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1 PM SUNDAY AUGUST 17th / 2003  (3rd Sun. In August ) - mark it on your calendar now!

POTLUCK LUNCH AT 2PM, Please bring utensils

Please forward this invitation to other family members as it is a wonderful opportunity for

both adults and children to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with relatives outside their family  circle.

Review of The 2002 Hedley Reunion

    The 2002 Hedley Reunion, held on the shore of Lake Huron in Kincardine on August 18, left many happy memories of fun, good  food, and friendships old and new.  The lovely weather, the azure blue sky and the even bluer waters of Lake Huron provided the perfect setting for one of our best reunions yet.
    About 44 Hedley descendants and their families joined in the celebration.  In addition to faithful regulars from Kincardine, Kinlough, Kingarf, Armow, Ripley, Walkerton, Belgrave, Owen Sound, Guelph,  London and St. Thomas, we were delighted to welcome some special relatives we had not seen since childhood and some we were meeting for the very first time.  These  Hedley descendants and their families travelled  many miles to be with as.  They came from Utah, New Jersey, Indiana, Edmonton, Barrie, Chatham and Windsor.

    The afternoon, which passed all too quickly for most of us, consisted of introductions, catching up on family news of the past year, finding our branch on the family tree, exchanging family information and photos, taking pictures, enjoying the delicious picnic lunch that every year seems to outdo the year before and, for the young and the young at heart, swimming, body surfing on the big waves or just wading in the clear waters of Lake Huron.  Other activities included  games organized by Gloria, like the water-filled balloon relay, and bubble blowing (or bubble-chasing for the under 3's).  The less adventurous tried their skill (or luck) at estimating the number of jujubes or pennies in the jars.

    In a more sombre vein, picnickers noted the absence of Ken Hedley of Guelph, who had seldom missed a picnic, and were saddened to hear of his illness.  Ken’s smiling face and enthusiastic interest in family history had become one of the most welcome features of our reunions.  Five days after the picnic, many family members returned to  Kincardine to attend Ken’s funeral and to pay their final respects.

    Many also recalled with sadness the death of Benny Hedley, just two weeks after our 2001 picnic.  Benny had struggled courageously to overcome disabilities  he faced as a result of a car accident a few years earlier, and at the picnic had appeared to be winning that battle.

    It was heart warming and reassuring to have Clarence, Benny’s father, enjoying another family picnic in spite of some earlier health problems.  Clarence is a veritable storehouse of  family history.  After all, he was there and lived 86 years of it!  In addition, Clarence has many recollections of family information passed down to him by his father, Wes.

    Last but not least, we owe much gratitude to Gloria and David, who hosted the reunion this year and did a superb job of organizing all the details, including contacting relatives living in places far distant from Kincardine.  To everyone who attended the 2002 Reunion, thank you for being there and for making this year’s celebration one that will be long remembered.