Chapter  8,12
(iii) Alexander  Hedley (1862-1908)
and Thomisine Fisher (1862-1940)


Alexander Nicholas Hedley was the second youngest of the large family of Nicholas Hedley and Jane McBride.
Alexander was born February 18, 1862 on Lot 16, Concession 10 of West Wawanosh not long after his family's
move from March Township, Carleton County. His mother was 43 and his father 48 at the time of his birth. He
was baptized March 30, 1862 by Rev. R.A. Montgomery, Church of England, Dungannon. His father, Nicholas,
was listed on the baptismal record as a miller.

In the 1871 Census the family is living in Kinloss Township on Lot 8, Concession 9, between Holyrood and
Kinlough. A large portion of this lot was taken up by "Statters Lake".  Alexander is 9 years old and attending
school. His parents are listed as Nicholas, 57, and Jane,  51. Only the three youngest children are living with their parents: Susan is two years older than Alexander and Pharoh is two years younger.  Adeline, 15, and
Martha, 17, were probably  working outside the home and Mary Jane, 21, was married.

According to the 1881 Census, the family was living in West Wawanosh again. "Susan - occupation
"  is listed as 19, Alexander as 18 and Pharaoh as 17. Nicholas,  occupation farmer, is  67 and
Jane is 62.
  Alexander became a stone mason, building many of the foundations for houses and barns in the
Lucknow area. In his early twenties Alexander married Thomisine Jane (Ena or Jennie) Fisher of Kinloss Township who was also born May12 1862.  ("Thomasina" was the spelling used on her daughter Vera's birth registration and her son Nick's Military Service Recruitment papers. "Thomisine" is the spelling on the family's marble grave marker in Greenhill Cemetery.) In 1887 Alexander bought a portion of lot 13, Concession  14, West Wawanosh, on the
South edge of Lucknow, on which he built a home  for his growing family.  Alexander and Thomisine had nine children before Alexander was killed on June 3, 1908 at age 46: (iv) generation

                              The Nine Children of Alexander Hedley and Thomisine Fisher - gen. (iv)

1 - Pharoah Hometh Hedley was b. June 15, 1884 in Lucknow, Ontario (June 5, 1885 on 1901 Census). Pharoah went to Brandon, Man. and later to Montana and California; m. May R. Wandell in 1925. May was b. in 1893 in Illinois, d. Sept. 30, 1967 in Los Angeles, age 74. Pharoah d. Nov.7, 1946 in Los Angeles, Cal., age 62. Two children.

2 - Russel Jacob Hedley  b. Jan.13,1887 (Jan.11, 1888 on 1901 Census) in Lucknow; lived in Saskatoon; m. unknown; d. before 1954.

3 - Corlina Martha (Lena) Hedley  b. Nov.6,1888 (Dec.26,1889 on 1901 Census) in Lucknow; m. Joseph Moore; lived in Hamilton; d. before1957.

4 - Nelson Alexander Hedley  b. Jan.9,1891, Lucknow; m. Mary Peel, lived in Brantford, Ont.; d. 1967, Brantford, Mount Hope Cemetery; 4 children, Evon, Ronald, Jack and Marion.

5 - Nicholas (Nick) Henry Hedley  b. Nov.2,1892 (1893 on 1901 Census) in Lucknow; WW I veteran; Lucknow retail butcher; m. Helen F. Gibbons in 1934; d. Feb.15, 1957 at Veteran’s Hospital, London, Greenhill Cem., Lucknow; 2 children, Nicholas Kent and Patricia (d. in infancy).

6 - Jennette Hedley  b. Feb.5, 1895, Lucknow; m. Gerald Donahue; lived in Hamilton, Ont.; d. July 10, 1954, London, Holy Sepulchre Cem; 2 sons, Gerald Jr. and Harry.

7 - Rosanna Hedley  b. Nov. 11, 1897, Lucknow; d. March 2, 1903, age 5, Lucknow, Greenhill Cem.

8 - Cecelia (Celia) E. Hedley  b. Nov. 23, 1899, Lucknow; m. Albert Edward Overholt; lived in Brantford; d. before1967.

9 - Revera (Vera) Hedley
  b. Sept. 1901, Lucknow; worked in Brantford Hospital; m. William ‘Douglas’ Adley in 1928; lived in Brockville and Windsor; d. after 1967; one son.

