Chapter 5
 MARTHA HEDLEY (1808 - 1887)
 and THOMAS MORGAN (1793-1859)
generation (ii)

Martha Hedley
, the third child of John Hedley and Frances Lawes, was born January 19, 1808 and baptized April 17, 1808 in Ovingham Parish, Northumberland, England. At the time of her birth she had two older brothers, Thomas, 8 and John, 3 and a sister Frances, age 6. Three younger siblings were born in 1810, 1813 and 1815. When Martha was four and a half, her two-year-old sister Hannah died (1812). When Martha was 11, her parents and their six children (ages four to twenty) sailed across the Atlantic, to begin a new life in the Ottawa River Valley as indentured servants in the employ of retired Capt. James Dent Weatherley. Shortly after their arrival in Canada, Mary Ann, the youngest of John and Frances’s children, was born. She is believed to have been the first child of European descent born in March Township. Martha was 13  years old when her sister arrived. Within a short time the family had purchased land of their own further inland in March Township and had constructed a “shanty” that served as living quarters  while John and his two elder sons, Thomas and John cleared the land, planted crops, built a log house and harnessed the creek that ran through their property to produce power for a sawmill. A census taken in 1823 showed the family living on Concession 4, one of only 49 families living in March Township. About this time Thomas, Martha’s eldest brother was drowned.

Martha, age16, was the first of the family of John and Frances Hedley to marry. About 1824 Martha Hedley married Irish-born, 31-year-old Thomas Morgan (b.1793; d. July 13, 1858). The couple farmed in March Township and had a family of nine children (gen.iii). (Children of Martha Hedley and their spouses are in red print, grandchildren and spouses are in green):

1. Frances Morgan, b. 1825
2. George Hedley Morgan (b. 1827; d.1894), was the second child of Martha Hedley and Thomas Morgan. George married Mary Ann Young (b.1830; d 1898). They farmed lot 6 on concession 2 of March Township. George and Mary Ann Morgan had 12.children: 
        1 - Aran Morgan b.1850
        2 - William Morgan b.1850
        3 - Robert Morgan b.1853
        4 - Mary Ann Morgan b. 1854
        5 - Jane Morgan b.1856; d.1927 at age 71
        6 - John Morgan b. 1857
        7 - Luther Byron Morgan b. abt 1860; d. Aug. 8,1902 (age 42)
        8 - Susanna b. 1860
        9 - Frances Adeline Morgan b.1865; d.1938 at age 73, never married
      10 - Victoria Eleanor Morgan b.1866; d.1940 at age 73, never married
      11 - Alonzo S. Morgan b.1867; d. Apr.15, 1880 (age 13)
      12 - Alfred Ira Morgan b. 1869; d. Jan.1, 1922 (age 53)

George died Jan. 15, 1894 at age 67. Mary Ann died four years later, on Sept. 30, 1898 at age 68. The graves of George Hedley Morgan, his wife Mary Ann Young and their twelve children are in St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, South March. Headstone
3. Mary Ann Morgan, b. abt. 1829, married Richard Abbott. born in Goulbourn, Ont. of Irish Ethnicity, Aug. 10, 1839.  Richard Abbott died Dec. 29, 1903 in Nepean Twp., Carleton Co.  Mary Ann (Morgan) and Richard Abbott had six children:
     1 - Eloise  C. Abbott b. abt. 1857 in Ontario
     2 - Emma H. Abbott b. abt. 1859 in Ontario
     3 - Martha Elizabeth Abbott b. Dec. 16, 1861 in Ottawa, Ont., married Edward Cooney
          (b. Feb. 28, 1860 in Ottawa) Martha and Edward were married Sept. 27, 1900 in the residence of C.A
         Abbott, Nepean. Witnesses  were Charles A. Abbott and Richard Abbott of Nepean. Martha (Abbott)
         and Edward Cooney had one known child:
               (1) George Edward Cooney b. Sept. 21, 1901 in Ottawa   
     4 -  Charles Albert Abbott  b. Feb. 21, 1863 in Ottawa; occup. printer; married Jennie Louisa Fallis 
           (b. Sept. 22, 1872 in Montreal. P.Q.)  Witnesses: John James Paynter and Mary Ann Abbott of Ottawa.
           Two known children:
              (1) Vera V. Abbott b. Aug. 26, 1899
              (2) Ester Abbott b. Dec. 1903 in Ont.
    5 - Gertrude Florence Abbott b. July 15, 1865 in Aylmer, P.Q., married James Herald (b. Apr. 24, 1852
          in Kenice Muir, Scotland; married Oct. 4, 1884 in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ont.  Seven children:
              (1) Edna G.B. Herald b. July 22, 1885 in Manitoba
              (2) Aimee F. Herald b. Dec. 10, 1886 in Manitoba
              (3) Claud R Herald b. Dec. 10, 1890 in Manitoba
              (4) Charles C. Herald b. Aug. 9, 1891 in Manitoba
              (5 ) George Herald b. Sept. 11, 1892 in Manitoba
              (6) Cora B. Herald b. Jan. 11, 1895 in Manitoba
              (7) Willie F.  Herald b. Nov. 17, 1886 in Manitoba
     6 - Mary Ann Abbott was b. abt. 1871 in Ont. There is no record of Mary Ann after the 1881 Census.
Mary Ann and Richard Abbott's great granddaughter is Gwen Brouse (Mrs. Norman R. Brouse) of Riverside, California, with whom Anne Storey corresponded.

