Chapter 7
        Mary Ann Hedley (1821-1905)  (gen. ii)
(First Canadian-born Hedley)
     m 1  Thomas Naughty (1809-1840)
      m 2  Andrew Hopewell (1826-1872)


Mary Ann Hedley, born in 1821,  was the youngest of the eight children of John Hedley and Frances Lawes, and the only one of their eight children born in Canada. In fact she is believed to have been the first child of European descent born in March Township, Carleton County. Mary Ann was born the year following the arrival in the Ottawa Valley of her parents and six brothers and sisters. The family was brought to Canada by James Dent Weatherley, a retired British army officer  who, along with other retired officers,  had received land grants along the Ottawa River in return for his military services. The Hedley family, relatives of the Weatherleys, were contracted as  indentured servants for five years to work on the development of the Weatherley properties, one of which is the present location of  “Marchmont,” the former residence of Chief Justice Brian Dickson (now deceased). The now privately owned property on the Ottawa River at Berry Side Road was formerly in the city of Kanata, but is now part of the city of Ottawa.

By 1823, when Mary Ann was two years old, the family had moved away from the river front onto  land of their own, one of only 49 families in the township of March. Around that time Mary Ann’s eldest brother Thomas drowned in the Ottawa River (according to family report) and her eldest sister Frances was working as housekeeper for James Dent Weatherley. Only four brothers and sisters remained in the log home or “shanty” on Lot 18, Concession 4 of March Township: John, age 19, Martha, 15, Nicholas, 9 and William, 8. A year later, in 1824, Mary Ann’s sister Martha, age 16, married Thomas Morgan, and the following year her elder brother John married Margaret Grierson, leaving only Nicholas, 11, William, 10, and Mary Ann, 4,  at home. In 1838 a fire destroyed the family’s log residence. It was replaced the following year by a fine stone house that still serves as a family residence (See latter part of Chapter 2).

Marriage 1 - Mary Ann Hedley, age 18, married Thomas Naughty, age 30 on May 18, 1839.
Marriage: In March Township on May 18, 1839 by Rev. A. Harper, Thomas Naughty of Templeton, Lower Canada, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of John Headley of March.
(Bytown Gazette 1836-1843)

In April 1840 Mary Ann and Thomas Naughty had a daughter, Catherine (gen.iii). Thomas died later that year, on Dec. 23, 1840 at age 31. (Headstone in St. John’s Cemetery, South March)

Note: Because of the complexity of this chapter, a colour-coding system is used as well as the usual numbering and indenting system to indicate different generations. Red lettering is used for generation 3, the children of Mary Ann Hedley. Green lettering is used for generation 4, the grandchildren of Mary Ann Hedley, and generation 5 (great grandchildren) are presented in bold lettering only.

 1. Catherine Frances Naughty,  the only daughter of Mary Ann Hedley and Thomas Naughty, was born April 25, 1840 in March Township. Catherine was raised in the household of Mary Ann (Hedley) Naughty and her second husband, Andrew Hopewell, along with her eight half-brothers and sisters.  In the 1861 Census for March Township, Carleton County, Catherine was twenty years old, living in the Hopewell household along with four younger step-sisters and step-brothers. Catherine Naughty  married  John Boyd on March 20, 1867. Witnesses at the marriage of Catherine and John were Andrew Hopewell of March Township, William Hedley of Torbolton Twp. and Thomas Hutchison of Ottawa. Catherine was 27 and John Boyd was 24. John was b. in Tyrone, Ireland, the son of William Boyd and Elizabeth Porter. Catherine and John Boyd had eight children (gen.iv):

          (1) Mary Jane Boyd m. William Carson on March 8, 1894 in Osgoode Twp. Russell Co.
                                                          1901 Ont. Census for Osgoode Twp., Russell Co.
William (head)
b. Mar. 26
age 30

Mary (wife)
b. Dec. 19
age 32

W. Arthur (son)
b. Dec. 24
age 3

Thersa (head)
b. May 30,
age 72

          (2) Robert Boyd of Metcalfe, Ont.
          (3) John Boyd of Metcalfe, Ont.
          (4) Thomas Boyd of Metcalfe, Ont.
          (5) Rev. Alfred L. Boyd of Toronto
          (6) George Boyd of London, Ont.
          (7) Rev. S. Wesley Boyd of Sutton, P.Q.
       (from Catherine Boyd’s obituary, April 22, 1925)

Catherine (Naughty) Boyd died March 30, 1925 at age 85 at the home of her son Robert Boyd in Metcalfe, Ont. She was predeceased by her husband John Boyd. Catherine was survived by seven of her eight children (above) as well as a sister, Mrs. William Loney (Annie Hopewell) of Brittania and three brothers, William Hopewell of Brittania, and James and Charles Hopewell of Ottawa (Obituary).
Marriage 2:  Mary Ann (Hedley) Naughty married Andrew Hopewell in March 1848, eight years after the death of her first husband, Thomas Naughty.  Irish-born Andrew Hopewell was born in1826 and died Sept. 7, 1872 at age 46. He was the son of Elizabeth and Andrew Hopewell of Ireland. Mary Ann’s father-in-law Andrew Hopewell  (1795-1825) was one of four children of an earlier Andrew Hopewell (1753-1823), a hosier (dealer in stockings and men’s underwear) in Sligo, Ireland. Andrew Hopewell, Mary Ann’s husband, had two brothers, James and Charles Hopewell. James, a civil engineer who was born in 1821, died of pneumonia at age 53 on a voyage from Ireland to Canada on April 8, 1874.

