Chapter 6
WILLIAM M HEDLEY  (1815-1899)
First Bride & Groom in the New St. John's Church
Generation (ii)

Although St. Mary's Church had been built at Pinhey's Point on the Ottawa River in 1828, there was considerable dissatisfaction with the location. Many residents felt that a church more accessible to the inland settlement  was needed. Roads were often impassable and the mosquitoes a menace for those whose main means of transportation was by foot. In 1839 the cornerstone for a second stone church, St.John's, was laid near March Corners, where March Road and Klondike Roads met.

        The church was not quite finished in April, 1840, when William Hedley and
        Bridget Younghusband, children of two pioneer families early settled in
        March, chose April 15 for their wedding day.  Planks were laid on the earthen
        floor for the wedding party to walk on.  This was the first recorded service at
        St. John's.  It is interesting to note that the electric cross now on the altar was
        given by Mrs. William Hawkshaw (Martha Hedley) in memory of this couple,
        Mr. and Mrs. Hedley and their children, Charles and Emmaline.  Mr. Hedley's
        name was among Vestry attendants and he was a church warden from 1866
        to 1868. Bridget (Younghusband) Hedley died in 1857 and her husband in
        1899.   Both are buried in St. John's Cemetery.
    ( from St. John's Anglican Church - 150 Years of Worship by Shirley Hendry, 1989,  p. 17)

(ii) William M. Hedley (1815-1899), the youngest son of John Hedley and Frances Lawes, was the last of their children to be married.  At the time of their marriage William was 25 and Bridget, his English-born bride, was 17 years old.  Bridget was the daughter of John Younghusband (1795-1885) and Mary Ashburner (1801-1875), who were married in Gosforth, Cumberland County, England on Dec. 22, 1821.  John Younghusband was baptized at nearby Egremont on June 20, 1794, the son of John and Jane Younghusband, who had a daughter, also named Bridget, baptized there on July 28, 1788 (IGI).
John and Mary Younghusband had emigrated from England to March Township, Carleton County in 1828 with their three young children to farm and to teach.  In fact, John was the first teacher at S.S. # 2 on March Road. John also served as town clerk. The book, St. John's Anglican Church - 150 Years of Worship, states that the large Younghusband family provided church and community leaders for several generations.
The Family of Mary and John Younghusband 

Bridget Younghusband (1823-1857) m. William Hedley
John Younghusband (1825-1873) m. Eliza McMurtry
Jane Younghusband (b. ca 1827) m. Jeremiah Mullen
Henry Younghusband (1830-1893) m. Charlotte Acres
Mary Younghusband (1832-1916) m. George McMurtry
Elizabeth Younghusband (b. ca 1834) m. Isaac Wilson
Ruth Younghusband (1836-1920) m. Henry Edwards Bradley (1838-1898)
Ann Younghusband (b. ca 1839) m. Harrison Middleton
Nicholas Younghusband (1840-1907) m. Elizabeth Riddell
William Ashburn Younghusband (1843-1901)  m1 Mary Jane Riddell
                                                                            m2 Christiana Bradley
George Younghusband (b. ca 1850)

The 1879 Belden Historical Atlas for Carleton County shows J. Younghusband, retired teacher,  living on Concession 2, Lot 7 of March Township.  John Younghusband, retired school teacher, d. Dec.13, 1885, age 90 yrs. 5 mo., of  "old age" March Twp., Carleton Co.

William and Bridget Hedley had seven children before Bridget's untimely death at age 31 on Aug.30,1857.
 The 1851 Census for March Township shows the family living in a one-storey log house:

Jan. 12, 1851 Census for March Township (age next birthday)

(ii) Hedley   William 
born in England farmer Church of England
(ii)  Bridget 25 born in England
Church of England
(iii) Mary Ann 11 born in March Township
Church of England
(iii) Frances 9 born in March Township
Church of England
(iii)  Martha Jane 6 born in March Township
Church of England
(iii)  Elizabeth 4 born in March Township
Church of England
(i)  John  80

(i)  Frances 74

It is interesting to note that William's parents, John and Frances Hedley, had taken up residence with William and Bridget and their four little girls.

