Chapter 8,13

(gen iii) Pharaoh Hedley (b.1864-1939)
& Johanna (Klumann) Simonson (1876-1951)

Pharaoh Hedley was the youngest of the 15 children of Nicholas Hedley and Jane McBride.  He was born May 1, 1864, arriving, as did his brother Alexander, after the family had made their move to Wawanosh Township, Huron County from  Carleton County. Pharaoh’s mother Jane was 45 and his father Nicholas was 50 at the time of his birth.  Baptismal records from the Church of England, Dungannon, indicate that the family was farming Lot 16, Concession 10 of Wawanosh. (Two years later, in 1866,  Wawanosh was divided into East and West Wawanosh.)  In the decade of the 1860's many of Pharaoh’s sisters and brothers had left home to find work or to get married.  By 1871 only three children remained at home. According to the 1871 Ontario Census, the family was living in Kinloss Twp., Bruce County, on Concession 9, Lot 8.  Pharaoh, age 6, his sister Susan, 11, and brother Alexander, 9, were all attending school.

Ten years later, the 1881 Census finds the family farming in West Wawanosh. Nicholas is 67 and Jane 62.  Pharaoh is 17, Alexander, 18, and Susan, now a  seamstress, is 19.

The 1891 Ontario Census for West Wawanosh Twp. in Huron County shows Nicholas, 77,  “retired farmer,” Jane, 72, and Pharaoh, 27,  “farm labourer.”  Within three years Nicholas died suddenly of a heart attack and Jane, at least by 1901,  was living next door with son Alexander and his wife Thomisine and their eight  children.

Although the 1891 Ontario Census shows Pharaoh Hedley living at home with his retired parents Nicholas and Jane Hedley, the 1900 U.S. Census for Trinity County, California shows P. Hedley, age 34, having immigrated to the U.S. in1880,  living in a boarding house and working as a cook. The same enumeration sheet lists Eliza Hedley, Pharaoh’s sister-in-law,  and her two-year-old son Bert living nearby. Eliza was also working as a cook.
(Later censuses give 1879, 1888 and 1885 as the year of Pharaoh’s immigration to the U.S.A. The 1889 Washington State Census for Skagit County lists F. Hedley, age 24, born in Canada)

                                1900 U.S. Census for Trinity County, California
Line 6: Hedley P. boarder; b. May 1864; age 34; single; b. in Canada (Eng.); father b. in England; mother b. in Ireland; immigrated in 1880;  occupation cook

Line 16: Hedley Eliza; head; b. June 1858; age 41; widow; 8 children (all living); born in Iowa; father b. in Ireland; mother b. in Indiana; occ cook
Line 17: Hedley Bert; son; b. Aug. 1897; age 2; b. in California; father b. Canada (Eng); mother b. in Iowa.
Pharaoh became a naturalized citizen of the U.S.A. on Jan. 9, 1902
(Naturalization Records, Shasta County, California).

                                1910 U.S. Census for Redding Twp., Shasta County, California

Hedley Pharoah; head; age 48; single; b. in Can. (Eng); father b. in Eng; mother b. Ire (Eng); immigrated 1878; naturalized; raises stock, working on own account
Hedley Robert; nephew; age 26; single; b. in California; father b. in Canada (Eng);  mother b. in Cal; mining laborer, working on own account

It is assumed that Eliza Hedley is Pharaoh’s sister-in-law, as indicated by the relationship “nephew” after Robert’s name. It is  assumed that Robert is Eliza’s son. The Family Tree of the Esparza, Robinson, Adams and Holm Families shows Eliza Ralston (1858-1922) wife of Robert Hedley (1854-1898) and their family of eight children, including Robert G. Hedley (1883-1915) and Bert Hedley (b. 1897 in Nappa, California). A further assumption is that Robert Hedley, the husband of Eliza, is the 8-year-old Robert Hedley, Pharaoh's brother, on the 1851 Canadian Census for March Township, Carleton County, the son of Nicholas and Jane Hedley. A discrepancy in dates and birthplaces is noted, as the latter Robert would have been born about 1843, while the Esparza Tree gives Robert’s birth year and place as 1854 in British Columbia.

