Chapter 9, 8 - Part 2


Harriet Agnes Chadbourn, wife of Albert Edwin Hedley, and her twin Mary Emma (May), wife of James Wesley Woods, were born April 14, 1886, the daughters of Dennis Chadbourn and Susanna Lano of Kincardine Township. The following is an outline of the Chadbourn and Lano families from whom Harriet and May, their siblings, and all their descendants have issued.
Much of the information in this section is from the book Toil, Tears & Triumph, A History of Kincardine Township,  published in 1990 by the Kincardine Township Historical Society. Although that book spells the family name “Chadbourne,” the engraving on family headstones in Kincardine and North Bay and the signatures of some family members, as well as early marriage registrations, voters lists and censuses show “Chadbourn” without the final “e.” It appears that some families added the final “e” while others omitted it, thus the variation in the spelling of the family name .(Records of the Chadbourns in England show the spelling as Chadburn, Chadborn, Chadbourn and Chadbourne. In Manitoba, records show both Chadburn and Chadbourne.) 
Additional information and photos were provided by Betty Langtry of Delta, B.C.,  granddaughter of May Chadbourn who, with her twin sister Harriet, were the youngest children of Dennis and Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn.  Jack Chadbourne of North Bay,  eldest son of Jack Chadbourne Sr., brother of May and Harriet, also  provided helpful information, as did his daughter, Valerie Chadbourne, also of North Bay.
To Donald Chinnery of Florida, great great grandson of Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano, much gratitude for information on the Lano family.
Thanks also to Mr. Alexis Fernandes of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, for rescuing us from our confusion between Halifax, Yorkshire, England and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and for introducing us (via email) to our relatives in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, England, descendants of Joseph and Martha Chadbourn who chose to remain in England when our ancestor Dennis Chadbourn and his brother John emigrated to Canada.
Much gratitude also to Simon Barker of the UK for information on six generations of Chadbourn ancestors in England from 1742. And to "Julie" a native of Hucknall and a descendent of John George Chadbourne for additional information about the Chadbournes of Nottinghamshire.
(Ancestors of Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley and siblings on their father's side)

Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadbourn of Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England had seven children. Two of their sons, Dennis and John Chadbourn, came to the Kincardine area in the 1860s and contributed to the region’s developing economy through their technical skills and industry, operating a Kincardine foundry and later buying several rural properties in Kincardine Township, where they established grist and sawmills, cleared land, farmed, planted orchards and constructed farm buildings and residences, and raised their families. Following are three generations of ancestors of that family, who were also direct ancestors of Harriet and May Chadbourn and their siblings and descendants. Note: Different colours have been used to assist in separating the names of ancestors of different generations.

~~1 On Oct.7, 1742 James Chadburn married Jane Smith in Annesley, Nottinghamshire, England Their known children were ~1 John Chadburn; ~2 Jane Chadburn; ~3 Mary Chadburn; ~4 Elizabeth Chadburn; ~5 Martha Chadburn. (For information about all 5 children of James and Jane Chadburn (m. 1742) see Addendum 3)

~1 John Chadburn, the eldest child of James and Jane Chadburn (above) was baptized June 19, 1743 in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. At age 20 John married 18-year-old Margaret Dovey on Nov. 4, 1763. Margaret was born in 1745 in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. The thirteen children of John and Margaret (Dovey) Chadburn were 1~ Mary Chadburn; 2~ James Chadburn; 3~ Martha Chadburn; 4~ John Chadburn; 5~ Sarah Chadburn; 6~ Jane Chadburn; 7~ Matthew Chadburn; 8~ Elizabeth Chadburn; 9~ Ann Chadburn; 10~ Richard Chadburn; 11~ Alexander Chadburn; 12~ Eli Chadburn; 13~ Henry Chadburn. (For information about all 13 children and 24 grandchildren of John and Margaret (Dovey) Chadburn (m. 1763) see Addendum 3)

7~ Matthew Chadburn, the seventh child of John and Margaret (Dovey) Chadburn (above) was baptized May 10, 1776--he was possibly born much earlier--in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Matthew married Sarah Watson in Kirkby-in-Ashfield on Feb. 17, 1793. Sarah, born about 1766, was buried Feb. 1, 1848, age 82. Matthew was buried April 18, 1854 at Hucknall Torkard, age 76 (or older). Sarah (Watson) and Matthew Chadburn had six known children: 1 John Chadburn, 2 Mary Chadburn, 3 Ann Chadburn, 4 Joseph Chadburn, 5 Esther Chadburn, 6 Rebecca Chadburn (For information about all 6 children of Matthew and Sarah (Watson) Chadburn (m. 1793) see Addendum 3)

4 Joseph Chadburn, fourth child of Matthew and Sarah (Watson) Chadburn (above) was baptized May 10, 1801 in Hucknall Torkard. Joseph, age 22, married 19-year-old Martha Rhodes, daughter of George and Ann Rhodes and granddaughter of Mary and John Roads (IGI), on May 20, 1823 in Hucknall Torkard. Martha Rhodes, baptized May 26, 1804 in Eakring, Nottinghamshire, was buried Dec. 25, 1868 in Hucknall Torkard. Joseph Chadburn was buried two years later, on May 2, 1870 in Hucknall Torkard. Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn had ten children as follows:

1. John Chadborn, the eldest child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn (above), was baptized May 16, 1824 in Hucknall Torkard m1 John’s first marriage was to Martha (–?–) in 1848. Martha, born about 1828 in Leeds district, died at age 31 in 1859 in Hunslet district (?). John and Martha Chadburn had five known children: 1 - Elizabeth Chadburn, 2 - Martha Chadburn, 3 - Alfred Chadbourne, 4 - Sarah Ann Chadburn and 5 - Charles Matthew Chadburn.

m2 John’s second marriage was to Mary Emsley in 1860. Mary was born May 13, 1840 in Ripon, Yorkshire, England. In the late 1860s Mary and John Chadborn emigrated to Canada with the first seven of their 10 children–five children from John’s first marriage plus two children from John’s marriage to Mary.  Three more children were born later, one in the USA and four in Ontario. John and Mary (Emsley) Chadbourn had five children: 1 - John Chadbourne; 2 - Dennis Chadbourn; 3 - Frances (Fanny) Chadbourn; 4 - Louisa Chadbourn; 5 - Joseph Eli Chadbourn.  The family settled in Kincardine Township, Bruce County, Ontario, where John purchased property on which he operated a sawmill. John and his brother Dennis were the only children of Joseph and Martha Chadburn to emigrate to Canada. John died Oct. 31, 1891 at age 65. Mary (Emsley) Chadbourn died 20 years later, on March 18, 1911 at age 70. The graves of Mary (Emsley) and John Chadbourn are in Kincardine Cemetery. (For more about the Kincardine and Manitoba families of John and Mary (Emsley) Chadburn (m. 1820)  please see Addendum 1 at the end of this chapter.)

2. Joseph Chadborn, the second child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn, was baptized April 18, 1826 in Hucknall Torkard. Joseph, a machinist, married Hannah Coupe, who was born April 2, 1824 in Hucknall Torkard. Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadbourn, after their marriage in Nottinghamshire, settled in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Hannah died there at age 71 on Nov. 6, 1895. Joseph died fourteen years later in 1909 in Halifax, West Yorkshire at age 83. Joseph and Hannah (Coupe) Chadborn had six known children: 1 - Hannah Ann Chadborn; 2 - Mary Chadborn; 3 - Joseph C. Chadborn; 4 - Samuel Chadborn; 5 - Sarah Elizabeth Chadborn; 6 - Emma Chadborn. (For more about the English family of Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadborn (m. 1846) please see Addendum 2)

3. Dennis Chadborn, the third child of Joseph and Martha Chadborn, was baptized March 16, 1828 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire. m1 On May 6, 1849, 21-year-old Dennis married 17-year-old Ann Bramley (born March 11, 1842 in Hucknall Torkard). Ann was the daughter of Joseph and Ruth Bramley. No known children.  Dennis was trained as an engineer and worked in various parts of England before going to Ireland to work. About 1860, a widower, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Kincardine, Ontario, where he operated a foundry before purchasing farm property in Kincardine Township. Dennis married Susanna Lano in Kincardine on April 30, 1868. Susanna, born Sept. 21, 1847, on Portland Isle, Dorsetshire, was the daughter of Martha Weston (Fudge) and Richard Lano. At the time of their marriage, Susanna was 20 and Dennis about 38. They had seven children: Joseph (Joe) b. in 1870; Dennis John (Jack) b. in 1872; Annie b.1875; Harry b.1876; Lil b.1880; Mary Emma (May) born in 1886 and her twin Harriet Agnes (Hattie). Dennis Chadbourn died in Kincardine Twp. on March 25, 1900, about age 71. Susanna died 24 years later on Nov. 27, 1924, age 77. The graves of Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn are in Kincardine Cemetery. An account of the life of Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn and their family continues under the heading, Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn, Kincardine Township (Gen. 3) which follows after the family of the 7th Lano daughter Harriett Cecelia.

4. Matthew Chadborn (1), the fourth child of  Joseph and Martha Chadborn, was baptized April 4, 1831. Matthew died in infancy; burial May 10, 1831 at Hucknall Torkard.

5. Sarah Ann Chadborn, the fifth child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn, was bapt. May 27, 1832 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Sarah married John Hickling on July 16, 1854 in Lenton (Nottingham).

6. Martha Chadborn the sixth child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn, was baptized July 6, 1834 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Martha married John Chadbourn at Carrington (Nottingham) on May 31,1857. Martha and John Chadbourn had seven known children:  1 - Florence Chadbourn; 2 - Annie Margaret Chadbourn; 3 - Stephen Lindley Chadbourn; 4 - Louisa Elizabeth Chadbourn; 5 - Maude Martha Chadbourn; 6 - John Merrin Chadbourn; 7 - Ann Chadbourn. Martha Chadbourn died at age 73; burial Jan. 4, 1908 at Basford (Nottingham) General Cemetery.

7. Matthew Chadborn (2), the seventh child (the second "Matthew") of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn, was b. about 1839 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Matthew married Ann Breedon on Oct. 1, 1865 at Nottingham (St. Paul). Ann was born about 1846. Matthew and Ann (Breedon) Chadborn had five known children: 1 - Matthew Chadborn; 2 - Louisa Chadborn; 3 - Ellen Chadborn; 4 - William Chadborn; 5 - Sarah Ann Chadborn. Matthew Chadborn (2) died at age 45; burial Nov. 29, 1884 at Nottingham General Cemetery.

8. Eli Chadborn was b. about 1840 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Eli married Hannah Bell at Hunslet, Yorkshire on Sept. 6, 1863. Hannah Bell was born about 1841 at Kimberley, Nottinghamshire. Eli died in 1906 at age 66; burial Aug. 17, 1906 at Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire General Cemetery. Eli and Hannah Bell Chadborn had twelve children: 1 - Martha Ellen Chadbourn; 2 - Joseph Chadburn; 3 - Elizabeth Louisa Chadbourn; 4 - Lilly Chadburn; 5 - Wallace Chadbourne; 6 - Eli Chadbourn; 7 - Mary Annie Chadbourn; 8 - Hannah Chadbourn; 9 - Florence Ruth Chadbourne; 10 - Eli Chadbourne (2); 11 - Thomas Chadbourne; 12 - Eli Chadbourn (3rd Eli) (For more about the 12 children and 9 grandchildren of Eli and Hannah (Bell) Chadbourn (married 1863) see Addendum 3.)

9. Elizabeth Hannah Chadbourn, born in 1843 in Hucknall Torkard, the ninth child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadburn, died at age 24 in1867; burial Oct. 20, 1867 at Hucknall Torkard.

10. Louisa Chadbourn, the tenth and youngest of the children of Joseph and Martha Chadborn, was born in 1846 in Hucknall Torkard. Louisa married Robert Merrin on June 13, 1867 at Wilford, Nottingham. Louisa died in 1933 at age 87; burial Jan.11, 1933 at Basford (Nottingham) General Cemetery.

1841 Census for Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England

Joseph Chadbourn, age 40, b. in Nottinghamshire Co.; employed as a framer
Martha Chadbourn, age 35
John Chadbourn, 15
Joseph Chadbourn, 14
Dennis Chadbourn, 12
Sarah Chadbourn, 9
Martha Chadbourn, 7
Mathew Chadbourn, 2
Eli. Chadbourn, 5 mo.
Dennis and his brother John were the only children of Joseph and Martha Chadbourn to emigrated to Canada.

Ancestors of Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley and Siblings on their Mother’s Side
Note: Different colours and numbers have been used for different generations.
Birth years are approximate.
(Gen. numbers are consistent with gen. numbers on Hedley family tree.)

Gen ~~~~4 (b.1600s) in orange (e.g. Harriet’s ggggg grandparents)
Gen.~~~3 (b. 1650+) in black (e.g. Harriet’s gggg grandparents)
Gen.~~ 2 (b. 1700+) are in brown (e.g. Harriet’s ggg grandparents)
Gen. ~1 (b. 1740+) are in blue (e.g. Harriet’s gg grandparents)
Gen. 1~ (1770+) are in purple (e.g. Harriet’s g grandparents)
Gen. 2 (b. 1800+) are in gray (e.g. Harriet’s grandparents)
Gen. 3. (b. 1830+) are in olive (e.g. Harriet’s parents)
Gen. 4- (b. 1860+) are in red (e.g. 4 Harriet)                                


Henry Weston
Mary (?)

