Chapter 8,1
(iii) William Hedley (1837-1922)
m1 Sarah Phillips  and  m2  Julia Bennett

Eldest Son of Nicholas Hedley and Jane McBride

( South Dakota Hedleys)

 William Henry Hedley was born Aug. 26, 1837 in a log cabin in Harwood Plains, March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada (near Ottawa), the eldest of the 14 children of Nicholas Hedley and Jane McBride. Around 1860, when he was about 23, he moved with his family to Wawanosh Township in Huron County, Ontario. In 1863 he married Sarah Phillips of Ashfield Township. Sarah was born in 1846 in Chinguacousy Township, Peel County, Ontario, the daughter of Henry Phillips Sr. (born in 1801 in Tyrone County, Ireland) and Mary Kainard (Kennard) (born in 1804 in Antrim County, Ireland). Henry and Mary Phillips were married Aug. 15, 1825 in Grange Pres Kilknock, Drummaul Parish. Mary died May 29, 1868 in Ashfield Township, Huron County. Her husband died nine years later, on May 12, 1877. The graves of Mary and Henry Phillips Sr. are in Dungannon Cemetery.

GROOM:     William Hedley, 25, born in Carleton Co., Canada  West
 PARENTS:  Nicholas and  Jane

BRIDE:       Sarah Phillips, 17,  born in Canada West
PARENTS:  Henry and Mary

Witnesses:     John H. Hedley and Ann Hedley, St. Helens, Wawanosh
Clergy:     Rev. J.W. Simm, Incumbent of St. Paul's, Dungannon in the Diocese of Huron

William and Sarah lived on Lot 19, Conc. 9 of Wawanosh, then bought the W1/2 of Lot 20 (100 acres) on the same concession in 1869. They lived  in a log house half way back on the lot.  In 1871 they were in Ashfield and from 1875 to 1880 they owned Lot 5, Conc. 6 in Kinloss Township. In 1881 they appeared in the census for the Village of Lucknow with a family of seven children:


Headly William 43 Ont. Ch. of Eng. English farmer
. Sarah 33 Ont. Ch. of Eng. English ,
. Alvina 16 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , ,
. Henry 14 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , ,
. Emma 12 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , attending school
. Eliza 9 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , "
. William 7 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , "
. Clara 3 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , ,
. Maud 10/12 Ont. Ch. of Eng. , ,

According to the book Early History of Brown County; A Literature of the People by Territorial Pioneers and Descendants, Pub. by Western Printing Co., pp. 29 & 32, "The first settlers came to Aberdeen Township about the year 1880.  William Hedley was one of these.  He drove from Lucknow, Canada, bringing lumber with him for a house.  He went back to Canada in the fall and returned with his family in the spring of 1881, settling in the northwest part of the township."  In 1886 William is recorded as a roads overseer: "Road overseers were instructed to collect sums assessed against each property through cash or labor on the road at $1.50 per day for a man and $3.00 for a man and team, wagon or plow..."  Federal land patents (deeds) were granted to William Hedley in 1884 and 1889 for Meridian 05, Township 123 N., Range 064 W., Section 006, Acreage 160. (Information supplied by Marlene Hedley, Saskatchewan, July 2001)
Shortly after 1881 they moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota where their eighth child, Elmer, was born in 1884. Sarah died in 1887 at the age of 40, three years after Elmer's birth. William and Sarah had eight children (iv):

Photo (assumed to include the Family of John Johnson): Centre Back: Ronald Johnson
         Front Right: John Johnson (Ronald's father); Front left: Emely (John's wife)
The Eleven Children of William Hedley and m1 Sarah Phillips, 
                                                                                     m2 Julia Ann Bennett
Mary Alvina Jane
Hedley (Vina)
b. June 17, 1864, Wawanosh, living in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1881 (age 16);
m. Albert Hull; d. 1949 Lansing MI
Henry John Hedley 
 b. Aug. 27, 1866, Wawanosh, living in Aberdeen, S.D. in 1881 (age 15);
 m. Ella (Unknown); d. 1993 at age 57
Sarah Emily Hedley
 b. May 9, 1869, Wawanosh, living in Aberdeen S.D. in 1881 (age 12);  m. Ronald Johnson Jan. 21 1890 at age 21; d. Dec. 25, 1936, S.D;
Eliza Ann  Hedley
b. July 17, 1871, Ashfield Twp., living in Aberdeen, S.D. in 1881 (age 10); d. 1953 MN
 m. Guy R Gleason,
William Robert Hedleyb. Sept. 13, 1872, Ashfield Twp.,living in Aberdeen, S.D. in 1881 (age 8), in  MI in 1894; in Sturgis Sask, 1931; dJune 19, 1955,  Sturgis, Sask.  ; m. Johanna Olson;
Clara Ida Hedley b. July 5,1877, Kinloss Twp., Bruce Co.,living in Aberdeen, S.D. in 1881 (age 3);
 m. unknown; unknown
Ellsie Maud         Hedleyb. May 27, 1880, Kinloss Twp., living in Aberdeen, S.D. in 1881 (age 1);
  m. Arthur F. Geer; d. in Harrisburg PA
Elmer Stewart Hedleyb. Aug. 19, 1885, Aberdeen, S.D.; d. Oct. 6, 1967 in MI,
 m. Mary Bridet "Gertrude" O’Sullivan (1884 -1965) in 1904


Elsie Alfilia Hedleyb. June 12, 1890, Brown County, S.D.;  d. 1943 in SD; m1 John Weaver, m2 Herb Reeve;
      died -place/date unknown
Alice Edith (Ida) Hedleyb. April 26, 1892, Brown County, S.D.; d. 1943 in MI, m. Lew Cahill in 1904; no known children
Nicholas Bennett Hedleyb. June 28, 1894,  Brown County, S.D.; d. 1962 in Florida; m. Merle E. (–?–);  three children

In the following account, the names of William Hedley's children and their spouses are in red. Names of William's grandchildren and their spouses are in green, and names of William's great grandchildren and their spouses are in bold black.

1 - Alvina (Vine) J. Hedley, born in 1865 in Wawanosh, was 16 when her family moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota. She married Albert Hull, who was born Aug. 26, 1871, the fourth child of Sarah Marie Isaac and Elias Hull. (Albert’s first marriage was to Rachael Cole, who was b. in Iowa in 1872, the second child of Velletta and David Cole. Albert and Rachel were married Dec. 13, 1893. Twins Zelma and Zelona Hull were born March 11, 1895 in Flint, MI. and their mother Rachael died less than a year later, on Jan. 2, 1896 in Genesee, MI; burial in Rowley Cemetery.)

At the time of Rachel’s death in 1896, Albert would have been 24. Alvina would have been about 30. It is not known when Alvina and Albert were married nor whether they played a role in raising the twin girls, nor is it known whether Alvina and Albert had a child of their own.

In 1930 Alvina, age 65, and Albert Hull, 59, were living in Lansing, Michigan. Albert Hull died at age 78 on Oct. 5, 1949 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan; burial Rowley Cemetery, Locke Twp., Ingham Co., MI. The date of Alvina’s death is not known.

