Hedley's Trout Farm
fly fishing
updated April 19/99

Considerate fly fishermen are always welcome.

We would be appreciative if fish were not returned to the water.

The following Email to my good friend Terry Jessop of Primrose Trout Farm (http://www.inforamp.net/~mabbott/primrose.htm) ----- is probably a 'window' to the type of fly fishermen that frequent Rainbow Trout Hatchery & Fish-Out Pond

Hi Terry! At the London Sportsman Show, I mentioned a bad experience with a fly fisherman.

I regretted saying anything as soon as it was out of my mouth because one cannot generalize about a group.

Nevertheless, Hedley was left with his foot in his mouth................. The truth is, that over the years I have met many fine gentlemen and made many lifetime friendships from those that came here to fly fish. One man gave me a gift of a fly rod and reel that I use to this day. Others have given me guidance. A group from London gave me an Army & Navy membership as a token of their appreciation. These people enjoy being able to fish year-round in open water. When they have visiting friends, they don't hesitate to bring them here (no snobbery there); they appreciate the fact that we cater to those with disabilities; they appreciate that we do not deplete a natural resource. They are mature enough to realize that it always damages a fish when it is hooked and released. Being thrifty individuals they don't mind paying for what they catch and they are generous enough to give extra fish away. I've even seen these proud fly fishermen carry a spinning reel to the pond, in case fly fishing wasn't  successful that day. Nor have I been able to detect a guilty complex or any type of snootiness from these gentlemen when they come here after spending a day fly fishing at the river. These fly fishing people make me feel good and I'm proud to call them my friends. ......David