At the time of their marriage Mary Ann was 27 and Andrew was 22. Andrew brought into the marriage his two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. The 1851 Census for March Township shows Andrew, 26, and Mary Ann, 29, living in a “shanty” with  three children, Catherine, 11;  Elizabeth , 6; and John , 3.

Ten years later, the 1861 Census for March Township shows the family living in a one-storey log house on Lot 17, Con. 3 of March Twp. Mary Ann was 37 and Andrew, a farmer, born in Ireland was 33. Catherine Naughty, age 20, was still at home. (She later married John Boyd.) John Hopewell, 14, is attending school; and three more children, William, 7, Anna, 5, and Alice, 3, had been added to the family. Elizabeth, who would have been 16, was absent from the household. It is believed she was working as a domestic servant, sometimes using the name "Lizzie Cutton."

In addition to Catherine Naughty (1840-1925), her first child, and possibly Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Andrew Hopewell had eight more children, generation (iii):
                            The  Children of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell
Catherine Naughty daughter of Thomas Naughty; b. Apr. 25, 1840, March Twp; d. Mar. 30, 1925 at age 25 in Metcalfe, Ont;  married  John Boyd
1) John A Hopewell
  b. Dec. 22, 1848, March Twp; d. 1914, Arnprior, Ont;
married Ruth Shaw
2) Mary Hopewell b. March 6, 1852; d. at age one on  Nov.16, 1853
3) William Hopewell b. Apr.1,1854, March Twp; d. May 8,1938, Harwood Plains; burial St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, S. March; married  Martha F. Logan Jan. 6,1881.
4) Anna Hopewell
b. Dec.25, 1856, March Twp; d.1941, Sturgeon Falls, Ont.
m1 Thomas Logan;  m2 William Loney
5) Alice Hopewell
b. April 26, 1859, March Twp; d. Vankleek Hill; Bearbrook Anglican Cemetery; married Robert Rickerd March 21,1881
6) Charles Hopewell b. Sept.22, 1861, March Twp., d. May 15, 1931, Ottawa; magistrate and mayor of Ottawa 1909-1912; married Annie Florence McMurtry Oct. 29, 1890.
7) James Hopewell   b. Oct. 5, 1864, March Twp; d. Nov. 12, 1938, Carp; burial Beechwood Cemetery; married Emma Jane Bradley June 8, 1892.
 8) Emma Hopewell
b. Jan. 3, 1867; d. Aug 7, 1890 at age 23; burial Johnston Corners; married Samuel Scharf April 20, 1886.

1. John A. Hopewell,
the first child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell, was born Dec. 22, 1848 in March Township. John married Ruth Shaw.  In 1905, at the time of his mother's funeral, John Hopewell was living in Arnprior. He died in 1914 and was buried in Arnprior. John and Ruth Hopewell had six children.
       1 - Laura Hopewell, b. May 1882, d. Aug. 26, 1905, age 23 of fever and heart failure.

2. Mary Hopewell, the second child of Mary Ann and Andrew Hopewell, was born March 6, 1852. She died at age one-on Nov. 16, 1853.

3. William Hopewell, the third child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell, was born April 1, 1854.  William married Martha Frances Logan (b. May 15, 1855) on Jan. 6, 1881. Martha  was the daughter of Jane Morgan and Jacob Logan; Martha Frances Logan was thus the granddaughter of Martha Hedley (See Chap. 5).

 In 1905 William and Martha Hopewell were residing in Harwood Plains. Martha (Logan) Hopewell died  Aug. 7, 1910 at age 55.  In 1925 William Hopewell was living in Brittania, Ont.  He died May 8, 1938.  William and Martha's graves are in St. John's Cemetery, South March (Photo of William and 3 of his 5 children).William and Martha Hopewell had five children (gen.iv):