Also living in Shasta County in 1900 and 1910 was the family of Pharaoh’s future wife: Johanna Elizabeth Klumann, born in Germany, March 18, 1877, the daughter of Gerhard and Johanna Klumann, Johanna married  Danish-born Peter Simonson on March 24, 1895 at age 18. In 1900 Johanna and Peter and their two children Helena and Alma were living with Peter's parents.
1900 U.S. Census for Shasta County, California

Simonson Andrew; head; 65; marr. 34 yrs; b. in Denmark; father b. in Denmark;
                                      mother  born in Denmark; occupation: farmer
Simonson  Helena M; wife; 63; marr. 34 yrs; b. in Denmark; fa. b. Den; mo. b. Den.  
Simonson Peter; son; 32; marr. 5 yrs; b. Denmark; fa. b. Den; mo. b. Den; farm lab.  
Simonson Johanna; d/law; 22; marr. 5 yrs; b. Germany; fa. b. Ger; mo. b. Germany     
Simonson Helena; granddau; 4; b. in California; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany    
Simonson Alma; granddau; 11/12; b. California; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany

Johanna's husband Peter Simonson, born 1868, died Feb. 19,1906 at age 38. Her father-in-law Andrew Simonson also died, leaving both Johanna and her mother-in-law Helena Simonson widows. Johanna, now head of the household, was left with four young children:
Photo of  Johanna (Klumann) (Simonson) Hedley and five of her six children
    1) Helena Simonson b. Jan. 28, 1896; d. March 5, 1964; m. Jan. 17, 1918 to
        Henrick (Henry) Meineken  (b. July 10, 1895;  d. Feb. 26, 1974) Three children:
               1/ Dorothy Helena Meineken
               2/ Henry Christopher Meineken
               3/ Milton Franklin (Bud) Meineken married  *Marlene (--?--) Meineken
    2) Alma Louise Amilia Simonson b. June 28, 1899; d, Jan. 5, 1959 married (--?--) Smith
    3) Andrew Gerhard Simonson b. Aug. 2, 1901; d. Dec. 2, 1954
    4) Clarence Peter Simonson b. Nov. 5, 1904
 1910 U.S. Census for Shasta County, California

Simonson Johanna head; 32; wid; b. Germany; fa. b. Germany; mo. b. Germany
                      Helena dau; 13; single;  b. California; fa. b. Denmark; mo. b. Germany
                      Alma   dau; 11; b. in California; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany         
                      Andrew   son; 8; b. in Cal; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany    
                      Clarence son; 5; b. in Cal; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany     
                      Helena m/law; 72; wid; b. in Germany; fa. b. in Ger; mo. b. in Germany

Marriage: Hedley-Simonson -- In Redding (Shasta County) April 6, 1912, Pharoah Hedley and Mrs. Johanna A. L.
Simonson, both of Happy Valley, Shasta County (Newspaper Abstract, Sacramento Union, Apr. 9, 1912).

Pharaoh Hedley and Johanna (Klumann) Simonson were married April 7, 1912 in Redding, Shasta County, California according to Russel Gelmstedt, grandson of William Woodrow Hedley and great grandson of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was 48 years old at the time of this, his first marriage. Johanna was 35 years old, her second marriage. Their first child, William Woodrow Hedley, was born on July 6, 1914. It is interesting that Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States in 1913. Possibly Pharaoh and Johanna named their first son after the new President.

In the 1920 Census the family is living in Los Angeles Township, where Pharaoh is listed as “farmer.” Also living with Pharaoh, Johanna and William W. are two of Johanna’s children from her first marriage, Alma, age 20, and Clarence, age 14. Her eldest son Andrew, age 18, is listed a little lower on the census sheet, working on a neighbouring farm as a hired man.

    1920 Census for California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Township

Hedley Pharaoh; head; home owner; age 55; married; immigrated in 1888; b. in Can; 
                                father b. in Eng; mother b. in Ireland; farmer on own farm
Hedley Johanna; wife; 42; imm. 1883; b. in Germany; fa. b. Germany; mo. b. Germany
Hedley William W; son; age 5; b. in Cal; fa. b. in Can; mo. b. in Germany
Simonson  Alma; step-dau; age 20; single; b. in Cal; fa. b. in Denmark; mo. b. in  Germany;
                              att. school in 1919; works as waitress in a restaurant
Simonson Clarence; step-son; age 14; att. school in 1919; b. in California; fa. b.
                              in Denmark; mo. b. in Germany;

Wilde Carl E; head; home owner; age 27; married; farmer and employer
Simonson Andrew; hired man; age 18; did not att. school in 1919; b. in Cal; fa. b. in
                                    Denmark; mo. b. in Germany

A second son, Leslie A. Hedley was born to Johanna and Pharaoh Hedley on Sept. 1, 1921
The 1930 Census lists Pharaoh as the proprietor of the Van Nuys Hotel on Van Nuys Blvd. in Los Angeles. Resident in the hotel, in addition to Johanna and their two sons, William W., age 15, and Leslie A., age 8, are twelve lodgers.

