Chap. 4,6e
        gen. (iv)                           Frank  Robert  Hedley  (1879 - 1940)
                                       and Jessie Hoyt Wilder (1891 -1982)


Frank Robert Hedley, the eldest of the three children of James Hedley and Emma Hays,  was born Aug. 7, 1879 in Eveline Twp., Charlevoix County, Michigan  (Birth Index for Charlevoix Co., although Cal. Death Records site 1876 as his year of birth) Emma, the mother of Frank,  Ethel and Ralph, was born in Whitestown, Butler, Pennsylvania on Sept. 20, 1850, the daughter of Robert Hays and Nancy Black (IGI). (See addendum of Chap 4,6  for family of Robert Hays and Nancy Black, parents of Emma, maternal grandparents of Frank)  
Frank was born into a household consisting of three older half-brothers: John 12, James 9, and George (Nickerson) Hedley 12, and half-sister Mary Margaret Hedley, age 7. Sometime before Frank was seven, his family moved from their farm home in Michigan to Black Jack, Kansas. By the time the family left Black Jack, Frank’s older brothers and sisters had moved away or married. Only Frank and his full sister and brother, Ethel and Ralph, remained in the family household.

By 1910 the family had settled on a farm in Fairfax Twp., Polk Co., Minnesota. Frank’s parents James and Emma were 73 and 59 respectively, Frank was 30 and single, and Ethel and Ralph were 23 and 18. Frank and Ralph were working as farm labourers on the family farm. The following year,1902, Frank’s sister Ethel was married in Crookston, Polk County, and five years after that Frank Robert, 36, was also married in Crookston.
Frank Robert Hedley married Jessie Hoyt Wilder  March 29, 1915 in Crookston, Polk Co., Minnesota.  Jessie, 24, was born April 8, 1891 in North Dakota, the daughter of Charles Wilder (b. in Ontario, Canada) and Mary L. Coddington (b. in Cayuga, N.Y.). (See addendum #1 for family of William and Elizabeth Wilder, parents of Charles, paternal grandparents of Jessie)
Nine-year-old Jessie and her family appear on the 1900 Census for Crookston:

1900 U.S. Census for Crookston Twp., Polk Co., Minnesota
Wilder, Charles (head) age 39 (b. Feb. 1861) pres. marr. 11 yr; b. in Can; fa. b. Can;
             mo. b. Can; farmer; home owner; imm. 1882; in U.S. 15 yr; naturalized cit.
Wilder, Mary L.(wife) 32 (July 1867) marr. 11 yr; 3 ch.(3 liv); b. NY; fa. NY; mo. NY
Wilder, Florence E..(dau) 10 (Nov. 1889) b. N. Dakota; fa. Can; mo. N.Y; att. school
Wilder, Jessie H. (dau) 9 (Apr. 1891) b. N. Dakota; fa. Can; mo. N.Y; att. school
Wilder, Jay E. (son) 8 (Nov. 1892) b. N. Dakota; fa. Can; mo. N.Y; att. school
Coddington, Mary (mo/law) 70 (Feb. 1830) wid. 8 ch (4 liv); b. NY; fa. Conn; mo. NY
(See addendum #2 for the family of Alexander Campbell Coddington and Mary Hoyt, parents of Mary L. and  maternal grandparents of Jesse.)

Twenty years later Charles Wilder, 58, is on the 1920 Census for Blaine Twp., Whatcom Co., Washington State, where he is working as a laborer in a sawmill. His wife is Carrie L. Wilder, 53, b. in N.Y. Grandson Carl L. Hickey, age 4 ½, b. in Washington, is also in the household.

By 1920 Frank and Jessie Hedley were farming in Fairfax Township, Polk County, Minnesota, probably on the farm the family had purchased  when they first came to Minnesota.  Ralph had married in 1915 and moved to California, and their parents James and Emma may have moved to Manitoba, Canada. Frank and Jessie had a family of two young children, Edith and Charles:

1920 U.S. Census for Fairfax Twp., Polk Co., Minnesota
Hedley, Frank (head) 40, b. in Mich; fa. b. Can; mo. b. Penn., Farmer (Grain & Dairy)
Hedley, Jessie (wife ) 28, b. in N. Dakota; fa. b. Can; mo. b. N.Y.
Hedley, Edith (dau.) 3 8/12, b. in Minn; fa. b. Mich; mo. b. N. Dakota
Hedley, Robert (son) 5/12, b. in Minn; fa. b. Mich; mo. b. N. Dakota
Cash, James N. (hired man) 25, b. in Minn; fa. b. Scot; mo. b. Scotland; laborer on dairy farm
Burk, Archie (hired man) 17, b. in Minn; fa. b. Wis; mo. b. Norway; laborer on dairy farm