      1 - Pharoah Hometh Hedley, the eldest of Alexander and Thomisine’s nine children, was born
            June 15, 1884 in West Wawanosh Township, Huron County, on the southern edge of Lucknow,
            Ontario. Pharoah was no doubt named after his father’s youngest brother, Pharaoh who was
            20 years old when Pharoah was born. The spelling of Pharoah’s name has been subject to
            numerous variations. The censuses of 1891, 1901 and 1930 spelled it "Pharoah," as does the
            present  writer, it being helpful to distinguish references to the younger Pharoah from those to
           his uncle, Pharaoh. The local newspaper, the Lucknow Sentinel, spelled the name "Pharoh"
           and "Pharroh" in 1905 and 1957 respectively. On Pharoah’s 1918 Montana Draft Registration
, his first name is spelled and signed as "Pharaoh" (like his uncle’s name) and his second
           name is shown as Hometh.

In his youth Pharoah played hockey with the Lucknow team. A small item in the Lucknow Sentinel in May 1905 mentioned Pharoah’s contribution to the Lucknow team and announced his departure the previous Monday for Brandon, Manitoba. Pharoah must not have stayed long in Brandon, for in the same year, 1905, he emigrated to the United States.

Perhaps Pharoah had been impressed with stories about his prospector cousin Anthony Humble Hedley’s discoveries in mineral-rich Montana (Chap.4,9) or by the successes of his second cousin John R. Hedley in Montana mining and real estate investments (Chap.4,6 a) "  In any case, by 1917 Pharoah was living in Cascade County, Montana, employed by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Great Falls. Anthony Humble Hedley had discovered the Golden Sunlight vein about four miles east of Whitehall, Montana in April of 1890. The Sunlight properties still continue to produce after a century of intermittent activity.  In 1935 the Anaconda Copper Mining Company acquired an option on the Sunlight property. (Discovering Montana; Montana Department of the Environment Website). The Anaconda Copper Company’s Smelter Smokestack, completed in 1909, was the tallest in the world, towering 585 feet high and measuring 86 feet in diameter at the base. At peak production the Anaconda Co. employed more than 2000 workers (See Addendum # 4 at the end of this chapter).

Pharoah, 34 and single, was required, in 1918, while an employee of Anaconda, to fill out a draft card for possible service in World War I, 1814-1818 (See Addendum #5 at the end of this chapter).

Pharoah Hedley married May R. Wandell in 1925. Pharoah was 41 years old and May was 32.  May, born May 30, 1893 in Illinois, was the daughter of Emily (Shavman), who was born in France, and John Wandell, born in Wisconsin, both of German parentage. Please see addendum #6 for further information about May's forebears. About 1896 the Wandell family moved from Illinois to Indiana. The 1900 census listed the Wandells with their six children, of which the eldest was May. We are unable to speculate on how or when May and Pharoah met, but they apparently agreed to make Los Angeles their home. They had at least two children (gen. v):
         (1) Joan A. Hedley b. 1930 (1930 Los Angeles Census)
         (2) Hometh Earl Hedley b. Feb. 8, 1932; d. Feb. 12, 1985 at age 53 in Placer, California.                                                    (California Death Index)
The family of Pharoah Hedley appeared on the 1930 Census for Los Angeles :
                              1930 U.S. Census for California State, Los Angeles City
         Hedley   Pharoah H., head, 45;  b. in Canada; married 5 years; Fa. b. in Can;  Mo. b. in Can;
                                           occ. bricklayer (unemployed); year of immigration 1905
                          May P.,   wife,  37;   b. in Illinois;   Fa. b. in Wisconsin;   Mo. b. in France
                         Joan A.,  dau. 1/12;  b in California;   Fa. b. in Canada;   Mo. b. in Illinois
In 1930 Pharoah’s uncle, Pharaoh, age 66, current owner of the Van Nuys Hotel, was also living in Los Angeles along with his wife Johanna and their two sons William and Leslie.

Pharoah Hometh Hedley, born June 15, 1884 in Lucknow, Ont. died in Los Angeles, California at age 62 on Nov. 7, 1946. His wife, May R (Wandell) Hedley died 21 years later, in Los Angeles on Sept. 30, 1967 at age 74.

        2 - Russel Jacob Hedley was born Jan 13, 1887. (Jan. 11, 1888 on the 1901 Census) As an
             adult Russel moved to Saskatoon. He died prior to 1954.