2 - Henry John Hedley, born Aug. 27, 1866 in Wawanosh, was 15 when his family moved to Aberdeen, S.D. He married    Ella (–?--), a native of Minnesota, in 1898 when he was 32 years old (Ella’s second marriage). Henry and Ella probably lived in Iowa during the first years of their marriage, as their five eldest children were born in Iowa. Some time between 1907 and 1909 the family must have moved to Michigan, as their fifth child, Olive, was born there in 1909. The 1910 US Census for Michigan shows Henry J. Hedley and his wife Ella and their six children living in rented quarters in 4-WD Muskegon City, where Henry was working as a cook.

1910 US Census for State of Michigan, Muskegon County

Hedley, Henry J: head; 42; 1st marriage; m.12 yr.; b. Ont.; fa. b.Ont.; Mo. b. Ont.; immigrated to U.S. in 1882;
                       naturalized;  occupation cook;  renting
             S. Ella: wife; 30; 2nd marr.; m.12 yr.; mo. of 6 (5 living); b. Minn.; fa. Minn.; mo. Minn
             Frances: dau.; 13; b. Minn.; fa. b. Ont.; mo. b. Minn.
             Lauretta D: dau.; 10; b. Iowa; fa. b. Ont.; mo. b. Minn.
             Ruth M: dau.; 8; b. Iowa; fa. b. Ont.; mo. b. Minn.
             H. Glenn: son; 6; b. Iowa; fa. b. Ont.; mo. b. Minn.
             E Grace, dau., 13, b. in Iowa, lang. Eng.; fa. b. Can.; mo. b. Minn.
             Olive F: dau.; 9 mo.; b. Mich; fa. b. Ont.; mo. b. Minn.

Ten years later, the 1920 US Census for Michigan shows the family living in a mortgaged home on Monroe Ave., Muskegon City. Henry was working as a hotel chef, and only three children remained at home, Glenn, age 15, Ella Grace, age 13, and and Olive, age 10. Lauretta 20 and Ruth 18 were probably working outside the home.

1920 US Census for State of Michigan, Muskegon County, Muskegon City

Hedley, Henry J: head; 52; home owned with mortgage; Monroe Ave.; imm. to U.S. in 1874; naturalized;
                             b. in Can.; lang. Eng.; fa. b. Can.;  mo. b. Can.; occ. hotel chef; wage earner
              Ella: wife; 39; b. in Minn.; lang. Eng.; fa. b. Minn.; mo. b. Minn
              Glenn H: son; 15; b. in Iowa; lang. Eng.; fa. b. Can.; mo. b. Minn.
              Ella  G., dau., 13, b. in Iowa, lang. Eng.; fa. b. Can.; mo. b. Minn.
              Olive F: dau.; 10; b. Mich; lang. Eng.; fa. b. Can.; mo. b. Minn.

The following ten years brought major changes in the lives of the Henry John Hedley family. Henry John had died at age 57 in 1923, leaving Ella a widow. Ella was working as a "tailoress" in a tailor shop. She was now owner of her Monroe St. home, and renting quarters from her were her youngest daughter Olive, now 20, and her husband Theodore Weaver, who was working in a radio shop. Olive and Theodore were the parents of a one-year-old daughter, born in Illinois, who was also named Olive.

1930 US Census for State of Michigan, Muskegon County
Weaver, Theodore R: head; 21; renting on Monroe Ave.; not a farm; owns radio set; age 1st marr.19; b. in Mich.;
                                     fa. b. in  Mich.; mo. b. in Mich.;  laborer, radio shop
              Olive F: wife; 20; age 1st marr. 17; b. in Mich.; fa. b. in Can. (Eng.); mo. b. in Minn.
              Olive J: dau; 1; b. in Ill.; fa. b. in Mich.; mo. b. in Mich.
Hedley, Ella S: head; 50; widow; home owner; value $2550; owns radio set; b. in Minn., fa. b. in US; mo.
                        b. in US.; tailoress, tailor shop

Children of Henry John Hedley and Ella S. (–?–) (gen.v):
            (1) Frances Hedley b. abt. 1897 in Minnesota
            (2) Lauretta D. Hedley b. abt. 1900 in Iowa
            (3) Ruth M. Hedley b. abt. 1902 in Iowa
            (4) Glenn H. Hedley b. abt. 1904 in Iowa
            (5) Grace E. Hedley b. abt. 1907 in Iowa; d.1910-1919
            (6) Olive F. Hedley b. abt. 1910 in Iowa; m. Theodore R. Weaver (b. abt. 1909 in Michigan)
                 Olive and
Theodore.Weaver  had at least one child (

                        [1] Olive J. Weaver b. 1929 in Illinois
3 - Sarah Emily (Emma) Hedley
, born May 9, 1869 in  Wawanosh Township, Huron County, Ontario, was 12 when her family moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota. On January 21, 1891 'Emma', age 22, married 23-year-old Ronald Johnson in Douglas County (not yet verified), Wisconsin.  Like Emma, Ronald was also born in Canada (according to records of Johnson relative Travis Johnson of Fargo, ND).  Ronald was born in 1868, the son of John Johnson, who was born in Aslay, Scotland July 17, 1832. He married Emely (--?--) on Feb. 1, 1862. John died in 1910 in Aberdeen, SD..

The Early History of Brown County, South Dakota
by Helen J. Bergh gives the following account:  "During   the middle 1800s the John Johnson family drove down from Canada and homesteaded near Ipswich, later moving to Aberdeen Township. Two of their sons, Ronald and Angus, spent the balance of their lives here, and a daughter,  Mrs. Mae Dell Somerville,  now ninety and active, resides in Aberdeen."

Ronald Johnson died in 1925 at age 58. Emma died eleven years later on Dec.25, 1936 at age 67 in Aberdeen, Brown County; S.D. burial in Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen, S. Dakota. Sarah Emily Hedley and Ronald Johnson had three children (gen.v):
         (1) Hazel Sarah Johnson, a bookkeeper, was born Sept. 24, 1892 in Aberdeen, SD; 
              died Jan. 22, 1942
(died Sept.25, 1962 according to Travis Johnson's records
              She married James McLaughlin. No children
         (2) Grant William Johnson, born Sept. 20, 1894, served in the American Expeditionary Force of the
               US Army during World War 1.
Grant's WW1 Draft Registration Card   of June 5, 1917 states
               that he is 22 years old, born Sept.  20, 1894, a natural born citizen of the U.S., born in Aberdeen,
               South Dakota and is working as a bookkeeper for the Gamble-Robinson Fruit Company in Aberdeen.
              He is single and not claiming exemption from the draft. Grant is of medium height and slender build,
              with blue eyes and dark brown  hair.
Grant married Esther Schotz.(or Schatz), born April 11, 1898
              in Edgeley, LaMoor Co. ND; died Oct. 5, 1952 in Dilworthy, Clay County, Minnesota.
Grant died
             Oct. 8, 1954 in San Francisco (or in 1950 in Aberdeen, SD. (Travis Johnson) Burial in Aberdeen,
Esther and Grant had one son:
                       [1] Robert Grant Johnson was born Oct. 16, 1922 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  During World
                            War II Robert served in the European theatre (radioman, second class, US Navy). He was
                            aboard PT boats and destroyers in the Mediterranean, near Sicily. Robert married Alice
                            Margaret Weishalla on Feb. 15, 1947. Alice was born Aug. 17, 1920 in Bowerville, Todd
                           County, Minnesota. Robert Grant Johnson died Nov. 25, 1980.
                           Robert and Alice Johnson had one child:
                                  {1} Robert James Johnson, born 1949 in Fargo, ND works as a private investigator for
                                        a law firm. Robert married JoAnn Jeanette Lunde in 1974.  JoAnn was born in
                                        Fargo, ND in 1948.  Robert and JoAnn have two children:
                                                   1- Alison Joy Johnson, born 1980 in Fargo, is currently a graduate student
                                                       at the U. of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.
                                                   2- *Travis James Johnson, b. in Fargo, works as a Police Officer in
                                                       West Fargo, ND.
        (3) Florence Emily Johnson was born in Aberdeen, SD July 18, 1897,  remained single.
              Florence was a bookkeeper. She died July 11, 1940 in Aberdeen, Brown Co., S. Dakota.
              (Accoring to Travis Johnson's records, Florence died in Nov. 2007, age 110 years)
4 - Elizabeth (Eliza Ann) Hedley, born July 17, 1871 in Ashfield Township was 10 years old when her family moved to Aberdeen, S.D. "Elizabeth Headly Gleason" d. Nov. 2, 1953 in Crow Wing, MN (Minnesota Death Index).Elizabeth married Guy Rowell Gleason, b. April 17, 1873 in Verona Twp., Blue Earth, Minnesota; died Sept.18, 1919 in St. Louis County, Minnesota (MN Death Index).
Guy was the youngest of the six children of Sarah Ann Rowell and John Hall Gleason. Guy’s mother, Sarah Ann Rowell, was born about 1833 in East Plainfield, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire (d. Nov.5,1882). Sarah was the daughter of Mary (Polly) Moore, born about 1806 in NH and Samuel Duncan Rowell, b. July 10, 1793 in East Plainfield, NH (Guy’s maternal grandparents).
Guy’s father, John Hall Gleason, was b. Jan.6, 1831 in NH (d. Nov.25, 1888). John Hall Gleason was the son of Julia Granby Balcan (b.1806) and Charles Gleason (b. 1781) (Guy’s paternal grandparents).
Guy’s parents and four of his siblings are listed on the 1880 census. (His eldest sister Julia Ardell Gleason would have been 23 and may have been married or working.)

