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   (gen. iii)  Anthony Humble Hedley (1840 - ? )
Emma L. Slipp

Anthony Humble Hedley, born in 1840 in Torbolton Township, Carleton County, was the ninth of the twelve children of John Hedley and Margaret Grierson.
Anthony appears on the 1851 Census for Torbolton, Carleton County along with his parents and twelve siblings ranging in ages from one year old to 25. Anthony is listed as 11 years old, attending school.
 The 1861 Torbolton Census shows Anthony, age 20, in the household of his parents, along with five siblings, ages 11 to 22. Anthony’s father, John Hedley II, died in 1866 at age 62.
The 1871 Torbolton Census shows Anthony, age 30, still in the household of his widowed mother, “Mrs. Hedley,” along with four siblings, ages 26 to 32, and the two children of James Hedley, John R. age 4 and James U. age one, whose mother, Mary (Rorison) Hedley had recently died in Michigan. Anthony was reunited with these two nephews many years later in Montana.
The 1879 Historical Atlas of Carleton County, published by Belden, shows “A.H. Headley” in possession of Lot 18 on Concession 4 in the Constance Bay area of Torbolton Twp. However, by 1880 Anthony, age 41, was living in Butte, Montana, which was  known as “The Richest Hill on Earth” for its gold, silver and copper mining. Anthony was active there in prospecting and in placing copper and silver mining claims.

The 1880 Census for Butte, Montana lists the following residents of  Deer Lodge, Butte City:
Anthony Hadley, 41, single, born in Canada; Occupation Teamster;  Father’s birthplace England;  Mother’s birthplace Scotland.
The household also included two other men:
Henry J. Blume, 24, single, born in Ohio; Occupation Painter; Birthplace of  parents Germany. [Many years later, Anthony’s nephew John R. found employment with the H. J. Blume Co.]
J.M. Stackpole, 50, single, born in New York; Occupation School Teacher; Father born in New Hampshire; Mother born in New York.

Newspaper items appearing in 1883 in Butte’s The Daily Mirror  show some of Anthony Humble Hedley’s activities in court land title claims and real estate transfers:
Sunday, March 11, 1883  -  Anthony H. Hedley et al. vs. James A. Murray et al., to quiet title;
Sunday, August 5, 1883 - Real Estate and Mining Transfers: Filed for the record of Silver Bow County - Anthony H. Hedley and J.C.C. Thornton and wife to Alex Greg; surface title, comprising an area of 4,000 feet adjoining the Baltic lode; $400.
Anthony did not confine his activities to land speculation, but was an active prospector as well. Montana’s official state website contains the following reference to Anthony H. Hedley:
              "The first mine to be claimed on the Jefferson County side of the Jefferson River
               was the Golden Sunlight in April of 1890. Its discoverer, Anthony H. Hedley,
               who located the leached outcrop of the Sunlight vein, had located several other claims
               there including the Sunlight, Golden, and Last Chance. ......most of the district's
               production has been dominated by the Golden Sunlight properties which continue
                to produce after over a century of intermittent activity."
                (Source: Discovering Montana: Montana Dept. of the Environment)

Files in the Bureau of Land Management Database for the states of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota list Anthony H. Hedley in 1890 (4 properties), 1892 (2 properties), 1893 (2 properties), 1894 (3 properties), and 1896 (2 properties). The latter files coincide with the period in which Anthony’s nephew John R. (James’s eldest son) was also living in Butte and investing in land claims there (1893-1904).

Marriage: Anthony H. Hedley, age 55,  married Emma L. Slipp, age 42, in Butte, Montana in1895. (Source:STEVENS TRUNK LIMBS AND LEAVES) Emma, b. in 1853, was the fourth of ten children of Eleanor Van Wart (b. Nov. 25, 1823) and Leonard G. Slipp (b. May 17, 1821; died Sept. 5, 1914). Emma’s parents, natives of New Brunswick, were married May 29, 1845. They had ten children:
    1. D. Annie Slipp  b. 1847 in New Brunswick, Canada
    2. Celia Slipp b. 1848 in N.B.
    3. John Wesley Slipp b.Sept. 23, 1849 in N.B.
    4. Emma L. Slipp b. 1853
    5. G. Whitfield b. Dec.27, 1853 in N.B.
    6. William Harvey Slipp b. 1857
    7. Wilmot Slipp b. 1860 in N.B.
    8. Edmond Slipp b. 1862 in N.B.
    9. Isaac E. Slipp b. 1863
  10. Frank R. Slipp b. 1865
Source: Stevens Trunk Limbs and Leaves website

Leonard’s parents (Emma’s grandparents) William Slipp and Hannah Gaunce were both born in Hampstead, Queen’s County, N.B. William was born Nov. 14, 1789 and Hannah was born Aug. 20, 1791.
 In 1881 the family of Leonard and Eleanor Slipp  was living in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick.

                     1881 Canadian Census - Woodstock, Carleton Co., New Brunswick
 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
 Leonard G. SLIP   M   Male   German   59   New Brunswick   Farmer   F C Baptist 
 Ellionor A. SLIP   M   Female   German   56   New Brunswick      F C Baptist 
 Emma L. SLIP      Female   German   28   New Brunswick      F C Baptist 
 Wm. Harvey SLIP      Male   German   24   New Brunswick   Farmer   F C Baptist 
 Isaac E. SLIP      Male   German   18   New Brunswick   Son   F C Baptist 
 Frank R. SLIP      Male   German   16   New Brunswick   Son   F C Baptist 
It appears that Anthony and Emma (Slipp) Hedley left Montana sometime between 1896 and 1900 and settled in the city of Los Angeles, California. In 1900 Anthony and Emma were living at 629 Sonoma in Los Angeles, California, and Anthony was employed in the Crude Oil Business.

                                     1900 U.S. Census for Los Angeles, California

place of birth
place of birth
Hedley, Anthony H
Oct. 1840
m 5 yr
Can (Eng)
Crude oil  bus.
              Emma L.
Sept. 1851
m 5 yr Can (Eng) Can (Eng) Can (Eng)

Emma (Slipp) Hedley died in 1909 in California. She was 56 years old.
Anthony Humble Hedley and Emma Slipp did not have any children.
In 1910 Anthony was living in the household of his nephew John R. Hedley and his family in Los Angeles. He was 68 years old, working as manager in the Oil Wells Industry. (See 1910 Census for California State, Los Angeles Township in Chapter 4,6a)
Anthony does not appear in the household of John R and Laura Hedley in the 1920 Census for Los Angeles, when he would have been 78 if still living.

The year and place of death of Anthony Humble Hedley is not presently known.

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