        3 - Corlina Martha (Lena) Hedley was born Nov. 6, 1888. (Dec. 26, 1889 on the1901 Census). Died, October 14, 1954
             Lena married Joseph Arthur Moore on June 19th, 1915. (d.,Oct 11, 1882, d., December 194.
             Both raised their family and are buried in Hamilton ontario
From the 1901 Census for Hamilton City
146 Moore Alice F   Head W Jun 21 1857
146 Moore William M   Son S Jul 26 1876
146 Moore Fred M   Son S Aug 31 1877
146 Moore Edward M   Son S Nov 9 1878
146 Moore Percy M   Son S Feb 22 1880
146 Moore Charlotte F   Daughter S Jun 28 1881
146 Moore Edith F   Daughter S Feb 19 1884
146 Moore Joseph M   Son S Oct 11 1882
146 Moore Jennie F   Daughter S Aug 15 1888
146 Moore Bella F   Daughter S Feb 28 1890
        Joseph, a widower with two young boys:
                    (1) James Moore (1908-1961)
                    (2) Harry Moore (1911-198?)

From the 1911 Census for Hamilton East:

366 Moore Joseph 45 William St M Head M Oct 1883 27
366 Moore Frankie   F Wife M Nov 1886 24
366 Moore James   M Son S May 1908 3
366 Moore Harry   M Son S Jan 1911 5/12
              Lena and Joseph had eight children of their own:
                    (3) Joseph Moore (1916-?)
                    (4) Jeanette Moore (1919-1848)
                    (5) Francis Moore (1919-1989)
                    (6) Lois Moore (1921-?)
                    (7) Douglas Albert Moore (1928-2003)
                    (8) Jacqueline Moore 1931-2014
                    (9) Patricia Jane Moore (1931-2013)              
                    (10) Hugh Arthur Moore (1936-1989)

                       The 1921 Census for the city of Hamilton shows;             
239 Moore Joseph Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Head Male Married 37 1884
239 Moore Lena Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Wife Female Married 32 1889
239 Moore James Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Son Male Single 13 1908
239 Moore Harry Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Son Male Single 10 1911
239 Moore Joseph Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Son Male Single 5 1916
239 Moore Jeaneth Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Daughter Female Single 2 1919
239 Moore Francis Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Daughter Female Single 2 1919
239 Moore Lois Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Daughter Female Single 4/12 1921
239 Hedley Jeaneth Hamilton 70 Oxford St Ward 4 Sister-in-law Female Single 26 1895

        4 - Nelson Alexander Hedley was born Jan. 9,1891. He married Mary Peel of Brantford, 
             where they resided for 54 years. Nelson retired in 1960 after working 41 years for the
             Massey Ferguson Company. Mary and  Nelson were members of the Malboro United
. Nelson died in 1967 and was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery.
             Nelson and Mary had four children: (v)
                   (1) Evon Hedley of Wheaton, Illinois
                   (2) Ronald Hedley born abt.1917 in Brantford, Ont. married Anne (–?–).   At age 19
                         Ron had begun working  for the London Free Press and by age 31 was working for
                         theThompson Co. Ltd. where he was national advertising manager of the 24-company
                         newspaper. In 1955 when he was 38 he was advertising director for the Vancouver
                         News Herald
. Two years later Ron moved to Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where he worked
                         for the Chester Daily Times, eventually becoming its publisher. In 1967 Ron and his
                         wife Anne became naturalized as U.S. citizens, and in 1975 Ron became publisher
                         of The Macomb Daily, winner of many prestigious newspaper awards. Ron was
                         named Panex Corp. "Publisher of the Year" in 1979. He retired in 1982. Ron and
                         Anne lived in Media, Pennsylvania. Ron died on Jan.19, 2004 at age 86. He was
                         predeceased by his wife Anne who died March 23, 2002 at age 83.  Ron and Anne
                         Hedley had two daughters:
                                  [1] Judge Patricia (Hedley) Jenkins, Newtown Square, Delaware
                                  [2] Mary Ann (Hedley) Vogel, Boxborough, Massachusetts.
                         (For complete obituary please see addendum #1at the end of this chapter)
                   (3) Jack Hedley of Brantford, Ontario; buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Brantford.
                   (4) Marion (Hedley) Eustice of Hamilton
1891 Census for West Wawanosh, Huron County
Hedley  Alexander 28 b.  in Ont. fa. Ire.  mo. Ire. Methodist  Stone Mason