 1930 U.S. Census for Los Angeles City

Hedley Pharaoh (line 25) head; home owner; value of home $30,000; age 60; first married at age 48; b. in English Can; father b. in  Eng; mother b. in Ireland; immigrated to U.S. in 1885; occupation hotel proprietor
Hedley Johanna (line 26) wife; age 54; age at first marriage 18; b. in Germany; fa. b. in Germany; mo. b. in Germany; first lang. German; imm. to U.S. in 1891
Hedley William W. (line 39) son; age 15; attending school; b. in Cal; fa. b. in  English Can; mo. b. in England
Hedley Leslie A.  (line 40) son; age 8; attending school; b. in Cal; fa. b. in English Can; mo. b. in England

On Jan. 24, 1933 Pharaoh wrote a letter to his sister Ann Phillips, who was then living with her daughter Sarah Ann and husband Rev. Leonard Bartlett in Brownsville, Ont.  Pharaoh was 69 and Ann 86 years old.  Pharaoh writes that he doesn’t want “to be complaining about hard times,” but confides to his sister that “this depression has hit us pretty hard,” and implies that he fears the loss of his business, presumably the Van Nuys Hotel, of which he was “Proprietor and Owner” according to a business card accompanying the letter. He then writes on a more cheerful note, “My wife stands by me through thick and thin and is full of pep and I sure appreciate her goodness. The boys Bill and Lesley are still going to school and are getting along nicely."  At the end of the letter Johanna adds a friendly note and signs her name “Josie Hedley.”

California Death Records lists  “Pharoah Hedley, age 62, born June 15, 1884 in Canada, died Nov. 7, 1946 in Los Angeles. This “Pharoah” Hedley was Pharaoh’s nephew, the son of Pharaoh’s brother Alexander and his wife Thomisine Fisher. Apparently the younger Pharoah was also living in Los Angeles, at least at the time of his death in 1946.  No doubt the two Pharaohs were in contact with each other.

Pharaoh Hedley, b. May 1, 1864 in March Township, Carleton Co., Ontario, Can., died Sept 23, 1939 in Van Nuys, California in his 75th year
m. Johanna L (Klumann) Simonson on April 7, 1912 in Redding, California.
Johanna was born March 18, 1876 (or 1877) in Oldenburg, Niedersachen, Prussia 
(Germany). She died April 8, 1951 at age 75 in California. Johanna and Pharaoh are buried in Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, California (see Addendum at end of this chapter for Johanna's parents, grandparents, and siblings) 
Two sons (gen.iii):  Photo of Pharaoh and his two sons; Lesley Alfred Hedley and William Woodrow Hedley    

1 - William Woodrow Hedley was born July 6, 1914 in Los Angeles, California.As an adult William worked as an aircraft mechanic for the U.S. Government at Stead Air Force Base in Reno, Nevada. After retiring he worked as security guard for Lear Fan Inc. in Reno. He lived in Reno for 27 years. William Woodrow Hedley had three marriages.  He died Jan. 6, 1983 at age 68 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Reno. He was survived by his wife, six children, ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. (Obituary: Reno Evening Gazette, Jan. 7, 1983)
 m1 -  Willamena Degeyter in Reno, Nevada,1936. William was 22. Three children:
                (1) Elizabeth Johanna (Betty Jo) Hedley, b. Sept. 15, 1937 in Los Angeles,
                      m. (–?–) Gelmstedt.They live in Fernley, Nevada.
                      Betty Jo and her husband had two sons (gen.vi):
                         [1] Russell R.Gelmstedt* of Nevada, b. Oct. 25, 1956 in Lassen Co., Cal
                         [2] David D. Gelmstedt b. Oct. 13, 1957 in Lassen Co., Cal.                          
                (2) Catherine Jean (Kay) Hedley  b. July 3, 1941 in Los Angeles, m. Jim Brooks.
                      They live in McCall Idaho.
                (3) Rosalie Ann Hedley born Jan. 27, 1948 in San Bernardino, Cal.
(–?–) Cardin. They live in  Fallon,  Nevada
 m2 - Lucille Kate (Lucy) Evans was born in Mona, Juab, Utah on March 27, 1911, the daughter of Katherine and Byron B. Evans (1930 U.S. Census for Utah). William and Lucille were divorced in  June 1957. (Nevada State Journal (Reno), June 4, 1957) William was 43, Lucille 46. Lucille died Aug. 20, 2003 in Sparks, Washoe, Nevada at age 92. She is survived by daughter Jeri Lambert and son Don Price, both of Sparks, and son Al
Whitenack of Reno. She was a grandmother of six, and a great grandmother of eight. (Obituary: Reno Evening