Wm. Sansom
m 1720 to
 Jane Dammor


George Lock

Elizabeth Thorne

Henry Weston
m. 1699 to
Anne Buckler

Richard Lano
m 1741 to
Jane Comben
Thomas Sansom
m Alice (?)
b(?)-d 1794

Richard Fudge

1744 to
Eliz. Cox
b.abt. 1721- d. 1800
Wm. Lock
Elizabeth Guy

Henry Weston
m 1724 to
Edith Marshallsay
George Standley

Richard Lano Sr.
Jane Sansom
Richard Snook
(b&d) ?
Martha Mullet
(b&d) ?
Robert Fudge
Elizabeth Lock
Samuel Weston
Anne Standley
Richard & Jane
in 1769
son: Richard Lano Jr.
\/ I
Richard & Martha
married in 1767
dau: Elizabeth Snook
Robert & Elizabeth
| 1781 (Dorset)
son: Robert Fudge
Samuel & Anne
married 1772 (Dorset)
dau: Martha Weston
Richard  & Elizabeth married 1803 in Portland, Dorset|
son: Richard Lano III
1807-1867, d. Hepworth, Ont. Can.
Robert & Martha married 1813 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset|
Martha Fudge 1815-1892
d. Hepworth, Ont. Can
Richard & Martha married 1836 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Susanna Lano 1847-1924 b. in Dorset Co., Eng., m. 1868 in Kincardine, Ont. to
    Dennis Chadbourn (1827-1900) b. in Nottinghamshire, England   (both d. in Kincardine Township)
Dennis & Susanna married 1868 in Kincardine
dau:   Harriet Agnes Chadbourn (1886-1972) b. in Kincardine Twp., m. 1906 in St. Matthew’s Anglican Church Kingarf, Ont. to
 Albert Edwin Hedley(1884-1941) b. in Kinloss Twp., Bruce Co., Ont.. (both d. in Greenock Twp., Bruce Co., Ont.)                              

Generation numbers and colour coding for those born in the late 1800s to the present:
Gen. (5) green
Gen. [6] bold black
Gen. {7},  Gen. 8-  and  Gen. <9>   regular print

The Isle of Portland,  Dorset County,  England   a 1742 map of Dorset Shire
The Isle of Portland (Photos) is an island off Weymouth District on the extreme southern tip of Dorset (Dorsetshire) on the southern coast of England. It is not technically an island as it is connected to the mainland by a large causeway of pebbles.  The island, extending into the English Channel, is approximately two miles wide and four miles long.Its population is now about 15,000.
Its rocky and almost treeless surface is pitted by the limestone quarries that once yielded the white stone that became popular for England's many fashionable buildings after Christopher Wren chose it to face St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The rubble was ground and used for road beds. It is from this Isle of Portland that Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano and their six daughters emigrated to Ontario, Canada. One of those daughters was Susanna Lano, who married Dennis Chadbourn. Susanna Lano and Dennis Chadbourn were the parents of  Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley.