Thomisine 28 b.  in Ont. fa. Ont. mo. Scot. Methodist

Pharoah 5 b.  in Ont. fa. Ont. mo. Ont. Methodist

Russel 4 b.  in Ont. fa. Ont. mo. Ont. Methodist

Martha 2 b.  in Ont. fa. Ont. mo. Ont. Methodist

Nelson 3/12 b.  in Ont. fa. Ont. mo. Ont. Methodist

        5 - Nicholas Henry 'Nick' Hedley was born Nov. 2, 1892  (1893 on the 1901 Census)
           in Wawanosh Township on the south edge of Lucknow. After serving in the First World
           War, he returned to Lucknow where he lived and worked as a  retail butcher for 23 years.
           On Nov. 23, 1934 he married Helen F. Gibbons (1912 -2004 ). Nicholas was 42 and Helen
           22. They had two children: (v)
                  (1) Nicholas Kent Hedley  was born Dec. 25, 1936 in Lucknow. He married *Marian
                        (--?--) on Aug. 13, 1960 in Thessalon, Ont. The couple settled in Utterson
                        (near Huntsville, Ont) where Nicholas Kent worked as an electrician and plumber
                        and was a dedicated firefighter for 22 years. He was recreation director of the Utterson
                        Community Centre and also served as a baseball coach. Kent died June 15, 2004,
                        burial in Stephenson Cemetery, Port Sydney.  
(See obituary in addendum #2)
                        Marian and Nicholas Kent Hedley had four children (gen. iv):
                            [1] Heather
Ann Hedley, b. Jan. 1961, married (--?--) Mason. Two children:
                                        {1}  Ryan Mason
                                        {2}  Krista Mason
                            [2]  Sherry
Hedley, b. Nov. 9, 1961, married (--?--) Peddie. Two children:
                                        {1} Bryna Peddie b.Jan. 13, 1987 (daughter)
                                        {2} Brendon Peddie b. Feb 1, 1988 (son)
                            [3] *Nicholas
William Hedley, b. Nov. 9, 1962, married (--?--).                                     
                            [4]  Karen Elizabeth Hedley
, b. Nov. 24,1968  One son
                                        {1} Nicholas Glenn 'Juslee' Hedley b. July 22, 1993
                  (2) Patricia A. Hedley
, born Jan. 29, 1948 died as an infant.

          Nicholas was forced to retire from his butcher business because of a heart condition.
          On Feb 15, 1957 he died at age 64 in Westminister War Veterans' Hospital in London.
          As stated in his obituary in the Lucknow Sentinel, "Nick was a veteran of World War I, and
          widely and favorably known throughout the community."  He was buried in Greenhill
          Cemetery,  Lucknow. Nick's widow, Helen F. (Gibbons) Hedley,  later married Albert 
who died in 1986 at age 91. Helen (Hedley) Wraight died Jan. 13, 2005 at
          Lucknow, age 93.   (See obituary in addendum #3)
     6 - Jeannette (Jennette) Hedley was born Feb. 5, 1895. She married Gerald (Jerry) Donahue
          of Hamilton and for 35 years lived in that city, where they   belonged to St. Patrick's
          Roman Catholic Church. Jennette died at  St. Joseph's Hospital, London on July 10,
         1954 at age 59. She was buried  in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, London.
          Jennette and Jerry had two children: (v)
                 (1) Gerald Donahue Jr. of Hamilton
                 (2) Harry Donahue of Hamilton
    7 - Rosanna Hedley was born in 1898 (headstone spelling and date, Greenhill Cemetery, Lucknow) or
         Rosanne b.  Nov. 11, 1897 (on the 1901 Census)  Rosanna died at age 5 on March 2, 1903.
    8 - Cecelia (Celia) E. Hedley was born Nov. 23, 1899. She married Albert Edward Overholt
of Brantford. Celia died after 1967.
    9 - Revera (Vera) Hedley was born in September, 1901, when her mother Thomisene was 39.
        Vera worked in the Brantford Hospital where she met fellow  employee William 'Douglas'
who was born in 1902 in Welland. They were married in 1928 and lived in Brockville
        and Windsor. Vera died after 1967.  One son
                (1)  _?_ Adley m. _?_ ,  A son
                          [1] *John R. Adley, presently a Business Development Manager, Port Credit, Ont.
1901 Census for West Wawanosh, Huron County
HEADLEY Alexander, head b. 1862, in Ont. age 38 English Methodist  Stone Mason