4. Jane Morgan born in 1830 (d. 1879) was married in 1846 to Jacob Logan 1815-1888. Jane was 16 years old and Jacob was 34. They farmed in March Twp., Conc. 3, Lot 6. Jacob Logan was born in Ireland on Aug. 23, 1812, the son of Captain Edward “Loggan” of the British army and Margaret Rusk of Antrim County,  Northern Ireland. Jacob was the youngest of six  children born to his parents before their mother’s early death at age 36 (1777-1813). Two years later Jacob’s father remarried and had two more children. In 1820, when Jacob was 8, his sister Ellen Jane, 13, and  his brother Edward, 17, the family emigrated to Canada. (See Addendum at the end of this chapter for Edward Logan [elder brother of Jacob Logan] and the beginning of the Logan Family in N. Zealand.) Jane Morgan and Jacob Logan had 11 children (gen. iv):

     1 - Ellen Jane Logan b. Apr. 4, 1847 m. James Adam (Jim) Burch (1851-1922) and migrated to
Ellen and Jim Burch had six children, but three died during childhood.

     2 - Thomas Logan b. May 21, 1849 (baptized Aug. 1849) died 1879 married Annie Hopewell
           (1856-1941) on June16, 1879. One child:
                (1) Lillie Logan (1880-1943) m. Fred Davison * (b.1881) 
                After the death of Thomas Logan, Annie (Hopewell) Logan married William Loney
Chap. 7 -  4. Anna  (Annie) Hopewell)          
               Thomas and Annie  Logan were grandparents of Anne Storey*:
               Thomas and Annie Logan ---> Lillie (Logan) Davison ---> Anne (Davison) Storey

      3 - Edward William Logan, born Aug. 6, 1851; died 1887 was a “well-known blacksmith” in South
(from obituary). He married Catherine Eliza Wetherly, b. 1848. Edward Logan died  Nov.
           16, 1887 at age 36. Catherine, his wife, lived another 45 years. She lived with her daughter Jennie
(Logan) Robertson in Bell’s Corners and with her son Alvin O.Logan in South March, where she died
            Nov.7, 1932, at age 83. The graves of Edward and Catherine (Wetherly) Logan are in St. John’s
           Anglican Cemetery, South March. Headstone. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas Wetherly
           (who was the son of Frances Hedley) and thus the granddaughter of John and Frances Hedley.
           Thomas and Catherine (Wetherly) Logan had two children:
                  (1) Alvin Omar Logan (1880-1956); lived in S. March; burial St. John’s Cem.
                        m1 Mina Edna Boucher (1887-1925)
                        m2 Amelia Margaret McGinnes (1880-1957)
                        (Obituary for Catherine (Wetherly) Logan in Carp Review, Nov. 10, 1932)
                  (2) Jennie Logan m. Ebinezer Robertson, lived in Bell’s Corners.
     4 - John Albert Morgan Logan b. May 15, 1855; died 1928; m. Frances Louise Hayes.
           (1856- 1927). John and Frances Hayes migrated to Saskatchewan. Eight sons, one daughter.