         1880 US Census for Verona, Faribault, MN

Gleason,   John, head, 47, occ. farmer, born in NH; father b. in NH; mother b. in CT
                  Sarah, wife, 46, keeping house, b. in NH; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH
                  Charley, son, 21, working on farm, b. in WI; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH
                  Fred, son, 18, working on farm, b. in WI; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH
                  Minna, dau., 13, attending school, b. in WI; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH
                  Alice, dau., 11, attending school, b. in WI; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH
                  Guy, son, age 7, attending school, b. in MN; father b. in NH; mother b. in NH

Eliza Ann and Guy Gleason had one daughter (gen.v):
        (1) Grace Genevieve Gleason born Aug. 26, 1898 in Minnesota, died April 9, 1997 in San Diego,
             California at age 98; mother’s maiden name Hedley; father’s last name Gleason (California Death
. Grace Gleason married Mel Sandstrom. The 1900 census lists Elizabeth and Guy and their
daughter Grace:

                           1900 US Census for Duluth City, St. Louis County, Minnesota

Gleason, Guy R. (head) age 27; b. Apr. 1873; marr. 1 year; b. in Wisconsin; occ. teamster
                Elizabeth (wife); 25; b. Nov.1875; m. 1 year; 1 child (1 living); b. in Can.(Eng); parents b. in Can.
                Grace G. (dau); age 10/12; b. Aug.1899 in MN; fath. b.WI; moth. b.Can. (Eng)

Ten years later the 1910 census shows Guy Gleason’s occupation as "electrical engineer."
Guy Gleason died Sept.18, 1919 in St. Louis County, MN (Minnesota Death Index)
The 1920 census lists Eliza Ann, widow, and her daughter Grace, age 21:

               1920 US Census for Duluth City, St. Louis County, Minnesota

Gleason, Elizabeth (head); home owner; age 45, widow; b. in Dakota; father b. in England; mother b in Scotland
               Grace G. (daughter) age 21, single, stenographer, working for Candy Co; b. in MN;
                                father b. in MN; mother b. in Dakota.

5 - William Robert Hedley, born Sept.13, 1872, in Ashfield, was 8 years old when his family moved to Aberdeen, S.D. According to a family story, Robert William was working as a bartender in 1894 (possibly in the Waubay Hotel in S. Dakota) when he met 18-year-old Josephine (Johanna) Olson from Sweden (b. 1876; d. Aug. 2, 1960) who worked as a cook and maid in the same hotel.

The 1900 U.S. Census for Waubay Village, Waubay Township, Day County, S. Dakota lists William R. Hedley, age 25, b. Sept. 1874, single, a boarder in the household of "restaurant keeper" Paul Roberts. William is working as a "restaurant clerk." William R. Hedley was born in Canada, immigrated to the U.S. in 1881, and had lived there for 19 years. Both of his parents are listed as born in Canada. Olag W. Olson, also a boarder in the Roberts household, is listed on the same census. Olag is single, white, male, age 25 (born in 1875 in Sweden); both parents born in Sweden. (It is possible that Olag was Josephine’s brother or cousin.)  The 1900 U.S. Census for Campbell County, S. Dakota shows "Josephine L. Olson, age 24, born in 1876."

William and Johanna were married about 1901 and lived in Aberdeen, N.D. at least until 1903. They eventually moved to Canada, and in 1913 were living in Sturgis, Saskatchewan.William sold Watkins and Raleigh products and Tip Top suits and owned a farm near Sturgis until he retired in 1931 at age 58. He died June 19, 1955 at age 82 in Preeceville Union Hospital; burial in Sturgis Cemetery. William Robert and Johanna Hedley had six children (gen.v):
              (1) Raymond Alvin (Ray) Hedley was born on April 1,1901 in Aberdeen S.D. and lived in Sturgis, Sask.
                   m1 Elda Alberta Claypool on Aug.1, 1931. Elda was b. Apr. 15, 1904; d. Aug.1 (or Sept.3), 1953.
                   m2 Bertha (Laurent) Simpson on Sept.19, 1970. Bertha was b. Feb. 9, 1908; d. July 8, 1983.
                  Ray died March 4,1991 at age 90 at Preeceville Union Hospital. The graves of Raymond, Elda
                  and Bertha are in the Hedley family plot in Sturgis Cem., Sask. Ray and Elda Hedley had six
                  children (
                          [1] Wilma June Hedley was b.May 26, 1932; d. Dec. 19, 1993, burial in the Hedley
                                family plot, Sturgis Cem., Sask.
                                m1 to Norm Peterson in 1952  (separated  1953)
                                m2 (common law) Vern Adams, b. 1923,

                          [2] Lyle Donald Hedley, b. 1934, m. Emily Irene Marshall in 1962 in Regina.
                                Emily was born 1939. Lyle and Emily Hedley have four children (vii):
                                   {1} Irene Audrey Hedley, b. 1962
                                   {2} Marlene Lynn Hedley*, b. 1963
                                   {3} Glen Allan Hedley, b.1965
                                   {4} Donna Diana Hedley, b. 1966

