Chapter 4,1
 generation (iii) 
John Hedley lll
  Anna Amelia Wheeler 1804-1916 
John Hedley III, born June 3, 1828 (1901 census) in Huntley Township, Carleton County was the eldest child of John Hedley II and Margaret Grierson. He married Anna Amelia Wheeler, who was born in England April 3, 1834 (1901 census), the daughter of Jesse Wheeler and Ann Maslin, who had settled in Carp. John and Amelia farmed on Concession 3, Lot 10 of Torbolton Township. This area was known as “Woodlawn.” Although John’s father had become a Wesleyan Methodist in his later years, John III remained a staunch Anglican. According to several newspaper articles of the time, he was known as the “Bishop of Torbolton” and continued to attend Anglican Synods even after age eighty. In 1871 John and Anna Amelia donated a corner of their farm as a site for the proposed St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church and Cemetery, which was finally built in 1896.

map     St.Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church and Cemetery

1861 Ontario Census for Torbolton Township, Carleton County
Hedley John age 34

Ann E.


Jane Ann

Margaret E.


Jesse A.


1871 Ontario Census for Torbolton Twp., Carleton County 
Hedley   John,              42,   b. in Ont.,   Ch. of Eng., English,    Farmer
               Ann A.,          35,   b. in Eng.,   Ch. Of Eng., English
               Jane Ann,       17,   b. in Ont.,   Ch. of Eng., English
               Margaret,       13,   b. in Ont.,   Ch. of Eng., English
               Albert Alex,     7,   b. in Ont.,   Ch. of Eng., English
               Lavina,            5,   b. in Ont.,    Ch. of Eng., English
               Annamilia         3,   b. in Ont.,   Ch. of Eng., English

1881 Ontario Census for Torbolton Township, Carleton County
Hedley Jno
b. in Ont. Ch. of Eng English


b. in Eng Ch. of Eng. English


b. in Ont Ch. of Eng. English


       "         "


       "        "        "


       "        "        "


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The 1901 Census for Torbolton Twp. shows John Hedley III,  “Annamelia” and their youngest daughter, Clara, living in the household of their eldest daughter Jane Ann and her second husband Thomas Irwin Vance, along with 20-year-old George Brown, Jane’s son from her first marriage, and six children from Jane’s sister Amelia’s previous marriage to Thomas Vance.

The 1901 Census for Torbolton Twp., Carleton Co.
Vance  Thomas I. Head, b. Apr. 11, 1855, age 46, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng, farmer
             Jane A. Wife, b. Mar. 26, 1854, age 47, b. Ont., Engish, Ch of Eng.
             Allan, Son, b. Nov. 4, 1886, age 15, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
             Annamelia, Daughter b. June 2, 1889, age 12, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
              Florence M. Daughter b. Nov. 25, 1891, age 10, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
              Jennie M. Daughter b. June 16, 1896, age 5, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
              Mary E. Daughter b. Oct. 31, 1898, age 3, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
              Lavina, Daughter b. Feb. 24, 1900, age 1, b. Ont., Irish, Ch of Eng.
Brown   George A. Step-son b. July 23, 1881, age 20, b. Ont., English, Ch of Eng.
Hedley  John, Father-in-law, b. June 3, 1828, age 73, b. Ont., English, Ch of Eng., Gentleman
              Annamelia, Mother-in-law b. Apr. 25, 1834, age 67, b. Eng., English, Ch of Eng.
              Clara, Daughter b. Dec. 12, 1875, age 26, b. Ont., English, Ch of Eng.

John Hedley III died at age 85 on August 29, 1912. His widow, Anna Amelia, and  his daughter Margaret (Hedley) Brown donated, in his memory, the “East Hedley altar window” of St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church. Anna Amelia died four years after her husband, on November 11, 1916 of "gangarene muscle" at age 83. The graves of John and Anna Amelia Hedley are in St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Cemetery in Woodlawn.
They had a family of eight children:

        1- Jane Ann Hedley was b. March 24, 1854 in Torbolton Twp.; d. 1916
            m1  William Brown on Nov. 22, 1875 in Torbolton Twp. William died at age
            30 (1852-1882).  Jane Ann and William Brown had two children before William’s
            early death:
                  (1) Alfred Brown (1876-1960) m. Elizabeth Basset (b.1881); lived in Winnipeg.
                  (2) George Albert Brown, b. July 23, 1881; d.1904 at age 23.
            m2 Thomas Irwin Vance on March 20, 1901 in Ottawa. Witnesses were Barbara J.
            and R. Gordon Stewart of Ottawa. Thomas Vance, age 45, was b. Apr. 11, 1856 in
            Huntley Twp., son of Thomas Vance and Elizabeth Johnston; d.1941 in Torbolton Twp.
            Thomas Vance was the former husband of Jane Ann’s younger sister, Lavina, who had
            died at age 34 in 1900 leaving six young children. According to the 1901 census, the
             household of Jane Ann and Thomas Vance included the six children of Thomas and
             Jane’s sister Lavina as well as George, the younger of her two sons from her former
             marriage, and her parents John and Anna Amelia Hedley.