     5 - Martha Frances Logan b. May 15, 1855; d. Aug.7, 1910 at age 55; married William Hopewell
b. April 1,1854; d. May 8, 1938 at age 84; burial St. John’s Cemetery. Five children. Two died in
          infancy.  (See Chap. 7 for more about this family.)

     6 - Samuel Logan b. June 5, 1859; d. Dec. 5,1918, age 58
         m1  Martha E. Kelly
on Oct. 3, 1883 (b.1864; died Nov.26, 1910 at age 46). Three Children:
                (3)Velma Logan
         m2  Mary Jane (Loney) Garvin
(a sister of William Loney, who married Annie Hopewell (Logan),
         the widow of Thomas Logan)
         Samuel Logan's daughter Velma Logan was the mother of Ruth Cunningham*,
         a contributer to this chapter.

      7 - George Logan
b. July 2,1861; never married; lived in Saskatchewan and Manitoba
           (died in a hotel in Winnipeg.)

      8 - Margaret Ann Logan
b.May 2, 1864; d. in infancy Aug 1, 1864

      9 - Jacob Logan Jr.
b. Jan. 23, 1866; d. in infancy Jan. 24, 1866

     10 - Abraham Logan
b. Apr. 21, 1867, migrated to Washington State, then  Oregon. At age 41 he
            married 15-year-old Maude Stockwell. Maude was placed in a  mental home. She died in 1964 at
            age 71. Abraham died of liver cancer. Maude (Stockwell) and Abraham Logan had five children.
Two died in childhood and three were placed in an orphanage when Abraham became ill and died           .

     11 - Effie Jane Logan
b. Feb. 22, 1871 m. Ed Briddon from Surrey, England (d. 1907). When Effie
            turned 90 an article in the Verdun, P.Q. newspaper stated that she had eight children, but only one,
           Freida Briddon, survived to adulthood.

5. John Morgan
(b.1833; d.1886); married (–?–) One daughter:
     1 - Maria (–?–)
married William Callen

6. Thomas Morgan  (b.1835; d.1864) was married in 1856 to Ann Wheeler (d. 1864).
    Thomas and Ann had two children:
     1 - William Morgan b. 1857
     2 - John Morgan b.1858, died in infancy

7. Charlotte Morgan, b. 1837, d. 1887, never married.

8. William Morgan, was b. in 1839 when his mother Martha was 31. William d. 1844 at age 5.

9. Alfred Morgan died in infancy

1851 census for March Township:
Thomas Morgan, 52, farmer, born in Ireland, Church of England, married, living in a log house. 
Martha Morgan, 42, born in England, Church of England
Mary A. Morgan, 21 single, born in March Twp.
John Morgan, 18, single, born in March Twp.
Thomas Morgan, 16, attending school
Charlotte Morgan, 14, attending school

Thomas Morgan, Martha Hedley's husband, died July 13, 1859 at age 66. The grave of Thomas Morgan  is in St. John's
Cemetery, South March. Martha (Hedley) Morgan, born in Northumberland, Eng. on Jan. 19, 1808, daughter of Frances (Lawes) and John Hedley, died June 28, 1887 at age 80. Although her name is not on her husband’s headstone, she is listed in the St. John’s Anglican Cem. Burial Registers, S. March.

1861 Census for March Township:
Martha Morgan, age 52, widow, living in a log house with her son
Thomas Morgan, 26
Ann Morgan, 25, wife of Thomas
Charlotte Morgan, 24,  single, Martha’s daughter.

The Nine Children of Martha Hedley and Thomas Morgan (all b. in March Twp.)
1. Frances Morgan b.1825
2. George Morgan b.1827; d.1894 in March Twp; m. Mary Ann Young (1830-1898)  12 children
3. Jane Morgan (1830-1879) March Twp; m. Jacob Logan (1815-1888); 11 children
4. Mary Ann Morgan b.1829; m. Richard Abbott;  4 children
5. John Morgan (1833-1886) m. (–?–) d. 1886; one daughter
6. Thomas Morgan (1835- 1864) March Twp; m.1856 to Ann Wheeler; 2 children
7. Charlotte Morgan (1837-1887) never married
8. William Morgan (1839-1844) d. in childhood
9. Alfred Morgan died in infancy

Edward Logan and the Beginning of the Logan Family in New Zealand
 (an extension of  “section 4.  Jane Morgan” of this chapter)
Captain Edward “Loggan” was born in Ireland in 1773, the son of John “Loggan.” Both Captain Edward Loggan and his father John Loggan served in the British army. In 1796 Edward Loggan married Margaret Rusk (1777-1813) in Randalstown, Antrim County, Northern Ireland. Margaret died at age 36 in October of 1813. Margaret (Rusk) and Edward Loggan had six children: John, Edward, Ellen Jane, Eliza, James and Jacob Logan.