Thomisina,  wife b. May 12, 1862,  in Ont. age 38 Scottish Methodist

Pharoah,  son  b. June 5, 1885, in Ont.  age 15 English Methodist

Russel,   son b. Jan. 11, 1888, in Ont.  age 13 English Methodist

Corline,     d. b.  Dec. 26, 1888, in Ont.  age 12 English Methodist

Nelson,  son b.  Jan.  19, 1891, in Ont.  age 10 English Methodist

Nicholas, son  b.    Nov. 2 1893, in Ont.  age 8

Jennetta     d. b. Feb. 5, 1895, in Ont. age 6

Rosanne   d. b.  Nov. 11,  1897, in Ont. age 3

Celia         d. b.  Nov. 23, 1899, in Ont. age 1

Jane, mo, widow b. 1819 in Ireland  age 82 Irish

Alexander Nicholas Hedley was killed June 3, 1908 by a team of runaway horses at the intersection of Ross Street (County Rd. 1) and County Rd. 86 in Lucknow. Vera, the youngest child, was under 8 years old and Pharoh, the eldest, was 23. Thomisine continued to live in the house on the the south edge of Lucknow for another 30 years, until 1939, when it was sold. Thomisine died in 1940 at age 78.

 A tombstone in  Greenhill Cemetery on the south side of Lucknow is engraved with the names of Alexander Nicholas Hedley  (1863-1908), his wife, Thomisine  Fisher (1862-1940), daughter Rosanna (1898-1903), son Nicholas H. Hedley (1892-1957) and his wife Helen F. Gibbons (later the wife of Albert Wraight) and Nicholas and Helen's daughter, Patricia Hedley, Jan. 29, 1948, infant daughter.
 addendum #1
Obituary in The Macomb Daily

Ronald A. Hedley, former publisher and general manager of The Macomb Daily, winner of numerous prestigious newspaper awards, died Jan. 19 at the Wallingford Nursing Home in Wallingford, Pa. He was 86. Mr. Hedley was publisher of The Macomb Daily from December 1975 until his retirement from the newspaper industry in 1982. Hedley was named Panax Corp. "Publisher of the Year" in 1979 and was credited with then Managing Editor Mitch Kehetian for increasing The Macomb Daily's circulation by 20,000.

"Ron Hedley was one of the most knowledgeable newspaper persons I have ever worked with," said Ken Kish, managing editor of The Macomb Daily. "His newspaper background included stints in every newspaper department, with the exception of editorial, but he never forgot that the primary reason people subscribe to a daily paper is to read the news."

Hedley was publisher of The Macomb Daily during bad economic times that stifled growth in southeastern Michigan and the entire country.

"Ron was from the old school of newspapering when he came here with an impressive track record," Kehetian said. "I personally enjoyed working for Ron because he inspired everyone associated with him to take that one extra step."

Kehetian said he vividly remembers his first meeting with Hedley when the Brantford, Ontario, native came to Mount Clemens from the Chester (Pa.) Daily Times. When asked what Hedley expected of Kehetian, Hedley said, "Just get the news staff headed in the direction of publishing the best local daily newspaper our subscribers want and deserve. We need to become the watchdog over local government so that our readers can count on us to keep them informed about what's going on in their communities."

Hedley started in the circulation department of the London (Ontario) Free Press in 1936 and then moved to the display advertising department. He joined the Thomson Co. Ltd. in 1948, where he held four managerial positions, one being national advertising manager of the 24-company newspaper.

In 1955, he became advertising director of the Vancouver (B.C.) News-Herald and two years later joined the Chester Daily Times as its advertising manager.

He said one of the proudest moments in his life came in 1967 when he and his late wife, Anne, were naturalized as U.S. citizens. He was the featured speaker at a naturalization ceremony in Media, Pa.

Hedley became general manager of the Chester Daily Times in 1969, increasing its circulation by 13,000. In 1972 Hedley was promoted to Daily Times publisher and also became chairman of the Chester Bicentennial Committee.

He was named "Man of the Year" by the Chester Business Men's Association in 1972. Three years later he came to Macomb County.

Hedley enjoyed playing golf with his many business associates including Maury Vincent, a retired editor of the newspaper who now makes his home in Seminole, Fla.

"I've always wondered what Ron could have accomplished had he been publisher in better economic times," said Kish, a longtime friend. "He was a true leader who had the knack of recognizing talent in every department of a newspaper."

Hedley was predeceased by his wife, Anne. He is survived by his daughters, Judge Patricia Jenkins of Newtown Square, Del., Mary Ann Vogel of Boxborough, Mass. and two grandsons.