                          [3] Dale Raymond Hedley, b. 1936, married Marie Lina Cook (1935-1984)
                               in 1966. Marie is buried at Cranberry Portage, Manitoba.
                              Two of the five children died in childhood, (gen. vii):
                                     {1} (_?_)  Hedley d. in childhood, buried at Sturgis, Sask.
                                     {2} (_?_)  Hedley d. in childhood, buried at Sturgis, Sask.
                                     {3} Brenda Lee Hedley, b. 1968, married Tom Lishinski.  2 children: (viii)
                                               1-  Beverly Lishinski, b. 1988
                                               2-  Michaela Rose Marie Lishinski, b. 1999
                                    {4} Raymond Hedley, b. 1969
                                    {5}  Elda Beverly Hedley, b. 1971
                          [4] Albert Lorne Hedley, b. 1940, married Helen (Motyer) Pitt on July 25, 1969.
                                They have 2 children (vii):
                                   {1} Terra Lorraine Hedley, b. 1970, married Stacy Trudgeon
                                         They have 5 children (viii):
                                               1- Jamie Trudgeon
                                               2- Danielle Trudgeon
                                               3- Cody Trudgeon
                                               4-  Randi Trudgeon
                                               5- Jesse Trudgeon
                                   {2}  Kenneth Raymond Hedley, b. 1974, married Dale (_?_)

                          [5] Earl Robert Hedley ( b. 1943) in 1970.
                              m1  Marie Lavalle
                             m2 to  Gerri Lammers ( b. 1947)  in 1970. Earl and Marie had one child (vii):
                                   {1} Allan John Hedley, b. 1967, married Dianne Ruth Selinger ( b. 1963) in 1995.
                                         Allen and Dianne had 2 children (viii):
                                                1-  Cody Hedley, b.1988
                                                2-  Michael Hedley, b.1992
                               Earl and Gerri had one child (vii):
                                   {2} Robert (Bob) Kelly Hedley, b. 1974, married Shannon Nichole  Fasciano,
                                          b. 1975, in 1996. They have 3 children (viii):
                                                1- Kaden Robert Hedley, b. 1994
                                                2- Kennedy Elayne Hedley, b. 1996
                                                3-  Kayla Nichole Hedley, b. 1999

                           [6] Audrey Laine Hedley, (1946-1992),
                                m1  Les Braden,
                                m2 Gary
McDougal, in 1975. Audrey is buried in the Hedley family plot in Sturgis,
                                      Saskatchewan.Audrey Hedley and Les Braden had 2 children(vii):
                                    {1} Laine Annette Braden, b. 1965,  lived common-law with
                                           Ken Lalahone from 1984 to 1990. They had one child (viii):
                                                1- Amanda Lalahone, b. 1985
                                    {2}  Troy Albert Braden, b. 1967, married Carla (_?_), in 1993, separated in 1998.
                                            Troy and Carla had 2 children (viii):
                                               1- Toni Rene Braden, b. 1992
                                               2-  Christa Dawn Braden, b. 1997
                                    Audrey and Gary McDougal had one child (vii):
                                    {3} Allison Rae McDougal, b. 1978

                (2) Ralph William Hedley, b. Nov. 29, 1903 in Aberdeen, S.D., moved to Sturgis, Sask. in 1906
                      with his parents Johanna and William Robert Hedley and his 5-year-old brother Ray. Ralph was
                      three years old. Ralph married Tena Regina Hanson in Yorkton, Sask Apr.5, 1929, when he
                      was 26. Tena was 21 (b. Nov.26, 1909; d. August 10, 2001 at age 91 in Preeceville, Sask.).
                      Tena was the daughter of Neltus Larson and Christian Hanson. Ralph was a mechanic and also
                      worked in the Hollinger Gold Mine for a while. He took over the farm from his father in 1944
                      and eventually retired in Sturgis, Sask. Ralph died Sept.16, 1996 at age 93. His grave is in
                      Sturgis Cemetery. Ralph’s grandson still runs the farm. Ralph and Tena had six children (

                          [1] Lavina Fay Hedley was b. Aug. 29, 1929 in Sturgis, Sask. (d. May 6, 2005 of cancer
                                at age 76, burial  in Sturgis Cem.) Lavina married Frank John Bartch on Jan.13, 1945
                                in Canora, Sask. Frank Bartch was b. March 16, 1922 in Willow Bark, Sask. (d. Jan. 8,
                               1988 in Canora, Sask. at age 65). Six children (gen.vii):
                                     {1} Carol Lee Bartch, b. 1946 in Regina, Sask. m. Walter Stebnitsky in Aug.1966
                                             in Sturgis. Carol and Walter Stebnitsky had two children.                                                
                                                1- Barbara Leanne Stebnitsky born in 1967 in Yorkton, Sask.,
                                                    had one child (ix):                                                                    
                                                         <1> Tannor Jon Stebnitsky born in 1990
  2-  Barton Walter Stebnitsky, born in 1968, married Lori Lynn Kobelka
                                                     (or Kabylka) in 1974. has one child (ix): <1> Tori-Lynn Stebnitsky, b.1998
                                      {2} Gregory Frank Bartch, b.1949, married Olivia (Bim) Mitchell                                            
                                              in 1973. Gregory and Olivia had three children(viii):
                                                1- Vaughn Mitchell Bartch, b. 1974
                                                2-  Aaron Leigh Bartch, b. 1977
                                                3-  Amber Rae Bartch, b. 1981
                                    {3} Robert Clarence Bartch, b. 1951, married Joy Lessanko ( b.1956)
                                           in 1978 (divorced) They had three children (viii):
                                                1- Brianna Joy Bartch, b. 1980
                                                2- Kimberly Marie Bartch, b. 1982
                                                3- Laurie Tena Bartch, b. 1985
                                    {4} Joanne Florence Bartch (1953- 1994) married David Morrow in
                                           1973. They had two children (viii):
                                                1-  Dena  Fay Morrow, b. 1974, married Colin Pasiechnik in 1995.
                                                      They have one child (ix):
                                                        <1> Nicholas Pasiechnik, b. 1995
                                                2- Carrie Elizabeth Morrow, b. 1977
                                    {5}  Shannon Gay Bartch, b. 1958, married William Booth in 1977
                                           They have two children (viii):
                                                1- Terra-Lee Lynn Booth, b. 1977
                                                2-  Kelly William Booth, b. 1981
                                    {6}  Kelly Blake Bartch, b. 1960, married Heather Appel in 1983.
                                           They have one child (viii):
                                                1- Jordan Bartch, b. 1992

                          [2] Lauris Gay Hedley, b. Jan. 17, 1932 in Sturgis, married Gene Weightman on July
1950. Lauris died Dec. 8, 1999 in Port Alberni, BC at age 67.
                                Lauris and Gene Weightman had seven children (gen.vii):
                                      {1} Patricia Joyce Weightman b. 1951 in Preeceville, Sask. married
                                             Robert Morris in 1971 in Port  Alberni, BC.
                                             Patricia and Robert Morris had three children (gen.viii):
                                                1- Jody Marie Morris, born in 1972 in Port Alberni, BC,
                                                    married Cesare Marcellus. Jody and Cesare had two children (ix):
                                                        <1> James Anthony Marcellus
                                                        <2> Jonathon Marcellus
                                                2- Jill Michelle Morris, born in 1974
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                                     married Matt Sumen in 1998.
                                                3- Cade Ryan Morris, born in 1975
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                                     married Charlene Connelly in 1996
                                    {2} Clayton Gene Weightman, b. 1952, in Duncan, BC, married
                                           Sandra Marlene Rose in 1974. Clayton and Sandi have four children (viii):
                                                1- Christina Lynn Weightman, b. 1976
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                                2- Craig Clayton Weightman, b. 1978 in Port Alberni, BC,
                                                3- Jennifer Rose Weightman, b. 1980
                                                4- Jason Weightman, b. 1983
                                    {3} Lorne Howard Weightman, b.1953, married Beverley Ann Clemetson
                                           in 1973 in
Port Alberni, BC, Lorne and Beverly  have two children (viii):
                                                1- Scott Robert Weightman, b. 1974 in Quesnel BC
                                                2- Lisa Ann Weightman, b. 1976 in Quesnel BC
                                    {4} Lloyd William Weightman, b.1954
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                            m1 Carol Courtney
                                            m2 Karen Black
                                    {5} Dean Mitchell Weightman, b.1955
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                    {6} Debra Fay Weightman, b. 1957. married Ricky Moretto in 1976.
                                           Debra and Rick Moretto have two children (viii):
                                                1- Daniel Rick Moretto, b. 1979
                                                2- Kristopher Moretto, b. 1982
                                    {7} Richard Ralph Weightman, b. 1957
in Port Alberni, BC, married Lynette Kiel.
Richard and Lynette Weightmanren had two children (viii):
                                                1- Brook Weightman, b. 1986
                                                2- Noel Weightman, b.1987