m3 - Dorothy Ann O’Neil, born in Boston, Mass. on June 15, 1926 was 12 years younger than William. Dorothy, a resident of Reno for 38 years, died there at age 67 on Oct. 15, 1993, ten years after the death of her husband William Woodrow Hedley.  Three children:
                (4) Leslie A. Hedley b. May 4, 1963 in Reno. (Reno State Journal, May 7, 1963)
                                 m1 to Charles Allen Ingraham Jr, Reno
                                 m2 to Jonathan E Richards, Reno
                                 m3 to John E. Trail, 38,  both of Reno, Sept. 16, 2003
                                       (Reno Gazette-Journal)
. One child:
                                         [1] Jonathan _?_
                (5) William W. Hedley Jr. b.1959 married Roxan M. Burkett, Reno, b.1961. One son:
                                         [1] Bill W. Hedley
                (6) Martin Hedley of Washington, D.C. and later Plaino, Texas.
                      (Obituary: Reno Evening Gazette, Oct. 17, 1993)             
2 - Leslie Alfred Hedley, the second son of Pharaoh Hedley and Johanna Klumann, was born Sept. 1, 1921 in Los Angeles (gen. iii). Leslie, age 8, is listed in the 1930 U.S. Census for Los Angeles, California, living with his
parents and his brother William Woodrow Hedley at the Van Nuys Hotel three years before it was sold by his parents Pharaoh and Johanna (Josie)  Hedley.  Leslie A. Hedley died at age 60 in Jan.1982 in Reno,  Washoe,  Nevada, where his brother William Woodrow Hedley and his family had settled. (Birth and death dates from U.S. Social Security Records).

Addendum .
Gerhard and Johanna (Wilks) Klumann Family
  (Johanna's Parents and Grandparents - Family Search Ancestral File v4.190)

Husband: Gerhard Klumann born 14 Nov. 1844 in Dangastermoor, Niedersachsen, Germany (Prussia); died 30 June 1900 in Happy Valley, Shasta, California, age 55; buried in Olinda Cemetery, Shasta, California; married 19 Apr 1872 in St. Petrus, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia, age 27.
Anna Marie Klumann
Wife: Johanna Helene Sophie Wilks born 8 Mar 1859 (?) in Zwischenahn, Niedersachsen, Germany (Prussia); married 19 Apr 1872 in St. Petrus, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia, age 13; died 10 May 1932 in Redding, Shasta, California at age 73; buried in Happy Valley, Shasta, California,
Father: Johann Jurgen Wilks;
Gesche Lena Hillmar.
Photo of Gerhard Klumann wearing prussian uniform.
Photo of Happy Valley Cemetery, Shasta, California - Gerhard & Johanna Wilks Klumann's resting place.

Children of Gerhard and Johanna (Wilks) Klumann   Photo

1) Johann Therdor Adolph Klumann born 19 Dec 1872 in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia was the eldest of the nine children. He died 4 Sep 1930 at age 58.
2) Henrietta Johannah Klumann born 25 Feb 1874 in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia, the eldest daughter of Gerhard and Johanna Klumann. Henrietta  died 12 June 1946 at age 72.
3) Amalie Gerhardina Klumann born 21 Aug 1875 in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia; died 7 Jan 1955 at age 79.
4) Johanna Elizabeth Klumann born 18 Mar 1877 in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Prussia;
 Marriage 1  to Peter Simonson (born in Denmark in 1868) on March 24, 1895 in Oldenburg, Prussia (Germany).   Immigrated to U.S. about 1895. Four children, all born in California, U.S.A: Helena b.1896; Alma b.1899; Andrew b.1902 and Clarence  b.1905.  Peter Simonson d. Feb. 19, 1906.
Marriage 2  to Pharaoh Hedley in Redding, Shasta County, California on April 7, 1912 Two sons, both born in California: William Woodrow Hedley, b. in 1914, and Lesley A. Hedley, b. in 1921. Johanna (Klumann) (Simonson) Hedley died 8 Apr 1951 at age 74 (died in Los Angeles according to California Death Records).
5) Fritz Klumann born 28 Oct 1879 in St. Petrus, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany (Prussia); died in infancy.
6) Paul Klumann born 2 Mar 1881 in St. Petrus, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany (Prussia); died in infancy.
7) Wilhelmina Johanna Caroline Klumann born 13 Mar 1883 off the coast of Spain on board the German steamer "Ehrenfels" on its way to the Hawaiian Islands; died 3 Aug 1936 at age 53 in Redding, Shasta, Ca.; buried at Montgomery Creek, Shasta, Ca.
8) Gerhardina Johannah Klumann born 11 June 1885 in Koloha Kawii, Hawaii; died 1 Feb. 1964 at age 79.
9) Anna Caroline Klumann born 20 Jan 1888 in Maui, Hawaii; died 17 Mar 1958 at age 70.

Our thanks to  *Russell Gelmstedt and Arline Laferry both of Nevada, to Marlene Meineken* of Idaho for the  photos of the family of Pharaoh and Johanna and to Don Bartlett of Ottawa for the photos and for their helpfulness with this chapter.
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