On July 25, 1815, Captain Edward Loggan married his second wife, Mary Jane Duncan. Edward and Mary Jane had two more children, Elizabeth and David Duncan Loggan. In 1820 Captain Loggan and his second wife Mary Jane Duncan emigrated from Ireland to March Township, taking with them  Edward’s three youngest children from his first marriage, Edward, 17, Ellen Jane,13, Jacob, 8 and the two children from his second marriage, Elizabeth, 4 and David Duncan, 3.
Edward Logan died in March Twp. on Nov.18, 1846 at age 71. His wife, Mary Jane (Mary Ann on the headstone) lived another 32 years. She died Aug.29, 1878 at age 88. Their graves are in St. John’s Anglican Cemetery in South March.

                   Children of Captain Edward Logan and Margaret Rusk:
1. John Logan, born Nov.5, 1797, was 23 when his family emigrated to Canada in 1820.
    He did  not come to Canada with the rest of his family.
2. Edward Logan was born August 2, 1803 in Ireland. He was 17 when his family emigrated from
    Ireland to March Township,  Carleton County in 1820.
3. Ellen Jane Logan, born May 4, 1807, never married. She was drowned at sea en route to
    New Zealand about 1854.
4. Eliza Logan, born in 1808, died at age 3 on Oct. 28, 1811.
5. James Logan, born in Feb. 1811 died at age 8 months in Sept. 1811.
6. Jacob Logan, born Aug. 23, 1812, married Jane Morgan, granddaughter of Martha Hedley.
     Jacob and Jane (Morgan) Logan farmed on Conc. 3 of March Twp. 11 children (see above).

              Children of Captain Edward Logan and Mary Jane Duncan:
7. Elizabeth Logan, born Apr. 29, 1816, married Henry Edwards.
8. David Duncan Logan, born Nov. 6, 1817, was married in Quebec. He attended McGill
    University and worked as a doctor in London, England. His name suddenly disappeared from
    the medical list of  doctors, and no further trace has been found of him.

Thirty years after coming to March Township with his father, on January 1, 1850 Edward Logan, age 47,  married  Susan Fuller “by special levy of the Governor General” in St. John’s Anglican Church in South March. Edward and Susan Logan started the New Zealand branch of the Logan family. Before departing for New Zealand Edward and Susan (Fuller) Logan had two children in March Township:
                1 Margaret Rusk Logan
                2 Ellen Jane Logan.
In 1850 Edward and Susan and their two little girls as well as Ellen Jane, Edward’s unmarried sister, left Boston harbour to begin their sea voyage to Australia. After working in the gold fields of Australia for awhile Edward decided to migrate to New Zealand, where he could get free land. On the voyage to New Zealand they were shipwrecked and Ellen Jane, Edward’s sister, was swept overboard and drowned. Edward and his family survived and reached New Zealand, where they had seven additional children.