(Sansom, Generation  ~~~3  to Lano, Generation 3)

~~~1 William Sansom (born about 1695 in Portland) married Jane Dammor (born about 1699 in Portland) in Portland, Dorset Co., England on June 26, 1720.
         They had four children
(Gen. ~~2 ):

      ~~1 William Sansom b. 1721
      ~~2 Mary Sansom b.1722
      ~~3 Thomas Sansom b.1724, married Alice (–?–) in Portland, Dorset Co. in 1744 at age 20.
             Thomas died at age 68 in 1792. Alice d. two years later, in 1794.
             Alice and Thomas Sansom had eight children
(Gen. ~1):
             ~1 Jane Sansom, b. Nov. 16, 1747, was married on Oct. 20, 1769 at age 21 in Portland,
                 Dorset Co. to 23-
year-old Richard Lano Sr., who was born in Feb.1746 (or 47),
                 the son of 
Richard  Lano and Jane Comben. Jane died at age 64 on Feb. 7, 1812
                 in Portland. Richard Lano Sr. died one
 year later, on Jan. 24, 1813 at age 66.
                 Jane (Sansom) and Richard Lano Sr.  had seven children
(Gen. 1~): 
                            1~ Rebecca Lano
b. before 1770, was married at age 24 on Dec. 31, 1794
Richard Pitt in Portland, Dorset Co., England.                      
                            2~ Richard Lano b. Dec. 6, 1772 (see Richard Lano Jr. below)
                            3~ Jane Lano
                            4~ Robert Lano
                            5~ Susanna Lano
                            6~ William Lano         
                            7~ Mary Lano

            ~2 Thomas Sansom, christened Sept. 18, 1749; d. 1795; m. Sussana Lano
            ~3 William Sansom, chris. Dec, 24, 1752
            ~4 Henry Sansom, chris. Sept. 9, 1754
            ~5 Robert Sansom, chris. Aug. 22, 1756
            ~6 Alice Sansom, chris. Feb. 17, 1758
            ~7 Mary Sansom, chris. Aug. 22, 1756
            ~8 Susanna Sansom, chris. Sept. 6, 1761, m. Abraham Pearce June 22, 1782

       ~~4 Henry Sansom b. 1729

Richard Lano Jr., (Gen.1~) the grandfather of Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn, was christened Dec. 6, 1772 in Portland, Dorset County, England, the son of Richard Lano Sr. and Jane Sansom (above). Richard Lano Jr. was employed as a quarry foreman and stone merchant on the Isle of Portland, Dorset County, on the southern coast of England. Richard’s second marriage, Nov. 18, 1803 in Portland, was to Elizabeth Snook who was christened Dec. 25, 1771 in Piddletown, Dorset, the daughter of Richard Snook and Martha Mullett who were married Aug. 2, 1767 in Piddletown (Parish Registers Vol. VI). Elizabeth was the second-born child in the family of Martha (Mullet) and Richard Snook:

                      1~ Martha Snook b. Jan. 10, 1769
                       2~ Elizabeth Snook b. Dec. 25, 1771
                              (great grandmother of Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley)
                       3~ Henry Snook b. Sept. 4, 1774
                       4~ Robert Snook b. July 13, 1777
                       5~ Richard Snook Jr. (son of Ann (Davis) and Richard Snook half brother of the
                            above four,  b. Jan. 26, 1790

Richard Snook
 (widower) married Ann Davis (spinster) on March 30,  1789 after the death of his first wife Martha (Mullett).
At the time of their marriage  Elizabeth (Snook) and Richard Lano Jr. were both 32 (a second marriage for both).

Richard Lano Jr. had a previous marriage, at age 23, to Joan Gibbs on May 30, 1794 in Portland, Dorset. Joan died on July 11, 1802. Joan (Gibbs) and Richard Lano Jr. had two daughters:
      1 Jane Lano
      2 Mary Lano.

Elizabeth Snook, a widow, had also had a previous marriage, on Dec. 11, 1796 to Thomas Gibbs, at which Richard Lano Jr, who later married the then widowed Elizabeth (Snook) Gibbs, had been a witness. It is assumed Thomas and Joan Gibbs were brother and sister.)

Richard Lano Jr. died in Portland, Dorset on Nov.18, 1833 (burial Nov. 23) age 61. Elizabeth (Snook), wife of Richard Lano Jr., died 31 years later on Jan. 6, 1865 in Reforne, Dorset Co. at age 94.

m1  Elizabeth Snook and Thomas Gibbs, Dec. 11, 1796 in Wyke Regis, Dorset. Elizabeth
      and Thomas Gibbs had one daughter (Gen. 2):"

                 1 Elizabeth Gibbs, christened March 24, 1799 in Portland, Dorset m. William Pitt
                    on July 2, 1825 in Portland. Susanna (Lano), age 20, (Elizabeth’s half sister) was
                    a witness at this marrriage. (Bishops Transcripts, St. George’s) Elizabeth Gibbs
                    became a step-daughter of Richard Lano Jr. with her mother’s second marriage.
                    Elizabeth (Gibbs) and William Pitt had one child:
                                1. Elizabeth Pitt, christened May 17, 1829 in Portland, Dorset

m2 Elizabeth (Snook) Gibbs and Richard Lano Jr. had four children (Gen 2)
               2 Susanna Lano (christened March 3, 1805); died March 25, 1839) married
                  William Pearce
(b. abt. 1801)  They had  four children--one daughter and
                  three sons (Gen. 3) before Susanna’s early death at age 34 on March 25, 1839:
                               1. Elizabeth Ann Pearce b. Sept. 5, 1830 in Easton,
                                   Portland, Dorset; died July 20,1856
at age 26.
                               2. William Lano Pearce b. May 27, 1832
                               3. Richard Lano Pearce b. Jan. 26, 1834
                               4. Robert John Pearce b. Dec. 18, 1836            
The 1841 Census for Easton, Portland, Dorset County shows the widower William Pierce living in Easton with his three sons, ages 4, 6 and 9. His daughter, 10-year-old Elizabeth Pierce was living with her recently widowed grandmother, Elizabeth (Snook) (Gibbs) Lano, age 68. The 1851 Census shows Elizabeth Pearce, age 20, again living with her father and brothers, who were then 14, 16 and 19. (From "The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter" Vol. VIII, No.2, Aug. 2005, pub. by Donald Chinnery, Florida.)

              3 Richard Lano III, the son of Richard Lano Jr. and Elizabeth Snook
                  (above), was born about 1807 on Portland Isle, Dorset County.

                 m1 Richard married Jane (Miller) White on March 8, 1829. Two sons died
                  in infancy.
Jane died at age 25 on April 6, 1834 in Easton, Portland, St. John’s
                  m2 Richard Lano III's second marriage
at age 29, was to 20-year-old
                  Martha Weston Fudge christened Sept.1, 1815 at Melcombe Regis, Dorset.
daughter of Robert Fudge and Martha Weston. Martha Fudge and Richard
                  Lano III were m. July 13, 1836, St. Mary's Church, Malcombe Regis, Dorset,
                  England. On Portland Isle, Dorset County, the Lano name had long  been
                  associated with quarrying.
(See Lano’s Bridge.) Richard was listed as "stone
                  mason" in the 1841 Census for Dorset and as "railway contractor" in Dorset’s
                  1852 Census. Richard Lano died Aug. 29, 1867 at age 60.(See "Family of
                  Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano III" after "The Fudge Family of
                  Dorset Co" below)

               4 Ann Lano was christened Feb. 14, 1808 in Portland, Dorset.

               5 Mary Lano, b. 1808, Portland, Dorset, d. age 34 on Jan. 30,
                  1843 (burial Feb.4),  Portland.

               6 Robert Lano,
chris. June 18, 1809, Portland, d. age 6, Apr. 13, 1815
burial Apr. 16) Portland

              7 William Lano, chris. Oct. 20, 1811, Portland, d. age 20, Sept. 22, 1831
                 (burial Sept. 26)

              8 Albert Henry Lano, chris. Aug. 14, 1814, Portland m. Ann (–?–) b. 1806,
                 Portland. Albert, carpenter, d.
age 60 on May 9, 1874, Portland. Ann d. eight
                 years later, age 76, on March 20, 1882, Portland.
                Albert Henry and Ann Lano had nine children:
                   1. Richard Lano, christened April 12, 1840 in Portland, Dorset, died at age 2.
                       Burial Jan. 27, 1843
in Portland.
                   2. Ann Lano was christened May 30, 1841 in Portland.
                   3. Mary Lano was baptized March 5, 1843 in Portland.     
                   4. Richard Lano (#2) was baptized April 27, 1845 in Portland.
                   5. Albert Henry Lano bapt. July 19, 1846 in Portland, Dorset, d. at age 9 months.
                       Burial April 10, 1847,  Portland.
                   6. Albert Henry Lano (#2) bapt. April 16,1848,  Burial April 26, 1848.
                   7. Susanna Lano b.1849 in Portland
                   8. Elizabeth Lano was b. Jan. 19,1851 in Portland.
                   9. Albert Henry Lano, a carpenter, b. Nov. 28, 1852 in Portland, m. Ann (--?--).
                      They had five children–three  girls and four boys. Albert, Ann and their first four
                      children appeared on the
1851 Census for Portland:

1851 Census for Portland - 40 Easton Street, Village of Reforne

Albert Lano, head, married, age 36, occ. Master Carpenter & Grocer, born in Portland, Dorset, Eng.
Ann Lano, wife, married, age 34, born in Portland
Ann Lano, daughter, age 9, Scholar, born in Portland
Mary Lano, daughter, age 8, Scholar, born in Portland
Richard Lano, son, age 5, Scholar, born in Portland
Susanna Lano, daughter, age 2, born in Portland
Elizabeth Lano, daughter, age 3 months, born in Portland

Ten years later, the 1861 Census for Portland (following) indicated that Ann, 19, and Mary, 18, were employed as dressmakers, and Richard, 16, was listed as "carpenter." Susan, 11, was going to school, and a second son, Albert, age eight, was also in school.

Living nearby were Albert Henry Lano’s mother Elizabeth (Snook)(Gibbs) Lano, who was a widow, age 89, her daughter Elizabeth (Gibbs) Pitt (from her marriage to Thomas Gibbs), also a widow, working as a dressmaker, and granddaughter Elizabeth Pitt, age 12, going to school: (On the 1851 Census for Portland, ten years earlier, Elizabeth (Snook) (Gibbs) was living independently at 40 Reforne St., near her son Richard Lano III and his wife and family who emigrated to Canada in 1857. (See 1851 Census after Richard Lano III below)

1861 Census for Portland - 40 Easton Street, (Private House),Village of Reforne

Albert Lano, head, married, age 44, occ. Carpenter, born in Portland
Ann Lano, wife, married, age 42, born in Portland
Ann Lano, daughter, unmarried, age 19, Dressmaker, born in Portland
Mary Lano, daughter, unmarried, age 18, Dressmaker, born in Portland
Richard Lano, son, unmarried, age 16, Carpenter, born in Portland
Susan Lano, daughter, age11, Scholar, born in Portland
Elizabeth Lano, daughter, age 10, Scholar, born in Portland
Albert Lano, son, age 8, Scholar, born in Portland

1861 Census for Portland - Private House

Elizabeth Lano, head, widow, age 89, b. in Piddletown, Dorset
Elizabeth Pitt, daughter, widow, age 62, Dressmaker, b. in Portland
Elizabeth Pitt, granddaughter, age 12, Scholar, b. in Portland

Twenty years later, Elizabeth (Snook) Gibbs Lano was no longer living. Her daughter Elizabeth (Gibbs) Pitt (Albert Lano’s half-sister) was 82 years old, and her unmarried daughter Elizabeth Pitt was 32 years old.

1881 Census for Portland - Private House

Elizabeth Pitt, head, widow, age 82, b. in Portland
Elizabeth Pitt, granddaughter, unmarried, age 32, b. in Portland
Richard Lano III (son of Elizabeth (Snook) (Gibbs) and Richard Lano Jr.) and Martha Weston (Fudge) Lano had six daughters and one son: (Gen.3) Emma, Martha, Elizabeth, Agnes,  Robert (died at age three in 1849), Susanna and Harriett Cecilia Lano.

1851 Census for Portland, Dorset - 39 Reforne Street

Richard Lano, head, married, age 44, occ. Railway Contractor, b. in Portland
Martha W. Lano, wife, married, age 35, b. in Melcombe Regis
Emma F. Lano, daughter, age 13, b. in Portland
Martha W. Lano, daughter, age 11, scholar, b. in Portland
Elizabeth S. Lano, daughter, age 9, scholar, b. in Portland
Agness N. Lano, daughter, age 8, scholar, b. in Portland
Susanna Lano, daughter, age 3, b. in Portland
Harriett C. Lano, daughter, age 1, b. in Portland
Living nearby was Richard’s mother, widow Elizabeth (Snook) (Gibbs) Lano:

Location 40 Reforne Street

Elizabeth Lano, head, widow, age 78, formerly stone merchant, born in Piddletown, Dorset

On April 20, 1857, six years after the above census, Richard, age 50, his wife Martha, age 42, their five unmarried daughters (ages 7 to 17) and the recently married Emma (age 19) and her husband William Hinde departed from Portland, England for Quebec, Canada aboard the sailing ship "Atlantic." The sea voyage, with "Captain Barret" in charge, took one month and thirteen days (April 20 to June 2, 1857). Richard apparently did not accompany his family; he may have preceded them to Canada. Robert Lano, possibly a cousin, accompanied the family and kept, for his wife Mary, a journal of the group’s experiences while crossing the Atlantic. The following excerpts from his Journal give 21st Century readers a glimpse into some of the challenges, dangers and inconveniences faced by our ancestors in the 19th Century on their voyage from Europe to Canada, even on an excellent sailing ship with a reliable captain and crew. It also reveals the relief and joy felt by the voyagers on seeing again green grass and trees and human habitations.

The voyage began with "very fine weather...had dinner on deck...on deck most of the day."
By the third day calm seas were replaced by a "very strong wind," and family members, many already seasick, were "obliged to stop below, for most of the day."
On the sixth day Robert records, "Mother in bed all day, the others sick at times except myself." By the eighth day, the waves had subsided and the family group was able to have breakfast and tea on deck – "no one sick or sorry."
Days 9 to 11 brought fine sailing, and the family spent their days amusing themselves on deck, doing "needlework, spinning spin poney for nuts," and killing three of their chickens, one of which they gave to the captain.
On May 1st Robert notes, "The sea so rough, could not stand, all the children on deck with a rope to keep them from falling about...Mother, Emma and William all in bed, but not very sick."
May 3rd brought a gale that caused "very heavy and rough sea going. Cooked no dinner...I fell down in the cabin...and struck my back, was not able to come on deck, was obliged to go to bed." The afternoon "blew a hurricane....The Capt. put our hatch on, so we were confined below....The vessel shipped a sea and went over the capt’s cabin on deck and broke the barometer, hung up in the Capt’s cabin...Sea brining like mountains."
May 4th "...past a large ship...America, bound home to England..."a very rough sea still."
May 5th "Fine morning...Mother and all the children on deck...went in captain’s cabin about 8 o’clock and read, sung and prayed. This is done every night...
May 6th "Killed three more fowl, as our corn begin to run short."