Ten years later, in the 1861 census, the family was living in a two-storey log house, and three more children had been added to the family:

Aug. 14, 1861 Census for March Township (age next birthday)

(ii)  Hedley William  44 (widower) born in Eng  farmer Church of Eng.
(iii)  Mary Ann 20  born in Upper Canada
Church of Eng.
(iii)  Frances 17 born in Upper Canada Church of Eng.
(iii)  Elizabeth 12 born in Upper Canada
Church of Eng.
(iii)  Lucy born in Upper Canada
attending school
(iii)  John William 5 born in Upper Canada
attending school
(iii)  Bridget  3 .

(i) Frances 85 (widow) .

Bridget, William's wife, had died four years earlier, on August 30, 1857.  John Hedley (i), William's father, had died six and a half years earlier, on January 3, 1855 at age 82.  Both were buried in St. John's Cemetery, beside the church in which William and Bridget were married only 17 years before.  Frances, now a widow, was still with the family.  The eldest two girls, Mary Ann Hedley, 20, and Frances Hedley, 17, were still in the household, but Martha Jane Hedley, 16, was absent from the family census, probably employed outside the home.  A separate item in the census lists Martha "Headley,"  age 16, single, born in Upper Canada, Church of England,  residing with a family not her own.

On July 14, 1866 Frances (Lawes) Hedley (i) died at age 88.  Her grave is in St. John's Cemetery  beside that of her husband, John Hedley (i), who died six years earlier on Jan.3,1855.  The 1868 March Township Directory shows William "Headley" living on Concession 2,  Lot 17. 

Aug. 2, 1871 Census for March Township, Carleton Co. (p. 9, dist.78) (age next birthday)
Hedley William 55 b. in Eng. Ch. of Eng.
Origin English
Occ. farmer


John W


The Seven Children of William Hedley and Bridget Younghusband
Mary Ann Hedley b.1841, March Twp; m. John Hawkshaw (1843-1920); d. 1913
Frances Hedley b.1841, March Twp; m. Richard Stanley; d. date & place unknown
Martha Jane Hedley b.1845, March Twp; m.William Hawkshaw; d. May 19,1923, South March
Elizabeth Hedley b.1848, March Twp; m. John Armstrong; d. 1896, South March
Lucy Hedley b.1853, March Twp; m. William Dagleish; d. date & place unknown
John William Hedley b.1855; unmarried; d. date & place unknown
Bridget Maud Hedley b.1856, March Twp; m1 Harry Little, m2 John Pask; d.1943, S. March

Names of the children of William and Bridget Hedley and their spouses (gen.iii) are printed in red. Names of their grandchildren and spouses (gen.iv) are green and names of their great grandchildren (gen.v) and spouses are in bold black

1. Mary Ann Hedley (gen. iii),  who was born in 1841 in March Township, the eldest of William and Bridget's children, was the first to marry. On March 25, 1865 Mary Ann, age 24, married John Hawkshaw, age 22, a Huntley Twp. blacksmith, born in 1842, the son of March shoemaker Samuel Hawkshaw and his wife Dorothy Gainforth. Samuel Hawkshaw was born in Ireland abt. 1808, died in Montreal on Dec. 3, 1893 at age 84 years, 10 months (Burial Mt. Royal Cemetery; last residence St. Catherine St., Montreal). Dorothy (Gainforth) Hawkshaw was born in England about 1817, died Sept.14,1909, abt. age 92 (last residence Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, USA).

