Chapter 9,8
(part 2)


Family of May (Chadbourn) Woods,  Hattie's twin sister

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Choir group with Chadbourn and White cousins.
May Chadbourn is second from the right in the middle row.
(date of picture unknown)

Winnifred (Woods) Loreth
(seated) and sister Doris (Woods) Simpson, January 2003


Betty Langtry, daughter of Winnifred (Woods) Loreth,
granddaughter of May (Chadbourn) Woods with husband
George Langtry, Delta, B.C. A visit to Emerson cousins
during Square Dance Convention in London, July 2008                                                        

Spence MacKenzie & Ethel Woods (daughter
of Wes & May)

Hazel & Bill Woods (son of Wes & May)
Back row -
 Bob & Don Hoiland with Chloe; Jack Stewart (hidden); Brian Baldwin; 
Heather Hoiland; Blair Baldwin (tall); Kathy Hoiland; Ron Baldwin;
Fay (Stewart) (Mrs. Ron) Baldwin; George Stewart.
Middle row -
Jeanne (Doust) (Mrs. Don) Hoiland with Rebecca & Erica;
Shirley (Stewart) (Mrs. John) Hoiland; Del & Dorothy (Stewart) Mitchell
with Deidre (Mitchell) Anklie; Judy (Klub) (Mrs. Bob) Hoiland; Erin Baldwin;  Norain (Zimmerman) (Mrs. Blair) Baldwin
Three children front right -
 Martina & Tommy Hoiland; Jeffrey Baldwin

Descendants of Lil (Chadbourne) and Bill Stewart, Saskatchewan
           Jack Stewart;  Shirley (Stewart) Hoiland;  Dorothy (Stewart) Mitchell;
                                Fay (Stewart) Baldwin;  George Stewart

Sons & Daughters of Kathleen (Baldwin) (1906-1982) and Bill Stewart (1905-1985)

[Grandchildren of Lil (Chadbourne) (1880-1970) and Tom Stewart (1875-1936)]

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