          1 - Nina Jane Rusk Hopewell born Sept. 29, 1881, married William Francis Nesbitt
               (1880-1946) on June 29, 1904. Nina died July 9, 1938. Five children (gen.v):
                    (1) Willard Hopewell  Nesbitt  b. June 24, 1907 married Gertrude ‘Eileen’ Kirk
                          Nov.15, 1941.Willard d. Dec.10, 1963. Eileen d. in 1974. Two children (
                                [1] John Willard Nesbitt b. July 31, 1951 married Linda Eberle Aug.10,1979
                                [2] Linda Elizabeth  Nesbitt b. June 28, 1944 married Ron Clark (b. 1939)
                                     on Dec. 23, 1966.
                   (2) Frances Jane  Nesbitt b. May 11, 1910, died Jan. 24, 1999 (never married)
                   (3) Mildred Marguerite  Nesbitt b. June 22, 1914, died in infancy May 23, 1915
                   (4) Hilda Isabel  Nesbitt b. Sept. 10, 1916,  married Nelson Alexander Hill
                        (1914-1997) on Sept. 8, 1938. Hilda died  June 9, 1979. (Nelson’s second
                        marriage was to Myrtle Baird.) Hilda and Nelson Nesbitt had one child (
                               [1] Bonnie Elizabeth Hill b. Mar. 7, 1941, married William David Hincks
                                    (born 1936) on May 21, 1960. 
                  (5) Robert Gordon Nesbitt b. June 15, 1918, married Edith Audrey Van (born
                       Aug.19, 1916) on June 28, 1949.  Edith died Oct. 10, 1978. Robert died Aug. 3,
                       1994. Their graves are in Sault Ste. Marie. Robert and Edith Nesbitt had two
                       children (
                                [1] Ronald Gordon Nesbitt b. Jan. 25, 1950 married Julie Bishop (b. Jan. 8,
                                     1952) on Aug. 1, 1975.
                                [2] William Thomas Nesbitt b. July 26, 1952 married Nancy Lazare on Dec.
                                     19, 1981. Nancy died six years later, on May 19, 1987; no children.
          2 - Iva Lena Hopewell, second child of William and Martha Hopewell, was born Aug. 4, 
              1883. Iva, age 26,  married 37-year-old John James Shouldice (b.1872) on Dec.15,
              1909. John Shouldice  died Sept. 18, 1929. Iva died 33 years later, on June10, 1962.
               Their graves are in St. Johns Cemetery, South March.  Iva and John had three children:
                   (1) George Hopewell Shouldice, b. Sept. 9, 1911, married Inez Pridmore (b. 1912)
                        on Sept. 28,1940. George d. Jan. 6, 1990. George and Inez had two children:
                               [1] Lynda Marilyn Shouldice b. Jan. 1947 m. John Robert Craig (b. 1947)
                               [2] John William Shouldice (1949- 2002) m. Sharon Lynne Murray (b. 1951)
                                    John and Sharon Shouldice had three children.
                  (2) Roy Graham Shouldice b. Jan. 29, 1913 m. Emily Croll (b.1917) on Sept. 16,
                        1940. Roy died April 3, 1972.  Three children:
                               [1] Robert Graham Shouldice (b. 1947) m. Karen Louise Mathison (b. 1947)
                               [2] George James Shouldice (b. 1950)
                                     m1  Janet Louise Cheel (divorced);  m2  Huguette Roch  Nov. 11, 1988
                               [3] Shirley Shouldice b. Dec. 18, 1942
                  (3) Ruby Frances Shouldice b. Feb. 15, 1921, m. Kenneth Robert Colbert on Oct.
                       20, 1951. Ruby d. Jan. 27, 1962. Kenneth d. in 1973. Two adopted daughters.

          3 - Andrew Fleming Hopewell b. Sept.15, 1886, married Harriet Annetta Story on
               Sept.12, 1911 at St. James Anglican Church in Carp. Harriet died in Ottawa on Oct.29,
               1952. Andrew F. Hopewell donated to St. John’s Anglican Church, in 1958, a lectern,
               prayer desk and reredos (the ornamental wood wall behind the alter). A brass plate on
               the lectern has the inscription, “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of
               HARRIET ANNETTA HOPEWELL  1888-1952.”

               Andrew died 13 years after his wife, on April 9, 1965. Their graves are in St. John's
               Cemetery, South March. Andrew and Harriet Hopewell had four children (gen.v):

                    (1) William Walter Story  Hopewell (b. Sept.5, 1915; d. July 20. 1994) m. Sarah
                          Elizabeth (Betty) McBride (b. 1917). Four children:
                                 [1] Carolyn Ann Hopewell, born 1945, married Dave Weins. Three sons.
                                 [2] Janet Deborah Hopewell, b. 1947, married Norman Alen Sentance. Three children.
                                 [3] Andrew Maitland Hopewell, b. 1950, m. Karen Mary-Ellen Green on May 1, 1976.
                                      Three children.
                                 [4] Allen Walter Hopewell, b. 1953, married Patricia Chamberlain, Oct. 1986        
                    (2) Eldon Andrew Hopewell born Feb.1, 1916, m. Audrey Margaret Marks
                         (b.1923) on Dec.1, 1951.  Eldon and Audrey Hopewell had two children:
                                [1] Kenneth Robert Hopewell (b.1953) m. Rosemary Frances Monaghan (b.1956)
                                      in 1977. Four sons.
                                [2] Anne Harriet Hopewell (b.1956) m. Joseph Henry Cyrus George Ladouceur
                                      (b.1953) in 1980. No children.

                    (3) Evelyn Frances Hopewell (b. June 8, 1921; d. April 8, 1974) married
                         Cecil John Jessiman who was b. Feb. 26, 1916 in Scotland. Three children:
                    (4) Arthur James Hopewell, born Feb. 7, 1925, married Beryl Emily Switzer (obituary)
                         (b. Feb. 27, 1927) on May 20, 1947 at Britannia United Church. Arthur James
                        Hopewell died of cancer at age 53 on Dec. 7, 1978. His grave is in St. John's Cemetery,
                        South March..   Arthur and Beryl Hopewell  had six children (
                                   [1] David Arthur Hopewell (b.1949) m. Christine Elaine Jones in 1975. One daughter:
                                          {1}Nadine Hopewell*
                                   [2] Keith Ernest Hopewell (b.1951) m. Margaret Wakeling in 1986.
                                         They live in Alemonte, Ont. One daughter:
                                          {1} Hailey Adrienne Hopewell* (gen.vii)
                                   [3] requested to be deleted
                                   [4] Jeffrey Bruce Hopewell (b.1954) m. Theresa Patricia Raymond in1977.
                                         Three children.
                                   [5] Dean Scott Switzer Hopewell (b.1958)
                                   [6] requested to be deleted
          4 - Edward Francis Hopewell b. Jan.1892; d. in infancy Jan.19, 1893 (Inscription on
               Hopewell headstone).