1851 Ontario Census for March Twp., Carleton Co.
 Hogshaw Samuel, 40, shoemaker, Ireland
               Dorothy, 35, b. in England
               Ann, 19
               William, 17
               Dorothy, 16
               James, 13
               John, 10
               Samuel, 8
               Mary Jane, 6
               Hannah, 4
               Robert, 1
All the Hawkshaw children were born in March Township and all family members were adherents of the
Church of  England. The family residence was termed "shanty." Mary Ann's sister Martha married John's
brother, William Hawkshaw. Mary Ann (Hedley) Hawkshaw died in 1913 at age 72. Her husband John
Hawkshaw died seven years later, in 1920, at age 77.
Mary Ann and John Hawkshaw had six children (gen.iv):
              1 - Annie Amelia Hawkshaw  was b. abt. 1873 in Osgoode Twp., Carleton
                   Co.Annie was married, at age 23, on June 10, 1896, in Ottawa, Carleton
                   Co. to Samuel Adam Mullen, age 29, labourer, born in Hull, P.Q.
                   Annie's  residence was listed as  Bells Corner, Nepean Twp., Carleton Co.
                   on her marriage record. Witnesses at the marriage were James A.Mullen,
                    Hull, P.Q. and Lottie Hawkshaw.
              2 - Hannah Hawkshaw b. June 4, 1874
              3 - Bridget Hawkshaw b. July 7, 1876 in Huntley Twp., Carleton Co.
              4 - Susan Jane Hawkshaw b. June 20, 1878 in Huntley Twp., Carleton Co;
                   died 1969
              5 - Charlotte (Lottie) Hawkshaw b. Nov. 18, 1880 in Huntley Twp.,
                   Carleton Co; d. 1959
              6 - John Henry Hawkshaw b. Jan. 21, 1883 in Torbolton Twp., Carleton Co;
                   died 1909
2. Frances Hedley (gen.iii) b. Jan. 16, 1843 in March Twp., married farmer Richard Stanley, b. 1837 in Ireland. Richard Stanley died Dec. 5, 1882 at age 45. Frances died in April, 1919, age 76. Frances (Hedley) See: All Saints' Anglican church in Greely
and Richard Stanley had nine children (gen.iv): 
              1 - Jane Ann Stanley b. 1865 in Osgoode, was married July 3, 1893 in
                   Ottawa, Carleton Co., at age 26 to George Anderson MacFarren, age 40,
                    b. abt. 1853 in Osgoode, son of David and Martha MacFarren. Witnesses:
                    Adelia Empey and Kate MacArthur, both of Ottawa.
              2 - Bridget E. 'Victoria' Stanley was b. 1866 in Osgoode Twp., Carleton
                   Co. Victoria was married at age 37 to Wm. P. Jeacle, also age 37, b. abt.
                   1866, widower, son of Wm. Jeacle and Sarah Morris. Victoria and William
                    were married July 1, 1903 in Greely, Carleton Co. Witnesses: Adam
                    Jeacle, Winchester, and Lucinda Johnston, Gloucester.
             3 - Lucy Adeline Stanley b.1869 in Osgoode,  married W.R. Waddell of R.R.
                  2 Edwards, Osgoode. Lucy Adeline died Nov. 21, 1923 at age 55
                      ("nervous breakdown").
             4 - Martha Frances Stanley was b. 1870. m1 (--?--) Bray;  m2 Allan Heron,
                  age 54, widower, agent, son of  Wm. and Janet Heron. Martha Stanley and
                  Allan Heron were married April 15, 1908 in Carleton Co. Witnesses: Emily
                  Stanley and S. Alice Richardson, both of Ottawa.
             5 - Mary Margret Stanley b. 1873
             6 - Ester Stanley b. 1874
             7 - William Albert Stanley b. 1876
             8 - Leonard Stanley b. 1878
             9 - Charlotte Stanley b. March, 1881
3. Martha Jane Hedley (gen.iii), born in 1847in March Twp., was married at age 25 on March 16, 1871 to William Hawkshaw, age 32, born abt. 1834 in March Twp. William, a Huntley carpenter and farmer, was the eldest son of Samuel and Dorothy Hawkshaw and a brother of Mary Jane's husband John. Martha Jane and William Hawkshaw settled on Lot 7, Con. 1 of March Twp.William Hawkshaw died Feb.13, 1921 in March Twp. at age 85 years and 6 mo. of peritonitis and myocarditis. Martha Jane died two years after her husband, on May 19, 1923 at age 78 of  peritonitis, arterial sclerosis and cerebral hemorrhage. Burial South March Anglican Church. Martha Jane and William Hawkshaw had four children (gen. iv):
            1 - Miriam Arimento  Hawkshaw b. Sept. 19, 18797 in Huntley (or March) Twp; d. May 1928 in Carp, Ont;
                 m. Samuel Bruce Edey (b. July 11, 1871 in Bristol, Ont., m. May 24, 1899 in S. March,
                 Carleton Co.,  four children:               
                       (1) Samuel Bruce Edey b. Nov. 4, 1900 in Carleton
                       (2) Gwendolyn Elma Edey b. Aug. 31, 1903 in Carleton
                       (3) (Male) Edey b. Nov. 12, 1905, Niagara Falls
                       (4) William Joseph Bruce Edey b. July 14, 1907, Toronto, Ont.
            2 - William 'Alvin' Hawkshaw b. June 1, 1881, married Jessie Richardson,
                  age 31 of March Twp., daughter of David Richardson and Alice Hughes.
                  Alvin Hawkshaw and Jessie Richardson were married Dec. 18, 1906 in
                  Ottawa.  Witnesses: Edith M. Dunbar, Ottawa and Alfred E.Younghusband,
                  Carp. Alvin and Jessie Hawkshaw were living in Westboro in 1923.
           3 - Charles Wilkins Hawkshaw was b. May 29, 1883 in March Twp. He died in
                 Oct. 1887 at age 4.
           4 - Emeline Frances Hawkshaw, born Oct. 20, 1886 in Maech Twp., died Nov.
                18, 1908 at age 22.