May 7th "... fine, fair wind... All well and very merry on deck."
May 10th "...So much sea. Could not sail her, sea brimming mountains high..."
May 11th "...Elizabeth’s birthday. We had a cake and give the crew a bottle of brandy to drink to her health. About six o’clock the men all on deck, singing and dancing until 9 o’clock ..."
May 15th "...begin to feel cold about 100 miles from the grand fishing Bank of Newfoundland...a little snow and rain on deck...Oblige to be below."
May 19th "...put fishing line overboard... caught a codfish, cooked it for tea... enough for all hands. This we enjoyed very much. All well."
May 20th "...Fine weather, fair wind, all well, very cold...a lot of porpoises under our bows."                                                 
May 22nd "...Vessels getting closer together, as we are entering the St. Lawrence... At ten o’clock the Capt. down below, with us having a glass of grape, all at once a cry come up, Captain, something the matter...a large Bark, so close to us that a two foot rule would have touched her. We were all on board, frightened, if she had touched us, not a doubt but both of us must have sunk, as we were going at the rate of 6 knots, both of us, but thank God, we cleared each other. Their vessel was steered wrong, and went the wrong side of us...This was a near chance of being lost, when you would never heard of us no more, nor what became of us."
May 23rd "...This is six weeks to-day, when we left our home...but we have seen no land yet..."
May 24th "...Bird Island in sight... This Island is covered with birds, it look like it was snow."
May 26th "...Gaspe Island is inhabited by French people...running along Gaspe Island with a great many vessels, mostly barks and ships. We are on deck, well and happy afternoon."
May 31st "...A pilot coming toward us. We was soon on deck, pretty soon to see this new man..."
June 1st " we are bounded with porpoises. A very pretty sight on the shore is one of the beautiful sights ever could be seen, land cultivated, houses looking so nice with all kinds of trees and shrubs spreading all around them, it is delightful."
June 2nd "...ship running along by the towns and villages, close in, every day increases its beauty. There is a church every six miles and such a church as I never saw in England. All have spires on them and with a Priest House attached to it, as no gentleman’s house can equal it....On this shore all the dwelling houses outside appear so nice and clean as a new pin. All surrounded with the most beautiful trees, of all kinds. It is impossible for any one to explain to you the beautiful scenery that is to be seen here."
After landing in Quebec the family made their way to Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario. They eventually settled in Hepworth in Bruce County, Ontario. Richard and Martha Lano both died in Hepworth, Richard at age 60 on August 29, 1867, only ten years after coming to Canada, and Martha 25 years later, in 1892 at age 76.
(For more about this family see "(Gen.3) Family of Martha (Fudge) & Richard Lano III" below.)

(Five Generations ~~2, ~1, 1~, 2,  3., and 4-)

Richard Fudge (bapt. 22 Aug.. 1719) married Elizabeth Cox (
Generation ~~1) in Corscombe, Dorsetshire on April 10, 1744 (Dorset Marriage Index 1538-1837).  Elizabeth (Cox) Fudge (b.abt. 1721) died July 20, 1800 in Corscombe. (Richard Fudge and Elizabeth Cox were great, great grandparents of Susanna Lano.) Richard Fudge and Elizabeth Cox had six children:
~1 Mary Fudge christened Sept. 8, 1744 in Corscombe, Dorset
~2 William Fudge christened Nov. 8, 1745 in Corscombe, Dorset
~3 John Fudge christened Dec. 28, 1747 in Corscombe, Dorset
~4 Robert Fudge christened Apr. 28, 1751 in Corscombe, Dorset
~5 Sarah Fudge christened Apr. 27, 1757 in Corscombe, Dorset
~6 James Fudge christened Feb. 15, 1760 in Corscombe, Dorset

Note: Above names and dates are from Family Search TM International Genealogy Index v5.0, British Isles. Robert Fudge’s birthdate was given as Apr. 28, 1758 by the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society (SDFHS) on a "Family Group Sheet"sent in reply to a request by Donald Chinnery, editor of The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. IV, No. 2 July 24, 2000.:

(Gen ~1)
Robert Fudge, (the son of Elizabeth (Cox) and Richard Fudge) 
Marriage - Feb. 25, 1781 at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, Dorset, Robert Fudge, bachelor, 23, of this parish and Elizabeth Lock, spinster, also of this parish, daughter of William Lock and Elizabeth Guy
(Generation ~~1).  Witnesses: Thomas Pouncey and William Clark (SDFHS - Marriage Index)
Robert Fudge was born April 28, 1751 in Corscombe, Dorset and was buried 12 Aug., 1826 at age 76 in
Corscombe, Dorset. Elizabeth Lock was born 1765.  She died at age 82 on Dec. 24, 1848 in Dorchester, Dorset.  Elizabeth (Lock) and Robert Fudge had eight  children (Gen.1~):
1 Elizabeth Fudge b.1782
2 Richard Fudge b.1785
3 Mary Fudge b.1786
4 Robert Fudge b.1789
in Upway, Dorset, England; d. 1855; m. Martha Weston
5 William Lock Fudge b.1794
6 James Fudge b. 1796
7 George Fudge b.1798
8 Thomas Fudge b. 1798 (twins) (LDS ancestral files)

(Gen.1~): Robert Fudge (1789-1855), grandfather of Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn, was christened in Upwey, Dorset County July 10, 1789 at Melcombe Regis,  Robert, age 24, married Martha Weston, age 23, on April 28, 1813 in MelcombeRegis, Dorset (Dorset Marriage Index 1538-1837). Martha Weston was christened March 3, 1790 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset, the daughter of Samuel Weston (b. 1741; d. Feb. 4, 1816 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset) and Anne Standley (Gen.~1) (b. 1745 in Melcombe Regis; burial Jan. 1797 in Wareham, Dorset). Samuel Weston and Anne Standley (the parents of Martha Weston) were married April 21, 1772 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset. (Samuel Weston was the son of Henry Weston, christened Nov. 30, 1701; died March 9, 1773 in Wyke Regis, Dorset and Edith Marshallsay, born 1704; died June 1, 1776 in Wyke Regis, Dorset.)

Robert Fudge, the husband of Martha Weston, was employed as a butcher. He died at age 66 on Feb. 7, 1855 in Wakeham, Dorset (burial Feb. 12 in Portland, Dorset). Martha, died 11 years later at age 66 on March 6, 1866 (burial March 10) in Portland, Dorset. Martha (Weston) and Robert Fudge had eight children (Gen.2):

Family of Martha (Weston) and Robert Fudge (Gen. 2)

1 Martha Weston Fudge b. Sept.1,1815 m. Richard Lano
2 Emma Fudge, Martha’s sister, was baptized Sept. 24, 1818 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset.
3 Elizabeth Fudge b. 1820 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset
4 Cecila Fudge b. 1823 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset
5 Francis Fudge b. 1825 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset
6 Weyland Fudge (f) b. 1828 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset
7 Samuel Weston Fudge, the only son of Martha (Weston) and Robert Fudge was b. 1830.
8 Fanny Fudge was baptized June 5, 1832 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset. Fanny married
Besant Fowler on Isle of Portland,  Dorset on July 6, 1853, when Fanny was 21.
    Joseph Fowler was born March 26, 1826 in Wyke Regis.

1  Martha Weston Fudge, eldest daughter of Martha (Weston) and Robert Fudge (above) was born Sept 1, 1815 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset. Martha, age 20, married 29-year-old Richard Lano III
(son of Richard Lano Jr. and Elizabeth Snook) on July 13, 1836 in St. Mary’s Church, Melcombe Regis. Richard Lano was born about 1807 on Portland Isle (See last paragraph of LANO FAMILY OF DORSET above). Martha and Richard Lano III and their six daughters, Emma, Martha, Elizabeth, Agnes, Susanna, and Harriett, emigrated from Dorset County, England to Canada in 1857 and eventually settled in Hepworth, Bruce County, Ont. Richard Lano died Aug. 29 1867 in Hepworth at age 60. Martha died 25 years later in 1892 at age 77 in Hepworth.( Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano were Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn’s parents, Harriet (Chadbourn's grandparents)

(Gen. 3) Family of Martha (Fudge) (1815-1892) & Richard Lano III (1807-1867)

1. Emma Fudge Lano b. 1839 m. William Hinde
2. Martha Weston Lano b. 1837 m. James Clifford
3. Elizabeth Snook Lano b. 1841 m. Edward White
4. Agnes Naomi Lano b. 1842 m. George Gates
5. Robert Fudge Lano b. Nov. 22, 1845; died died April 10, 1849 at age 3
6. Susanna Lano b. 1847 b. Sept. 21, 1847; d. Nov.27, 1924; m. Dennis Chadbourn
7. Harriett Cecilia Lano b. 1849 m. John Fitch

1861 Ontario Census for Dereham Township, Oxford County (LDS Film # 349306, p. 36)
Richard Lano, farmer, b. in England,  age 55
Martha Lano , born in England, age 45
Martha Lano, b. in Eng., age 21
Eliza Lano, b. in Eng., age 19
Agnes Lano, b. in Eng., age 17
Susan Lano, b. in Eng., age 13
Harriett Lano, b. in Eng., age 11
William Hynes, b. in Eng., age 29 (Hinde?)
Emmy Hynes, b. in Eng., age 23
Martha Hynes, b. in Canada West, age 2 (at next birthday)
Wesleyan Methodist was listed as the religion for all. The family was living in a one-story frame house. Emma, the eldest daughter of Martha and Richard Lano, and her husband William Hynes (Hinde) and their one-year-old child, Martha,  were living with Emma’s parents Martha and Richard Lano.

Richard Lano died Aug. 29, 1867 in Hepworth at age 60. Martha died 25 years later in 1892 at age 77 in Hepworth. (Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano were Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn’s parents, Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley’s grandparents.)

1/ Family of Emma Fudge Lano and William Butts Hinde

1. Emma Fudge Lano, christened Nov. 15, 1837 on Isle of Portland, Dorset, England was the eldest of the six daughters of Martha Fudge and Richard Lano III. Emma was married March 23, 1857 in Portland, Dorset to William Buttes Hinde (Other spellings: Hindes, Hines and Hynde)  Less than a month after their marriage, Emma (Lano) and Richard Hinde sailed with Emma’s mother and five sisters from Portland, Dorset, England to Quebec, Canada aboard the sailing vessel "Atlantic." Emma and William lived, at least for awhile, with Emma’s parents and sisters in Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ont.  Their first child, Martha Hinde, was born in Canada West (Ontario) three years after their arrival in Canada. A letter from Emma to her sister Harriet Fitch in Antrim County, Michigan, dated Feb. 22, 1875 indicated that William and Emma Hinde and their children were living in Harriston, Ont. William Hinde, according to the letter, was often absent from the family on business trips, including at least one voyages to England. William Hinde was born Sept.16, 1831 (christened Oct. 9)  in Portland, Devonshire, England, a descendent of at least five generations of Portland families:

William Butts Hinde was the son of Hugh Hinde (1807-1867), a quarryman, and Ann Scriven (1808-1896) married 1829 in Portland. (Ann was the daughter of William Scriven (1777-1841) and Ann Shaddock White (1778-1835) married 1802

.. . . grandson of William Hinde (1763-1831) and Jane Butts White (1778-1851), married Oct.25, 1797. Jane was the daughter of Zachariah White  (b.1755) and Mary Butts (b. 1759) m. 1778. William’s first marriage was in April 1795 to Lucy "Norster" daughter of Rebekah Lano and Albert Nosciter. Lucy died July 1795 ).

. . . great grandson of William Hinde (b.1736) and Agnes Comben (1741-1814) married 1763. Agnes was the daughter of Elizabeth Attwool and Bartholomew Comben.

. . . great, great grandson of William Hinde (1701-1743) and Elizabeth Sameways (1705-1743) married Feb.3, 1727. Elizabeth was the daughter of John (d.1724) and Mary (d.1742) Sameways.

. . . great, great, great grandson of Hester Pitt and John Hinde, married 1700 (d.1707)

The 1861 Census showed Emma and William Hinde and one-year-old Martha living with Emma’s five sisters and parents Richard and Martha (Fudge) Lano in a one-storey frame house in Oxford County four years after their emigration to Canada. Twenty years later, the 1881 Census showed William and Emma (Lano) Hinde settled in Harriston, Ontario with their family of seven children, ages 4 to 23:
1881 Census for Harriston, Wellington North, Ontario
William Hinde, age 52, born in England, occupation "cattle and sheep," Church of Eng.
Emmie Hinde, age 48, born in England, occupation "dealer," Church of England
Martha Hinde, age 23, born in Ontario, Church of England
Robert Hinde, age 19, born in Ontario, occupation "clerk," Church of England
William Hinde, age 17, born in Ontario, Church of England
Harriet Hinde, age 12, born in Ontario, Church of England
Richard Hinde, age 10, born in Ontario, Church of England
Charles Hinde, age 6, born in Ontario, Church of England
James Hinde, age 4, born in Ontario, Church of England

Twenty years later William and Emma and three of their younger children were still living at their home in the town of Harriston, Ontario:

1901 Census for Harriston, Wellington (North), Ontario
William Hinde, head, born Sept.16, 1831
Emma F. Hinde, wife, born Nov. 15, 1837, age 63
Harriet E. Hinde, daughter, born Dec. 30, 1874, age 26
Charles H. Hinde, son, born Aug. 19, 1875, age 25
James F. Hinde, son, born Nov. 28, 1877

William Butts Hinde died July 7, 1903 at age 71; Emma Fudge Lano died 15 years later, on March 22, 1919 at age 81 in Delaware, Middlesex County, Ontario; eight children:

1 - Martha Ann Hinde b. Sept. 20, 1858 Durham, Ontario, d. Aug. 19, 1922, m. Richard R. Hopkins Nov. 3, 1879 in Mount Forest, Ont.
     Richard was b. Nov. 3, 1858 in Mount Forest, Ont.; two children:
        (1) Francis Recival Hopkins b. March 30, 1887; d. (?)
        (2) Herbert Evert Hopkins

2 - Mary Hinde b. abt 1860, died in infancy

3 - Robert Hinde b. abt 1862; died abt.1892 of tuberculosis

4 - William Hinde Jr. b. June 18, 1863 in Harriston; d. Sept. 27, 1934
m1 Martha W. White on May 4, 1886 in Kincardine. Martha, daughter of Elizabeth Snook Lano and Edward White, was b. abt.1864 in Kincardine Twp. Martha d. in the fourth year of their marriage, on May 14, 1890, age 26; one child:
        (1) Daisy Mae Hinde b. Feb.19, 1887; m. (unknown); d. Aug.19, 1929 at age 42:
                [1] Doris (–?–)
                [2] Marjorie (–?–)
m2 William Hinde m. Rachel Donaldson on Nov. 4, 1892 in Drew, Ont. Rachel was born Aug. 21, 1871 at Stoney Creek, Ont. (daughter of Mary Nutbrown and Thomas Donaldson, born in Megantic County, Quebec); Rachel died  May 1952; seven children:
        (2) Robert ‘Harry’ Weston Hinde b. Oct.14, 1894 in Harriston; d. Aug. 26, 1982,
Sask.Harry, age 44, m. 21-year-old Lottie Jeffrey on June 18, 1938.
             Lottie was b. June 16,
1917. Two children: 
               [1] Mery Hinde
               [2] Alan Hinde
        (3) Jesse Alma Hinde b. July 27, 1896; d. 1995; m. Archie McKercher; 2 children:
               [1] Harry McKercher
               [2] Noelle McKercher b. 1935
        (4) Hazel Victoria Hinde b. Dec.21, 1897; d. 1992; m. Alec McKercher; 6 children:
              [1] Donald McKercher
              [2] Gordon McKercher
              [3] Bruce McKercher
              [4] Ross McKercher
              [5] Kathleen McKercher
              ]6] Margarey McKercher
        (5) Nellie Beatrice Hinde b. Dec. 6, 1899; d. 1988; m. Hugh Lamb; five children:
              [1] Helen Lamb
              [2] Dorothy Lamb
              [3] Robert Lamb
              [4] Ken Lamb
              [5] El Lamb
        (7) Arthur Lano Hinde b. March 10, 1901; d. 1991, m. (–?–); 3 children:
             [1] Norma Hinde
             [2] Mel Hinde
             [3] Marion Hinde
        (8) Bessie Wenona Hinde b. April 11, 1904; d. 1992; married Bert Headley
1901 Census for Harriston, Wellington (North) Ontario
William Hinde Jr., head, born June 16, 1863, age 37
Rachel D. Hinde, wife, born Aug. 21, 1871, age 29
Dasi M. Hinde, daughter, born Feb. 19,1896, age 14
Robert H. W. Hinde, son,born Oct, 10,1894, age 6
Jessie A. Hinde, daughter, born July 27, 1896, age 4
Hazle V. Hinde, daughter, born Dec. 21, 1897, age 5
Nellie B. Hinde, daughter, born Dec. 6, 1899, age 1
Herbert Slemman, servant, age 18

Ten years later "Robert H. W." was called "Harry" and two new children, Arthur and Bessie, had arrived:
1911 Census for Harriston, Wellington (North) Ontario
William Hinde age 47
Rachel Hinde age 37
Harry Hinde age 16
Jessea Hinde age 14
Hazel Hinde age 13
Nellie Hinde age 11
Arthur Hinde age 9
Bessie Hinde age 7
5 - Richard Hugh Hinde b. Aug.12, 1872, married Beatrice Hucks on Nov. 22, 1899 in Harriston. Beatrice was b. Nov.15, 1872; Richard died in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in 1953; Beatrice d.1973 in Lloydminster; three sons:
        (1) Horace William Hinde b. Sept.1, 1900 in Harriston
        (2) John Andrew Hinde b. July 20, 1904 in Harriston
        (3) Robert Hugh Hinde b. July 20, 1904; d. Aug 1969 in Lloydminster, Sask.
1881 Census for Harriston, Wellington (North) Ontario
Richard H Hinde, head, born Aug. 12, 1872, age 28
Beatrice Hinde, wife, born Nov. 15, 1875, age 25
Horace W. Hinde, son, born Sept. 1, 1900

6 - Harriet ‘Hattie’ or ‘Haddie’ Hinde b. Dec. 30, 1874; m. William Hartley, a clergyman.

7 - Charles Henry Hinde b. Aug. 19, 1875; d. April 3, 1938; m. Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Henry on April 15, 1909, Beth was born in Wingham, Ont.
     She worked at Freeport Sanatarium, Ont.; died of cancer in 1963; one child:
        (1) Marion Robina Hinde b. Jan. 19, 1913; d. of cancer in Nov. 1953 at age 40.
8 - James Frederick Hinde b. Nov, 28, 1877; d. Oct. 30, 1953; m. 1903 to Ada (or Joyce) ‘Winona’ Bowerman
     of  Beaverton, Ont. who died in March 1954; one child:
        (1) Ross Lano Hinde b. May 28, 1906; d. March 1981; married Oct. 2, 1829 to
             Hazel Brownlee, b. Aug. 1910;  lives near Vancouver, B.C. four children:
                [1] Joyce Hinde b.1933, m.1955 to Walter Campbell b.1930; live in Waseka;
                        {1}Sharron Campbell b.1955, m. Steve Kolbida in 1976; live in Calgary;                              
                                 1- Jeremy Kolbida b. 1978
                                 2- Janine Kolbida b. 1983
                        {2} Ross Campbell b.1958, m. Kathy (–?–) in 1985;
                              Ross has taken over the farm in Waseca.
                                1- Jason Campbell b. 1986
                                2- Jamie Campbell b. 1986
                                3- Sheron Campbell b. 1989
                        {3} Barb Campbell b.1960, m. Lorne Garner (divorced); live in Edmonton:
                               1- Ian Garner b. 1981
                               2- Stuart Garner b. 1986
                [2] Lano Ross Hinde b. Sept. 2, 1935; d. Jan. 23, 2007; was married in 1968 to
                     Kathleen Valerie Nicholson,
born in 1934 in Toronto; two children:
                        {1} Tara Lynne Hinde b. 1969 m. Derek Weiss in 1996; live in Calgary
                        {2} Maria Anne Hinde b. 1971, m. Stephen White in 1999; live in Calgary;                             
                                1- Nathan Aston White b. 2002
                                2- Christopher Jensen White b. 2004
                                3- Elizabeth Morgan White b. 2006    
                [3] Arlene Hinde b. 1940, m1 Charlie Field (divored), two children:
                        {1} Melanie Field b. 1967 m. 1998; lives in Vancouver, B.C.
                        {2} Robert ‘Bob’ Francis Field b.1968, m.1991 to Lisa (–?–); live in Victoria,                               
                                1- Mackenna Field b. 2006
                     m2 Arlene m. Jo McCall (divorced); two children:
                        {1} Trish McCall b.1976; lives in Quesnel, B.C. with her mother Arlene;                              
                                1- Jessica McCall b. 1993
                                2- Jordon McCall b. 1995
                        {2} Rocky McCall b. 1977 m. Stacey (–?–);
                               Rocky and Stacy live in Calgary, Alberta
                [4] James Hinde b. 1941, never married; lives in Bonneville in northern Alberta

2/ Family of Martha Weston Lano and James Clifford
2. Martha Weston Lano
b. Aug. 18, 1839 (christened Sept. 8) on Portland Isle, Dorset Co., England, emigrated to Oxford County, Ontario, Canada with her parents Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano III on April 20, 1857. Martha married James Clifford, who was born about 1839 in East Hendred, England, the son of Rachel (Haines?) and Clifford (?) Clifford. James and Martha were married in Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada shortly after their arrival. Martha (Lano) and James Clifford settled in Amabel Township, Bruce County North, where they built a log home near the road on lot 12, concession 8. Several years later, in 1871, they received a Crown Deed to this 100-acre lot. They eventually built, further back on the property, a lovely brick home that stands today.

An article submitted by Dorothy Burdette to The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter states, "Martha had come from a slightly higher class of pioneer family and brought several family treasures with her. The treasures passed down to her youngest daughter Rachel, and Martha’s granddaughter Ena McClean remembers often handling these family momentoes when on vacation at her Aunt Rachel’s. Ena remembered water colours on parchment, supposedly painted by Martha’s mother (Martha (Fudge) Lano), the Lano family crest on parchment, a lovely paisley silk shawl and some beautiful sewing boxes. Unfortunately these were lost to the family when Rachel died without any heirs, and her husband, George Smith, sold family heirlooms at auction."

Martha and James Clifford played an active role in the development of their community. James was a trustee on the school board for the log school that was built in the early 1870s. Teachers’ salaries at the time were $200 to $300. Zion Methodist Church was formed as part of a new mission in 1875, with services held in the log school house. Martha and James Clifford made up one-third of the new church’s membership of six.

James Clifford, September 23 1896 - 57 years
The winter of trouble past
The storms of affliction are o’er
The struggles are ended at last
And sorrow and death are no more

Richard (or Russel), the second son of Martha and James Clifford, died at age five in 1871. James Clifford Sr. died Sept 28, 1896 at age 57. Both Russel (or Richard) and James Sr. were buried in a little cemetery near Spring Creek. The stone’s inscription suggests something of the harsh lives of the early pioneers:

Martha (Lano) Clifford d. Dec. 9, 1910. After her death the bodies of James and Richard (or Russel) were also moved to Zion Cemetery, which was developed in 1896, and a large tombstone was erected. The headstone of Samuel Clifford (d.1920) is adjacent."     (Submitted by Dorothy Burdette to "The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter" Vol. VII, No.1, July 1, 2003, published by Donald Chinnery, Florida.)  Martha (Lano) and Jim Clifford had eight childen (Gen. 4):

1 - William James Clifford
b. Aug. 5, 1864; d. July 28, 1945
2 - Richard Charles Clifford b. July 14, 1866; d. Nov. 11, 1871
3 - Martha Lydia Clifford b. Sept. 15, 1868; d. Jan. 1. 1946, married Charles Murray
4 - Rachel Clifford b. Jan. 30, 1871; d. Sept. 2, 1946, married George Smith
5  - Edward (Ned) Henry Clifford b. May 23, 1873; d. Sept. 30, 1957
6 - Joseph Clifford b. Dec. 12, 1876; d. Feb. 10, 1950
7 - Samuel Weston Clifford b. June 10, 1879; d. July 16, 1920
8 - Robert John Clifford b. June 10, 1882; d. Oct. 18, 1956, married Alice (--?--) (Above names and dates for the Clifford family provided by Carolyn Mazmanian, granddaughter of Robert and great granddaughter of Martha Weston Lano and James Clifford)

3/ Family of Elizabeth Snook Lano and Edward White

3. Elizabeth Snook Lano b. May 11,1841 (christened May 30) in Portland, Dorset, daughter of Richard Lano III and Martha Fudge (m.1836), emigrated to Quebec with her mother and sisters, celebrating her 16th birthday aboard the sailing ship "Atlantic." 
In 1861 Elizabeth was living with her family in Oxford County, Ontario, and eventually in Hepworth, Amabel Township, Bruce County. Elizabeth Lano married Edward White (b. abt. 1840). They lived for a short time in Hepworth, then in 1864 moved to Lot 31, Con. 7 of Kincardine Township (Crown Deed in 1868) where Edward also worked at clearing land for the Chadbourn brothers, whose property was across the road. Edward and Elizabeth later bought property on Concession 4. Edward, in his thirties, died of pneumonia during the early1870s.
Elizabeth (Lano) White died in 1928 in Kincardine Twp., Bruce County, Ont. Elizabeth and Ed White had seven children:

1. Richard (Dick) Lano White
2. Martha White (died young)
3. Mary Ann White
4. Susanna White
5. Robert White (died young)
6. Edward G. White
7. William White
(See Addendum IV, The White Family" at the end of this chapter.)

4/ Family of Agnes Naomi Lano  and George Gates

4. Agnes Naomi Lano b. Dec. 15, 1842 in Portland, Dorset. She was 14 when she came to Canada in 1857 on the sailing ship "Atlantic" with her mother Martha Fudge) Lano and her five sisters. Four years later, in 1861, Agnes was 18, and the Lano family was living in Dereham Twp., Oxford Co., Ont. (1861 Census for Oxford Twp.)  The following year, nineteen-year-old Agnes married George Gates on January 6, 1862 in Ingersoll, Oxford County. George Gates, age 36, a Methodist, was born in Sway, Hampshire,`England in 1826 (1881 Census for Amabel Twp.)  The couple eventually settled in Amabel Township, Bruce County. George Gates died at age 71 on April 8, 1897 in Amabel Township (burial Zion Cemetery). Agnes died 12 years later, in 1909 at age 67. Agnes (Lano) and George Gates had eleven children (Gen. 4):

1 - William Richard Gates
b.1862 in Canada
2 - Robert Lano Gates b. abt. 1864 in Canada 
3 - Charles Henry Gates b. Feb. 15, 1866; d. Dec. 28, 1945
4 - Edward James Gates b. April 1868
5 - Joseph John Gates b. April 1868
6 - Martha Lano Gates was b. Oct. 24, 1869 in Amabel Twp., Bruce Co. The "Accouchereur" for Martha’s birth was "Mrs. Lano" (Martha’s grandmother and namesake.) Martha (Fudge) Lano
Martha Lano (Gates) married Samuel Doubt, who was born about 1860 in Ontario.
Martha Gates and Samuel Doubt had eight children:
      (1) Arthur Doubt
      (2) Mary Emma Doubt
      (3) Harold Doubt b. abt. 1898 in Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., Ont.
      (4) Percy Doubt
      (5) Ethel Doubt
      (6) Emily Doubt
      (7) George Doubt
      (8) Herbert Doubt b. abt. 1890
Martha Lano Gates died Feb. 3, 1930 at age 60.

1871 Ont. Census for Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., (Dist.28; subdist. F, Div.1, p.5) 
George Gates     44 born in England; Wesleyan Methodist; occupation farmer
             Agnes     28 born in England; Wesleyan Methodist
             George   22 born in England; Wesleyan Methodist
                            (b. in Portland, Dorset, Eng. see: 1851 census for Dorsit provided by V. Grove)
             William     8 born in Canada; Wesleyan Methodist
             Robert      6 born in Canada
             Charles     5 born in Canada
             Martha     1 born in Canada
             Martha Lano 54 born in England; Wesleyan Methodist

Apparently in 1871 Martha (Fudge) Leno was living with her daughter Agnes and family, her husband Richard Lano having died four years earlier. "George Gates, age 22" may have been a son of the elder George Gates from a previous marriage.
7 - Emma Ellen Gates  was b. April 5, 1872 ; d. April 16, 1906.
8 - Agnes Naomi Gates, the eighth child of Agnes Naomi (Lano) and George Gates, was born Aug. 8, 1874 in Amabel Township, Bruce Co., Ont. Agnes married Samuel Bannister, who was b. Jan. 7, 1868 in Elmwood, Ont. Agnes Naomi Gates died in 1960 at age 86. (Information from Marilyn Bannister, daughter-in-law of the late Robert and Alice (Law) Bannister of Hepworth, Ont.) to Don Chinnery, editor of The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 2 June, 1997 and Vol. VI, No.1  May 2002) Agnes and Samuel Bannister had five children:
(1) Frederick Bannister
(2) Edith Bannister
(3) Robert Bannister b. April 7, 1900; d. Jan. 28, 1978. Robert m. Alice Law Nov.27, 1929. Alice was b.  March 27, 1908; d. July 19, 1988. Robert and Alice Bannister farmed in the Hepworth area, Bruce Co. Three children:
                                [1] Dorothy Bannister b. Oct 28, 1930 married Wilfred Loucks (b. Dec. 16, 1919; d. Apr. 25, 1994)
                                [2] Roberta Isobel Bannister b. May 23, 1935 married Lloyd (–?–)
                                [3] Frederick (Fred) Allan Bannister b. March 25, 1940; d. Aug 11,
                                      1992. Frederick married Marilyn Ann Cuthbert
in 1967.  Two children: 
                                                  {1} Robert Harvey Bannister b. 1971
                                                  {2} Frederick Scott Bannister b. 1976  
(4) Emerson Bannister married Beulah (–?–) Two children:
                                [1] Elmer Bannister married Donna (–?–)
                                [2] Mary Bannister married Doug (–?–)
(5) Martha Bannister b. abt. 1911 attended Normal School (Teachers College). In 1997 Martha, 86, was living in Bruce County. 
9 - Elizabeth Ann Gates, b. 1877, was the ninth child of Agnes Naomi and George Gates.