           Jane Ann (Hedley) (Brown) Vance died in 1916 at age 62. Her grave is in St. Thomas the
           Apostle Anglican Cemetery in Woodlawn, Torbolton Twp., Carleton Co.

           In 1920, four years after Jane Ann’s death, Thomas Irwin Vance, age 65, was married for
           a third time, to 55-year-old Beatrice Catherine Isabella Grierson, a widow, the youngest
           daughter of Ann Hedley and John Hay Grierson (see Chapter 4,2).

        2 - Thomas Hedley  b.1856, died in infancy

        3 - Margaret Elizabeth Hedleyb. Jan.30,1857, was married on Nov.21, 1882, Torbolton
             at age 25 to 29 -year-old James Brown, born Jan.1, 1851 in St. Columbia, the son of
             George and Mary Brown. Witnesses were Frederick Radmore, Hull, P.Q. and Lavina
             Hedley, Torbolton Twp. James Brown d. Oct. 16, 1927. Margaret d. July 20, 1931.

             Her grave is in St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Cemetery in Woodlawn, Torbolton Twp.
             No children.

        4 - Jesse Alfred Hedley, b.1857, died in 1861 at age two. He is buried in St. John’s
             Anglican Cemetery, South March.

        5 - Albert ‘Alexander’ Hedley was born April 16, 1863 in Torbolton Twp.  He married
             Jane (Jenny)  Fetherstonhaugh, (Fetherston) on April 23, 1885 in Fitzroy Twp. Jane
             Fetherstonhaugh was born Oct. 26,1860 in Ontario. The Fetherstonhaugh family appears
             in the 1881 Census with the family name shortened to “Fetherston.”

1881 Census for Torbolton Twp., Carleton County
Fetherston W. J. 
b. in Quebec, Irish, Ch of Eng., Farmer

b. in Ontario,
Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

b. in Ontario, Irish, Ch of Eng.,

    Alexander Hedley and Jane Fetherston appear to have set out to see as much of North America as possible before settling into a permanent home. Their first child, Maud, was born in 1886 in Calgary, Alberta, NWT. Their second child, Reginald, born three years later, was born in Ontario.  Two years later their third child, Jesse, was born in Santa Cruz, California. Their fourth and fifth children, Ernest and Alberta, born in 1893 and 1895, were also born in the USA. By 1897 Albert and Jane had apparently chosen Vancouver Island as their permanent home. Their sixth child, Jennie,  was born in Saanich on Vancouver Island. The B.C. Voters’ List of 1898 shows Alex Hedley, farmer, Church of England, living at East Saanich Road, Victoria South.
    Although the Canadian Census for 1891 does not show any Hedleys living in British Columbia, the 1901 Census lists the family of Alexander and Jane Hedley:

The 1901 Census for Victoria, B.C. and South Vancouver Island             
Hedley Alex







Alexander Hedley died at age 45 in Victoria, B.C. on May 20, 1908. His wife Jane died 12 years later
 at age 56 on March 17, 1920. Jane (Fetherston) and Albert Hedley had nine children:

                  (1) Edith Amelia ‘Maud’ Hedley,  b. Nov. 7, 1886 in Calgary, Alberta, NWT.
                       m1 William Alexander Vye in Victoria, B.C. on Nov. 27, 1907.  Maud was 21
                       and William 23. William, b. 1884 in Victoria, died Jan. 15, 1913 in Victoria at
                       age 28. Two children:
                                     [1] Ivy Maud Vye
                                     [2] Iris Alexandra Vye
                       m2 of Maud Hedley was to James Kelly Black on Oct. 24, 1916 in Victoria, B.C.
                       Maud, a dress maker, was 29, and James, a farmer, was 21. James Black, born in
                       1874 in Victoria was the son of James Black, a farmer, and Isabella Munro. James
                       had a previous marriage to Jane Lilly Knight. That marriage was dissolved in 1816,
                       when Lilly was living in Montery, California. (Victoria Court Registry, Supreme
                       Court of B.C.)