The 11 Children of Edward and Susan (Fuller) Logan

1 - Margaret Rusk Logan, b. in March Township in 1850; d.1929 in New Zealand; married Vincent Walters [pictured below] in 1871 in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. .Vincent Walters was born in 1846 in New South Wales, Australia, the son of Ann Sandey and Vincent Walters (b. abt 1828 in Cornwall, England) Margaret and Vincent Walters lived in New Zealand until 1880, when Vincent moved to Australia. Vincent died in 1928 at age 82. Margaret and Vincent Walters had eleven children:      
              (1) James Samuel Logan Walters b. 1871
                    m1 to Uru Raumati, a Maori woman, in 1906
                    m2 to Mary Aileen ‘Edna’ Brooke; Three children
              (2) Eva Margaret Walters b.1873, d.1936; m. Alexander Brewster; 3 children
              (3) Edward Vincent Walters, b. 1875, married 20-year-old Elizabeth Reed on
                    June 29, 1906 in Waitangi, N.Z. where Edward was a settler. They
had three
                    children. They later separated and Edward left N.Z. and settled in Australia,
                    where he remarried and had five more children.
             (4) Richard Walters was also born in 1875.
             (5) Susannah Elizabeth (Eliza)Walters  b. in 1876; m.1896 to Fredrich Wilheim Denecker
                  (b.1860) Two children.
             (6) Edwin Walters b. 1878; d. 1959; m. Sarah Jane Bangham Granger (1869-1931)
                   Eight children. (Edwin and Sarah Jane Walters were great grandparents of
                   Murray Foley, husband of  Marlene Foley*.)
             (7) Alice Maud Walters was b. abt 1879; m. in 1901 to Walter Hutton Champion
                   (1873-1906) two children.
Margaret and Vincent Walters were divorced in 1880 and Vincent moved to Australia; however, the family continued to use the Walters name.      
             (8) Thomas Walters b.1881, married Elizabeth Reed (the former wife of his brother
                   Edward Vincent) Eight children
             (9) Mary Walters was born in1883 (birth documentation lists Vincent Walters
                   as father).
Mary married Robert Foote (1880-1955). Two children.
           (10) Albert Walters (1886-1942) (birth documentation lists Vincent Walters as
           (11) Christina Walters (1895-1981) (birth documentation lists Vincent Walters
                   as father)
m. in 1923 Albert William Hazeldine Bailey
           (12) Nils August Walters, born Oct. 16, 1893 in Awhitu, N.Z.

2 - Ellen Jane Logan b. April 6, 1852; died July 23, 1924; m. Captain John Featon in 1871 in
     New Zealand. One child.
3 - Susanna Eliza Logan b. June 22, 1854 in N.Z; died Jan. 29, 1929; married Patrick Edwin
     Dillon in 1885.  Two sons
4 - Marion Graham Logan b. Sept. 21, 1856; died May 4, 1936; married April 30, 1878 Henry
     Greensmith Wade (born in England in 1853; died 1900) Nine children
5 - Edward Logan b. Feb. 21,1859 in Kauri Point, N.Z; died Nov.11, 1942; m. Harriett Irwin in
     1882 in N.Z.  Ten children
6 - Emma Logan b. Nov. 22, 1861 in N.Z; died Jan.1927; m. 1883 to Robert Millen (b.1858
      in Tyrone,  Ireland; died April 19, 1949) Eleven children
7 - Mary Ann Logan b. June 8, 1864 in N.Z; died July 24, 1942; m. James Hayes (1879-1936)
      in 1898 in N.Z. Two daughters--or one son
8 - Sarah Jane Moore Logan b. April 2, 1867 in N.Z; died 1959; m. Archibald Sidney Slater
     (1870- 1949)  in 1894, N.Z. Three Children
9 - Julia Gertrude Logan (twin) b. Dec. 21, 1869 in N.Z;      
      m1 Caude Walson Slater in 1896 in N.Z; Claude d. in 1897.     
      m2 Albion Sumner Howe b.1860; died 1943 in San Francisco. Three children.
10 - Angelina Logan (twin) b. Dec.21, 1869 in N.Z; died Sept. 23, 1938; m.1894 in N.Z. to Ernest
       Edward Faber (1869-1946) Seven children.
11 - Robert Logan b. 1873; died in infancy

Note: The original spelling of the family name was “Loggin” but eventually one of the g’s was dropped.  Most of the above account was provided by Peter Loney of  Edmonton.
The names of the children of the New Zealand family of Edward Logan and Susan Fuller were provided courtesy of Marlene Foley of New Zealand.

                                      Vincent Walters, husband of Margaret Rusk Logan who emigrated from
                                      Carleton Co. to
New Zealand with her parents Susan (Fuller) and Edward
                                      Logan in  1854. Vincent is shown posing in  Free Mason regalia.

Our thanks to Rick Morgan and *Peter Loney for information on the family of Jane (Morgan) and Jacob Logan; to *Ruth Cunningham and Marilyn Rivington, descendants of Jacob Logan and Jane Morgan for Logan information and photographs and to *Marlene Foley of New Zealand for the photo and information on the Logan family in New Zealand.

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