1881 Ont Census  for March Twp., Carleton Co. (age last birthday)
William, 40, Irish, b. in Ont.,  Church of Eng., Occ. carpenter

Martha J, 36
English, b. in Ont., Church of Eng.,

Aramanta  (f),  3

b. in Ont., Church of Eng.,
Harris (m)

b. in Ont., Church of Eng.,  (son of Wm.
Ashburn Younghusband)

 1901 Ont. Census  for March Twp., Carleton Co. (age last birthday)
Hawkshaw, William, 63 Sept. 4, 1837 in Ont.

Martha F., 55
b. Feb. 17, 1846 in Ont.

William A. (son) 19
b. June 1, 1881 in Ont.

Emiline (daughter) 14 b. Oct. 20, 1886 in Ont.

On the altar of St. John’s Anglican Church, South March, sits a beautiful altar cross. A brass plaque behind the cross bears the inscription, “TO THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD AND IN MEMORY OF WILLIAM AND BRIDGET HEDLEY AND OF THEIR CHILDREN CHARLES AND EMMALINE – RIP – PRESENTED BY MRS. WILLIAM HAWKSHAW, 1929" (St. John’s Anglican Church: 150 Years of Worship)
Actually, Charles and Emmaline were the children of Martha Jane (Hedley) and William Hawkshaw, and the grandchildren of William and Bridget Hedley.

William Hawkshaw died Feb. 13, 1921 at age 86. Martha Jane (Hedley) Hawkshaw died two years later, on May 19, 1923 at age 78.  On their headstone in St. John’s Cemetery, South  March was also inscribed the names of two of their children:

4.  Mary ‘Elizabeth’ Hedley (gen.iii),  b. May 2, 1848, the fourth daughter of William and Bridget Hedley, was married June 20, 1867 in St. John’s Anglican Church, South March to “Long” John Armstrong (b. Dec. 19, 1842 in Huntley Township, Carleton Co.)  Elizabeth was 19 and John 25.  John was the son of Christopher Armstrong (1807- abt.1854) and Nancy (Ann) Dorning (1824-1877), both native of Ireland, who were married March 16, 1842. After her first husband’s death, Nancy married his brother, Edward Armstrong (1821-1908), on May 24, 1855.  John Armstrong was the eldest of eleven children, including six half sisters and one half brother. See Addendum at end of this chapter for the family of Nancy Dorning and m1 John Younghusband and m2 Edward Armstrong. John and Elizabeth (Hedley) Armstrong lived on Lot 25, Concession 6, March Township. Elizabeth died in 1896 at age 48. Her husband John Armstrong, farmer, lot 9, con.1, Huntley Twp. lived another 33 years. He died Jan. 20, in 1929 at age 86.
Elizabeth and John had eleven children (gen iv):
            1 - Victoria Adeline Armstrong was born May 24, 1868.  She married Luther
                  Shaw Wilson
on Jan. 15, 1896 in St. George’s Anglican Church, Ottawa.
                  Luther was born March 10, 1851 in March Township, the son of Mary Ann
                  and Andrew Wilson. Luther died in 1935 at age 84; Victoria died Nov. 24,
                  1953 at age 85.
                  Victoria (Armstrong) and Luther Wilson had 6 children (gen. v): 
                 (1) William ‘Norman’ Wilson was b. Oct. 2, 1898 in Huntley Twp.,
                       Carleton Co.
                       m1 to Violet Annie Scharf, on Nov. 2, 1929 in Bell’s Corners, Carleton
                       Co. Violet was born Dec. 13, 1897 in March Twp., daughter of Anna
                       Maria and David Scharf. Violet died Dec. 15, 1955 in Ottawa at age 58.
                       m2 of Norman Wilson was to Velma Vera Logan on Nov. 10, 1956.
                       Velma was born Sept. 4, 1900, the daughter of Martha (Kelly) and
                        Samuel Logan.  Norman Wilson died Oct. 6, 1990 at age 92.
                        Velma  died Oct. 3, 2001 at age 101.
                  (2) Elizabeth ‘Georgina’ Wilson  (b. June, 1900; d. Aug.31, 1991)
                        married Ernest Thomas Haas (b. July 25, 1898; d. Feb. 8,1968) son
                        of Dora E. (Hill) and J. Haas 
                  (3) Maude Alexandra Wilson b.1902; d. Jan. 9, 1976 in hospital, Ottawa
                  (4) Vincent S. Wilson (1904-1973) m. Florence M. Porter (1910-1991)
                  (5) John Bell Wilson (gen.v), b. Dec. 31, 1906; d. in infancy Feb. 7, 1907 in
                        March Twp., Carleton County.
                  (6) Allan Herbert Wilson (1907- Nov.26, 1997) married  Peggy Sowens

