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Jack & Mae's house, under construction, located between North Bay and Trout Lake
(September 1932)
Aileen Hedley visiting
Jack, Mae and Lee, 1932
The Chadbourn homestead about 1950, by then part of Trout Mills, later on, North Bay.

Jack, nearing 80, with the help of his family built a new house to the right of this original house

 Elmer and Mabel Scott of Teeswater visiting the Chadbourns, about 1950 
       Sister & Brother

     Harriet (Hattie) Hedley 

      Dennis ‘John’ (Jack) 
      Chadbourn (1872-1964)

The Chadbourns

Jack and Mae Chadbourn
and children, Jack, Carl and Mark  visiting 'Hattie' Hedley's homestead about 1946.

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