Funeral services will be held Jan. 31 in Middletown Presbyterian Church, Middletown, Pa., with a private burial. Contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Disease Association, 100 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, PA, 19103.

Arrangements are being handled by the Cavanagh Family Funeral Home, Media, Pa.
   addendum #2

Nicholas Kent Hedley passed away suddenly at Wingham and District Hospital on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 in his 68th year. Born on December 25, 1936 in Lucknow, Ontario he was the dear son of Helen Florence Wraight (Hedley) and the late Nicholas Hedley. Beloved husband of Marian Hedley of Utterson, who he married on August 13, 1960 in Thessalon, Ontario.Loving father of Heather Mason, Sherry Peddie, Bill Hedley and Karen Hedley, and cherished grandfather to Ryan Mason, Krista Mason, Bryna Peddie, Brendon Peddie and Juslee Hedley.Nicholas worked as an electrician and plumber and was a dedicated volunteer firefighter for 22 years. He was a recreational director of the Utterson Community Centre and also served as a baseball coach.

The funeral service was held on Saturday, June 19, 2004 at Reynolds Funeral Home "Turner Chapel" in Bracebridge with the Venerable Eric Patterson officiating. Interment followed at Stephenson Cemetery in Port Sydney.
   addendum #3

WRAIGHT Helen Florence (Gibbons) Hedley Wraight passed away on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005, one day before her 93rd birthday, at Pinecrest Manor Nursing Home, Lucknow. She was born on Jan. 14, 1912 to Harry C. Gibbons and Louise (Brittaff) Gibbons. Helen is survived by her daughter-in-law Marian Hedley, Utterson, and brother George Gibbons, Wingham. She is also survived by four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Helen was predeceased by her two husbands, Nick Hedley and Albert Wraight. She was also predeceased by her only son Kent Hedley in 2004, and brother Gomer Gibbons. Visitation was at the MacKenzie & McCreath Funeral Home, Lucknow, one hour prior to the funeral service which was held Sunday, Jan. 16 at 2:30 p.m. at the funeral home. Officiating was the Rev. G. Lazaro. Spring interment will be in Greenhill Cemetery. Donations of sympathy may be made to Lucknow United Church.

addendum #4
Anaconda Copper Co. Smelter Smokestack
In 1980, the Anaconda Company shut down its smelter operation in Anaconda, putting an end to the town's historic economic base. The idle smokestack, which can be seen from the interstate, stands more than 585 feet high and measures 86 feet in diameter at the base. It is the tallest freestanding masonry structure in the world. The stack was declared a state monument by the 1985 Montana Legislature.

addendum #5
Pharaoh Hedley's WW1 Draft Registration Card

addendum #6
 Forebears of May Wandell, wife of Pharoah Hedley

Family of May's grandparents
1870 Census for Indiana, La Porte County, Scipio Township.
Wandell,  William   50, farm laborer, born in Wurtemburg
                  Anna       44, born in Wurtemburg
                  Nicholas  18, b. in Wisconsin; age 9: b. in Illinois; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France
                  William    16, born in Wisconsin
                  John       10, born in Wisconsin
                  Mary        15, born in Wisconsin
                  Catherine  6, born in Wisconsin
                  Eliza          1, born in Wisconsin

Family of May's Parents
1900 Census for Indiana, La Porte County, Center Township - 
Wandell, John  b. Apr.1860, age 40, marr.10 yr; b. in Wis; fa. b. Germ; mo. b. Germ.
                Emily b. July 1869, age 39, marr.10 yr; 6 children (6 living);  b. in Fr;; fa. b. Germ.;
                     mo. b. in Germany; Emily emigrated from France to USA in infancy (1869).
                Mary R. b. Mar. 1891; age 9: b. in Illinois; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France
                Florence  b. June 1892; age 8: b. in Illinois; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France
                Agatha b. Nov. 1893; age 6: b. in Illinois; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France
                Rose  b. May 1895; age 4: b. in Illinois; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France
                John Jr. b. Sept.1897; age 2: b. in Indiana; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France           
                Dorothy K. b. 1900; age 4/12: b. in Indiana; fa. b. Wisconsin; mo. b. France

Our thanks to *John R. Adley of Port Credit, *Nicholas William Hedley, 
Christine Tate (Lena's Family)
 * Marian Hedley for their assistance with information for this chapter.

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