          5 - Annie Hopewell b. May 17, 1895; died in infancy May 18, 1895 (Inscription on
              Hopewell headstone).
Anna (Annie) Hopewell

4. Anna (Annie) Hopewell was the fourth child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell. Annie was born Dec. 26, 1856. According to family tradition,  Annie Hopewell was admired by two suitors, Tom Logan and Willie Loney. Annie married Tom in 1879 when she was 22 and  Tom was 30.

m1 Thomas Logan  Annie and Tom were married on June 16, 1879. Tom died three years later, on June 23, 1882 at the youthful age of 33.  His grave is in St. John's Cemetery, South March.  Tom was b. May 21, 1849  (baptized Aug. 1849), the son of Jacob Logan and Jane Morgan  (Jane Morgan was the daughter of  Martha Hedley - Chap. 5).  Thomas and Annie Logan had one child:

            1 - Lillie Miriam Logan born April 10, 1880, was the only child of Annie Hopewell
                and Thomas Logan. Lillie married Fred Davison (b. May 27, 1881) on April 22, 
               1908. Lillie and Fred Davison lived in Sturgeon Falls and Sudbury. Lillie died in 1943
                at age 63. Fred and Lillie Davison had two children (gen.v):

                     (1) Anne Miriam Davison* was born March 26, 1913 in Sturgeon Falls, Ont.,  (Photo)
                           but was raised in  Sudbury. She graduated from Trinity College, University of 
                          Toronto, and studied Chinese at Yale.  She then worked as a United Church
                          missionary in China and served in Korea, working with widows and with the
                          placement of orphaned children. In 1961 she returned to Toronto and became
                          Director of the Social Action Unit of the Anglican Church of Canada.
                          In 1971 she returned to Asia as Director of the Foster Parents Plan in
Vietnam, departing from Saigon at the general evacuation two years
                          later.  On Dec. 22, 1973 Anne married Capt. John Storey in Hong Kong.
                          John was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on Nov. 9, 1910. John’s nephew
                          Bill Stivens* of England writes in an e-mail, “My uncle John was a remarkable
                          person who travelled the world as a mariner from boyhood on Tyneside right
                          through the war years on petrol tankers.” He was a sea captain and shipping
                          agent in Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. After their marriage John and
                          Anne Storey retired to Canada  in 1974. John co-founded the Master
Association of Canada and was a keen Mason, Rotarian and
                          member of the Synod to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. In 1990 Anne
                          was presented with an Honorary Doctorate by Trinity College in recognition
                          of her life’s work.
                          In retirement Anne did historical and genealogical research. She was a
                         descendant of March pioneers, including the Logans, Hedleys and Hopewells,
                         and made several contributions of artifacts to the Pinhey’s Point Foundation.
                         It is to Anne that this website is indebted for information about the Hedley
                         origins in England and the relationship of the Hedleys to early March Twp.
                         families. Anne Storey died Jan 13, 1997 at her residence in Etobicoke. Funeral
                         services were held at Grace Church On-the-Hill, 300 Lonsdale Rd. Anne’s
                         husband  John Storey died two years later at Etobicoke General Hospital on
                         Dec. 30, 1999. See photo and obituaries, this chapter.

                   (2) Beatrice Mabel Davison, born Sept. 5, 1915,  married Charles Brown (b.
                        1911) on Oct. 7, 1939. Beatrice died Sept. 22, 1986.  Beatrice and Charles
                        Brown had two children (
                                    [1] Douglas Brown, born Nov. 26, 1944, received his Master of Theology Degree
             at the University of Toronto. After serving at St. James Cathedral in Toronto,
                                         where he was ordained as priest he became rector of a 3-point Anglican parish in
                                         Minden, Ont. in 1974.
In 1977 he entered the Order of the Holy Cross Monastery
                                         in New York State and became a monk of the order in 1983. Douglas was a
                                         witness to the attack on the World Trade Centre on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

                                         The Rev. Douglas Brown, prior of Holy Cross Monastery, New York,
                                         died May 5, 2006 at age 61.
                                         See Addendum #1 of this chapter for more about Douglas Brown.
                                    [2] Shirley Miriam Brown, b. July 6, 1947, married Milton Barry (b.
                                         1945) on May 10, 1969. Milton Barry is an Anglican priest at
                                         Grace Church-on-the-Hill in Toronto.
                                         Shirley and Milton Barry had two children:
                                               {1} Catherine Ann Miriam Barry b. 1970
                                               {2} Matthew James Douglas Barry b.1772
                   (3) Evelyn Davison b. 1919 died in infancy

 Marriage 2 of Annie (Hopewell) Logan was to William Loney   Two years after the death of her first husband, Thomas Logan, Annie married Willie Loney on April 23, 1885 in St. Marks Anglican Church, Pakenham, Ont. Annie was 28, Willie 30 (b. Feb. 20, 1855).
The Richard Loney family came from Cloughjordan, Tipperary, Ireland in 1818, after the Napoleonic Wars, with several dozen families on the sailing ship “Brunswick.” On reaching Canada, about half of these “Talbot Settlers,” including the Loney family, chose to leave the party while still along the St. Lawrence River rather than continue to the London area. They proceeded to Richmond, Upper Canada, where some had relatives or acquaintances.  Richard  Loney, as a military immigrant, was granted a half lot on the 4th concession of Nepean. According to the 1821 Census there were seven family members (1 man, 1 woman, 2 males and 3 females). In 1821 four of the 100 acres had been cleared and the family had one cow. The wife of Edward Loney is unknown. Their children were probably the following:

1) Edward Loney (age 12 when the family left Ireland) was born in 1806. The Nepean Militia, 1828, Richmond, Upper Canada lists Edward Loney, age 22, on its role of 73 men. (Walker Dawson, age 37, husband of Frances Hedley, eldest daughter of John and Frances, is also listed.)  In 1836 the land grant in Nepean was sold by Edward Loney, on behalf of his father Richard, to John Robertson.