In a letter dated Oct. 29, 1878, from Martha Weston Lano (still living with Agnes and George Gates in Amabel) to her daughter Harriett Fitch in Michigan, shortly after the birth of Agnes’s ninth child, Martha expresses concern for her daughter Agnes: "She has too much to do. She milks three cows. And she has a young man – the school teacher – to board, wash and mend for. Times are hard. We do a great many things that we would not do but for hard times." (From The Four Drive, A Genealogy Newsletter Vol. III, No. 2, June, 1999)
10 - Mary Harriet Gates b. 1879
11 - Ida Susanna Gates b. 1883 was the youngest child of Agnes Naomi (Lano) and George Gates.
(Above names and dates from Marilyn Bannister and

5. Robert Fudge Lano, the only son of Martha (Fudge) and Richard Lano was b. Nov. 22, 1845 in Portland, Dorset; died April 10, 1849 at age 3 (before the family moved to Canada).

6. Susanna Lano b. Sept. 21, 1847 on Portland Isle, Dorset; emigrated to Canada with her parents. She was married to Dennis Chadbourn (1827-1900) in Kincardine, Ont. in 1868. Susanna and Dennis Chadbourn farmed in Kincardine Twp. Susanna died in Kincardine Twp. on Nov.27, 1924.(See "Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn" below as well as Chap. 9,8 -- Albert Hedley and Harriet Chadbourn for more about Susanna’s family.)

7/ Family of Harriett Cecilia Lano and John Henry Fitch

7. Harriett Cecilia Lano ( b. July 17, 1849 in Reforne, Portland, Dorset County, Eng.) was married to John Henry Fitch of  Greenwood, USA in Bruce Co., Ont. on Jan. 25, 1868 by A.J. Forbes, Minister of the Canadian Presbyterian Church. Witnesses were Andrew and Andrea Rawlston of Riversdale, Ont. Parents of the bride were Richard Lano and Martha Weston Fudge. Parents of the groom were John Ficht and Margaret Bangratz (Boncrotz)(LDS film # 1030055 - Early Ont. Marriage Registers,  No. 286, p.108, Vol.3 Bruce Co.)  John Fitch (Ficht) was born Jan. 19,1847 in Ingenheim, Bas Rhin  in the much disputed region of  Alsace-Lorraine, now part of France. Harriett was 18, a resident of Howick Twp., Huron Co., Ontario. Harriett Cecilia and John Henry Fitch lived in Michigan where John Henry Fitch was a businessman. John Fitch died Nov. 18, 1916 at age 69 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Harriett Cecilia Fitch died ten years later, on Dec. 13, 1926 at age 77 in Ludington, Mason Co., Michigan. They had eight children (Gen. 4):

1 - Richard John Fitch
born June 1, 1867 in Alden, Antrim County, Michigan, d. in 1957.

2 - William Edward Fitch
born May 31, 1872 in Custer Twp., Antrim Co., Mich., d. 1964.

3 - Rosemary Fitch
b. June 24, 1876 in Custer Twp., Antrim Co. Mich., d. in 1877.

4 - Charles Wesley Fitch
was b. June 6, 1878 in Woodstock, Oxford Co., Ont.while his Michigan
parents were visiting in Ontario. Charles Wesley married Ethel Vivian Rose, who was born Jan. 26,1881 in Evart, Osecola Co., Michigan. Ethel died Feb. 29, 1940 in Custer Twp., Antrim Co., Mich.Charles d. Jan. 8.1973 at age 94 in Ludington, Mason Co., Mich. Charles Fitch and Ethel Vivian Rose had ten children, all born in Michigan:

(1) Gladys Mabel Fitch (1903-1979)

(2) Alice Rose Fitch (1904-1993) m. Alfred Donald Chinnery (1905-1973) Alice and Alfred  Chinnery had three children, all born in Michigan:
                                [1] Donald Gene Chinnery (editor of "The Four Drive, A Genealogy
                                [2] Carleton Lee Chinnery (1930-1980) 
                                [3] Lucille Ann Chinnery
(3) Lucille May Fitch (Feb. 1906 - d. in infancy Aug. 1906)
(4) Elsie Loretta Fitch (1907-1982)
(5) Hazel Marguerite Fitch (1908 - living)
(6) Charles Wesley Fitch (1912-1986)
(7) Helen Ruth Fitch (1914 - living)
(8) Bernice Evelyn Fitch (1917-1995)
(9) Arlene Doris Fitch (1919 - living)
(10) Ethel Vivian Fitch (1923 - living)
5 -  Nettie Mabel Fitch born Jan. 17, 1881  in Custer Twp., Antrim Co. Mich., d. 1943.

6 -  Nora Bell Alice Fitch b. July 11, 1883 in Ludington, Mason Co., Mich., d.1958.

7 -  Harriet Alice Fitch b. Sept. 18, 1886 in Summit Twp., Mason Co., Mich., d.1972

8 -  Ernest Louis Fitch born Nov. 13, 1888 in Riverton Twp., Mason Co., Mich., d.1974

Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn , Kincardine Township (Gen.3)
           Marriage April 30, 1868, Kincardine, Ontario
  Dennis Chadbourn, age 36             Susannah Lano, age 20
            Born in England                                 Born in England                       
Residence: Kincardine                       Residence: Kincardine 
        Parents: Joseph and Martha               Parents: Richard and Martha Lano
Witnesses:  John Chadbourn and Elizabeth Chadbourn

Even while Dennis was still a foundry operator in Kincardine, he and his brother John were looking for additional enterprises in which to invest their energies. In 1868  they purchased two acres of land in Kincardine Township on Concession 6, Lot 31, where they established a sawmill.  The same year, the Chadbourn brothers jointly purchased  land surrounding Gordon Lake on Concession 3 of Kincardine Twp. The land was chiefly muck bog covered by bush and pine trees.  They cut the pine trees and hauled them to their sawmill. The following year the brothers bought Lot 33 of Concession 5,  property that was almost adjacent to their original two acres on Concession 6,  where Dennis constructed farm buildings, started an orchard and operated both a grist mill and a sawmill. This property was the first investment in a holding that would provide home and sustenance for three generations of Chadbourns.

Next to the original two acres purchased by Dennis and John (on Con. 6, Lot 31), John Stringer, in 1860, provided one-quarter acre on the NW corner of his property for a log school, S.S. # 7. In 1905 it was replaced by a brick school one mile further north (on Con. 8, Lot 31) at which the present writer Jacqueleen (Hedley) Emerson (great granddaughter of Dennis and Susanna Chadbourn) began her Elementary School teaching career in 1952-3.

John Stringer was the father of Isaac Stringer (1866-1930), who left farming in the Kingarf area to work as a missionary in the far north. Isaac married 27-year-old Sarah Ann ‘Sadie’ Alexander in 1896. Sadie and her sister Henrietta, daughters of Henry Alexander and Sarah Young, were born on Lot 32, Con. 7 of Greenock Twp., the farm purchased by Harriet (Chadbourn) and Albert Hedley about 1906 and which is currently owned by their grandson Al Hedley and his wife Margaret Johnson.

Sadie Alexander, born in 1869, trained as a nurse in Grace Hospital, Toronto and attended the Deaconess Missionary Training school. She married Isaac Stringer and the couple moved north, where they served the residents of the arctic for many years. "This couple worked together and suffered many hardships in the Arctic, giving 36 years of service to the Indians and Eskimos as head of the Diocese of the Yukon. Isaac became known as the ‘Bishop Who Ate His Boots’."  The book by that name, by F.A. Peake, was published in 1967. A museum beside the church in which he served in Whitehorse, Yukon contains many memorabilia. (from "Toil, Tears & Triumph," Kincardine Historical Soc. 1990).

Three of the five children of Isaac Stringer and Sadie Alexander were born in the Arctic. Sadie accompanied her husband on many trips; the most difficult--crossing the Rockies on foot. Isaac and Sadie Stringer made several trips to England and in 1914 had the honour of dining with King George V and Queen Mary. Isaac Stringer died in 1930 at age 64. Sadie, his wife, died in 1955 at age 86.

Sadie’s sister, Henrietta, was also a nurse and married medical missionary Dr. James Waters. Henrietta and James Waters worked as medical missionaries in India.

The 1871 Ontario Census for Kincardine Village

Dennis Chadbourn, 40, b. in Eng.; Wes. Meth.; Eng. origin; occ. machinist
Susanna Chadbourn, 23, b. in Eng.; Weslyan Methodist; Eng. origin
Joseph Matthew Chadbourn, 1, b. in Ontario, Wes. Meth., Eng. origin
Elizabeth Chadbourn, 17, b. in Eng.; Wes. Meth.; Eng. origin; occ. seamstress
(Elizabeth was probably Dennis’s younger sister.  Rebecca and Maryanna Portis, ages 21 and 23, also seamstresses, were also living in the household.)

The first children of Susanna and Dennis Chadbourn were sons Joe, born about 1970 and Jack, born about 1972. Annie arrived in 1875 and Harry in 1876. Some time between 1871 and 1876 Dennis and Susanna Chadbourn moved from their residence in Kincardine to their home in the township.
1876 Voters’ List for Kincardine Township lists Dennis Chadbourn, farmer, Con. 5, Lot 33.
By 1881 another child, Lil, had been added to the household.

The 1881 Census for Kincardine Township

Dennis Chadbourn, 50, Ethnic Orig. Eng.; Birthpl. Eng.; Occ. Mill Owner; Rel. Wes .Meth.
Susanna Chadbourn, 32, Ethnic Orig. Eng.; Birthpl. Eng.; Rel. Weslyan Methodist
Joseph Chadbourn, 11, Ethnic Origin English; Birthplace Ontario; Rel. Wes. Meth.
Dennis John Chadbourn, 9, Ethnic Orig. Eng.; Birthpl. Ontario; Religion Wes. Meth.
Martha Chadbourn (Annie), 6, Ethnic Orig. Eng.; Birthpl. Ontario; Rel. Wes. Meth.
Richard Chadbourn (Harry), 3, Ethnic Orig. Eng.; Birthpl. Ontario; Rel. Wes. Meth.
Elizabeth Chadbourn, 5/12 (b. Nov.1880)

 About 1895 Dennis Chadbourn, in his late 60s, along with his sons Joe, 25,  and Jack, 23, and his daughter Annie, 20, went to the North Bay area where they established a sawmill at Four Mile Lake.
Annie became ill and returned home. She died Dec. 28, 1898 at age 29. Eventually Dennis returned to his family and farm in Kincardine Township, leaving his two sons to operate the sawmill. Dennis Chadbourn died at age 73 on March 25, 1900. Susanna died 24 years later, on Nov. 27, 1924, at age 77.  The graves of Dennis and Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn are in Kincardine Cemetery. Dennis and Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn had seven children, all born in Canada: Joe, Jack, Annie, Harry, Lil, May and Hattie (twins).

The 1901 Census for Kincardine, one year after the death of Dennis, listed Susanna, a widow, and their four youngest children–Annie had died in 1898 and Joe and Jack were still living in the North Bay area, where they had established the Chadbourn Brothers Lumber Company of North Bay:

1901 Ontario Census for Kincardine, Bruce (West)

Susanne Chadburn, head, widow, age 53
Richard H. Chadburn, son, age 23
Elizabeth L. Chadburn, daughter, age 20
Harriet A. Chadburn, daughter, age 15
Mary E. Chadburn, daughter, age 15

Family of Susanna (Lano) (1848-1924) & Dennis Chadbourn (1827-1900)     (Gen. 4)

1 - Joseph (Joe) Matthew Chadbourn, born Dec. 22, 1869 in Kincardine Township, was the eldest child of Dennis and Susanna (Lano) Chadbourn. In 1897 Joe, age 27, married Irish-born, 26-year-old Mary Jane Maneely. Mary was born in Feb. 14, 1872 (1911 Census). Around 1895-7 Joe’s father Dennis and his three eldest children, Joe, Jack and Annie, went to the North Bay area to establish a sawmill. Dennis and his daughter Annie were forced to return home because of illness, but Jack, Joe and Mary Jane established a home at Trout Mills on Trout Lake, northeast of North Bay. Joe died in 1909 at age 39, in the 12th year of their marriage. He was buried in North Bay. Mary and their five surviving children remained in Trout Mills. Joe’s brother Jack continued to live with the family, operating the mill and helping Mary with her young family until his marriage to Mae Pringle in 1932. Mary died in 1949 at age 77 and was buried in North Bay.

The 1901 Census for Widdifield, Nipissing listed Joe and Mary Jane and their first three children, as well as Joe’s younger brother John (Jack).

1901 Census for Widdifield, Nipissing, Ontario
Joseph Chadburn, head, age 31, born in Ontario Dec. 22, 1869
Mary J. Chadburn, wife, age 29, born in Ontario Feb. 14, 1872
Anna Chadburn, daughter, age 3, born in Ontario Nov. 24, 1897
Joseph A. Chadburn, son, age 2, born in Ontario Oct. 17, 1898
Maggie B. Chadburn, daughter, age 1, born in Ontario April 17, 1900
John Chadburn, brother, age 29, born in Ontario Aug. 10, 1871
Joe Chadbourn d. in1909 at age 41. The 1911 Census for Widdifield shows Mary Jane (Maneely), age 39, widow, living with her four daughters, Annie, Maggie, Matilda and Mary, ages 8 to 13, and one son, Joseph, age 12. John Chadburn, age 39, Joe’s brother (Mary Jane’s brother-in-law) was still living with the family:
1911 Census for Widdifield, Nipissing
Mary Jane Chadburn, age 39, widow, head of family, b. Jan. 1872
Annie Chadburn, age 13, daughter, b. Nov. 1897
Joseph Chadburn, age 12, son, b. Oct. 1898
Maggie Chadburn, age 11, daughter, b. April, 1900
Matilda Chadburn, age 9, daughter, b. Aug. 1902
Mary Chadburn, age 8, daughter, b. May, 1903
John Chadburn, age 39, brother-in-law, b. Aug. 1871
      Ruth Knight, age 22, boarder

Family papers of Jack and Aileen Hedley, married Sept. 7, 1932, include a wedding congratulations card signed "Mrs. Chadbourn & Annie," probably from Mary (Maneely) Chadbourn, then a widow, age 60, and her daughter Annie, age 34. Joe and Mary (Maneely) Chadbourn had six children: (1) Joe (2) Annie (3) Margaret (4) Tilly (5) Polly (6) William John (d. in childhood )(Gen. 5):

(1) Annie Chadbourn, born in Nov. 24, 1897, married (–?--) Irwin

(2) Joseph A. (Joe) Chadbourn, b. Oct.1898 in North Bay, m. Norma Davey. They had one son:
                  {1} William (Bill) Chadbourn m. Dora (–?--). Bill and Dora live in North Bay.

(3) Margaret Bell (Maggie) Chadbourn, born April 17, 1900, married Hartley Trussler (1897-1990). Hartley’s family, like Margaret’s, was in the lumber business. His grandfather, George Hartley, while hunting in the Trout Creek area in the 1880s, saw lumber potential in its pine forests. George and four of his sons, including James Trussler, Hartley’s father, set up a sawmill on the falls on Trout Creek which became a huge lumber operation for a quarter century and was the area’s largest employer. The Company had a Heisler and a Shay locomotive that travelled east into Algonquin Park, hauling logs. They eventually added a chemical plant that made charcoal and distillates, and a mill for wagon wheel hubs. They also built a thriving General Store which wholesaled throughout the area. (Trout Creek is now part of the amalgamated Powassan, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005.) Around the same time, the Chadbourn brothers built a sawmill on Four Mile Lake that also provided work for settlers in the area.

After attending business school Hartley joined with a former lumberman to run a garage in North Bay. He eventually established North Bay’s highly successful General Motors dealership...Hartley was Director of the Chamber of Commerce for 26 years, a member of the school board for 12, and for many years a Rotarian and a leader in the Cancer Society, the Boy Scouts and the Historical Society. It was in this latter capacity that he has most recently been honoured in the North Bay Nugget’s regional paper "Community Voices," by writer Doug Mackey in "Heritage Perspectives," June 30, 2005:

Hartley Trussler Remembered on Powassan’s 100th
