
            health forced his retirement. Russel was married to Freida Maude McClary, who was
            born Oct. 8, 1904 and died in Ottawa on April 26, 1994. Frieda had a second marriage
            to Daniel Kingston Boam.  Her grave is in Bothwell, Ont.  Russel  and Freida had one son:
                 [1] Donald McClary Bartlett was b. Oct. 16, 1927 in Highland Park, a suburb of
                      Detroit, Michigan.
                      m1 to Elana Nikita, b. Jan. 4, 1930 in Chatham, m. Nov. 14, 1953 in Thamesville.
                           Divorced.  Three children:
                          {1} Donald Russel Bartlett, b. Jan. 14, 1955 in Paget, Bermuda, now lives
                                in Ottawa.  Single.
                          {2} Sandra Freida Bartlett, b. June 27, 1957 in Paget,  Bermuda
                                 m1 to Daniel Thibault in Paris, France, One daughter:
                                   1- Jennifer Samantha Thibault, b. in 1978 in Paris.
                                 m2 to Michel Rotteler in June 1994 in Paris.  One son:
                                   2- Duncan Rotteler born in March, 1996 in Paris.
                          {3} Leonard Sheldon Bartlett, b. March 18, 1962 in  Vancouver,  B.C.,
                                was married to Bonnie Pierce on June 25, 1988 in Packenham, Ont.
                                The family now lives in Ottawa.  Two sons:
                                    1- Wesley Bartlett was born in Nov., 1989 in Ottawa.
                                    2-  Brendon Bartlett was born Sept. 13, 1991 in Ottawa.
                     m2 - Donald Bartlett married Denise Boucher on Dec.1, 1978 in Ottawa,
                           where Don and Denise still reside.  Denise was born Feb. 4, 1943 in Thetford
                          Mines P.Q. They have one daughter:
                          {4} Melanie Chantale Bartlett was born Oct. 8, 1982 in Ottawa.
        (3) Wallace Howard Bartlett, born Aug. 10, 1903, in Perth County became a teacher on the
              staff of Runnymede Collegiate in Toronto. He married Edith Lillian Lowry on
              July 28, 1933 in Brownsville, Ont . Two daughters:
                  [1] Marilyn Joanne Bartlett b. May 28, 1933 in Toronto
                   m1 to John Randell Fisher in Toronto (divorced) One son:
                             {1} Ian Randell Fisher b. Jan. 23, 1970 in East York, Ont.
                  m2 to Sam Meden, born in Sweden. They were married May 19, 2002
                       and live in Hope, B.C.
                 [2] Sharon Bartlett b. Feb. 3, 1943 in Toronto m.
                      (unknown)  Hillier (divorced).
        (4) Vera Irene Bartlett, b. Jan. 30, 1907 in Woodham, Ont. d. Sept. 18, 1975 in London,
              Ont. She married, married Floyd Haight, London.b. Feb. 1905 in Sparta, Yarmouth Twp. 
             Floyd was an OPP S/Sgt i/c Traffic in London,Ont.  They had three children:
                  [1] Viola Marie Haight b. Nov. 16, 1927 in Thamesford d. April 17,
                       1996 in Hamilton. m1 to Edward H. Smyth who d. Sept. 7, 1978.
                            {1} Lyndell Smyth b. Jan. 26, 1950
                            {2} Shari Smyth b. March 11, 1952
                            {3} Rowena Irene Smyth (Wendy) b. Jan. 31, 1958
                       m2 to Alfred Gravefell on Nov. 13, 1976. Alfred was born Dec. 10, 1927.
                  [2] Leonard Charles Haight b. Nov. 8, 1929.  He died Aug. 19, 1961
                       when his plane crashed at Port Stanley. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial
                       Gardens in London.
                  [3] William John Haight b. March 5, 1935 in London. He married Valerie Stead
                       on Feb. 17, 1962. One son:
                      {1} William Haight Jr. b. Nov. 19, 1962 in London.  William Jr.
                            married Kimberley McGrenere on Feb. 9, 1985.
        (5) Mary Ida Vivian Bartlett, b. Dec. 27, 1910 in Dungannon married George
             Wellington Sims on Oct. 28, 1933 in Brownsville.  He was born Jan. 30,
             1906, died Dec. 7, 1977.  Mary died about  1999. Two   sons:
                   [1] Thomas Bartlett Sims was born Sept. 26, 1935 in Kitchener.
                         M1 to Dorothy D. Schaff on Oct. 16, 1955 in Arlington, Virginia.
                         Dorothy was born Sept. 2, 1937  in Washington, D.C.
                              {1} William Franklin Sims b. June 30, 1957 in Windsor, Ont.
                              {2} Mary Suzan Elizabeth Sims b. Nov. 8, 1958 in Marlette, Michigan
                              {3} Sharon Lynn Sims b. Dec. 24, 1960 in Marlette, Michigan
                              {4} Thomas Russel Sims b. Feb. 18, 1963 in Saginaw,
                                     Michigan. M2 to Velma Jean Sherman on Aug. 9, 1975 in Saginaw
                   [2] Thomas Lavergne Sims b. April 17, 1940 m. Sandra Lynn McNeil
                         on Dec. 23, 1967 in Chatham, Ont. Sandra was born Nov. 20, 1946 in Winsor. 
                              {1} Trinette Leigh Sims b. April 26, 1969 in Chatham
                                    m. Micheal Peter Lindley on Nov. 7, 1992  in Chatham.
                                    Micheal was born Dec. 2, 1968 in Ancaster.
                              {2} Shelby Lynn Sims b. Nov. 26, 1970
                              {3} Jeremy George Sims b.  March 12, 1973