Edward Loney married Catherine (Kitty) Fitzgerald. The daughter of Edward and Kitty, Catherine Loney, married Peter Cowan, an Irish Presbyterian, who died between 1881 and 1891. Catherine (Loney) Cowan was the paternal great grandmother of Ruth Cunningham,* a contributer to this chapter.
2) Another son died at sea between 1818 and 1821.
3) Elizabeth Loney was baptized June 6, 1814 in Kilcommon, Shinron
4) Ann Loney was baptized Nov. 4, 1816 in Kilcommon, Shinron
5) Mary Ann Loney was b.1818  in Canada (probably Hull)
6) Robert Loney was born about 1819 in Upper Canada and died in 1902 in his mid-eighties. Robert married Mary Boyle. The Historical Atlas of Carleton County, 1879 shows Robert Loney on Concession 1, Lot 3 of  Torbolton Township. Probably Robert and Mary (Boyle) Loney’s two children were born on that farm. Robert was the grandfather of Linton, Chiron, Snowden, Ernest, Lesley, Mamie and Olive Loney, and the grandfather and  great grandfather of Bill Loney* and Peter Loney*,  contributors to this chapter.

Robert and Mary (Boyle) Loney had two children:
                 1] Mary Jane Loney married Garvin Logan. Mary Jane (Loney) Garvin is the
                     maternal step grandmother of Ruth Cunningham*.
                 2] William Loney, born Feb. 20, 1855 in Torbolton Township, married
                     Annie (Hopewell) Logan. (Photo of William & Annie Loney & young family)
                     In 1905, Annie and William Loney were living in Sturgeon Falls. William Loney
                    died Dec. 25, 1916 at age 61. Annie lived another 26 years, her later years in
                    Sudbury in the upstairs of the home of her daughter and son-in-law Lillie and Fred
                    Davison and their daughters Anne and Bea. Annie's sons Linton and Snowden and
                    their families also lived in Sudbury, where Annie's son-in-law Fred Davison owned
                    a car dealership at which both of Lillie's half-brothers, Snowden and Linton, also
                   worked. Peter Loney, a grandson of Snowden, reports that when things were slow
                   at work, they played cribbage, a game that he remembers his grandfather
                   Snowden playing with them when they were children. Peter further
recalls his father
                   Jim's stories of family gatherings: "Annie lived upstairs and after church on Sunday,
                   the extended family would convene at the Davisons and Annie would hold court in
                   the parlour. My dad says she wasn't the cuddly approachable grandparent of today.
                   It was boring for the kids (all dressed up in church clothes) and my dad and Bill
                   would play. One day they got into Fred's office and found a handgun...."                 
                   Bill Loney, Linton's son, also refers sardonically to his grandmother Annie:
                   "She was well-known to me." Bill adds,
“In the 1930's my mother and father took
                    me on vacations to visit with all of Dad’s siblings and I got to know them very well.”
                    Bill further informs us that Annie was one of the first patients in Canada to receive
                    insulin as a controlling agent for diabetes. Doctors at the time did not realize that the
                    amount of dosage was critical, and as a result Annie developed gangrene in her toe
                    and died at age 87 in 1941. Her burial was in Sturgeon Falls, Ont.
                    Annie Hopewell and William Loney had 7 children (gen. iv):
                    (Family photo with Annie & William)

           2 - Linton Andrew Loney (1886-1974) was the first child of the marriage of Annie
                (Hopewell) (Logan) and William Loney. (Linton was Annie’s second child, after Lillie
                Logan.) Linton  m. Ethel 'Louise' Brockway (1883-1975). Five children (gen. v):

                    (1) Ina Loney (b. 1913) m. Fred Adair. Three sons, gen. (vi):
                                [1] Ronald Adair (1935-1995)
                                [2] Edward Adair
                                [3] Gary Adair
                    (2) Allan Loney (1914-1960) m. Hazel Zinkie. One daughter (gen. vi):
                                [1] Elizabeth Loney
                    (3) Ernest Leslie Loney (1916-1966) m. Audrey McDonald (d. 1996). 2 sons: 
                                 [1] Garth Loney
                                 [2] Douglas Loney                    
                   (4) Eileen Mae Loney (b. 1917) m. William Bailey (1908-1992).
                   (5) William Kenneth (Bill) Loney* born in 1924, married Marion Isabel 
                        Graveson (b.1927). Three children, gen. (vi):
                                [1] Robert William Loney married Elaine Adele Hogue. One son:
                                         {1} Stephen William Loney
                                [2] James Richard Loney
                                [3] Patricia Ann Loney