"One of the most capable and prolific local historians in the North Bay area for years was Hartley Trussler (1897-1990). He wrote a column for the Nugget or the Almaguin News for 17 years in the 1970s and 80s. He was also an enthusiastic photographer who took hundreds of outstanding photographs over the years... Some of Hartley’s best writing came from direct experience building the Trout Creek Logging Railway, driving the locomotive and being involved in every aspect of the business."(Information about Hartley Trussler is from an article by Doug Mackey in "Community Voices.")Hartley and Margaret (Chadbourn) Trussler had four sons and a daughter:
(4) Matilda May (Tilly) Chadbourn born Aug. 1902, married Dr. (--?--) Hooey, a Sudbury doctor, and had two girls

The writer recalls at least one visit of this delightful family with their Aunt Hattie and cousins in the Kincardine area.  It was about 1947 and the two Hooey girls were around 7 and 9  years old. The writer, 12 at the time, had developed a high fever and it appeared  that she would be too ill to attend the picnic planned for the following day.  Dr. Hooey came to the rescue with the new “miracle” pill--sulpha drug, which overnight removed all symptoms of the fever and left the grateful patient feeling completely healthy and able to participate happily in the much anticipated family picnic in Kincardine.

(5) Mary (Polly) Chadbourn m. (--?--) Lidkea, North Bay. Polly’s daughter, while still a young mother, had a stroke which confined her to a wheelchair. An energetic Polly, then in her 70's, moved in temporarily with the young family to help care for her grandchildren who lived in London Ont. The writer recalls several
trips made by Polly to visit her Aunt Hattie and cousins in the Kincardine area.

(6) William John Chadbourn b. in 1906, died at age three on July 1, 1909.
Joseph Matthew Chadbourne died five months after his youngest son, William John, on Nov. 16, 1909, at age 39.  Mary (Maneely) Chadbourn died  March 5, 1949, age 78. All three are buried in North Bay Cemetery.

2 - Dennis John (Jack) Chadbourne (1872-1964) was born in Kincardine Township, the second child of Susanna (Lano) and Dennis Chadbourn. Jack was a partner with his elder brother Joseph in forming the Chadbourn Brothers Lumber Company of North Bay. After Joe's untimely death in 1909 Jack stayed on, operating the sawmill and helping Mary raise her five children. In 1932 jack married Jessie ‘Mae’ (Pringle) Groves (daughter of Peter Timothy Pringle and Janet Amie McDonald) was born 21 May 1897 in Forth Shoat, and died 06 Aug 1995 in North Bay, Ontario.
She married (1) William Groves
She married (2) John Chadbourne
She married (3) William John Garland Mooney

Children of Jesse Mae Pringle and William Groves:
(1) Duncan William Groves, b. 14 Jun 1916, Elk Lake Ontario, d. 16 Jul 1986, North Bay Ontario.
(2) Glen Lee Groves
May Leota Groves
, b. 21 Jul 1914, Dack Twp, Timmiskaming District, d. 30 Aug 1997, North Bay ON
(4) Clinton Groves, b. 1922, d. May 1944, Italy.
(5) Neoma Groves

Jack and Mae Chadbourne started out with ten acres of land in Trout Mills on which they built a homestead. Their home was a favourite stopping place for Jack's nephew and namesake, Jack Hedley and his family on trips northward. Jack and Mae eventually acquired several hundred adjacent acres which today have evolved into "a very residential area" according to a granddaughter, Valerie Chadbourne. Eventually Jack Chadbourne Jr. sold the mill and "went into construction," building houses, a church, and various other structures, including a new family home about 1951 with the help of his son, Jack Jr., then 17. Jack and Mae had three sons, Jack, Mark and Carl, all born in Trout Mills: Children of Jesse Mae Pringle and John Chadbourne:
(1) John Dennis (Jack) Chadbourne
, b. 1934, married in 1954 in North Bay to Dawn Jessup (b. 1936).  Dawn and Jack had six children:
                             [1] Dennis Chadbourne b. 1955 m. Karen (--?--). Two children:
                                            {1} Carly Chadbourne b.1991
                                            {2} Ben Chadbourne b.1993
                             [2] Linda Chadbourne b.1957
                             [3] Dayle Chadbourne b.1958 m. Pat (--?--).  They live in Calgary.
                                   2 children:
                                            {1} Caitlin Chadbourne b. 1986
                                            {2} Cody Chadbourne b. 1989
                             [4] David Chadbourne b. 1960 m. Lucinda (Cindy) Ross, daughter of
                                   Elizabeth (French) & Alexander Ross. David and Cindy were
                                   m. in 1993.
                                            {1} Alex Chadbourne b. 1993
                                            {2} McKechnie Chadbourne b. 1995
                                            {3} Jack Chadbourne b. 1997
                             [5] Valerie Chadbourne b. 1962 m. Mark Facette
                             [6] Derek Chadbourne b. 1964

(2) Mark Chadbourne b. 1935
(3) Carl Chadbourne b. 1937

David Hedley recalls a trip to North Bay about 1951 when he was 10 years old with his parents  Jack and Aileen and his Aunt Mabel and Uncle Elmer Scott.  The object of the trip was to visit his great Uncle Jack Chadbourne, Aunt Mae and Carl, Mark and Jack  in Trout Lake,  his first cousins once removed,.  At the time, Jack Chadbourne was building a new house for the family, and David recalls breaking out in hives from the insulation. He remembers getting into the nearby drive-in theatre through a hole in the fence which Carl seemed to be quite familiar with, and also climbing to the top of the ski jump where he was impressed as his cousins pointed out the expanse of the Chadbourne property.  Jack told a story about the local bear that had to be fed a bit of milk to distract its attention from the cream pail when they  left the milk house with the cream after the chores were finished. He remembers a hike through the bush to a small lake and a visit to the airport where he was amazed at the huge size of a North Star passenger plane.
Ten years later, in 1961, David returned to the area and was astonished to see that a ring road had been constructed to get traffic around North Bay.  The drive-in theatre had vanished, and the entire area was under development.

Jack Chadbourne died on Feb. 23, 1964 at age 92.  His sons were about 27, 29 and 30 years old.  Mae died at age 97 on Aug. 6, 1995.  The graves of John and Mae Chadbourne are in St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, North Bay.

3 - Martha Ann (Annie) Chadbourn was born in May, 1875.  When she was 20 Annie went to North Bay to “keep house” for her father Dennis and elder
brothers Joe and Jack who had started a sawmill there. While there she became ill and had to return to her home in Kincardine Township. She died Dec. 28, 1898
at age 23 years and 7 months. Her grave is in Kincardine Cemetery.

4 - Richard Henry (Harry) Chadbourn (1876-1947) married Christena (Tina) Nicholson (1876 - 1943), daughter of Malcolm Nicholson (d. 1913) and Annie McInnis (d. 1909), Kincardine Township. Harry and Tina took over the home farm on Con. 5, Lot 33 on the death of  Harry’s father, Dennis Chadbourn, in 1900.
Harry’s mother, Susanna, continued to live with Harry, Tina and their three children. In 1929 Harry
bought the adjoining Lot 32. The property around Gordon Lake, on Con. 3, originally owned and cleared by the Chadbourn brothers,  had never been successfully drained. At various times the Thackers  purchased the lots around
the lake for rough pasture, and the lake became known locally as “Thacker’s Lake.”  In 1920 Harry Chadbourn added these lots to his holdings. Harry and Tina constructed a brick house on Lot 33, where they raised their three children, Lona, Myrtle and Cliff.  Tina died on June 16, 1943 at age 67. Harry died four years later on March 31, 1947 at age 71. Their graves are in Kincardine Cemetery. Three children:

1911 Census for Kincardine Township, Bruce North

Harry Chatburn, head, age 33, born Oct.1878
Christena Chatburn, wife, age 33, born Nov.1878
Annie Chatburn, daughter, age 7, born Dec.1894
Myrtle Chatburn, daughter, age 5, born Sept.1897
Clefton Chatburn, son, age 3, born May.1908
Susan Chatburn, mother, age 63, born Sept.1848

(1) Annie Lano (Lona) Chadbourn. ( b. Dec. 16, 1903, d. April 23, 1990), born in Kincardine Twp.,  attended Stratford Normal School and taught on the north
line, Lurgen, then in Toronto’s Williamson Road School for 35 years. In Toronto her home was on Glen Manor Road. During  her retirement in Kincardine Lona attended Knox Presbyterian Church.

(2) Myrtle Louise Chadbourn, b. Sept. 24, 1905, married Fred Bushell, son of John and Rebecca (Gardiner) Bushel of Kincardine Township. Fred, a baker,
and Myrtle lived in Toronto and later retired in Kincardine.

(3) Cliften (Cliff) Chadbourn, (b. May 20, 1908; d. Oct. 21, 1988), born in Kincardine Township, was married in October, 1933 to Kathleen (Kay) Margaret Huston (b. 1908), daughter of James Huston and Elizabeth Graham of Kinloss Township. Cliff and Kathleen were married at the home of Kay’s parents on the
Durham Road., near Kinloss village. Cliff and Kathleen continued to farm Lots 32-33 on Concession 5 after Cliff’s father, Harry, died in 1947. Cliff also inherited the property surrounding “Thacker’s Lake.” He cut the bush off and bulldozed the brush into windrows and burned it. The outlet from the lake was opened, and drainage dropped the lake almost six feet. About 80 acres were thus recovered for cultivation.In 1966 Cliff and Kathleen retired to their home on Broadway St. in Kincardine. Kathleen died in June 1987 and Cliff died in October of the following year. Their graves are in Kincardine Cemetery. Cliff and Kathleen Chadbourn had two children, Donald and Karol:
                            [1] Donald Clifton Chadbourn b. June 29, 1935 in Kincardine Twp.
                                  m1 to Velma Gawley daughter of Victor Gawley of Huron Twp.,
                                   Bruce County (divorced).  [Velma later married Norman Robertson]
                                   Donald Chadbourn and  Velma  Gawley had one daughter:
                                     {1}Tracey Chadbourn of Elmira married Doug Mooder, son of
                                           George Mooder, London. Tracy & Doug have one son:
                                             1- Chase Noah Chadbourn Mooder  b. Oct. 13, 2000
                               m2 of Donald Chadbourn was to Ann (Forsyth) Boven in Kincardine
                               on Sept. 23,  1988. This was a second marriage for both Donald and
                               Ann. Ann was born Feb. 2, 1939 in Riversdale, daughter of John and
                               Mary Forsyth.  Donald and Ann lived at R.R. 5 Lucknow.  In her first
                               marriage Ann had two sons and four daughters. She died June 11,
                               1990. Ann, a  member of St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church,
                               was buried in Riversdale  Cemetery.

                               m3 of Donald Chadbourn was to Ev Colling. Don & Eve live in Kincardine. 

                              [2] Karol Ann Chadbourn born July 24, 1946; died March 13, 1950,
                                   daughter of Cliff and Kathleen, died of appendicitis at age three.
                                   Her grave is in Kincardine Cemetery.

5 - Elizabeth Louise (Lil) Chadbourne was born Nov. 10, 1880 in Kincardine Township [Ontario Birth Registrations] She married Thomas Stewart (1875-1936) son of  George Stewart (1837-1900) and Mary Ann Glendenning (1850-1910).

Marriage - Jan. 22, 1902 - St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Kingarf, Greenock Twp.
Elizabeth Louise Chadbourne, 21                       Thomas Stewart, 26, farmer
5th of Kincardine                                               7th of Kincardine
Church of England                                              Methodist
Parents: Dennis Chadbourne                               Parents: George Stewart
and Susanna Lano                                              and Mary A. Glendenning
(from Anglican Parish Records on microfiche, Huron College, London)

Thomas was a brother of Rachel Stewart,  grandmother of Goldie Emerson and thus Goldie’s great uncle. Lil was a sister of Harriet Chadbourn, grandmother of Jacqueleen (Hedley) Emerson and thus Jacqueleen’s great aunt. Tom and Lil Stewart farmed near Mervin, Saskatchewan. Tom died in 1936 at age 61. Lil died in 1970 at age 90. Tom and Lil Stewart had nine sons, five of whom died before reaching age 20, four of them in the year 1923-4: Geordie, Bert, Percy, James, Alfred, Lloyd, Maurice,  John, and Angus.  They also had 22 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren:

(1) George Henry (Geordie) Stewart (1903-1923)

(2) Herbert Dennis (Bert) Stewart (1905-1987) married Oct. 12, 1933 to Kathleen Mary Baldwin (1906-1982). Bert and Kathleen had five children:
                            [1] Shirley Elizabeth Stewart (b.1934).
                                  m1 John Martin Hoiland
                                         Shirley and John Hoiland had four children.
                                  m2  was to  Stanley Reavie (b. 1917)
                                          {1} Heather Ann Hoiland (b.1962)
                                          {2} Donald Martin (Dan) Hoiland (b.1963)
                                               m. Jeanne Elizabeth Doust (b.1963).  Three children:
                                                     1- Erica Marie Beatrice Hoiland (b.1991)
                                                     2- Rebecca Elizabeth Hoiland (b.1993)
                                                     3- Chloe Dawn Hoiland (b.1994)
                                                     4- Miranda Jean Hoiland (b.1997)

                                          {3} Robert John (Bob) Hoiland (b. 1965) m. Judy Klub .
                                               Two children:
                                                     1- Martina Marlene Hoiland (b.1988)
                                                     2- Thomas John (Tommy) Hoiland (b.1990)
                                          {4} Kathleen Ellen (Kathy) Hoiland (b.1974)
                           [2] George Ernest Stewart (b.1936)
                           [3] Kathleen ‘Fay’ Stewart (b.1938)
                                m.1960  Ronald Oscar Baldwin (b.1936)
                                          {1} Blair Murray Baldwin (b.1961) m. 1986
                                                 Norain Margaret Zimmerman. Two children:
                                                   1-Jeffrey Mitchell Baldwin
                                                   2- Erin Michelle Baldwin (b. 1991)
                                          {2} Barbara Lynn Baldwin (b.1962) m.1986 Cameron (Cam)
