Addendum 2

   Joseph Chadborn (1826-1909) and Hanna Coupe (1824-1895)

(Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire England)

1841 Census for Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England

Joseph Chadbourn, age 40, b. in Nottinghamshire Co.; employed as a framer
Martha Chadbourn, age 35
John Chadbourn, 15
Joseph Chadbourn, 14
Dennis Chadbourn, 12
Sarah Chadbourn, 9
Martha Chadbourn, 7
Mathew Chadbourn, 2
Eli. Chadbourn, 5 mo.
Joseph Chadborn, the second child of Joseph and Martha (Rhodes) Chadborn of Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England, was born April 12, 1826 (baptized April 18). Joseph's employment was described on various censuses as framer, mechanic, fitter, machine maker, and machinist. Unlike his brothers John and Dennis, Joseph remained in England throughout his life. In 1846 Joseph, age 20, married Hannah E. Coupe, age 22, who was born in Hucknall Torkard on April 2,1824. Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadborn were married in Radford, in their native county of Nottinghamshire, but eventually settled in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Hannah died Nov. 6, 1895 in Halifax (burial Nov. 11). Joseph died 14 years later, in 1909 at age 83 in Halifax. Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadborn had six children (Gen. 4):
Hannah Ann Chadborn b. abt. 1848
Mary Chadborn (unknown)
Joseph C. Chadborn b. abt. 1853
Samuel (Sam) Chadborn b. abt. 1856
Sarah Elizabeth Chadborn b. abt. 1858
Emma Chadborn (unknown)
     1 - Hannah Chadbourn, the first child of Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadbourn, was
          born about 1848 in Yorkshire. The 1851 Census lists Joseph and Hannah Chadbourn
          and their three-year-old daughter, Hannah living in the town of Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.

1851 Census, Town of Leeds, Ecclesiastical District of Leeds, Yorkshire

Joseph Chadbourn (head) age 25, machine maker, b. in Nottinghamshire
Hannah Chadbourn (wife) age 25, b. in Nottinghamshire
Hannah Chadbourn (daughter) age 3, b. in Dolards (?), Yorkshire

Twenty years later, Hannah, who would have been 23, the eldest of the four children of Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadbourn, did not appear on the 1871 Census with the rest of the family. She may have been married or working outside the home. Her three younger siblings were already in their teens. Sarah, 13, was
going to school; Sam, 15 and Joe, 18 were both working:

1871 Census for the Town of Halifax, East Ward, Township of Halifax, Yorkshire.

Joseph Chadbourn (head) 45, mechanic/machine maker, b. Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire
Hannah Chadbourn (wife) age 45, b. in Nottinghamshire
Joe Chadbourn (son) age 18, unmarried, card maker, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Sam Chadbourn (son) age 15, unmarried, errand boy, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Sarah Chadbourn (daughter) age 13, unmarried, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire

Ten years later, Joe was married and no longer living with the family. Samuel, age 25, employed as a joiner, and his wife Margaret were living with Joseph and Hannah, as was Sarah, who was employed as a milliner.
1881 Census for the Town of Halifax, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Joseph Chadbourn, head, 56, b. in Hucknall Torkard, employed as Mechanic (Artizan)
Hannah Chadbourn, wife, 56, b. in Hucknall Torkard
Samuel Chadbourn, son, 25, b. in Halifax, York, employment joiner
Margaret Chadbourn, daughter-in-law, 24, b. in Liverpool
Sarah E. Chadbourn, daughter, 23, employment milliner
Frederic Richardson, 13, b. in Bradford, York, Errand Boy

      2 - Joseph Chadbourn, the second surviving child of Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph
            Chadbourn, age 28, appeared on the 1881 Census with his wife Ellen and two
            daughters, Ada, age 4, and Lilly, one month old. (The great grandchildren
            of Joseph and Martha Chadbourn of Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire):

1881 Census, Twp. of Halifax, Central Municipal Ward, Urban Sanitary Dist. Halifax

Joe Chadbourne (head) age 28, married, machine maker, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Ellen Chadbourne (wife) age 28, married, b. in Southern Yorkshire
Ada Chadbourne (daughter) age 4, b. in Northern Yorkshire
Lilly Chadbourne (daughter) age 1 month, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire

The 1891 census shows the family of the younger Joe Chadbourn and his wife Ellen grown to six children (five girls and one boy) :

1891 Census, West Ward, Civil Parish of Halifax, Yorkshire

Joe Chadbourne (head) age 38, washing machine repairs, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Ellen Chadbourne (wife) age 38, married, b. in Southern Yorkshire
Ada Chadbourne (daughter) age 14, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Frances E. Chadbourne (daughter) age 13, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Lilly Chadbourne (daughter) age 10, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Mary E. Chadbourne (daughter) age 8, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Joe Chadbourne (son) age 6, scholar, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Clara E. Chadbourne (daughter) age 1, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire

The Family of Joseph and Ellen Chadbourn

               (1) Ada Chadbourn b. abt. 1877 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England

              (2) Frances E. Chadbourn, the second child of Ellen and Joe Chadbourn, was born
                    abt.1878 in Halifax, Yorkshire.