The 1901 census lists Victoria and Luther and their first two children as well as Luther's father and sister and two of Victoria's brothers living in the same household:

     1901 Ont. Census for March Twp., Carleton Co. (age last birthday)
   Wilson     Luther, head, 47, b. Mar. 10, 1865
                  Victoria, wife, 32, b. May 24, 1868
                  William, son, 2, b. Oct. 1, 1898
                  Elizabeth, dau., 9/12, b. June 17, 1900
                  Millesa, sister, 38, b. Mar. 10, 1863
                  Andrew, father, widower, 80, b. 1820
Armstrong  Nicholas, brother-in-law, 20, b. Dec.17, 1880
                  Albert, brother-in-law, 19, b. Feb.3, 1882

        2 - William Christopher Armstrong (1870-1931) m. Anna May  McCord
        3 - John Henry Armstrong (1871-1959) married Emmaline Graham
        4 - Elizabeth Armstrong (1873-1928)  m. William John Marshall (d. 1921)
        5 - Edward Hedley Armstrong of Huntley Twp., b. 1875 in Cumberland, died
              Sept. 3, 1882 in Russell at age 6 years, 2 mos

        6 - Nancy Maud Armstrong born 1878 in March Twp. was married, at age 25, to
             Thomas Coxford, age 27, a painter. They were married May 20, 1903 in
             Ottawa.  Thomas was
born in 1874 in Lanark Co., son of James Coxford and
             Mary Kennedy. Witnesses at the
marriage of Nancy Maud and Thomas were
             Robt. Coxford of Lanark and Alla Armstrong
of Carp. Nancy Maud d. at age
             88 in 1966. Thomas d. four years later, in 1970, at age 96. 

        7 - Nicholas Alexander Armstrong (1879-1948)  m. Sarah Doyle (1879-1957).
             In 1929 Nicholas and Sarah were living in Stittsville.
        8 - Albert Armstrong b. Feb. 3, 1882, in Cumberland,  was a resident of Huntley
              Twp. Albert, age 20, married Martha Elizabeth (Lizzie) Doyle
of March
              Twp., age 28, on Oct.15, 1902 in Carp, Huntley Twp. Lizzie, born April 20,
              1874, was the daughter of  Jno. Owen Doyle and Eliza Patrick. Witnesses:
              R.A. Armstrong and Sarah Doyle, both of March Twp.
Albert Armstrong
              died March  4, 1935 at age 53. Lizzie died two years later, on March 12,
              1937, age 63
Albert and Elizabeth lived on Con. 2, Lot 1 of March Township.
               Three children:
                (1) Sadie Laura Armstrong b. 1904; d. Jan. 21, 1991;
                              m. George McKinley Williams (b. 1904; d. Jan.13, 1987)
                (2) Everett Harold Armstrong b. Jan, 22, 1905; d. April 7, 1993; m. Feb. 15, 1930
                              m. Catherine Ellen Logan (b. June 8, 1908; d. June 13, 1980)
                              Three children:
                                        [1] *Marilyn Edna Armstrong b. April 16, 1937; m. 1957
                                               m. Garreth (Garry) Fulford Rivington (b. 1935)
                                        [2] Alexander Armstrong b. Feb. 5, 1940;
                                              d. in infancy Feb. 5, 1940
                                        [3] Noreen Eleanor Armstrong b. 1941; m. 1964
                                               m. Ross Edward Brewer (b. 1939)
                 (3) Ethel Elizabeth Armstrong b. March 11, 1908; d. Aug. 17, 1995
                          married. James Leslie Milton Armstrong (b. Sept. 12, 1909; d.
                          Dec. 23, 1987) on Jan. 2, 1928
        9 -  Mary Ann Armstrong  b. Aug. 29, 1884 in Cumberland, Russell Co.,
              died Feb. 4, 1888
at age four.

