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Dorothy Marguerite Harowell & James Murray Rorison (originally John Harold Hedley)

(This article is loosely copied from a letter written by Dorothy Marguerite Harowell Rorison Foedisch, b. July 1906)

My maternal grandfather, Clark Hales, was a squire of financial means, a relic of the old feudal system in England. As larger farms and machinery became prominent and an extremely valuable stallion died, my grandparents' living conditions suffered. Being a proud man, my grandfather refused to borrow money, and the new world beckoned with the promise of a large acreage for $10 and his agreement to live on the land for three years. After selling everything, my grandparents arrived in Canada in 1883. My grandfather lost pride when he realized what he had given up for the menial life of a pioneer. His wife had never even cooked before, and they had always had nurses to care for the children.  He died pining for former days in 1885, two years after their arrival in Canada. My mother, Alice Hales, was 8th of their 13 children.The boys in the family worked at ranching, and as the girls grew up, four of them, including my mother, took up nursing to help financially.

My paternal grandfather was a Methodist minister. My father, educated in Kingswood School and Leed's School in England, was the third of six children. After his mother's death, finding himself under the domination of an old-maid aunt, my father decided to go to Canada. His credentials, however, were not accepted in Canada and he joined the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police, which at that time was composed of gentlemen. He remained in the Force until he met and courted my mother, Alice Hales. Walking her home from Church, he was persuaded to attend the services. He became interested in church work, studied for the ministry, and was ordained. He married Alice Hales in 1901.

In 1905 my parents migrated to the United States with their first three children. I, Dorothy Marguerite Harowell, was born in 1906, the fourth of six children (five girls and one boy). We lived on the outskirts of Chicago, where we had a happy childhood. After graduating from the University of Illinois, I met my own love, Jim Rorison in 1933. In marrying Jim, I acquired three loves at one time -- Jim  and two adorable girls, 6-year-old Nancy and 1 1/2 -year-old Jean, as Jim had recently lost his wife Margie. Jim and I increased the family by two more, Fran b. 1934 and Tommy b. 1937. Ours was a close-knit family, making each holiday a special occasion, and doing things together, such as having picnics and travel, discussions, reading aloud, etc. Then in 1984 James's sudden death from diabetes changed our lives.

I went back to school to renew my teaching credentials and supported the family by teaching in the elementary school. Five years later, I married Leonard Foedisch, who is adored by children and grandchildren. We are now both retired and have time to visit and enjoy the family, who are all very dear to us. 

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