                 (2) Reginald John MacAuley Hedley, b. Apr. 12, 1889 in Ont.; died Nov. 6, 1916
                       in  Essondale, B.C. at age 27; Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

                 (3) Jesse Carlton Hedley was b. Dec.19, 1891 in Santa Cruz, California. He died at
                     age 16 on Oct. 27, 1908 in Victoria, B.C.;  Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

                 (4) Thomas ‘Ernest’ Milton Hedley, b. Oct. 6, 1893 in the U.S.A. m. Lillian
Yanke  (b.1895) in Brandon, Manitoba on Feb. 1, 1916. Ernest and
                       Lillian were married Feb. 1, 1916 in Brandon, Manitoba. They lived in Victoria,
                       B.C. where Ernest died on March 7, 1982. One son:
                              [1] Norman Alexander Louis Hedley (1917-1960)
                                   m. Phyllis Elizabeth O’Neill , daughter of John Patrick O'Neill,
                                   who was born in Ireland and Mary Jane Roberts, who was born in
                                   Shropshire,  England in1883,  and whose family tree reportedly traces
                                   family historyback to the battle of Hastings in 1066. One son:
                                            {1} Thomas E. Hedley*, Vancouver Island, b. 1940

                  (5) Marian ‘Alberta’ Hedley, born Nov. 27, 1895 in the USA; died at age 15 on July
                       21, 1911 in Victoria, B.C.

                  (6) Jennie Margaret Hedley, born Nov. 25, 1897 in Saanich, B.C.; died at age 10
                        on  March 18, 1908 in Victoria, B.C.; Ross Bay Cemetery.

                  (7) Wellington Hedley No other record of this son of Alexander and Jane Hedley
                        has  been found, other than the listing of his name in his mother’s obituary in
                        a local publication “Times” as one of her three surviving sons.

                  (8) Norman N Hedley, born July 20, 1899 in B.C.; died at age 20 on June 7, 1920
                        in  Saanich, B.C.; buried in Ross Bay Cemetery , Grave Reference S. 45.
                        Norman died while serving in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during the
                        First World War. His name is listed in the Book of Remembrance - First
                        World War on page 550. This book, on view in the Canadian Parliament
                        Buildings, displays a different page each day.

Surname Initial(s) Given Name Date of Death

                  (9) Myrtle Hedley born 1906, m. Frederick Gerald Heard on Apr. 3, 1929 in Victoria, B.C.
                       Myrtle died 27 Jan. 1980  B. C.
                       Two children:
                                 [1] Warren Alexander Heard, Vancouver Island, married Carolyn Hay.
                                      No children
                                 [2] Geraldine Myrtle Heard, Vancouver Island, married Algernon Parker.
                                      One son:
                                               {1} Richard Parker
    6 - Lavina Marie Hedley
, (Sophia on the 1881 Census) 1866-1900, the sixth child of
             John Hedley and Anna Amelia  Wheeler,
             m. Thomas Irwin Vance,  born April 11,1856; died 1941.
             Lavina Marie Hedley died at age 34 on May 7, 1900, the year she gave birth to her
             namesake, Lavina, her sixth child. Her grave is in St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican
             Cemetery in Woodlawn, Torbolton  Twp., Carleton Co.
             Lavina’s husband, Thomas Irwin Vance, married Lavina’s elder sister, 46-year-old
             Jane Ann Brown, who had been widowed eighteen years earlier. Six children:

                   (1) Allan Vance, b. Nov. 4, 1885; d.1912

                   (2) Amelia Elizabeth Vance, b. June 2,1889 in Torbolton Twp. was married, at age
                        24, to Thomas Wellington Cowan, age 24, of Huntley Twp. Thomas was b. in
                        1884, the son of William James Cowan and Sarah Ann Downey. The marriage
                        was Jan. 8, 1913 in St. Thomas Church, Woodlawn, Carleton, Ont. Witnesses
                        were Alexander Vance of Metcalf and Florence May Vance of Woodlawn

                  (3) Florence May Vance was born Nov. 25, 1891 in Torbolton Twp. Florence, a nurse, was
                        living in Ottawa at age 23, when she married 25-year-old Dr. Gordon McLelland Hanna
                        of Brantford, Ont. (b. Aug. 28, 1888). Dr. Gordon Hanna was born in Lansdowne Twp.,
                        Leeds County, Ont., the son of Dr. Franklin K. Hanna (b. Mar. 11, 1856 in Bastard Twp.,
                        Leeds Co., Ont.) and Emeretta Emery Hanna (b.June 22, 1859).
                       Florence and Gordon were married Jan. 21, 1914 in Carleton Co. Witnesses were Herbert R.
                       Moffatt and Jennie Muriel Vance of Woodlawn. Gordon Hanna died at age 54 in 1943.
                       Florence died ten years later on Aug. 13, 1953 at age 62. One son:                                 
                                   [1] Robert Gordon Hanna b. 1921 in Brantford, Ont. was stationed in Glasgow,
                                         Scotland during World War 2. He married Mary Guthrie Walker (b. 1929 in
                                         Paisley, Scotland), daughter of Alexander Reid Walker (b. 1899 in Paisley,
                                         Scotland) and Mary Boyd (b. 1899 in Paisley, Scotland). Robert Gordon
                                         Hanna died May 26, 1966; Mary died June 5, 1984. The graves of both Robert
                                         and Mary are in Greenwood Cemetery, Brantford. Four children (living).

