Rainbow Trout Fillets (Ontario Canada)

page 1 - Pan fryers and our smallest fillets - 5 ounces
page 2 - Additional information on our fillets
page 3 - Our best fillets - 8 ounces
page 4 - Vacuum sealing
page 5 - Cooking and smoking Recipes - Properly raised trout, like good beef or chicken does
not need a sauces to enhance its excellent taste. From ancient times , the norm is to use seasoned flour in a greased pan. We now associate that with a shore lunch. So don't sweat it; Its hard to ruin a good trout fillet - unless you overcook it. Here are some proven easy variations.
Pan frying (without egg batter) Baked Whole Trout Recipe
Smoked & Brine Solution Recipe
Basic ways of Cooking Trout
Pan frying 
- Fillets are $8.75 per pound. Trout in the round; uncleaned $4.75/lb., cleaned - cleaned, heads on $6.25/lb. $40 min. orderCommercial accounts are processed on Tue. & Wed. Call 519-357-2329
We do not stock or freeze processed trout 
Each order is  processed the day of order for pick-up or delivery; assuring the ultimate in a farm fresh healthy product. Most sales are for fillets.
We can now enhance food safety (no cross contamination) and convenience by custom vacuum packaging your order.
A serving is around 6-8 oz. fillet. Trout usually fillet out about half their live weight.
To ensure high quality and avoiding pesky pin bones, our normal trout are about 16"  (1.5
Our trout are raised with clear cool spring drinking water that flows through concrete tanks and are fed the best of commercial trout feed, formulated to enhance their natural flavour. We guarantee - no 'off' flavour'. Our trout are as pollution free' as humanly possible.We do not medicate our feed or water. Our business aims

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