                            [3] Norma Joanne Hedley, b.1938 in Timmins, Ont., married James (Jim) Goulden
Preeceville, Sask., in 1957. (Jim was b. in 1930 in in Ebenezer, Sask.)
                                  Norma And Richard had three children (vii):
                                    {1}  Wallace (Wally) Bradley Goulden, b. 1957 in
Preeceville, Sask., married Brenda
                                             Karcha in 1990. Wallace and Brenda Goulden had two children (gen. viii):
                                                1-  Nicole Mary Goulden, b. 1993
                                                2- Darcie Joanne Goulden , b. 1995
                                    {2} Pamela Dawn Goulden, b. 1960
in Preeceville, Sask
                                    {3} Trudy Joy Goulden, b. 1963 in Preeceville, Sask, married Don Peterson
                                           (b. 1961)
in 1986. Trudy and Don  had two children (viii):
                                                1- Charity Dawn Peterson, b. 1981
                                                2- Devon Reid Peterson, b. 1998

                            [4] Carol Regina Hedley, b. 1939 in Timmins, Ont., married Stanley F. Baird, in 1961.
                                 (Stan was 1940 in Weyburn, Sask.)
                                Carol and Stan Baird had three children (gen. vii):
                                    {1} Diane Lisa Baird, b. 1963
in Weyburn, Sask., married Rod Mus.
                                           Diane and Rod had two children
(gen. viii):
                                                1- Jarek Mus, b. 1991
                                                2- Regan Mus, b. 1994
                                    {2} Lynette Karen Baird, b. 1965, married Kim Snelling.
Lynette and Kim Snelling had two children (gen. viii):
                                                1- Leah Snelling, b. 1995
                                                2- Brett Snelling, b. 1997
                                    {3}  Sandra Lee Baird, b. 1968
in Weyburn, Sask.
                            [5] Robert (Bob) William Hedley, b. 1941 in Timmins, married Judith Hornquist,
                                 born in 1946. Bob and Judeth Hedley had two children (vii):
                                    {1} Robert Jr. Hedley, b. 1965
                                    {2} Michael Hedley, b. 1976

                            [6]  Ralph Carlton Hedley (Jr.), b. Dec. 25, 1942
in Preeceville, Sask.,  married
                                  Donna Elizabeth Jordon
in 1971
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                  Ralph and Donna Hedley had three children (gen. vii):
                                    {1} Shane Carlton Hedley, b. 1974
in Port Alberni, BC,
                                    {2} Darryl William Hedley, b. 1977 in Port Alberni, BC,
                                    {3} Vaughn Lawrence Hedley, b. 1980 in Port Alberni, BC,
                (3) - Lloyd Hedley, b. Oct. 25, 1908, died of pneumonia in Dec. 1942 at Pouce Coupe,  B.C.
                        while working on the Alaska Highway. His Grave is in Sturgis Cemetery, Saskatchewan
                        in the Hedley family plot.

                (4) -  Ethel Victoria Hedley (Jan. 14,1911 - May,1979) married William Deforge in 1928.
                        Ethel and William lived in Timmins, where they had three boys and two girls.
                        Ethel, William and the eldest boy died in a house fire May, 1979

                (5) -  Alice Fay Hedley was born Dec.10, 1913 in Sturgis, Saskatchewan. She married Christian
                        Andrew Rumpel about 1941 in Fort William, Ont. (This was a second marriage for Christian)
                        Christan was born June 13, 1909 in Balgonie, Sask., the son of Wilhelm
Rumpel (who died
                        April 20, 1981 in Edmonton) and Amelia Senger. Christian Rumpel had four brothers and one
                        sister: Adam, Wilfred, Albert, Otto and Lydia Rumpel. Alice Hedley and Christian Rumpel
                        lived in Edmonton, Alberta. Christian died June 26, 1964.
                       Alice and Christian had at least two children:
                          [1] Richard Wayne Rumpel, b. Nov. 26, 1945 in Biggar, Sask., m. Shirley Reid
in 1966 in Regina.
                          [2] Donna Janis Rumpel, b. in Canwood, Sask., m. Robert Jones in 1975
                                in Edmonton, Alberta.

                (6) -  Clarence Hedley, born  Dec. 19, 1916, married Maxine (or Dolly) Bristow.
                         Clarence died on October 12, 2004 in Sudbury
                         They live in Timmins and had seven children (gen viii):
                          [1] Suzan Hedley of Valley East, Ontario
                          [2] Donna Hedley of Sudbury, Ont.
                          [3] Marlene Hedley of Timmins, Ont.
                          [4] Robert (Bob) Hedley of Sudbury, Ont.
                          [5] Brian Hedley of Garson, Ont. - a daughter
                                {1} Sheri Hedley
                          [6] Wayne Hedley of Hanmer, Ont.
                          [7] George Hedley (deceased)
6 - Clara Hedley was born in 1878 in Kinloss Township, Bruce County.   

7 - Maud Ella Hedley was born about 1880 in Kinloss Township and was only one year old when her family moved to Aberdeen, S. Dakota.  About 1902, when Maude was 21, she married 20-year-old Arthur F. Geer who was born in Ohio  1882. The 1910 Census for Ohio lists Arthur and Maud with two young daughters:

                1910 U.S. Census for Ohio State, Ottawa County

Geer,      Arthur F. (head) 27; marr. 8 yr; b. in Ohio; both parents b. Ohio
               Maud Ella (wife) 28; imm; 2 childre; 2 living; b. Can; father b. Canada
               Margurite (dau) 7; b. in SD; father b. OH; mother b. SD
               Gladys (dau) 2; b. in OH; father b. OH; mother b. SD

Arthur Geer’s WW1 Draft Registration Card  lists his name as Arthur F. (or L) Geer, living at 1426 Knollwood, Lancing, Michigan, age 36, born June 10, 1882, painter and decorator with the Square Deal Paint Co. in Lancing. His wife is listed
as Maude Ella Geer of the same address. Arthur is of medium height, black eyes and brown hair, with a blemish over his
right eye.
The family of four is listed on the 1920 Census for Lansing, Michigan. Living with them is Maud’s father, William Hedley.
It seems that William, age 83, and his second wife Julia were no longer living together. (By 1920 their three children would
have been adults--ages 26-30.) Margurite, 17, was no longer in school.