                                                   1- Charlotte Faith Wallace (b.1994)
                                                   2- Jack William Tru Wallace (b.1999)
                                          {3} Brian Dale Baldwin (b.1965)
4] John Dennis (Jack) Stewart (b.1940)
                           [5] Dorothy Joan Stewart (b.1942) m.1962 Delbert George
                               (Del) Mitchel
                                 (b.1936). Two children:
                                         {1} (b.1964) m.2001 Graham Anklie
                                         {2} Dean Delbert Mitchell (b.1967) m.1991 Nina Davies
                            Photo of the Five Adult Children of Kathleen (Baldwin) and Bert Stewart
                            Photo of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of
                                        Kathleen (Baldwin) and Bert Stewart"

(3) Percy Thomas Stewart (1906-1924)

(4) James Lawson Stewart (1908-1994) m.Grace Elizabeth Montgomery Rowat (b.1913) Six children:
                          [1] Margaret Lesly Stewart (b.1939) m. Douglas John Porter (b.1938).
                                        {1} Christopher Douglas Porter (b.1965)
                                        {2} Randy John Porter (b,1967) m. Lynn Cooke (b.1965).
                                              One son:
                                                   1- Mathew Stewart Porter (b.1995)
                                        {3} Steven Lawrence Porter (b.1968) m. Jill Beatty (b.1970)
                          [2] Allen Montgomery Stewart (1941-44)
                          [3] Donna Louise Stewart (b.1942) m. Donald Robert Porter (b.1938)                   
                                        {1} Terry Ann Porter (b.1968) m. Denis Lafrenier.  One son:
                                                   1- Alexander Denis Lafrenier (b.1996)
                                        {2} Todd Porter (b.1969)
                          [4] David Lawson Stewart (b.1942) m.Shirley Arbuthnot (b.1947)                         
                                        {1}Philip Montgomery Stewart (b.1967)
                                        {2}Virginia Stewart (b.1970)
                          [5] Elizabeth Ann Stewart (b.1950) m. Hugh Osler.
four children
                                        {1} Andrew Osler (b.1974)
                                        {2} Kim Osler (b.1977)
                                        {3} Megan Osler (b.1980)
                                        {4} (--?--) Osler
                          [6] James Richard Stewart (b.1953)
                                m.Lorraine (--?--) (b.1958); 3 children:
                                        {1} Joey Dean Stewart (b.1977)
                                        {2} Kevin James Stewart (b.1980)
                                        {3} Brian David Stewart (b.1981)

(5) Alfred Franklin Stewart (1910-1978) m. Roberta Parker Stewart (1910-1989).
                          [1] Robert Thomas Stewart (b.1939)
                                m. Esther Hermann (b.1936) 2 children:
                                       {1} Marc Stewart (b.1975) m. 2001 to Linsey Gittens
                                       {2} Karen Stewart (b. 1976)
                         [2] Etalka Louise Stewart (b.1940)
                               m1 Horace Wright (1938-1984) Two children. 
                               m2 Bob Fulton (b.1940)
                                       {1} Norma Wright (b.1961) m. Les Schindel (b.1958)
                                              Two children:
                                                1- Ryan Schindel (b.1985)
                                                2- Kayla Schindel (b.1987)
                                       {2} Alfred Alexander Wright (b.1963)
                                               m.Lisa Bowe (b.1965) (divorced)
                                                1- Bryan Theriault (b.1983)
                                                2- David Theriault (b.1985)
                         [3] Owen Stewart (b.1941) m. Doreen Resner (divorced)
                                                1-Anita (1973-1975)
                                                2-Chadwick (b.1976)
                                                3-Chancey (b.1978)

(6) Robert ‘Lloyd’ Stewart (1913-1924)

(7) Maurice B. Stewart (b.1916)

(8) John Nobel (Jack) Stewart (b.1917) m. Mary Potter (b.1935).  Jack, the
                      youngest, is the only one of the eight sons of Lil and Tom Stewart still living
                      (in 2003). He farms near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the 1990s Jack and
                      Mary came to Ontario to visit their first cousins Cliff and Kathleen
                      Chadbourn. Jack and Mary Stewart had eight children:
                           [1] Ronald Patrick Stewart (b. 1955)
                           [2] Louise Blanche Stewart (b.1957) m. Shannon Scott Hood (b.1955).
                                    {1} Jody Shannon Hood (b.1975)
                                    {2} Angie Louise Hood (b.1976)
                                    {3} Nathan Stewart Hood (b.1978)
                           [3] George Stanley Stewart (b.1958)
                           [4] Linda Colleen Stewart (b.1960) m.1982 Don Allen Sanders (b.1957)
                                    {1} Kristen Dawn Sanders (b.1984)
                                    {2} Robin Tyne Sanders (b.1986)
                                    {3} Erin Nichole Sanders (b.1987)
                                    {4} Raelin Marie Sanders (b.1990)
                           [5] John Murray Stewart (b. 1962)
                           [6] Mary Jane Stewart (b.1962) m. Glen C. Morrison.  Two children:
                                    {1} Mitchell Glen Morrison (b.1985)
                                    {2} Marshal John Morrison (b.1990)                
                           [7] Marla Gwynne Stewart (b.1970) {twin}
                           [8] Myrna Ruth Stewart (b. 1970)  m. 1993 to \
                                Darryl Henry Schick
                                    {1}  Branden Darryl Schick
                                    {2} Morgen Ivy Emma Schick (b.1995)
(9) Angus Chadbourne Stewart (1919-1923)

6 - Mary Emma (May) Chadbourn was b. April 14, 1886, a twin to her sister Harriet. Toil, Tears & Triumphs, A History of Kincardine Township tells of Dr. Thomas Bradley’s delivery of the twin girls. The doctor’s home was on the Bervie  side road and his 5' by 6' office was beside the house. He always kept three or four horses since he usually traveled by horse and buggy,  horse and cutter or  horseback. On the night of April 14, 1886, his own wife was already in labour when he was called to the home of Dennis and Susanna Chadbourn. He told his wife to keep walking until he returned and rushed to the Chadbourn residence, where he delivered twin girls, then rushed back to his own home to assist his son into the world. May and Hattie were 14 years old when their father Dennis Chadbourn died at age 73. May worked for some time in North Bay, keeping house for her brothers Joe and Jack., who had started a saw mill in North Bay. She married James ‘Wesley’ Woods (1882-1931) and moved to Saskatchewan after living briefly in Kincardine Township. Wes was the son of Eliza Runchey and William Woods. Wes died at age 49 in 1931. May died in 1978 at age 92. The graves of Wes and May (Chadbourn) Woods are in Langham, Saskatchewan. They had eight children.

Marriage - June 9, 1909 - St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Kingarf, Greenock Twp.
Mary Emma Chadbourn, 23                                 James Wesley Woods, 26
Yeoman’s daughter                                              Farmer
Kincardine Twp.                                                  Kincardine Twp.
Church of England                                               Baptist
Parents: Dennis Chadbourn                                  Parents: William Woods
and Susanna Lano                                                and  Eliza Renchie*
     (from Anglican Parish Registers on microfiche at Huron College, London)
     *  The maiden name of the mother of James Woods was Eliza  Runchey.
(Contributed by
Lorna E. Jones, California, a relative.)

The parents of James Wesley Woods were Eliza Runchey and William Woods. Eliza's parents (Wesley's grandparents) were William Runchey (abt. 1803-1883) and Esther Flemming Dunning (abt. 1810-1890). They were both born in Ireland, probably in County Armagh, just south of Belfast.
Eliza, daughter of William and Esther Dunning, was born about 1856 in Purple Grove, Bruce County, Ontario. She died Oct. 6, 1888 at age 32 in Kincardine, Bruce County (Death Index film and Death Register). Eliza (Runchie) Woods was buried in Kincardine Cemetery, Block L lot 1.
Wesley's parents, William Woods and Eliza Runchey, were married April 30, 1874 in Kincardine and lived in Kincardine Township, Concession 10, lot 26. After Eliza's early death, the 1891 Census for Kincardine Township and the 1901 Census for Kincardine Town indicate that William Woods was living with his children, including James Wesley Woods. William Woods was born Feb. 23, 1848, died March 3, 1929, buried in Langham, Saskatchewan.
Family of William and Eliza (Runchey) Woods:
1 - Sarah Jane Woods (1875-1960) married Albert Robinson Ramshaw
2 - Esther Ann "Essie" Woods )1877-1952) m. James Graham
3 - John Alexander Woods(1880-1961)
4 - James Wesley Woods (1882-1931) m. Mary Emma (May) Chadbourn (1886-1978)
5 - William Thomas Woods (1885-1966) m. Alice Emma McEachern
       (Above information courtesy of Lorna E. Jones, formerly of London, Ontario, now living in
       California, great granddaughter of Mary Jane (Runchey) Shier, sister of Eliza).
Wesley Woods died in Langham, Sask. at age 49 in 1931. May (Chadbourn) Woods died in Vancouver in 1978 at age 92. The graves of Wesley and May Woods are in Langham, Saskatchewan. They had nine children:

(1) Winnifred Eliza (Freddie) Woods  Winnifred  (Freddie) Woods was b. April 2, 1910 in St. Catherines, Ont.
m1 to Joseph Loreth on Feb. 12, 1937. Joseph was born May 5, 1913 in   Raymore, Sask. He died Nov. 21, 1955 in Raymore. Two children
                         [1] Elizabeth (Betty) Louise Loreth b. July 25, 1939 m. George Langtry.
                              Betty and George live in Delta, B.C. Two Children:
                                   {1} Marie Langtry
                                   {2} David Langtry lives in Vancouver
                         [2] James Wesley Loreth b. April 17, 1942 married Judith Wardrop
                               in 1966 in Vancouver.
m2 to Dave McIntyre in 1960 in Vancouver, where Winnifred and Dave made their home. Dave McIntyre, born in 1911 in Vancouver, died April 18, 1995 in Delta, B.C. Winnifred died Jan. 3, 2005 at age 94.   

(2) Teressa Woods, born Jan. 13, 1912 in Winnipeg, married Ray Lemery in 1937 in Saskatoon. Ray was born in 1911 in Vancouver and died in 1986.
Teressa died Nov. 28, 2005 in Burnaby, BC at age 92. Teressa and Ray lived in Vancouver. Two children:
                        [1] Judy Lemery
                        [2] John Lemery

(3) William Woods m. Hazel Woods; William is buried at Langham, Sask.
                William and Hazel Woods had two children    
                      [1] Wendy Woods

                      [2] Shelley Woods 

(4) Ethel Woods  m. Spence MacKenzie
               Ethel and Spence Mackenzie had two children
                      [1] Heather MacKenzie
                      [2] Susan MacKenzie

(5) John Elmer (Jackie) Woods was born in 1913. He died at age 7 of pneumonia;  Feb. 7, 1920 and is buried at Langham, Sask.

(6) Phyllis Louise (or Lotta) Woodswas born in1917.  Lotta died age four of pneumonia, Langham Cem.

(7) Doris Woods m. James Simpson (died July 2003).
               Doris lives in Vancouver.  Four children:
                     [1] Greg Simpson
                     [2] Sheila Simpson b.1947 Vancouver
                     [3] James Simpson
                     [4] Catherine Simpson

(8) Douglas Woods m. Maxine MacKenzie. Four children:
                     [1] Wesley Woods
                     [2] Myrna Woods
                     [3] Lorraine Woods
                     [4] Wayne Woods
b. 1960, Dodsland Sask
                     [5] Warren Woods

7 - Harriet Agnes "Hattie" Chadbourn, a twin of May, was born April 14, 1886. Hattie and May were 14 years old when their father Dennis Chadbourn died at age 73. Harriet Chadbourn worked as a milliner in Kincardine. On May 30, 1906 she married Albert Hedley. Hattie was 20 and Albert 21 years old. Hattie and Ab farmed Lot 32 on Concession 7 of Greenock Twp., where they had a white brick Queen Ann style home built for their growing family. The young family lived in a small building that later became the “drive shed” while their house was being built. They had four children, Orville, Mabel, Jack and Bert. Ab died in 1946 at age 56. Hattie continued to run the Greenock Township farm with the help of her sons Bert, who remained on the home farm, and Orville, who lived nearby, until it was purchased by her grandson Al Hedley, son of Jack, about 1958. Hattie and Bert continued to live in the family home with Al and his wife Margaret and their young family for a number of years. During her last few years, Hattie lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Mabel and Elmer Scott, on their farm near Teeswater, Ont. Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley died Dec.14, 1972 at age 86. A snow storm that closed area roads prevented many relatives, including those from St. Marys and London, from attending her funeral (See Chapter 8-Albert & Harriet).


For more information about the family of Harriet (Chadbourn) and Albert Hedley, please see Chapter 9,8)

Our thanks to the following contributors to Chapter 9,8 (part 2)
Donald Chinnery, Florida; Donald Groves, West Wales; Betty Langtry, B.C.;    Lois Hunter, Kincardine; Jack Chadbourne and Valerie Chadbourne, North Bay; June (Hedley) Hill, Hanover; Carolyn Mazmanian; Margaret Hedley, Greenock Twp.

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John Chadbourn (1824-1891) and Mary Emsley (1840-1911)
(Forebears of the Chadbourns of Manitoba)

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Addendum 2

   Joseph Chadborn (1826-1909) and Hanna Coupe (1824-1895)
(Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire England)

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Six Generations of Chadbourns in England
(Including the Family of Hannah Bell and Eli Chadbourn - brother of Dennis and John)

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Addendum 4
    Family of Edward White (d. 1871) and Elizabeth Lano (1841-1928)

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