                  (4) Jennie Muriel Vance was b. June 16,1896 in Carp; Jennie was married at age 19 to
                        Roy Albert Wainman, age 21, on Apr. 9, 1914 in Ottawa. Roy was b. in 1895 in
                        Shawville, Quebec, the son of Thomas A. Wainman and Lura Andrews.
                        Jennie died in 1931 at age 35.

                  (5) Mary Ellen Vance, b. Oct. 31,1898; d.1915 at age 17.

                  (6) Lavina Vance, b. Feb. 24, 1900

    7 - Ann Amelia Victoria Hedley, b. in March 1868, d. Aug. 6, 1892 at age 24, buried in St.
         John’s Cemetery, South March.

    8 - May Alethea (or Elsthear) Hedley, b. Sept. 1, 1873; died 1920 (or 1924);
         m. James Weatherdon, b.April 9, 1872. The 1901 Carleton Co. Census shows the
        Weatherdon family living in the Fitzroy district. Six children:

                  (1) Frederick Wilbert Weatherdon, b. May 14, 1897

                  (2) Edgar Hedley Weatherdon, b. Oct. 27, 1899; died 1984;
                        Jane Eida Barrett, b. June 9, 1901

                  (3) Irene Violet Weatherdon, 1902-1919, died at age 17.

                  (4) May Alethea (or Elsthear) Weatherdon, b. 1904, died in infancy.

                  (5) Arthur James Weatherdon, b. 1907, m. Ivy Baird, b. 1910.

                  (6) Edith May Weatherdon, b. 1910, m. Thomas Bryson, b. 1907.

The 1901 Ontario Census for Fitzroy, Lanark (North)
Weatherdon, James, Head, age 29, b. Apr. 9, 1872
                       May, Wife, age 27, b. Sept. 1, 1873
                       Frederick, Son, age 3, b. May 14, 1897
                       Edgar, Son, age 1, b. Oct. 27, 1899
         Spiller,  Mabel, Lodger, age 15, b. June 15, 1885
The 1911 Ontario Census for Ottawa
Weatherdon, Jas. Ed., Head, age 38, b. Apr. 1873
                       May A. Wife, age 39, b. Sept. 1871
                       Fred W. Son, age 13, b. May, 1897
                       Edgar, Son, age 11, b. Nov. 1899
                       Irene, Daughter, age 4, b. Feb. 1902
                       Arthur, Son, age 11, b. Nov. 1906
                       Edith, Daughter, age 5 mo., b. Dec. 1910
          Vance,  Milly, Niece, age 22, b. June 1888

     9 - Clara Hedley
, born on Dec.12,1875 in Torbolton Twp. (1901 Census) was married Sept. 2,
          1901 in Ottawa at age 25 to John George Hedley, her cousin, age 36.
John George Hedley
          was the son of Nicholas Hedley and Christina Grierson (see Chap. 4,5). John George died in
          1931 at age 66. His grave is in Beechwood Cemetery, Carleton, Ottawa. Clara died 25 years
          later, in 1956 at age 83. Clara and John George Hedley had four children:

                  (1) Clifford Alexander Hedley, b.1902 in Ottawa; d. 1995

                  (2) Flossie Amelia Hedley, b.1904 in Ottawa; d.1919 at age 15.

                  (3) Hiram‘Wilbur’ Hedley, b. Sept. 1907, d. Feb.3 (or Mar.2), 1910 in Smith Falls,
                        Lanark Co., of measles and pneumonia at age 2 ½.
Wilbur’s grave is in St. Thomas
                        the Apostle Anglican Cemetery in Woodlawn, Torbolton Twp., Carleton Co.

                  (4) Helen Christina Hedley, 1912-1972, m. Allan Harvey Stotts (b.1910).
                        One daughter:
                                  [1] Barbara Elaine Stotts*

The assistance of Thomas E. Hedley* of Vancouver Island, B.C. and
Barbara Stotts* of Ottawa with Chapter 4,1 is much appreciated.

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