          3 - Chiron Chester Loney was born March 26, 1888; died Feb. 22, 1963. He was the second child
               of Annie Hopewell and William Loney
(Photo of 4 of their adult children). . Chiron, a printer by
               trade, married Jessie Brown (1885-1979).  They had two children (gen. v):
                   (1) Dorothy Loney (1912-1938) married (--?--)   One daughter:
                               [1] (--?--) (female)
                   (2) Lorne Loney born Feb.19, 1920; died Nov. 11, 1973, a barber by trade and also a poet--
                         published  "Sands of Time." Lorne married Ester Andres and had two sons:
                              [1] Brian Loney, born Sept. 1954, a printer by trade (as was his grandfather) and also a
                                   musician  and  part-time worker with airplanes. Brian lives in Gamebridge, south of
                                   Orillia; he married Dianne Crittenden. Brian and his son Steven attended the 2006
                                   Hedley Family Picnic. See Addendum #2 for photo of Brian and Steven and a poem
                                   by Brian's father Lorne. Brian and Dianne Loney
had two children (
                                         {1} Steven Loney born 1986
                                         {2} Deirdre Loney born 1990
                               [2] Ken Loney married Beverly Hooper. They had one daughter:
                                            {1}Kathy Loney
                       Marriage 2 for Lorne Loney was to Gladys Beuliea

          4 - Snowdon William Loney was born 1890, the third son of Annie and William Loney. (Photo)
                m1 to Mabel Teresa Suter (1898-1943) 
                m2 to Claire Irvine (d. 1971).  Snowdon Loney died in 1976.
                Mabel and Snowdon Loney had one son (gen.v):
                    (1) James Hopewell Loney born July 20, 1925, married  Margaret Stewart Davey
                          (b. Sept. 13, 1928) on Sept. 4, 1948. Two sons (
                              [1] Peter James Loney*, born in 1950 in Sudbury, Ont., married Mary Macdonald.
                                   Peter attended UWO in London and was a teacher in Ontario before moving to
                                   Edmonton, Alberta, where he administers training programs for government workers.
                                   Peter attended the 2002 Hedley Reunion in Kincardine. Two daughters (gen.vii):
                                          {1} MaryAnne Macdonald Loney married Peter Buijs May 10, 2008.
                                                 Both attended University
(Philosophy and Law)
One child:       1- Alexander Buijs, born June 25, 2010
See Addendum #3 for photo of Peter and Mary Catherine Loney
                                                 and their daughters

                                          {2} Meghan Loney married Garth Odsen July 16, 2011
                               [2] Eric William Loney m. Janice Price. Two children:
                                          {1} Caitlin Loney
                                          {2} Ian Loney married Ceilidh Purdy Aug. 13, 2011 

          5 - Ernest (Ernie) Victor Loney, fourth son of Annie Hopewell and William Loney, was
               born March 25, 1892 in Dunrobin, Torbolton Twp. He worked for the Royal Bank in
               North Bay until WW I when he served as a sergeant in the Canadian Expeditionary
               Force, Sussex. Ernie was present at Lens and Hill 70, where he was killed in action on
              Aug. 15, 1917.  (Photo)

          6 - Robert 'Leslie' Loney (1895-1960) m. Elsie Cunningham (1897-1990). 2 ch. (gen.v):
                     (1) Robert Loney (b. 1923) m. Ruth Holloghan.
                     (2) Marion Loney (b. 1925) m. James King. Five children (
                              [1] James King
                              [2] Alan King
                              [3] Janet King
                              [4] Leslie King
                              [5] Martha King
          7 - Mary Esther (Mame or Mamie) Loney (1898-1975) (Photo)
               m. David John Allan (1894-1974). One son (gen.v):
                     (1) Allan Loney.

          8 - Olive 'Edna' Loney (b. 1903) (Photos)
                m1 Hugh Ross (d. 1934)
                m2 Jack Crocker (d. 1956)

5. Alice Hopewell was the fifth child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell. Alice was born  April 26, 1859. She married Robert Rickerd on March 21, 1881. Robert was a signalman for the CN Railroad at Vankleek Hill, south of Hawkesbury, Ont. In 1905 Alice and Robert Rickerd  were living in Vankleek Hill. Alice died March 18, 1923 at age 64. Robert died 7 years later on April 8, 1930 in the Vars area, southeast of Ottawa. Alice and Robert Rickerd are buried in Bearbrook Anglican Cemetery.  They had eight children:
          1 - Mary Ann (Minnie) Rickerd (1882-1964) married Duncan McLeod from Glen
               Robertson, Ont. and moved to Saskatchewan. Five children:
                    (1) Robert 'Burns' McLeod, born 1903 in Vankleek Hill, Ont., married (--?--) and farmed near
                          Kinistino, Sask., where they were settled at least by the time of the 1911 census.
                         At least one child:
                               [1] Margaret 'Jean' Anderson McLeod,who married (--?--) Anderson. Jean and her
                                    husband have operated a cattle ranch since 1976 near Dawson Creek, B.C.

                    (2) Alice McLeod (Frederickson) - At least one child:
                              [1] Russell (Al) Frederickson
                                         {1} Carla (Frederickson) Desnoyers
                                                                                             Descendancy (provided by Carla)
                                                                                             John Hedley and Frances Lawes
                                                                                             Mary Ann (Hedley) Hopewell                                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                             Alice (Hopewell) Rickerd

                                                                                             Mary Ann (Minnie Rickerd) McLeod

                                                                                             Alice (McLeod) Frederickson

                                                                                             Russel (Al) Frederickson

                                                                                             Carla (Frederickson) Desnoyers

                    (3) Jessie McLeod
                    (4) Norman McLeod --a daughter, Eilene McLeod
                    (5) Margaret McLeod                   
                    (6) Mary Katherine (Kate) McLeod, b. 1912 in Elfros, Saskatchewan
                         (Information provided by Jean Anderson, Groundbirch, B.C.)