Ten years later, the family of Frank and Jessie Hedley had moved to Colorado, where Frank was working as an independent trucker. A third child, Charles, was added to the family in Colorado:

1930 U.S. Census for Englewood City, Arapahoe County, Colorado
Hedley, Frank R. (head), 50  (35 at 1st marr.) rented home; independent trucker
Hedley, Jessie H. (wife), 50  (24 at 1st marr.)
Hedley, Edith L. (dau.) 13,  attending school
Hedley, Robert H. (son) 10,  attending school
Hedley, Charles H. (son) 5, born in Colorado

Children of Frank R. Hedley and Jessie Hoyt Wilder (gen. v):

(1) Edith Laverne Hedley
b.1916 in Minn.; now lives in California

(2) Robert Hays Hedley b. Aug. 9, 1919 in Crookston, Minn.,
       m. Elizabeth Schaefer (b. 1920). Robert was killed in World War II at age 25. He died Jan. 21, 1945.
       Robert Hays Hedley and Elizabeth Schaefer had one son (gen. iv):
              [1] Robert Hays Hedley b.1945; d.. Sept. 10, 1994 in Corning,  Tehama, Cal.

(3) Charles Wilder (Chuck) Hedley b. Dec. 2, 1925 in Denver, Colorado
      m. Lois Jo-Ann Jaque (b.1927) on Nov. 21, 1947.
      Charles Wilder Hedley died at age 68 on Sept. 10, 1994 in Corning, Tehama, California (California
      Death Records)
. Charles and Lois Jo-Ann (Jaque) Hedley had four children (gen. vi):
             [1] Craig Wayne Hedley  b. 1949 in San Diego Co., California
             [2] Clifford Paul Hedley, b. Apr. 25, 1950 in Vista, San Diego County, died at age 22
                  on May 11, 1972  in Shasta, California (Cal. Death Index)
             [3] Colleen ‘Carol’ Hedley b. 1954 in San Diego Co.
             [4] Candace Ann Hedley b. 1956 in San Diego Co.

Frank Robert Hedley, b. Aug. 7, 1879 in Michigan, died in San Diego on June 2, 1940 at age 61.  Jessie Hoyt (Wilder) Hedley, b. April 8, 1891 in North Dakota, died 41 years after her husband,  on Jan.15, 1982 at  age 90 in San Diego, California.

                                                       Addendum #1

                  Family of William and Elizabeth Wilder, parents of Charles,
                             paternal grandparents of Jessie Hoyt Wilder

1880 Canadian Census for Orillia, Simcoe North, Ontario

William  Wilder,     46, b. in Ont.; Ethnic Orig. English; farmer;  Methodist
Elizabeth Wilder,  48, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist
George  Wilder,      22, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist
Charles  Wilder,    19, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist
Henry  Wilder,         17, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist
Mary  Wilder,          12, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist
Margerete Wilder,  10, b. in Ont., Ethnic Orig. English; Methodist

                                                     Addendum #2

                     Family of Alexander Campbell Coddington and Mary Hoyt,
                  parents of Mary L., maternal grandparents of Jessie Hoyt Wilder

Alexander Campbell Coddington            b. March 22, 1827  Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.
                                                                          m. Oct. 26, 1848  Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.
                                                                          d. March 27, 1893  Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.

Mary Hoyt (wife)                                            b. Feb. 6, 1830 Cayuga, NY:  m.Oct 26, 1848 Auburn
                                                                         d. Jan. 19, 1910 Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.
1. Marietta Hoyt Coddington                         b. abt 1838 NY; d. 1850 Auburn, Cayuga,  NY

2. Emma (or Franky) Coddington                 b. Feb.1850  NY; d. Oct. 7, 1851 Auburn, Cayuga, NY
3. Flora B. Coddington                                  b. abt 1852  NY; d. Nov.12, 1874 Auburn, Cayuga, NY
4. Charles Ellis Coddington                          b. July 27, 1855  Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.
                                                                         d. Oct. 14, 1911 Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.

5. Mary L. Coddington                                b. 1866 Auburn, Cayuga, NY; d. between 1900 -1920
6. William Jay Coddington                            b. Sept. 26, 1869 Auburn, Cayuga, N.Y.
                                                                         d. Sept. 17, 1927 in Lynn, Essex, Mass.
                                                                             burial: Locust Grove, Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

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