            1920 U.S. Census for Michigan State, Ingham County, Lansing City, 1426 Knollwood Ave.

Geer,    Arthur (head) 38; house owned, mortgage; b. in Ohio; both parents b. Ohio
             Maud (wife) 39; imm.1896; naturalized; b. SD; father b. Can; moth. b. OH
             Margurite (dau) (17); not att. school; b. in SD; father b. Ohio; mother b. SD
             Gladys (dau) (11); attending school; b. in OH; father b. OH; mother b. SD
Headley, William (father-in-law) 83; married; naturalized; b. Can; parents b. Can.

The 1930 Census shows Arthur and Maude Geer, ages 48 and 49 (ages 20 and 21 at 1st marriage) both of Maude’s
parents are listed as b. in Canada.
Maud died in her 60s in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the 1940s. Maud and Arthur Geer had two daughters:
(1) Margurite Geer b. about 1903 in South Dakota,  d., April 1985, Oakland, Michigan (SSN # 369-26-8282)
(2) Gladys Geer b. about 1908 in Ohio

8 - Elmer S. Hedley was born Aug. 19, 1885 in Aberdeen, S. Dakota. He married Mary Bridget (Gertrude) O'Sullivan who was born Oct. 25, 1884 in Quebec of Irish descent. (Her father was born in Ireland–possibly in Limerick.)  The 1910 Census lists Elmer and Mary and their first two children. Elmer’s father, William Hedley, age 73, is also living with the young family:

            1910 U.S. Census for Michigan State
Headley,  Elmer S. (head), 26, marr. 4 yr, (22 at 1st marr) b. in SD; fath. b. Can.
                 Mary G. (wife), 25, b. in Can. (Irish); fath. b. in Ireland
                William S. (son) age 2, b. in Michigan; father b. in S. Dakota
                Cathaline J. (daughter) age 3/12 b. in Michigan; father b. in S. Dakota
               William (fath) 73, 2nd marr.(15 yr); 13 ch (11 living); b.Can; fath b.Eng.

Elmer's Draft Registration Card of Sept. 12, 1918 states that Elmer Stewart Hedley is 33
years old, born Aug.19, 1885, a natural born citizen of the U.S., living in Lansing, Ingram Co., Michigan,  works as a
milkman for N.H. Wissans & Sons, Lansing. He is married to Mary Gertrude Hedley, is of medium height and large
build, with blue eyes and black hair.
Elmer's WW1 Draft Registration Cardleft side   right side 

              1920 Census for Ward 2 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan

HedleyElmer (head) 34, b. in S. Dakota, parents b. in Canada, occ. milk-truck driver
              Mary G. (wife) 35, imm. 1886, naturalized 1907, b. in Canada, parents b. in Ireland
              Kathleen J. (dau) 20, b. in Mich., father b. S.D., mother b. Canada 
              Wm. S. (son) 11, b. in Mich., father b. S.D., mother b. Canada 
              Harold K. (son) 5, b. in Mich., father b. S.D., mother b. Canada 
              James W. (son) 1, b. in Mich., father b. S.D., mother b. Canada

The 1930 Census lists Elmer and Mary Gertrude Hedley and their six surviving children. (Babies Elmer, Howard and Laverne died in their infancy in the years 1912, 1914 and 1918):

                    1930 U.S. Census for Lansing City, Ingham Co., Michigan
Hedley, Elmer S. (head) age 44, born in S. Dakota
              Mary G. (wife) age 44
              Stuart W. (son) age 22
              Kathleen G. (daughter) age 20
              Harold R.
(son) age 15
              James W.
(son) age 11
              Frances R
. (son) age 9
              Mary R. (daughter) age 5
Because of a childhood illness, Elmer lost most of his hearing, and in the final years of his life he lost all of his hearing, but he became an excellent lip reader. He drove a horse-drawn milk wagon delivering milk and dairy products door to door in Lansing, MI. Elmer loved to play cards.

Mary Gertrude (O’Sullivan) Hedley died Feb.14, 1965 in Lansing, Michigan at age 80. Elmer died less than three years later, on Oct. 6, 1967 at age 82 in Lansing, Michigan; burial in Mount Hope Cemetery, Ingham County, Michigan alongside his wife Mary. Elmer and Mary Hedley had nine children (gen. v):

               (1) Stewart William Hedley was born March 21, 1908 and died on Dec. 7, 2000 in Lansing, Mich.
                    Stewart married
Adelaide Eleanor Wieber on June 5, 1937. Adelaide was b. Sept. 15, 1912;
                   d. March 16, 2000 in Lansing, Michigan.
Stewart and Adelaide Hedley are buried in Resurrection
                   Cemetery in Lansing, MI. They
had six children (gen. vi):
                        [1] James S. Hedley*, their first son, (b. March 24, 1939) married Mikell Lynne Schlotter
in 1961 in Fairmont, W. Virginia. James and Mikell live in Sylvania, Ohio. James was Ken
                             Hedley's [of Guelph] contact from 1978 to 1990's for information about the family of (iii)
                             William Hedley. James and Mikell had five children (gen vi):
                                {1} -   Mary Lynne Hedley, b. 1962  m. Robert Urban b.1962.
                                           Mary and Robert Urban had two children:   
                                             1- Cameron Urban b.1997 
                                             2- Ian Urban b. 1999
                                {2} -   Mark Frederick Hedley, b. 1963 m. Michelle Waldman (b. 1963) in 1986.
                                           They now live in Frisco, Texas. They had two children (gen.vii):
                                                 1- Sara Elizabeth Hedley, b. 1993
                                                 2- Melanie Ann Hedley, b. 1996
                                {3} -   Jeffery 
Stewart Hedley, b. 1966 m. Amy Elizabeth Hobday (b. 1965) in 1990.
                                           They live on a h
orse farm near Lancaster, Ohio. Two children: .
                                                1- Emily Marie Hedley b. 1991
                                                2- Jacob Stewart Hedley b. 1995
                                {4} -   Jamie Lynne Hedley, b. 1970
m. Merrill Lee Gladden, Jr. (b. 1965) in 1999. They
                                           live on  six acres 
on the Maumee River near Grand Rapids, Ohio. Three children:
                                                1- Elijah Gabriel Gladden b. 2002
                                                2- Isaac James Gladden  (identical twin) b. 2005
                                                3-  Isaiah Merrill Gladden  (identical twin) b. 2005
                                {5} -   Jennifer Lynne Hedley, b. 1976 m. Jonathon Kranz (b. 1976) in 1998; divorced
                                           2003. Jennifer lives in Columbus. Ohio. No children.