      10 - Bridget Eleanor (Ella) Armstrong b. Feb. 26, 1887 in Cumberland, Russell
             Co.; d. 1979; m.
. William James Armstrong (1881-1953)
      11 - Louisa May Armstrong (1890-1972)  Louisa, age 21, of Huntley married
              William James Falls
(1886-1955) age 23, widower, farmer, son of John
              Falls and Margaret Haley. Louisa and William were married Oct. 28, 1910
               in Arnprior, Renfrew Co.

*Marilyn (Armstrong)  Rivington is the daughter of Harold and Catherine Armstrong; granddaughter of Albert and Elizabeth Armstrong; great granddaughter of Elizabeth (Hedley) and John Armstrong; great, great granddaughter of William Hedley and Bridget Younghusband.

Elizabeth (Hedley) Armstrong (gen.iii), daughter of William and Bridget Hedley, died in 1896 at age 48. Her youngest child, Louisa May, was 6 years old.  Her husband, John Armstrong, died 33 years later, in 1929 at age 86. The headstone of  Elizabeth (Hedley) and John Armstrong in St. John’s Cemetery includes two of their children, Edward and Mary Ann.

5.  Lucy Hedley (gen.iii) was born in 1853, the fifth daughter of William and Bridget  Hedley. Lucy at
     age 22, married William Dalgleish, age 28 on March 31, 1875 in St. John's Church, South March.
     Witnesses: P.Dalglish, Osgoode and B. Hedley, March. Lucy died Dec. 30, 1893 at age 40 in
     Vernon, Osgoode Twp., Carleton Co. Burial Springhill Cem., Osgoode Twp.
William, born April 2,
     1847 or ('48) in Vernon, Osgoode Twp., Carleton Co., was the son of Alexander Dalgleish
      (born in 1815 in Edinburgh, Scotland) and Catherine Lee (born May 8, 1824 in Belfast, Ireland).
William's second marriage was to Elizabeth Taylor b. Oct. 8, 1860. WIlliam Dalgleish died
      Aug. 23, 1920.
      The family of Lucy and William Dalgleish appears in the 1881 Census:

                               1881 Ontario Census for Russell, Osgoode Twp., Carleton Co.
William Dalgleish         32     b. in Ont.    Ethnic origin: Irish     Occ: Farmer    Rel:  C.  Presbyterian
Lucy Dalgleish               27     b. in Ont.    Ethnic origin: English                         Rel:  C. Presbyterian
William A. Dalgleish     5      b. in Ont.    Ethnic origin: Irish                              Rel:  C.  Presbyterian
John J. Dalgleish            3      b. in Ont.    Ethnic origin: Irish                              Rel:  C.  Presbyterian
Thomas L Dalgleish       1       b. in Ont.    Ethnic origin: Irish                              Rel:  C. Presbyterian
Lucy and William Dalgleish actually had eight children (gen. iv) according to a listing on WORLDCONNECT:
           1 - William Alexander Dalgleish b. 1876 in Ontario (d.Oct 1961)
                m. Mary L. Penelton (b. abt. 1863)
           2 - John 'James' Dalgleish b. Mar. 10, 1877 in Ontario
           3 - Thomas Lee Dalgleish b. Jan 10, 1879 in Ontario,
                m. Mary Ann Matilda Robertson (b. 1882, d. 1974). Thomas d. Jan. 11, 1970
           4 -  Peter Osborne Dalgleish b. May 12,, 1880 in Ontario.
           5 - Lucy Dalgleish b. 1882 in Ontario married English-born James Glibin
                (or Steven Glibin) on Sept.17, 1820 in Toronto. James was the son of James Glibin
                (Giblins) and Rose Rout of York County.
           6 - Agnes Dalgleish b. March 8, 1885 in Vernon, Osgoode Twp., Carleton Co.,
                d. Mar. 21, 1922
           7 - Matilda Gray (Tillie) Dalgleish b. Aug. 8, 1887 in Ontario (d. Mar. 21, 1922)
                m. Kenneth Marcell b. 1885
           8 - Lawrence Clinton Dalgleish b. Jan. 30 1891 in Kenmore, Osgoode Twp.,
                Carleton Co., Ont.,
was married to Lillian Ella Cameron on Nov. 26, 1919
                in Ottawa, Carleton Co. Lillian was 25 (born June 6, 1894) in Vernon, Ont.,
                daughter of John W. Cameron and Margaret A Macpherson.  
Lawrence d. Nov. 24, 1959; Lillian d. 11 years later, in 1970.                         

 6.  John William Hedley (gen. iii) was born in 1855, the only son of William Hedley
      and Bridget Younghusband.  John William did not marry.

7.  Bridget Maud Hedley (gen.iii), born in 1856, the youngest of William and
     Bridget’s children, was an infant when her mother died.    
     m1   Harry Little, age 32, a brick layer, born in 1863 in Ottawa, son of Isaiah Little
     and Mary
Walsh. Bridget Maude was 38, born in March Twp. Harry and Bridget
     were married on April 30,
1895 at Greely, Osgoode, Carleton Co. Witnesses:
     Robert Little of Ottawa and Victoria Stanley
of Greely.   
     m2  John Wesley Pask on June 14, 1899 in Ottawa, Ont. Bridget was 42.
(Archives of Ontario).  John Pask, a watchman, was b. July 1859.  He died May 30,
     1923, age 63, of arterial sclerosis, 
cerebral apoplexy, in Ottawa. Burial in
     Beechwood Cemetery.
Bridget died in 1943 at age 87.  Her name appears on the
     headstone of John Hedley, her grandfather  (gen.i), in St. John’s Cemetery:
     “Bridgette Maud Hedley,  1856-1943, wife of John Pask.”
Bridget had two children.

William M Hedley  (gen.ii) was born June 17, 1815 in Ovingham Parish, Northumberland County, England, the youngest son of John and Frances (Lawes) Hedley (gen.i).  He was five years old when
his family emigrated to Canada.  William
, merchant, Lot 21, con. 2, R.F. Nepean, Carleton Co. died Nov.10, 1899 in March Twp. at age 83 of "senile decay" forty-two years after the death of his young wife Bridget Younghusband.
The graves of William and Bridget Hedley are in St. John’s Cemetery, South March.

NOTE: Many thanks to Bob Mackett for information for this chapter.  Information on the Armstrong family in this chapter was provided courtesy of *Marilyn Rivington; Garry Dowd, Arnprior; and Debbie Coxon Prince, Newmarket.

Addendum (Chap. 6)
Family of Nancy Dorning (1824-1877) and           
         (m1) Christopher Armstrong (1807-1854)                           
         (m2) Edward Armstrong (1821-1908) (brothers)

John Armstrong (1842-1929) married Elizabeth Hedley (1848-1896)
James Armstrong (1845-1890) married Ella Humphries (b. 1842)
Hugh Armstrong (1847-1925) married Eliza Armstrong (1845-1904)
Christopher Armstrong (1852-1936 ) married Elizabeth Powell (1855-1894
Catherine Armstrong (1855-1948) married William Reid (1840-1911)
Thomas ‘Erwin’ Armstrong (1857-1949)
Elizabeth (Eliza) Armstrong (b.1860) never married
Sarah Ann (Sally) Armstrong (b.1862; d. after 1922) married Robert Armstrong (1855-1922)
Mary Jane Armstrong (1865-1952) never married
Margaret Elinor Armstrong (1867-1944 ) married William James Wilson (1866-1928)

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