          2 - William Henry Rickerd (1884-1950) was a locomotive engineer for the CNR and in
               the rail yards in Montreal. Retired in Bowmanville, Ontario.  Never married.
          3 - Annie May Rickerd b. 1887, married Daniel MacDonald of Vankleek Hill and moved
                to Pontiac, Michigan. Five children:
                    (1) Elizabeth MacDonald
                    (2) Truman MacDonald
                    (3) Ruth MacDonald
                    (4) Jack MacDonald
                    (5) Daniel MacDonald

          4 - Andrew Edmund (Andy) Rickerd (1891- 1969) worked as a section foreman on the
               railroad in Quebec and Ontario. Andy married Sarah (Sadie) Alice R. Morrison.
              Andy and Sadie Rickerd  lived in Vars, Ont. Three children:
                    (1) Cecil Rickerd was mentaly challenged. He lived at home and d. at an early age.
                    (2) Alice Joyce Rickerd married farmer Ollie Walsh.
                    (3) Morris (Moe) Rickerd went to Nanaimo, B.C. where he worked for
                         MacMillan-Bloedel in the lumber industry. Moe married Nita (–?–). One child:
                               [1] Barbara Ann Rickerd  (BA) a school teacher, married (–?–). No children.

          5 - Roy Arden Rickerd ( 1894-1965) contracted scarlet fever at a very young age and lost
                the sight of one eye. He worked in the mines in Sudbury before moving to Vars where
                he worked in the rail yards in Ottawa. Roy married Eva Georgina Campbell of
                Russell. One son:
                    (1) Robert Campbell Rickerd (1929-2000) Robert worked at the National
                         Research Council in Ottawa.
                          m1 to Huguette Rochon (1933-1963).  Two boys and a girl:
                                  [1] Robert Rickerd
                                  [2] William Campbell Rickerd
                                  [3] Suzanne ‘Louise’  Rickerd
                          m2 to Joan Powers. The Rickerd family lived in Port Perry, Ont. One daughter:
                                  [4] Julie Ann Rickerd

          6 - Joy Evelyn Rickerd ( 1896-1977) married Silas Miles Barkley. Joy and Silas Barkley
               farmed and then did white washing in the Vars-Russell area.

          7 - Charles Reginald Rickerd b. Oct. 1898; d. Nov. 1898 (died in infancy).

           8 - Robert ‘Evans’ Rickerd was born April 30, 1900 in Vankleek Hill, Ont. He started
                working on the railroad when he was 11 years old. Evans married Luella Maude
                Richardson of Bearbrook in 1919 when he was 19  years old. Luella was 15 (b.1904).
                Evans and Luella Rickerd lived in Rockland, Ont. where Evans worked on the rail-line
                and where their first child was born. They later moved to Vars. Four children (gen. v):
                      (1) Helena Viola Rickerd was b. in 1921 in Rockland, Ont. Helena married John
                           Havill Meadows in 1945 in Chicago. Helena moved about the United States,
                           Hawaii and Japan. She died in Ottawa in 2002.
                      (2) Loretta ‘Beryl’ Rickerd was b. Apr. 18, 1923 in Vars. She worked at
                           Canadian Bank Note. She married Thomas Sheahan in Aug.1944 in Ottawa.
                           Two daughters (gen. vi):
                                  [1] Gayle Elaine Sheahan m. William James McBride in Whitby. One child:
                                            {1} Tracey Lee McBride*  m. Jeffery Caswell. Two children:
                                                        1- Mark Jeffery William Caswell
                                                        2- Megan Ruth Caswell
                                  [2] Janet Lee Sheahan b.1953, married Franklin Stearns in 1975. Two
                                       children (gen. vii):
                                             {1} Christopher James Stearns born in 1978
                                             {2} Deanna Gayle Stearns born in 1981
                      (3) June ‘Elaine’ Rickerd, b. in 1927 in Vars, worked for the government. She
                            married Lawrence Cyril Myers in 1949. Three children:
                                   [1] Cathy Diane Myers
                                   [2] Lori Elaine Myers
                                   [3] Mark Lawrence Myers
                      (4) Verna Beverly Rickerd * was born in 1935 in Vars. She started a nursing
                            career but chose marriage instead. Verna married Barry Eldon Kinsella in
                           1956 in Russell. Ont. In addition to having four children Verna also worked for\
                           Canada Post from which she retired in 2002. Verna’s husband Barry died in
                           1997. Verna and Barry Kinsella had four children:
                                  [1] Beverly Dale Kinsella
                                  [2] Linda Luella Kinsella
                                  [3] Lyle Robert Eldon Kinsella
                                  [4] Stephen Barry Kinsella

                     Rickerd photo page

6. Charles Hopewell was the sixth child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell. Charles was born Sept. 22, 1861 in March Twp. He married  Annie Florence McMurtry in 1890. Annie was born in 1867. Charles was Mayor of Ottawa from 1909 to1912 and was also a Magistrate. Hopewell Avenue in Ottawa was named in his honour. Charles Hopewell died in May 1931 at age 70. His wife Annie (McMurtry) Hopewell died six years later, in April 1937. Charles and Annie (McMurtry) Hopewell are buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa. They had six children (gen.v).
            1 - Joy Enerdale Hopewell was  born Feb. 13, 1892 in Ottawa, eldest child  of Charles
                 and Annie Hopewell.
                 m1 Charles Askwith. One child: 
                                     (1) Charles Askwith
                 m2 Hubert Francis Schoen
                 Joy died April 8, 1971 at age 79, burial in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa. Her name is engraved on
                 the headstone that also bears the names of her parents, Charles Hopewell and Annie McMurtry. 
               (Information from the Obituary in the Ottawa Journal, Apr. 9, 1971 and from the headstones,
                 provided courtesy of Brenda Holtz and Tracey Caswell.)