After Sarah Jane's death on April 1, 1935 at age 62, Leonard Bartlett married twice more: m2 to Ida Weldon, Belmont and m3 to Rowena Winnifred Oliver-Owen
(1888-1980). Leonard lived in Thamesville during the last eleven years of his life. He died July 4, 1963 at age 92.

5 - Henry W. Phillips, born in 1875, was the second son of Ann and Henry Phillips to die in
     childhood. He died sometime between the ages of 6 and 16.
6 - Eliza Etty Phillips, born March 6, 1877 in Ashfield, died in infancy.

Shortly after Eliza's birth Henry was killed by horses on May 18, 1877. Four years after Henry's death the 1881 Census shows the family living in the Village of Wingham, Huron County.

1881 Census for Wingham
Phillips Ann, widow  33 b. in Ont. Church of England  English 

Margaret Ann  14

Theresa A. 10

Sarah Jane  9

Henry W.   6

MARRIAGE - December 27, 1887 at Teeswater
ANN PHILLIPS, 40, widow
GEORGE B. SCOTT, 50,  widower
RES:           Wingham, Ont. RES:   Turnberry Twp. Huron County
BIRTHPLACE:      March Twp. 
                             Carleton Co
BIRTHPLACE:          Scotland
RELIGION:          Episcopalian RELIGION:          Presbyterian
PARENTS:   Nicholas and Jane Hedley PARENTS:         James and Ellen Scott
           Susan C. Potter, Teeswater
          Blanch Fairbairn, Teeswater
           Rev. Porter
In 1890, two years after the marriage, according to Sarah Jane's obituary, Ann and her three daughters, Margaret Ann, 23, Theresa, 19, and Sarah Jane, 17,moved
to London. It is assumed that George Scott moved with them, although this is not yet confirmed. In 1893 Ann's daughter, Theresa, died at age 22 and was buried in
Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

One of Ann's great grandchildren, Donald Bartlett, recalls that Ann, whom the family always referred to as "Grandma Phillips" lived the latter part of her life with her daughter, Sarah Ann Phillips and her husband, the Rev. Leonard Bartlett of London, Donald's grandparents. He recounts, by e-mail, a childhood memory of his
ageing, but still feisty great grandmother: "My cousin, Viola, was her pet and got peppermints from her, but she would chase young Len and I out with a cane".

Ann (Hedley) (Phillips) Scott died in London on Dec. 18, 1934 at age 88. Her grave is also in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Our thanks to Phyllis Morrison of Lucknow and Donald Bartlett of Ottawa, 
who provided the photographs and much of the information in this chapter.

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