Chapter 4,12
             (gen. iii)  Elizabeth Frances Hedley  (1847-1923)
and John Dickson  (1842-1910)

Elizabeth Frances Hedley was the second-youngest of the fourteen children of John Hedley and Margaret Grierson.  Elizabeth was born in 1847 in Torbolton Township.  She married John Dickson (1842-1910) of Pakenham on July 22, 1867. Elizabeth and John lived in Galetta, Carleton County before moving to North Dakota and finally to the area of Morris, Manitoba. Elizabeth (Hedley) Dickson died May 30, 1923 at age 75.  Her husband John Dickson died three years later, on April 15, 1926, also at age 75. They were both buried in Manitoba..
 Elizabeth (Hedley) and John Dickson had six children:
     1 - Margaret Dickson (1869-1895) married John William Green.
     2 - Jennie Dickson (1871-1912) married Rev. Ben Collins.  They had four children:
               (1) Marquerite Collins, born 1892
               (2) Genevieve Collins married William R. Taylor. They had one child:
                           [1] Elizabeth Taylor
               (3) William Collins
               (4) Robert Collins
     3 - Isabella Dickson (1874-1965) married Robert Taylor. They had one child:
               (1) Lawrence Taylor
     4 - Robert Dickson, born in 1878, died in 1931 (or 1953).
          Robert married Barbara Helen Hogg (1878-1962).
          Robert and Barbara Dickson had three children:
               (1) John Hedley Dickson
               (2) William Hogg Dickson
               (3) Rebecca Livingston Dickson
     5 - George Dickson (1878-1953) married Ann Flegel. They had one child:
               (1) Florence Dickson
     6 - John Dickson (1880-1918)

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