          2 - Gladys S. Hopewell b. July 14, 1894 (died after 1975) married W. Addison. A son:
                               (1) Charles Addison

          3 - Douglas Inwood Charles Hopewell born  Dec.1, 1897 in Ottawa, married  Margaret
               Mary Noonan. Charles was living in Regina in 1937. (Charles Hopewell “disowned”
               his son Douglas, who was not mentioned in his father’s obituary.)

          4 - Florence Mary Ann Hopewell, 1901-1903, died in childhood.

          5 - Audrey C. Hopewell (1903-1975) married John Macoun. Audrey and John Macoun Lived in Ottawa
                A daughter:
                              (1) Shelagh Macoun

          6 - Obelle Hopewell married Gordon Godsall. They lived in Brockville, Ont.
               Obelle died after 1975. Two children:
                              (1) Anne Godsall
                              (2) Terry Godsall

According to the obituary of Charles Hopewell, who died in May 1931, his “chief mourners included the widow, four daughters, Mrs. Charles Askwith of Montreal, Mrs. G. Addison of Ottawa, Mrs. G. Godsoll of Toronto and Mrs. John Macoun of Ottawa;  two grandsons... and two brothers...”

The obituary of Charles’s wife, Annie Florence (McMurtry) Hopewell, six years later, in April 1937  lists Douglas Hopewell of Regina; Mrs. Charles Askwith of Montreal; Mrs. Gladys Addison of Ottawa; Mrs. John Macoun of Ottawa; and Mrs. Gordon Godsoll of Toronto. Grandchildren were Charles Askwith, Charles Addison, Shelagh Macoun, and Anne and Terry Godsoll.

The obituary of Audrey (Hopewell) Macoun 38 years later, in 1975, names Audrey, widow of John Macoun, mother of Shelagh and sister of Mrs. Gladys Addison and Mrs. Gordon Godsoll (Obelle) of Brockville.

7. James Hopewell, the seventh child of Mary Ann Hedley, was b. Oct. 5, 1864 in March Twp. James married Emma Jane Braden on June 8, 1892.  In 1905 James was residing in Carp.
He died in 1938. Burial Beechwood Cemetery. James and Emma Hopewell had three children:
           1 - Inez Edna Hopewell (1892-1975)
           2 - Edgar Norval Hopewell (1897-1898)
           3 - Vera Rouena Hopewell (1900-1922)

8. Emma Hopewell was the eighth and youngest child of Mary Ann Hedley and Andrew Hopewell. Emma was born Jan. 3, 1867, when her mother, Mary Ann, was 46 years old. Alice married Samuel Scharf.  The Scharfs were residing in Gloucester when Emma died during childbirth in 1890. She is buried at Johnston Corners. Emma and Samuel Scharf had two children.

Andrew Hopewell, Mary Ann's husband, died when his daughter Emma was five years old, on Sept. 7, 1872 at age 46. Mary Ann lived another 33 years. She died July 22, 1905 in Carp, age 84.
The graves of Mary Ann and her two husbands are in St. John's Cemetery, South March.

Mary Ann Hedley, born in 1821 in March Township, Carleton County, Ontario, the youngest child of John Hedley and Frances Lawes died Saturday, July 22, 1905 (Carp Review, July 27, 1908). Mary Ann outlived her four brothers and four sisters, three of whom, like their parents, lived into their eighties. She is believed to have been the first child of European descent born in March Township, and the first of all the Hedleys featured on this website to be born in Canada. Obituary

Addendum #1

Witness to 9/11 New York World Trade Centre, Sept. 11, 2001

The Rev. Douglas Brown, prior of Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York, was part of a crew filming at Trinity Broadcasting when he saw the shower of paper from the attack on the first tower descend to the street. The second plane hit a tower much closer to Trinity and "the sound was unearthly," Brown reported. Watching CNN, the participants at the filming also learned about a similar attack on the Pentagon and "it began to be a little apocalyptic."

When the twin towers collapsed, Trinity staffers moved into the stairwells, using masks to breathe as the wind shifted toward Trinity. Though it was snowing ash and debris, the building emptied and staffers ran down to the Staten Island Ferry to escape the island or moved north to safety. When Brown arrived at the General Seminary, he looked downtown and saw both towers missing

Archbishop Rowan Williams of Wales, who was part of the videotaping session, said "it felt horribly like being in a disaster movie, with all the film cliches of people crowding into narrow streets in a dreadful, thick dust that blotted everything out."

The Rev. Douglas C. Brown, OHC, the prior of Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York, died at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York May 5, 2006. He collapsed on his way to Noonday Prayer and died shortly thereafter. He was 61.

 Addendum #2

Addendum #3

Our gratitude is extended to the following contributors to Chap. 7:    *Peter Loney, *Bill Loney, *Hailey Hopewell, *Nadine Hopewell, *Bill Stivens, *Tracey Caswell, *Verna (Rickerd) Kinsella, *  and *Ruth Cunningham.
 We are especially indebted to the late *Anne Storey for her  diligence in researching the history of the Hedley family in Northumberland, England and Carleton County, Ontario

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