.                       [2] Rose Marie Hedley, b. Nov. 27, 1940, remained single.
                        [3] Douglas John Hedley, b. Dec. 12, 1942
                              m1 Joan Austin (divorced) Four children
                              m2 Lucille Joslyn.  four children
                              Douglas and Joan (m1) had four children:
                               {1} - Douglas John Hedley (Jr.)  b. 1962, m.
Erin Leslie Westhausin, b.1960.
                                     Douglas Jr. and Erin Hedley live in New Canaan, CT.
                                                1- Connor Douglas Hedley b.1993
                                                2- Noah Alexander Hedley b.1996
                              {2} - Daniel Joseph Hedly was born in 1963
m1 Cindy Mason in 1991 (divorced 1995) No children.
                                     m2 Carissa Lynn Paul (b.1978) in 1999. Three children:
                                                1- Taylor Lee Hedley b. 2000
                                                2- Morgan Lynn Hedley (identical twin) b.2003
                                                3- Carly Jo Hedley (identical twin) b.2003
                             {3} - Melinda (Mindy) Hedley b. 1966 m. John Cain (b.1964) in 1989. Three children:
                                                1- Alex Hedley b.1990
                                                2- Chase Hedley b.1994
                                                3- Blake Douglas Hedley b.2001
                             {4} - Christine Hedley b. 1967 m. Kevin J. McCrackin (b.1968) in 1993. Two children:
                                                1- Kaleigh McCrackin b.1996
                                                2- Collin McCrackin b.2000
                       Douglas and Lucille (Joslyn) Hedley (m2) had four children:
                            {5} - Amy Hedley b.1977
                            {6} - Trina Hedley b.1978
m. Christopher Patrick Kerrins (b.1978) in 2002. Two children:  
                                               1- Luke Michael Kerrins b.2003
                                               2- Ellie Jane Kerrins b.2005
                            {7} Laine E. Hedley b.1981; d. in infancy.
                            {8} Grant Daniel Hedley b.1983, m. Emily Roseann Gilette (b.1984) in 2005. One child:
                                              1- Grant Douglas Hedley b. 2006

                     [4] Mary Ann Hedley, b. 1946, married Robert Kuncaitus in 1971.  Three children:
{1} Jennifer Kuncaitus b.1975 m. Craig L. Hellberg (b.1968) in 2001. Two children:
                                             1- Molly Adelaide Hellberg b. 2002
                                             2- Emma Jewel Hellberg b.2005
                             {2} Stephen Kuncaitus b.1978
                             {3}Kristy Marie Kuncaitus b.1981

[5] Angela Marcel Hedley, b.1946, m. Leon Gottschalk. Four children:
                             {1} Laurie Lyn Gottschalk b.1969, married Frank James
                                   Gyorkos II (b.1967) in 2002 (one child from Frank's previous marriage).
                             {2} Lesley Ann Gottschalk b. 1980
                             {3} Daniel Joseph Gottschalk b.1989
                             {4} Andrew James Gottschalk died in 1993 at age one

                     [6] Joseph Gerard Hedley, b.1954
                           m1 Patti Shappell in1973 (divorced 1985). Two children:
                             {1} Lisa Jo Hedley b.1974 married Troy Matthew Henning (b. 1973 in 1999.
                                    Both Lisa and Troy teach school in the Lansing, Michigan area. Two children:
                                               1- Addisyn Jean Henning b.2002
                                               2- Connor Joseph Henning b. 2004 {2} Kevin Hedley b. Nov. 27, 1977
                              {2} Kevin Hedley b 1977
                         m2 of Joseph Hedley was to Terri Ervin in 1989 (divorced 1995) No children.
m3 of Joseph Hedley was to Nancy Bower in 2002. No children.

                (2) - Kathleen Hedley, b. 1910, in Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan,  married John
                        Norman (Norm) French, who was born March 24, 1905 in Fostoria, Ohio
                        and died in Feb. 1986 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Norm was a
                        printer in the U.S. Navy and later worked for a trucking company. After moving
                        to Phoenix Kathleen and Norm opened French's Hardware and Variety store.
A Dec. 04 e-mail from Kathleen's youngest daughter Kathy states, "Kathleen French is
                        95 years old and still living on her own and having fun doing it
                        Four daughters (vi):
                     [1]  Norma Jean French b. Feb. 7, 1931
                     [2]  Margaret Ann (Peggy) French* b. Feb. 8, 1934; m. Richard Lillrose (divorced 1999);
                           6 children:
                        {1} Michael Richard Lillrose b. 1954; m. Nancy Nelson; 3 children:
                                 1- Michael Lillrose
                                 2- Mark Lillrose
                                 3- Kay Louise Lillrose
                        {2} Anne Marie Lillrose b. 1956; m1 Rand Rutledge; m2 Bob Beard ;
                                 2 sons:
                                 1- Kristofer Rutledge
                                 2- Joshua Rutledge
                        {3} Kevin Mark Lillrose b. 1958; m. Brenda Joyce Reeves; 3 children:
                               1- Rebecca Ann  Lillrose b. 1978
                               2- Jessica Michelle Lillrose b. 1980; m. Michael Rose; 1 child
                                    <1>  Taylor Christy Rose, b.  2003
                               3- Matthew Lymon Lillrose b. 1982
                        {4} Karen G. Lillrose b. 1959 m. Tim Mattson; 3 children:
                               1- Joshua Mattson
                               2- Stephen Mattson
                               3- Jeremy Mattson
                        {5} Lucille M. Lillrose b. 1961; m. David Van Horne; 2 children:
                               1- Alexandra Van Horne
                               2- Richard Van Horne
                        {6}   Jennifer K. Lillrose b. 1962; m. Gary Kiesler; 2 children:
                               1- Natalie Kiesler
                               2- Erica Kiesler

                     [3] Mary Irene French, born Feb. 6, 1937, was married Nov. 17, 1956 to Jack
                           Xavier Woods (b. May 12, 1933 in Phoenix, Arizona).  Jack was in the U.S.
                           navy 1950-1954, then became a welder and in 1969 opened his own Off-road
                           Automotive Shop, which he still operates.  Mary Irene and Jack Woods had
                           three daughters:
                            {1} Laura Lynn Woods.  One daughter:
                                  1- Ciara Irene Woods b. 1985
                            {2} Carol Ann Woods was married on Oct. 27, 1978 in Phoenix to Paul Willard
                                Meyer, son of Dorothy and Merle Willard Meyer.  Three children:
                                  1- Rachel Marie Meyer b. 198
                                  2- Amber Lynne Meyer b. 1983
                                  3- Zachary Daniel Meyer b. 1988
                             {3} Valerie Kay Woods married Randy Smay in March, 1984.  Two daughters:
                                   1- Lindsay Smay
                                   2- Blythe Smay

                     [4] Kathleen (Kathy) Agnes French* was born June 26, 1943.
                           m1 was to Richard (Jeff) Glaze in Phoenix.
                           m2 was to Stanley E. Elberg. Kathy and Stanley were married June 18, 1976
                           in Phoenix, Arizona . They now live in Memphis, Tennessee.
                           Kathy and Richard Glaze had two children before divorcing:(vii)
                             {1} Jeffry Glaze was born in 1963.
                                   m1 was to Sandra Wayman
                                   (daughter of Ronald Wayman and Florence  Berube) on Oct. 11,
                                   1982 in Phoenix. Two children (viii) before divorcing in 1984:
                                      1-  Melissa Glaze* (b.1982) married Benjamin Grant, (b. 1981)
                                          in Nov. of 2000 in Monterey, California.
One son:
                                                 <1> Adam Grant b. 2002
                                         Melissa Glaze and Benjamin Grant divorced in 2004.  
                                     2-  Matthew Glaze, b. 1984. enlisted in the
Army National Guard in 2004.
                                 m2 for Jeffry (about 1987) was to Diane Anderson, daughter of
                                 Harold and Darlene Anderson. Jeffry and Diane live in North
                                 Dakota. Two children (vii):
                                     1- Breanna Glaze, b. 1989
                                     2- Jacob Glaze, b. 1993
                            {2} Cynthia Kathleen Glaze married Charles (Chuck) Nelson Benefiel on
                                July 26, 1986. They reside in Mandsville, Louisiana. Two sons (viii):
                                    1-  Kyle Nathan Benefiel, b. April 2, 1990
                                    2-  Corey Mathew Benefiel, b. Dec. 18, 1991.