              (3) Lilly Chadbourn, the third child of Ellen and Joe Chadbourn, was working as a
                    servant girl in 1901, when she was about 20 years old, but shortly after that she
                    married George W. Blenkin. Lilly Chadbourn and George Blenkin had at least
                    two children 

                      [1] Dorothy Blenkin, born Jan. 11, 1908; died about 2004. Dorothy married
                           (-unknown-) Balmforth. Dorothy  was left a sizable inheritance by her uncle,
                           Joe Chadbourn, her mother's younger brother (see (5) Joe Chadbourn below).
                           The Balmforths had at least two children.

                               {1} Hilary Balmforth married Warwick Wiggen. They reside in
                                      Hertfordshire, England. At least one child.

                                        1- Emma Wiggen married Filipe Fernandes. They also reside in
                                            Hertfordshire, Eng.. (Filipe is the brother of Alexis Fernandes, of
                                            Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland,
who kindly provided the
                                            above family information.)

                               {2} Michael Balmforth was the son of Dorothy (Blenkin) Balmforth.

                     [2] Jack Royston Blenkin, the son of Lilly and George Blenkin, was born in 1911.

               (4) Mary E. Chadbourn b. abt 1885 in Halifax, Yorkshire, was the fourth child of
                     Ellen and Joe Chadbourn.

               (5) Joe Chadbourn, the fifth child and only son of Ellen and Joe Chadbourn, was b.
                     about 1885 in Halifax, Yorkshire. He married (unknown). Joe became a
                     wealthy man, and when he died (or possibly when his daughter Ann died) Joe's
                     estate was divided equally amongst all the other Chadbourn descendants, although
                     none with the Chadbourn surname, as Joe's five siblings were all sisters. Because
                     the family was dispersed and no longer in contact with each other, solicitors had a
                     difficult time tracing all the relatives. Joe had one daughter:

                     [1] Ann Chadbourn, only child of Joe Chadbourn, did not have children.

               (6) Clara E. Chadbourn, youngest daughter of  Joseph and Ellen Chadbourn, was b.
                     abt.1890 in Halifax, Yorkshire.

     3 - Sam Chadbourn, the third surviving child of Joseph and Hannah, was born about 1856.
          (It is probable that three of the six children living with their grandfather Joseph Chadbourn
          on the 1901 Census for Halifax, West Yorkshire, England,  were the children of
          Sam Chadbourn.)

                (1) Sam Chadbourn age 19 (born about 1882)

                (2) Joseph Chadbourn age 14 (born about 1887)

                (3) - Edith M. Chadbourn age 12 (born about 1889)

     4 - Sarah E. Chadbourn, the fourth surviving child of Hannah (Coupe) and Joseph Chadbourn,
          is listed on the 1901 Census for Halifax, West Yorkshire, England residing with her 76
          year-old widower father Joseph Chadbourn. Also residing with Joseph Chadbourn and his
          daughter Sarah  were her husband John Sutcliffe and their three children

                1 - Lewis Sutcliffe age 15 (b. abt. 1886)

                2 - Wilfred Sutcliffe age 12 (b. abt. 1889)

                3 - Nora Sutcliffe age 6 (b. abt. 1895)

Hannah (Coupe) Chadbourn, wife of the elder Joseph Chadbourn, was born April 12, 1824, died Nov. 6, 1895 at age 70 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England; interred at Stoney Road Cemetery. Her funeral card, found among the papers of her granddaughter Harriet (Chadbourn) Hedley, caused some confusion for the Canadian researchers of this chapter, who took "Halifax" to be Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In  Loving  Remembrance  of


Born April 12th, 1824,
Died Nov. 6th, 1895
And was this day interred at
Stoney Boyd Cemetery
21, New Road, Halifax, Nov. 9th, 1895

In 1901, five years after his wife's death, Joseph Chadbourn, age 76, was still living in
Halifax, West Yorkshire. Living with the 76-year-old Joseph were his daughter Sarah and her husband John and their three children as well as three other grandchildren, probably the children
of Joseph's son Sam:

1901 Census, Halifax Civil Parish, Ecc. Parish St. John Baptist, Borough Halifax E.

Joseph Chadbourn (head), widower, 76, mechanic (fitter), b. in Notts-Hucknall Town
Sam Chadbourn (grandson) age 19, single, worker (joiner), b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Joseph Chadbourn (grandson) age 14, single, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Edith M. Chadbourn (granddaughter) age 12, single, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
John T. Sutcliffe (son-in-law) age 45, married, worker (masons labourer), b. in Todmorden
Sarah E Sutcliffe (daughter) age 43, married, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Lewis Sutcliffe (grandson) age 15, single, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Wilfred Sutcliffe (grandson) age 12, single, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire
Nora Sutcliffe (granddaughter) age 6, single, b. in Halifax, Yorkshire

Note: Information in Addendum 2 courtesy of Mr. Alexis Fernandes of Newcastle upon Tyne, England and Simon Barker of England, great, great grandson of Eli Chadbourn (brother of Dennis and John) and great grandson of Lilly Chadbourn (1871-1929). 

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