Addendum 4
    Family of Edward White (d. 1871) and Elizabeth Lano (1841-1928)

Elizabeth Snook Lano (1841-1928), the daughter of English parents Martha Weston (Fudge) and Richard Lano III and a sister of Susannah (Mrs. Dennis Chadbourn) came to Hepworth, Ontario with her parents and five sisters from Portland Isle, Dorset County on the southern coast of England in the mid-1850s. Elizabeth Lano married Edward White, and the couple settled in Hepworth, but later moved to Lot 31 on Concession 7 of Kincardine Township. The Chadbourn brothers, in 1868, had purchased property nearby, including a two-acre section of land across the road, on Lot 31, Con. 6, on which they had set up the Chadbourn sawmill. In 1871 Edward White, in his thirties, died of pneumonia contracted while clearing land on the Chadbourn property, leaving Dick, the eight or nine-year-old son of Edward and Elizabeth, to help his mother support his younger brothers and sisters by working at the sawmill. Elizabeth (Lano) White lived 57 years beyond the death of her husband in 1871. She died in 1928. The graves of both Edward and Elizabeth (Lano) White are in Kincardine Cemetery. They had seven children (Gen. 4):

Ten years after the death of Edward White in 1871, the 1881 Census for Kincardine Twp. listed the family of seven children living with their widowed mother Elizabeth Snook (Lano) White:
1881 Canadian Census for Kincardine Township, Bruce South, Ontario
White, Elizabeth, head, widowed, age 38, born in England in 1843, Weslyan Methodist
White, Richard, age 18, born in Ontario in 1863, labourer, Weslyan Methodist
White, Martha, age 17, born in Ontario in 1864, Weslyan Methodist
White, Mary Ann, age 15, born in Ontario in 1866, Weslyan Methodist
White, Susanna, age 13, born in Ontario in 1868, Weslyan Methodist
White, Robert John, age 10, born in Ontario in 1871, Weslyan Methodist
White, Edward, age 9, born in Ontario in 1872, Weslyan Methodist
White, William, age 8, born in Ontario in 1873, Weslyan Methodist

1 - Richard L. (Dick) White, the eldest child of Edward and Elizabeth White was born Aug. 21, 1863. He was only eight or nine years old when his father, Edward, died of pneumonia. Dick worked at the Chadbourn sawmill across the road from his house to help his mother support his younger brothers and sisters. Dick married Harriett Ann Dout of Hepworth, who was born Jan.1, 1865.

Dout Family ~ 1881 Census for Amabel Township, Bruce Co. North, Ontario

Elizabeth Doubt, widow, age 45, born in Eng., Canadian Methodist
John Doubt, age 28, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
Mary Doubt, age 25, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
George Doubt, age 23, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
Samuel Doubt, age 21, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
Harriet Doubt, age 16, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
James Doubt, age 10, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist
Alexander Doubt, age 8, born in Ontario, Canadian Methodist

Dick and Harriet bought Lot 33 on Con. 4 of Kincardine Township, where they lived in a little shack and worked the land with two oxen. During the first winter Dick worked in a bush near Hepworth to earn money to buy seed in the spring, while Harriet cared for the livestock. A white brick house was built in the 1890s. This property, along with adjoining lots 31 and 32, has been the home of six successive generations of Whites. When Dick had a heart attack, his son and daughter-in-law Richie and Nellie White and their son Bill helped out by moving in with Dick and Harriet. Dick died in 1937 at age 74.

After her husband's death Harriet was accustomed to wearing a long black dress and white apron. On one occasion, about 1939, while on one of her frequent visits with Hattie Hedley, her first cousin by marriage, Harriet opened the door to greet Hattie's visiting grandchildren who, on being faced by a tall woman in a long black dress were terrified, thinking they were being greeted by "the old witch"of the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which they had seen the previous night.

Harriet died at age 85 in 1950, thirteen years after her husband Dick's death.
Three children
(Gen. 5):
  (1) Elizabeth 'Emma' White (b. Nov. 15, 1890, d.1967) was married in 1921 to Frederick
(1889-1975). Fred was the son of Isabella Burgess (1862-1930) and Benjamin
       Moulton (1860-1945).  Benjamin Moulton had built a white brick house about 1885 near
       the present location of  St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Kingarf and served as postmaster
       until the Kingarf  post office was closed in 1917.  It was also Benjamin Moulton who
       donated part of his property for the construction of the present St. Matthew's Anglican
       Church in 1892. In 1932 Benjamin sold his farm to his son Frederick and retired to
       Kincardine. Fred and Emma (White) Moulton farmed and participated in the activities of
       St. Matthew's Anglican Church. They retired to Kincardine in 1967. Emma and Fred are
       buried in Kincardine Cemetery. They had one child who died in infancy:
        [1] Freida Annabell Moulton born 1923.