                (3) - Elmer Louis Hedley (1911-1912)
                        Died in infancy and is
buried in Mount Hope Cem, Ingram Co., Mich.
                (4) - Howard Hedley (1913-1914)
                        Died in infancy
and is buried in Mount Hope Cem, Ingram Co., Mich. .
                (5) - Harold K Hedley (1915-1938)
                        Harold died at age 23
and is buried in Mount Hope Cem, Ingram Co., Mich.
                (6) - Laverne Hedley (1917-1918)
                        Died in infancy
and is buried in Mount Hope Cem, Ingram Co., Mich.
                (7) - James Hedley (1918-1963).  James died at age 45
(8) - Francis R. (Frank) Hedley (gen.v) b. Sept. 23, 1920 was a detective in the
                        Lansing, Michigan police force. Frank married
Rose (Dell) Carpenter, who was
                        born in 1923. Francis R. Hedley died March 9,1989  in Lansing, Ingham, MI,
                        Residence Morton, Mecosta, MI. Francis and Rose Hedley had three children (

[1] Linda Lee Hedley b.1947 had one child:
                                {1} Rhoda Louise Hedley b. 1977
                        [2] Carl Francis Hedley b. 1950 m. Judith MacKay, b. 1938. One child:
                                {1} Christopher Craig Hedley b. 1976
                                       m. Elizabeth D. Lintemuth born in 1981,  m. 2002. No children.
                        [3] Jack Carpenter Hedley b. 1956
                              married Gail Andews b. 1954, married in 1981. No children
               (9) - Mary Rita Hedley (1924-1976) married Kermit Case, died 1960
                      Mary Rira and Kermit had two children:
[1]  Gerard Case b. Jan., 31, 1947
                       [2]  Judy Case b. Jan. 24, 1949

After the death of William’s first wife Sarah at age 41 in 1887, William married Julia Ann Bennett, age 36, a seamstress. Julia and William had three more children. Julia was the daughter of Elsie (Eliza) and Alfred Bennett. The 1960 Census lists Alfred and Eliza and their first two children:

         1860 US Census for Middlebury, Shiawassee County, Michigan    

Bennett,  Alford, age 30, b. 1830 in Michigan
                Eliza J. age 22, b. 1838 in Michigan
                Julia A. age 4, b. 1856 in Michigan
                Emerson E. age 9/12, b. 1859 in Michigan

Twenty years later Julia’s family had moved to Ovid, Michigan and had added two more children to the family:

        1880 US Census for Ovid, Clinton County, Michigan

Bennett    A. M.
(head) age 50, carpenter & joiner, b. NY; fa. NY; mo. NY
                 Elsie J. (wife) 43, keeping house, b. MI; fa. NY; mo. NY
                 Julia A. (dau) 24, single, seamstress, b. MI; fath NY; moth. MI
                 Emerson E. (son) 20, single, laborer, b. MI; fath NY; moth. MI
                 Seth J. (son) 17, laborer, b. MI; fath NY; moth. MI
                Alfred J., 3, at home, b. MI; fath NY; moth. MI

Julia Ann Bennett and William Henry Hedley were married about 1887.

      1900 US Census for Lansing, Ingham, Michigan lists them as married for 13 years, with three children:

Hedley,  William (head) 62, b. Apr.1838, farm laborer, m.13 yr; b. in Can.; father b. in Eng., mother b. in Ire.
               Julia (wife) 44, b. Jan.1856, 3 children (3 living); b. in MI; father b. NY; mother b. MI
               Alpha E (dau) 11, b. June 1888, school; b. SD; fa. Can; mo. MI
               Alice E (dau) 8, b. April 1892, b. in SD; father Can; mother MI
               Bennett N. (son) 5, b. June 1894; b. SD; father Can; mother MI

In 1910 William, age 73, was living in Michigan with his son and daughter-in-law Elmer and Gertrude and their two young children. The Census of 1910 states that William is in his second marriage, has been married 15 years and is the father of 13 children, 11 of whom are living.

Ten years later, in 1920, William, age 83, was living with his daughter and son-in-law Maud and Arthur Geer and their 11 and 17-year-old daughters in Lansing, Michigan. William’s wife Julia appears to be living separately. The 1920 US Census for Eagle, Clinton County, Michigan lists "Julia Hedley (head) age 64, ‘widow', rented home, born in Michigan."

Two years after the 1920 census reports, William Henry Hedley, age 85, eldest son of Jane (McBride) and Nicholas Hedley, died on September 10, 1922 in Aberdeen, South Dakota (location unconfirmed). If William died in Aberdeen, S. Dakota, he may have been living with some of his family who were still resident in Brown County. William’s daughter Emma, age 53, her husband Ronald Johnson and their two children Florence and Grant were still living in Brown County, S. Dakota in 1922. Elsie Alpha, age 30, the eldest of William and Julia’s three children, was also living in Brown County in 1922.Julia (Bennett) and William Hedley had three children, whose births are recorded in Brown County, South Dakota:

9 - Elsie Alpha Hedley was born June 12, 1890
      m1 John Weaver. No children.
      m2 Herb Reeves
. Elsie and Herb didn't have children.
     Elsie died April 1, 1943 at age 55 in Brown County, South Dakota.

10 - Alice Edith (Ida) Hedley, born April 26, 1892, married Lewis W. (Lou) Cahill on Oct. 14, 1904 in
       Lansing, Ingham, Michigan. (IGI) (The marriage year may be in error as Ida would have been only
       12 in 1904.)
  Lew was the son of Melinda Preston and Cornelius Cahill.

       Ida (Hedley) Cahill died April 7, 1943 at age 51.It is not known if Ida and Lou had any children

11 - Nicholas Bennett Hedley was born June 28, 1894 in Brown County (South Dakota Birth Records).
       Bennett married Merle E. (–?–).
       Bennett, Merle, and their three children are listed on the 1930 Census:

          1930 U.S. Census for Macomb County, Michigan:             

    Hedley,  Bennet N. age 35, Warren Village
                   Merle E. age 34, Warren Village
                   Gordon B. age 13, Warren Village
                   Julia M. age 5, Warren Village
                   Warren J. age 2, Warren Village

    Bennett Nicholas Hedley died in January 1962 in Polk County, Florida at age 68 (Florida Death Index).
    Bennett and Merle E. Hedley had at least three children (gen.iv):

                (1) Gordon B. Hedley born Aug. 4, 1916 in Warren Village, Macomb Co., Michigan;
                     died July 1983 in Winter Haven, Polk, Florida.
                (2) Julia M. Hedley b. about 1925 in Warren Village, Macomb Co., Mich.
                (3) Warren J. Hedley b. July 11, 1927 in Warren Village, Macomb Co., Michigan;
                     died March 1986 in Polk, Florida(Macomb Co. Cemetery and Obituary Indexes)

                      Contributors to Chapter 9 
             Ken Hedley, Guelph, Ont. 
           *James S. Hedley, Sylvania, Ohio
          * Marlene Hedley, Regina, Saskatchewan
          * Carol Meyer, Phoenix, Arizona
          * Melissa Grant, California and England
          * Margaret (French) Lillrose.
          * Kathleen (French) Elberg, Memphis, Tenn.
             Rick Rumpel, Crailsheim, Germany
          * Travis Johnson Fargo, ND

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