  (2) Thomas 'Edward' (Ned) White (b. Sept. 24, 1893, d. 1959) married Ruth Campbell,
        daughter of John Campbell (1866-1923) and Agnes Scott (1867-1942).  Ned and Ruth
        moved to Con. 5, Lot 34 of Kincardine Township. Ned and Ruth did not have any
        children of their own, but provided a home to  Garnet Griffenham, a young teenager.
        When Garnet married Mary Bonnett of  Bruce Township, the two couples lived and farmed
        together. Garnet and Mary Griffenham had a son Gary Griffenham (1948-1984).
        Ned took pride in his shorthorn cattle, sheep and good horses. Five years after Ned's
        death in 1959, Ruth sold the farm to Mary (Bonnett) Griffenham and moved to Kincardine.

  (3) Richard George "Richie" White (b. Oct. 6, 1895, d.1962)  married Ellen (Nellie)
(1899-1984). Richie and Nellie lived for a short time in Greenock Twp.,
        but moved back to the home farm on Con. 4 with their son Bill when Richie's father, Dick,
        had a heart attack. About 1955 they retired to Kincardine where they continued the
        gardening that Richie loved. The graves of  Richie and Nellie White are in Kincardine
        Cemetery. They had one son (Gen.6):

        [1] William Richard (Bill) White (1921-1975) m. Pearl Brindley of  Riversdale in 1941.
             Bill, who was a mechanic as well as a farmer, continued to live on the home farm.  In
             1963 Pearl and Bill moved to Kincardine. Bill's grave is in Kincardine Cemetery.
              Bill and Pearl (Brindley)  White had three children (Gen. 7)

             {1} Robert (Bob) White m. Betty Jean Hodgins, a Kincardine  Township teacher,
                   daughter of Burton Hodgins and Elva  Horne. They took over the family farm and
                   changed it to a beef operation. Bob served on the  Kincardine Township Council
                   for many years and Betty Jean taught piano to children of the neighbourhood.
                   The family attended St.Matthew's Anglican Church in Kingarf.
                   They had four children (Gen. 8):
                     1-  Cheryl White, B.A., Kitchener
                     2-  Marilyn White m. Shawn Crewe, Burgessville
                     3-  Michael Robert White, b. Dec. 27, 1971 in Kincardine, died Feb. 19, 1977
                           at age five, of leukemia. Michael's grave is in Kincardine Cemetery.
                     4- Andrew White
married Heather (--?--). Bob and Heather, both veterinarians,
                          live on the family farm (Concession 7, Lot 31, Kincardine Twp) homesteaded
                          by Andrew's great, great, great grandparents, Elizabeth (Snook) Lano and
                          Edward White, the sixth generation of Whites to do so.

             {2} Mildred White  m. George Onley of Callander.

             {3} Richard Cliften White (1945-1946)

2 - Martha W. White, second child of Edward and Elizabeth (Lano) White, was born about 1864 (1881 Census), probably in Hepworth, Ont. Martha was possibly named, according to custom, after her grandmother, Martha Weston Lano (her mother's mother). Martha married William Hinde on May 5, 1886 in Kincardine, Ont. William was her first cousin, born June 16, 1863 in Harriston, Ont., the son of William Butts Hinde and Emma Fudge Lano. Martha d. in the fourth year of their marriage, on May 4, 1890, age 26; one child:
      (1) Daisy Mae Hinde b. Feb.19, 1887; m. (unknown); d. Aug.19, 1929 at age 42; two daughters:
             [1] Doris (–?–)
             [2] Marjorie (–?–)
William Hinde’s second marriage was to Rachel Donaldson in 1892. William and Rachel (Donaldson) Hinde had a family of six, all born in Harriston, Ont. William Hinde died Sept. 27, 1934 in Waseca, Saskatchewan. (For more about the Hinde family see 1/ Family of Emma Fudge Lano and William Butts Hinde–after the Lano and Fudge sections near the beginning of chapter  (9,8 part 2).

3 - Mary Ann White was born about 1866 (1881 Census), probably in Hepworth, Ont. 
4 - Susannah White was born about 1868 (1881 Census),  probably in Hepworth, Ont
5 - Robert John White, born about 1871, probably in Hepworth, Ont., is believed to have died young. (He was ten years old on the 1881 Census)
6 - Edward G. White, born about 1872, probably in Kincardine Twp. Edward G. White was nine on the 1881 Census for Kincardine Twp., Bruce County, Ontario. Edward bought Lot. 34, Con 5 Kincardine Twp. in 1912, but sold it to his brother Richard L White when he moved back to Hepworth in 1914. Richard L. sold it three years later to his son Edward (Ned) White, who married Ruth Campbell (above).
7 - William White was born about 1873, probably in Hepworth, Ont. He moved to Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Note: Most of the information on the White family is from Toil, Tears and Triumph, A History of Kincardine Township, Kincardine Historical Society, 1990. Additional assistance courtesy of Andrew White of Bruce Co. and Marla (Hinde) White of Calgary.

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